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How to improve the PV of techniques to reduce website jump out rate


said so much, do you have your own ideas or improve PV way? I recently to redesign the site, and achieved good results, PV doubled, increasing the viscosity of the user, click on the ads also increased, for everyone to see renderings

many owners only care about their own site every day how many sites IP, IP and PV almost, in fact IP stable, improve PV is the key of Shanghai dragon, PV high that your website is love, if someone comes in and then leave immediately, your content is not enough to attract him, on the contrary, when the user come see favorite content will continue browsing your website, such PV, advertising display naturally more, so how to improve the site PV read more

Select the keywords I see (two) how to set the long tail word

and you are almost like somebody else weight website, long tail words they you are doing very well. Because of the weight, they can do it you can too.

three, two

two, two page layoutCompared to the

two pages a page, the weights will be slightly lower number. Then we can do some more simple words with two pages long tail. If your website weight is about 1 words long tail words, website can do some of the same weight.

mentioned above by the long tail words bring income for you, so choose the long tail word commercial use must understand clearly. For example: a ball valve price, how much money the machine performance is not certain, certain products and so on, these are the visitors want to buy some long tail words so to the search engine search. Can bring some income for you. Today I will tell you something about the long term arrangement. read more

What needs to be done before the new website Shanghai Longfeng work

is the general title keyword + + brand keywords related words.

how to write a good title and description of

the content of the website is a website of soul and foundation, after all users to the website is either need a service, "

how to quickly update the original content website

Rich in


2, website contentMany people think that the

? Our

according to the key properties of their industry, the competition of arrangement, such as Yuesao > gold > Beijing gold. Of course, there are regional and regional business needs. Choose from three key words above, we must first choose Beijing gold, because Beijing gold contains Yuesao, Yuesao company, and is a regional word, the degree of difficulty in the optimization, the Beijing company Yuesao relatively easy. read more

The recent new ranking some great thinking fluctuation

love Shanghai entry is not enough, because my word level is not good, love Shanghai entry wrote ten times has not passed, think are sad ah, said let everyone joke, submitted to the rear is the poor readability is containing advertising information, this is the way to think about as soon as possible. Through, I feel this is a very important factor to obtain the weights of the website.

first causes or domain name is not high enough, after all, just a few months of the new station, the weights of the domain name is limited, but for the new station with the new domain name is no way to approach. So it is recommended that you do the new in the best time to buy some old domain name, the domain name even if you are not so completely in love, but in order to optimize the effect we still have to make some sacrifices. read more

Micro-blog promotion how to get fans

in April of this year, Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent’s micro-blog division, claimed that the number of registered users of Tencent micro-blog was 373 million at the end of last year, now about 400 million, and the number of active users per day is 68 million. In February this year, according to the latest statistics released by Sina, Sina micro-blog registered users have exceeded the 300 million mark, the number of users per day more than 100 million.

such a huge use of crowds, insight naturally see business opportunities, which can easily profit, of course, through the micro-blog to attract fans to promote the brand. In fact, some big brands are not much force to promote, such as World of Warcraft in the Tencent micro-blog fans has exceeded 500 thousand mark, and only need to release some news every day is enough; there are some celebrities, such as Comrade Han Han, had exceeded 10 million fans of the public; as for the rest of the topic, the government departments also, by the fans which need conscious attention, how to add tangled fans. read more

Who does the Internet product design for Novice, intermediate user, or expert

In the classic

interactive design, About Face, Alan Cooper divides users into three categories: novices, intermediates, and experts. He pointed out that in the software field, most users will end up in the intermediate stage.

In the

software field, most users will stay in the middle stage,

who does the Internet product design for? Novice, intermediate user, or expert?

we keep looking for the information we need on different websites every day. We don’t know how many pages have been opened. While each page may be a novice time is very short. About 3 visits, you can reach the intermediate level. Perhaps you never need to step up to the level of expertise – to understand how the site works and to use engineer advanced features. In this way, Internet products rarely contain expert users. So, should we focus on novice or intermediate users, read more

Do webmaster 24 days of some regrets

do webmaster 24 days, with Marx program to do a movie network. I haven’t done any websites before, I just feel by myself. Naturally, it is inevitable to take some detours.

do not understand what is called SEO, the result of a nine byte domain name, but also did not choose a domain name, and now the result is 10 per day, a few IP, Baidu did not included. See a lot of BBS friend repeat say stick to, insist on, BBS write soft text, plus PR value high outside the chain, day IP reach how much?. But these feelings seem to be getting farther and farther away from me. read more

A webmaster appeal please give original piece of day

this time, I have been posting; and has been relatively smooth, thank you very much for my editorial suggestions and opinions; I think this is very important, to write their own high quality original more confidence; and our own still adhere to the original record in tomorrow, the main purpose is to write original some of the ideas and views to their own; also want to know more, people who have the same interests with me; but I have found a situation in A5 and the owners of the house; every day an article is approved, and then send out a short time; in later years, there have been many reprint; I think this is a good phenomenon, there is a good article that we can share it; but the result is not satisfactory; there are many reprint the title changed, some of the passages removed; some even original artifacts The sentence is completely out of order; here, I call the Internet: please give the original one day. read more

Entrepreneurial experience of Chinese Internet bosses

entrepreneurship is now a hot topic. Sometimes chatting and chatting, suddenly, a buddy rushed into the face excitedly, it must have been engaged in the tide of entrepreneurship.

during this time, my most important job is to chat with all the entrepreneurs, some of them have been successful, and some are still running on the road to entrepreneurship.

listen to these bosses, one by one talking about the story and recommendations in entrepreneurship, but also a very interesting thing. These days, turning over the interviews and looking back on the way they have traveled, some of them are very useful. Today, simply tidy up and give some reference to the excited buddies. read more

Blogs are dead, the value of blogs in the mobile Internet Era

some time ago, a reader ran to my website to leave a message for ". This year, he wanted to make money through his blog, and he was also drunk. ", this sentence has touched me a great deal. If he tells me in a serious way that " doesn’t make money, ", I might be able to talk to him, but the reader’s tone really makes me uncomfortable. The subtext is that blogs don’t just have no commercial value, even if talking about blog values is ridiculous and impossible to discuss. WeChat in the mobile Internet era as the mainstream, the blog seems dead. So, is blogging really going to die without any commercial value, read more

A primary webmaster bitterness experience

himself is a just started webmaster, just more than 10 days ago, I don’t know what is SEO, what is soft text, everything, all about the basic knowledge of the website, I don’t know. Including now is just a little bit of fur. Ashamed to say, although also have access to the Internet ten years, but I only know to chat, watch movies, to say that when the network real to me is practical, sometimes want to check what information, or want to know what knowledge, go to Baidu to search for GOOGLE. Say to know to do website, also can be a career, this is just half a month ago thing. read more