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Apply for Google advertising is really not easy to see grassroots Adsense hard!

apply for Google advertising is really not easy to see grassroots Adsense hard. Experienced twists and turns, finally saw his own website Google advertising.

says about advertising, whether it’s Google, Baidu, and almost all webmasters have "twists and turns.".

My Google

advertising is to apply for 5 times, each time the application is through some effort to adjust to improve their website, the first time I was trying to apply, said my website has not reached 6 months, this is the most basic condition, no 6 months are not eligible for a website the. Waiting for the full 6 months after I began to apply once, two times, three times have different problems, then you have to ask a friend to find information, not easy to solve those problems, I started for the fifth time or did not pass, said "your website user harmful software" I was wondering, a view is the original space in the diary of a large number of advertising links and some software links and so on, I think these things are destroyed, I spent almost a day to deal with those things. read more

Chen Zhongping how can the forum operate effectively

open the computer ", you will see many [] website forum, irrigation related columns inside you is concerned? In the BD inside to check that irrigation is" no practical significance of reading: hydrology". The word "irrigation" is relatively derogatory. Irrigation behavior is not liked by everyone. But why are there so many people like watering,


irrigation column, Chen Zhongping think is the site [BBS] inside a club, friends can speak in it [first is not illegal]. There should be a watering column, regardless of any web site [forum]. This is like we go to school, no matter what professional students, there will be physical education and music classes, the purpose of this is to let students have a buffer and rest place, so as to be more conducive to learning. Our website [Forum] is the same, if blindly in the forum to talk about professional knowledge, it is very boring, it is also estimated that many tourists and members will be lost. Remember, Jiang Likun teacher said, even if a professional forum, but also need irrigation. read more

Detailed website internal optimization

website internal optimization to keywords ranking, the decisive function included. Many of my friends say " the content is king, the chain for the emperor, " but a site are content is far from enough, we should do some articles in the internal optimization. Make the site more suitable for search engines. Nonsense not much to say, here we 11 cases of how to do internal optimization.

1. it is the home page, the inside pages, classification, whether or not you have done a crucial h tag.H tag, you can also learn about Baidu encyclopedia, take a look at how people are doing the H tag, we write articles can also according to this writing. Especially for the home, should add h tags, H tags divided into h1-h6,.H1 and so on the importance of a label on one page only, do you think the most important keywords is put up, the following H2 is not to limit the number of general. Many websites are the H1 label on top of the logo, this is because the H1 tag will cause the text, not suitable for show the site appearance. Below can let H1 give you code, H2, etc. label arbitrary change in size. read more