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A webmaster appeal please give original piece of day

this time, I have been posting; and has been relatively smooth, thank you very much for my editorial suggestions and opinions; I think this is very important, to write their own high quality original more confidence; and our own still adhere to the original record in tomorrow, the main purpose is to write original some of the ideas and views to their own; also want to know more, people who have the same interests with me; but I have found a situation in A5 and the owners of the house; every day an article is approved, and then send out a short time; in later years, there have been many reprint; I think this is a good phenomenon, there is a good article that we can share it; but the result is not satisfactory; there are many reprint the title changed, some of the passages removed; some even original artifacts The sentence is completely out of order; here, I call the Internet: please give the original one day. read more

Entrepreneurial experience of Chinese Internet bosses

entrepreneurship is now a hot topic. Sometimes chatting and chatting, suddenly, a buddy rushed into the face excitedly, it must have been engaged in the tide of entrepreneurship.

during this time, my most important job is to chat with all the entrepreneurs, some of them have been successful, and some are still running on the road to entrepreneurship.

listen to these bosses, one by one talking about the story and recommendations in entrepreneurship, but also a very interesting thing. These days, turning over the interviews and looking back on the way they have traveled, some of them are very useful. Today, simply tidy up and give some reference to the excited buddies. read more

Blogs are dead, the value of blogs in the mobile Internet Era

some time ago, a reader ran to my website to leave a message for ". This year, he wanted to make money through his blog, and he was also drunk. ", this sentence has touched me a great deal. If he tells me in a serious way that " doesn’t make money, ", I might be able to talk to him, but the reader’s tone really makes me uncomfortable. The subtext is that blogs don’t just have no commercial value, even if talking about blog values is ridiculous and impossible to discuss. WeChat in the mobile Internet era as the mainstream, the blog seems dead. So, is blogging really going to die without any commercial value, read more

A primary webmaster bitterness experience

himself is a just started webmaster, just more than 10 days ago, I don’t know what is SEO, what is soft text, everything, all about the basic knowledge of the website, I don’t know. Including now is just a little bit of fur. Ashamed to say, although also have access to the Internet ten years, but I only know to chat, watch movies, to say that when the network real to me is practical, sometimes want to check what information, or want to know what knowledge, go to Baidu to search for GOOGLE. Say to know to do website, also can be a career, this is just half a month ago thing. read more