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Integrated Ag Services recognized

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Dave Scheiderer, founder, Integrated Ag Services (IAS) of Milford Center, has been named 2015 Precision Ag Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur award winner by the PrecisionAg Institute through its annual PrecisionAg Awards of Excellence.The international recognition is presented to one individual or team who have established a demonstrable expertise in precision technologies and practices by devising a new tool/concept/procedure, or who have used their expertise to the benefit of their grower-customers. The award recognizes excellence in four areas: innovation, leadership/professionalism, stewardship, and overall impact on precision farming.“I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the entire IAS team,” Scheiderer said. “This recognition is a direct result of their hard work and commitment to our customers — the farmers we work with every day. The IAS team is the most knowledgeable, service oriented, committed group of people I have ever had the privilege of working with — and I am simply representing them in accepting this award.”Scheiderer was nominated by Dain Bruns of Marysville. IAS was established in 1990, offering agronomic advice and services to farmers throughout the Midwest, with a concentrated base in western Ohio. Over the last 25 years, IAS has established expertise in a variety of areas, including automated precision soil sampling, NDVI high resolution imagery, RTK network services, Precision Ag hardware and software sales and service, and independent corn and soybean yield trials for farmers in Ohio and surrounding states.Starting with one employee — Scheiderer — 25 years ago, IAS now has a team of nine full-time employees, including six Certified Crop Advisers. Among the firm’s innovative offerings is the IAS Precision Soil Sampling — which provides higher quality and more dense soil sampling at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods — and the IAS Profit Calculator —which consolidates weather, soil sampling and marketing technologies; crop consulting and real-time reporting to track crop development, yield potential and estimated profit.last_img read more

Group: Beef Checkoffs Unconstitutional

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Todd NeeleyDTN Staff ReporterOMAHA (DTN) — A cattle interest group has asked a federal court to declare unconstitutional 15 state beef checkoff programs, in a motion filed this week.Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America, or R-CALF USA, filed a motion this week in the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana, asking the court to declare unconstitutional checkoff programs in Montana, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin.According to court documents filed on Monday in Montana, R-CALF asked the court to enjoin the federal checkoff program from authorizing private state beef councils the use of a beef checkoff tax to fund “private speech without the payers’ affirmative consent.”The Montana court already has held that the action likely violated the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as the court previously granted a preliminary injunction against the Montana Beef Council for using the money without consent.R-CALF now seeks a declaratory judgment and permanent injunction that applies to the state councils identified in the lawsuit.“The federal commodity ‘checkoff’ programs impose a targeted tax on producers of goods, including cattle, to fund ‘a coordinated program of promotion and research designed to strengthen their’ industry,” R-CALF said in its motion. “The Supreme Court held ‘the compelled funding’ mandated by these programs is ‘not permitted under the First Amendment.’“The only reason the Beef Checkoff has survived is the Supreme Court held two of the entities that use the funds, the ‘Beef Board’ and ‘Beef Committee,’ are ‘effectively controlled by the Federal Government,’ thus they generate ‘government speech,’ and ‘government speech’ is exempt from First Amendment scrutiny.”R-CALF said in its motion the councils’ use of checkoff funds supports private and not government speech.“Under Supreme Court precedent, if the checkoff subsidizes private speech, it violates the First Amendment,” the motion said. “Therefore, the court should enjoin the councils from using the money unless they first obtain affirmative consent, with the default being the money goes to the Beef Board and Committee to use for ‘government speech.’”Back in November 2018, the court granted R-CALF’s motion to expand an ongoing lawsuit to at least 13 states.The $1 federal checkoff sends 50 cents to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board while 50 cents goes to state beef councils. Fifteen states also have a state-operated $1 checkoff: Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington.R-CALF Chief Executive Officer Bill Bullard said in a statement the beef checkoff is harming U.S. cattle producers.“The beef checkoff is eliminating opportunities for U.S. cattle producers to remain profitable by promoting foreign beef as if it were equal to domestic beef and by supporting corporate efforts to consolidate and control our industry,” he said. “Our members said enough is enough and our plan is to put producers back in control of the checkoff, which our lawsuit helps accomplish.”A lawsuit filed in 2014 by the Organization for Competitive Markets demanded the release of 9,300 pages of documents related to the USDA’s Office of the Inspector General investigation into the beef checkoff program. The documents stem from two OIG audits of the beef checkoff and its contractors, including the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.The audits found producer investments in the checkoff are protected by a firewall that prevents beef checkoff dollars from being used for policy activities. Two audits by the OIG and several random audits by USDA found contractors to be in compliance with the laws that protect checkoff funds.In 2017, a federal court ordered the release of thousands of documents requested by the OCM, but most of them were heavily redacted.Todd Neeley can be reached at todd.neeley@dtn.comFollow him on Twitter @toddneeleyDTN(BAS/SK )© Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Twitter Location, Which is a Mess, Expands Trend Detection to 70 New Places

first_imgTwitter announced this afternoon that the Local Trends feature it announced in 41 cities and countries in January, 2010 has now expanded to 70 more places. Trending local topics are an easy way to discover people and conversations outside your own personal niche. The band Rise Against is playing in my town tonight, for example, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had I not checked what’s popular in Portland. This near-tripling of venues for the consideration of what’s hot seems likely to foreshadow a future when advertisers will be able to purchase trending topics on a local level. A more logical step, though, would be to try to fix the problems with location on Twitter. There’s clearly something wrong with it as so few people append locations to their Tweets. Check out the screenshot below for some idea why.Unfortunately, use of location data on Twitter has been generally disappointing. When geotagging Tweets first began 18 months ago, we wrote a wide-eyed article titled What Twitter’s New Geolocation Makes Possible. Twitter platform lead Ryan Sarver favorited my Tweet to that article – he liked it. Little has come of it, though. We hear from data wonks that a very low percentage of Tweets have location data associated with them. One study a year ago concluded that only 0.5% of all Tweets are geotagged. Twitter says of that report “we don’t comment on third party reports.” When asked how the location of Tweets are determined, if they need to be geotagged, the company said only “We use a variety of factors to determine Tweet location.” Twitter hasn’t done a very good job of communicating with users about just how specific the locations associated with their messages will be or why they should geotag their Tweets. I almost never let Twitter know my location, in large part because I did once from home and the map in the official Twitter app pointed directly at my house. I just tried it again and sure enough, that’s my damn house. Who wants to mess around with that?Right: Click on that map and you can see a Google Street View picture of my front door, with a map showing the exact location of the basement I’m sitting in. It may be my mom’s basement and I may be in pajamas, but that’s none of your business, Twitter.Local trends are sure to be a source of entertainment for users, none the less, and they may prove valuable for marketers.Frank Reed wrote last January on Marketing Pilgrim that this kind of geographic segmentation could be helpful to marketers in general, not just those relative few today who advertise on Twitter itself. “As a tool for marketers it could do great things for research for various geographic groups,” he wrote. “Understanding the ‘vibe’ of an area could even help in crafting messaging for paid search ads that are being served to that area. Of course, this will not be something that affects businesses universally but it certainly could help the right kind of business.”We asked Twitter if today’s expansion of Local Trends portends a roll out of more granular advertising options but haven’t received a response yet. Tags:#Location#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img marshall kirkpatrick Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

How to Repair Rolling Shutter in Adobe Premiere Pro

first_imgIf you shoot with a DSLR or camera phone you’ll notice that the image integrity is sacrificed if there is movement in the shot.  In this post we’ll address how to repair “Rolling Shutter” problems in Premiere Pro.CMOS sensors used in DSLR and mobile phone cameras are notorious for introducing distorition when the camera moves or pans.  This type of video distorition is called rolling shutter.  Luckily there are tools within Adobe Premiere Pro (and after effects) to repair rolling shutter issues in your video footage.Understanding Rolling ShutterFirst, it may be helpful to explain what’s going on with ‘Rolling Shutter’ in your video image…Image as it Should Look with No Panning Footage ‘Wobbling’ During a PanAs your camera scans an image, it scans in lines starting at the top and works its way to the bottom of the frame. This means that if you are panning or moving the camera as the image is being recorded, the lines at the top of the screen are being recorded at a different point in time than the lines at the bottom of the screen.  So, if the camera moves the lines no longer match up.  This will end up with a wobbly look to your footage.If you look for it, any time you are shown mobile phone footage and the camera is moving a lot you will see the picture warping all over the place.  This is ‘Rolling Shutter’.  Additionally, the problem seems to be directly proportional to the quality of the sensor your camera is using. For example, the images I’m using in this blog where taken on my mobile phone.To see the changes we are going to make it is often helpful to have some kind of reference on screen. So if you can’t see the ‘Safe Margins’ button in your Premiere Pro Program Monitor, click the little ‘+’ button at the bottom right of the program monitor and choose the ‘Safe Margin’ button as shown.Choosing the Safe Margin ButtonDrag the button into your buttons menu bar so that you can quickly toggle it on and off as you need. When you’re done, click the ‘+’ button again to shut the button editor and then hit the ‘Safe Margins’ button to turn them on.Safe Margins OnNow we are ready to find and apply the ‘Rolling Shutter Repair’ effect to our wobbly footage.Rolling Shutter Repair in Premiere ProFinding the Rolling Shutter Repair EffectBefore we jump in, it is worth noting that to some extent you can add rolling shutter repair through the use of the ‘Warp Stabilizer’ effect in Premiere Pro prior to the latest release. If you delved deeper into its controls you would have found that there was a section that offered some rolling shutter repair. However, from version CS6 the ‘Rolling Shutter Repair’ effect was brought over from After Effects and is the best way to deal with this problem.It is also worth noting that this is a ‘repair’ effect and not a guarantee to fix all your rolling shutter problems. Although my experience of this effect is that it usually sorts out my problems simply by being applied with its default settings, there can be times when the rolling shutter damage is so great that it cannot be repair – only improved.  Bear that in mind as you deal with your footage.  And, if you are responsible for the shooting it is worth keeping in mind that fast pans can cause problems and should be avoided in most cases.Now, let’s apply the Premiere Pro ‘Rolling Shutter Repair’ effect to our footage either by dragging it on to the footage or (if your footage is already selected) by double clicking the effect in the Effects Panel:Rolling Shutter Repair AppliedOriginal ShotDefault Settings Show Some ImprovementAs you can see, if you compare the before and after– which are the same frame – there is some improvement with the default settings. But let’s look at the settings and see if we can make it even better.Rolling Shutter RateThe level of the Rolling Shutter Rate setting is going to depend on the extent of your problem. In other words, lower quality cameras such as camera phones will probably need to have this set at 100% while higher quality DSLRs will need lower levels. Experiment with you footage to see what works best for you. As this footage was taken on a camera phone, I’m going to increase my rate to 100%.Rolling Shutter Rate at 100%Under ‘Rolling Shutter Rate’ you have the ‘Scan Direction’ setting which refers to how the camera or camera phone is being held to record the footage. For example, it is quite common now for camera phones to be rotated 90 degrees and be used to film ‘widescreen’ as opposed to straight up and down. You can see that I have done that with my own footage in this blog. The idea is that the sensor will only film from top to bottom, so if you turn the phone 90 degrees it will be now either be scanning Right to Left or Left to Right.A word of warning though at this point; with my own camera phone, even though I have turned it 90 degrees I still find the best result is had with Top to Bottom. While I don’t know for sure why this is, it could be that with newer camera phones that the scan direction is linked to the rotation sensor of the phone? But whatever it may be, try the various settings to see which will give you the best results – you have all four options just in case.At this point most footage will now look significantly better and may well be at a point where it has become usable. However, for a small minority of clips this won’t be the case and further repair will be needed. This is where we move into the ‘Advanced’ setting, starting with the ‘Method’.Rolling Shutter Advanced SettingsAdvanced Settings – Method OptionsWarp is the standard setting but as you can see above, we also have another option called ‘Pixel Motion’ which comes in with a default setting (Pixel Motion Detail) of 20%.Pixel Motion at 20%As you can see, this makes a big difference but it will also significantly slow down render times because I am now asking Premiere Pro to process significantly more data than with the ‘Warp’ method.In short, what we are now saying to Premiere Pro is this, ‘Look at 20% of the pixels across this image and work out how they are moving frame to frame and then correct for rolling shutter based on your analysis’. So, obviously, Premiere Pro is working much harder to correct the image and everything will slow down. And it goes without saying that the larger the percentage you ask Premiere Pro to analyze the slower everything will go!There is one more option for the ‘Warp’ method called ‘Detailed Analysis’. While this may make some difference and is always worth trying, I find that using the ‘Pixel Motion’ method is usually much better in comparison to ‘Detailed Analysis’100% Pixel MotionOriginal For ComparisonLastly, if you must use Pixel Motion try and keep it as low as possible. You can see the end result with 100% Pixel Motion above is great when compared to the original, but be careful not to get bogged down by the technical possibilities of any effect that in the process you lose the importance of storytelling.Yes, I can make the clip much much better at the cost of rendering time and playing with the effect. But, if this clip is on screen for only a short period of time a small amount of Rolling Shutter likely won’t distract my audience.  Make your aim to deal with problems to the point where they won’t distract or confuse your audience and then can get on with telling them the story.  That is after all, what video editing is all about!last_img read more

CBSE suggests ways to keep school bags light: Read on for tips

first_imgWith a view to keep a check on the weight of school bags, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has urged teachers to discourage senior students from carrying heavy reference books, while books of students upto class 2 must be kept at the schools.According to PTI, in a notification issued by the board, it has come up with various recommendations to ensure that students carry light bags.The following are the recommendations by CBSE:School heads and teachers should ensure that senior students bring books according to the timetableStudents should be discouraged from carrying heavy reference books or other such materials to schoolAs far as possible, the school curriculum should support more activity-based, ICT-supported learning for all the main subjects in all classesHomework should be monitored not only by academic co-coordinators or supervisors but overloading students should also be preventedThe board has suggested exploring the option of block scheduling of subject classes in the class timetableTimetable should be scheduled in such a manner that co-curricular activities are conducted every day so as to maintain balance of bag weight throughout the academic session.Parents and teachers are to be counseled by school heads about developmental issues caused by children carrying heavy bags to schoolAt the primary and upper primary levels, there should be a restriction on the number of textbooks in the prescribed norms of the NCERTStudents should be advised against covering books with non-biodegradable plastic sheetSchools have been asked to continue the practice of maintaining and keeping books of students up to class 2 in the schoolRacks should be provided with locks in all classrooms to enable students to keep reference books, sports equipment and uniforms safely without needing to be carried to school every dayClass libraries should be set upStudents should be urged to carry well-designed backpacks correctly, in order to promote good posture.Read: NASA’s ‘Think Outside the Box’ challenge: Students to design 3D printed expandable objects for astronauts advertisementRead: Indian Navy women officers to get permanent commission! Defence ministry’s motivating words For information on more news and latest updates, click here.last_img read more

Wasim Akram hits out at former Pakistan players for not applying for coach’s job

first_imgFast bowling great Wasim Akram has hit out at some of the former Pakistan players who refused to apply for the head coach’s position of the national team due to his involvement in the process of shortlisting candidates.Without taking names but in an obvious reference to former Test cricketers, Mohsin Khan and Aaqib Javed, Akram said he was disappointed to know some former players didn’t want to apply because they felt the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had already been advised to appoint a foreign coach by him and another former captain Ramiz Raja.”What sort of attitude and mindset is this. One former player said I will apply and talk directly to the chairman. When you have such a mindset how can one expect them to work well with the Pakistan team,” Akram told Geo News channel.Akram and Ramiz were appointed by the PCB to help it shortlist coaching candidates for the head coach’s position, which eventually went to South African Mickey Arthur after Englishman Peter Moores and Australian Stuart Law pulled out of the race.’Lack of Respect’The former captain, who is now a well-acclaimed commentator, said he had always believed in giving respect to his senior players.”But even respect is a give and take thing and one expects to be respected by everyone,” Akram said.Akram said he and Ramiz had only helped the PCB in shortlisting the candidates. He confirmed that no high profile Pakistani coach had sent his application through the given channel by the PCB.advertisementAkram was clearly riled by the statements of Mohsin, who said he wouldn’t apply to his juniors or players with tainted pasts.’Poor quality of Pakistan cricket’Akram said Arthur carried a lot of coaching experience behind him and he hoped he would turn around the Pakistan team.”But one should not expect him to bring about improvement immediately as our team is currently languishing at ninth position in ODI rankings. Even he will require time to turn things around,” he said.The former captain said it was shameful that Pakistan cricket had slipped to such a low.”It is shameful but this slide has not happened overnight. It is a result of the fact that our domestic cricket structure has lost its competitive edge and is not producing quality players for a while now,” Akram said.’Tough road ahead’Akram said Pakistan should expect a tough time when they tour England this summer.”Don’t expect England to prepare flat pitches for our batsmen. The Duke ball will seam and swing on grassy pitches and it will be a real test for our batsmen to negotiate the ball,” he said.Asked about the decision to drop opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad on disciplinary grounds from the list of probables for the national camp being set up ahead of the tour to England, Akram said he didn’t agree with this approach of selectors or the board.”If we drop players on purely disciplinary grounds then let me tell you many of our era would not have even played for Pakistan including myself. I think if a player has a problem it is the job of the team management and captain to deal with it and get him to perform,” he said.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

Bluru NSD forced out from premises over non-payment of rent

first_imgBengaluru, Aug 17 (PTI) The National School of Dramas Bengaluru chapter, which operates from a Karnataka government- owned building here, has been “evicted” from the premises over a rent dispute, setting off protests by students and members.Officials of the NSD, an autonomous institution under the Union Ministry of Culture, charged that officials of the Karnataka Youth Empowerment and Sports Department who carried out the eviction yesterday dumped property worth Rs 5 crore outside even as it was raining.Theatre personalities and students belonging to various states and Union Territories are staging a protest since last night against the eviction.Policemen have been deployed outside the premises.NSD (Bengaluru chapter) Director CBasavalingaiah told PTI that they were protesting their eviction carried out inan “inhumane manner”.Officials “evicted us along with our Rs five-crore property, which has been left to the mercy of rain gods,” he said.Defending the eviction, officials of the state government said the NSD had rent arrears to the tune of Rs 20 lakh and the department had directed them to vacate the property in May last, giving a 30-day deadline.They said notices had been served on the NSD six times, but it did not respond following which they carried out the eviction.”The rental agreement of the property between the department and the NSD, which was entered into in 2008, was extended thrice before,” an official said.According to NSD officials, the state officials along with a contingent of staffers entered the premises located at Gurunanak Bhavan here. They allegedly broke open the main door, locks of rooms and dumped the properties outside.advertisementBasavalingaiah questioned the eviction even as talks were on with ministers Roshan Baig and Umashree to grant the property on lease for 20 to 30 years.However, state government officials, who are camping at the premises, alleged the NSD had stopped paying rent for sometime, despite having the wherewithal.The also alleged that hardly any theatre activities took place at the NSD.Basavalingaiah allegedthe department had increased the monthly rent from Rs 20,000 to Rs 55,000.”I apologise for not paying the rent, but we want minister Roshan Baig and the department to either provide another property or grant us this property on lease. We are ready to pay up,” he said.He said the NSD did not want to shift its base here due to lack of proper facilities at other theatre centres such as Kalagram, on the campus of Bengaluru University.Basavalingaiah also said the eviction had created a roadblock for them to conduct Theatre Olympics, which is scheduled to take place in a weeks time for the first time in the country.”It is coming here after completing its circuit in Greece, Japan, Russia, Turkey South Korea, China and Poland. We are embarrassed. We do not know what we have to say to the NSD, Delhi,” he said. Basavalingaiah also said the NSD has offered to spend Rs three crore on renovation to hold the event if the government leased out the property. “To continue our theatre activities, we need the property here,” he added. PTI BDN RA VS GVSlast_img read more

19 Slams: Nadal Stops Medvedev Comeback Bid to Win US Open (Video)

first_imgThe way this back-and-forth tale was spun, though, it probably was inevitable that Medvedev would break there. And so he did, because Nadal double-faulted on break point after he was docked a serve for his third time violation of the evening, which elicited loud boos from folks in the stands.In the next game, Nadal held a pair of match points, but Medvedev, of course, avoided defeat yet another time, erasing one of those with a backhand winner, the other with a service winner, earning a standing ovation.With Nadal’s backers screaming, “Close it out!” at the ensuing changeover, he once more stepped to the baseline to try to serve it out, this time at 5-4. Naturally, he was forced to deal with another heart-in-throat break point, but came up with a stinging forehand that drew a long forehand from Medvedev.Two points later, it was over, and the indefatigable Nadal was splayed on his back on the court, as he’s been so often at the conclusion of energy-sapping, will-challenging, high-stakes matches.“What he went through during the match and still being able to survive and finish the match that way, it’s out of this world,” said one of Nadal’s coaches, Carlos Moya. “You have to be, mentally, a genius. He’s still there, still fighting and turning things around when things look really bad. He was able to do that today.”Add the Spaniard’s haul in New York to his 12 titles at the French Open, two at Wimbledon and one at the Australian Open, and the 20-19 gap between Federer and Nadal is the closest it’s been in 15 years. Federer led 1-0 after his breakthrough triumph at the All England Club in 2003, and he had four by the time Nadal got his first at Roland Garros in 2005.Daniil Medvedev, of Russia, congratulates Rafael Nadal, of Spain, after Nadal won the men’s singles final of the U.S. Open tennis championships Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)Federer, who lost in the quarterfinals at the U.S. Open, is 38, while Nadal is 33 — making him the oldest male champion at Flushing Meadows since 1970. He’s also the first man to win five majors after turning 30.Nadal says he wants to finish his career at No. 1 in the Grand Slam standings — ahead of Federer and Novak Djokovic, looming in third place currently with 16 — but also insists he won’t base his happiness on how it all shakes out in the end.This particular match ended the way he wanted it to. The journey just took more detours than anyone could have anticipated.It also, Nadal said, made “this day unforgettable, part of my history.”Rafael Nadal, of Spain, reacts after defeating Daniil Medvedev, of Russia, to win the men’s singles final of the U.S. Open tennis championships Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Sarah Stier)When the 6-foot-6 (1.98-meter) Medvedev sensed the loss approaching, he turned into a trickier foe, playing less defensively and more aggressively. He alternated serve-and-volley rushes with a penchant for out-hitting Nadal at the baseline. For a stretch, it felt as if Medvedev simply could not miss, and he finished with a 75-62 edge in winners.That’s the sort of ball-striking Medvedev displayed while going 20-2 during the North American hard-court circuit until Sunday, reaching four finals in a row. But he also switched tactics, winning 22 of 29 serve-and-volley points.“The way that he was able to fight, to change the rhythm of the match, was just incredible,” Nadal said.The Flushing Meadows fans that jeered Medvedev in Week 1 because of his on-court behavior — he trolled his detractors by sarcastically thanking them and telling him their vitriol was why he won — were pulling for him.Or, as he noted during the trophy ceremony, pulling for more bang for the bucks they spent on tickets.They certainly got that.“I’ll definitely remember it,” Medvedev said, “even when I’m, like, 70 years old.”By: Howard Fendrich, AP Tennis WriterTweetPinShare0 Shares NEW YORK — Rafael Nadal’s 19th Grand Slam trophy went from inevitable to suddenly in doubt in a thrill-a-minute U.S. Open final.What had all the makings of a casual crowning morphed into a grueling contest thanks to Nadal’s opponent, Daniil Medvedev, a man a decade younger and appearing in his first major title match. Down by two sets and a break, Medvedev shifted styles, upped his level against a rattled Nadal — and even received an unexpected boost from the Arthur Ashe Stadium spectators.Truly tested for the only time in the tournament, the No. 2-seeded Nadal managed to stop Medvedev’s surge Sunday and hold off his historic comeback bid, pulling out a 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, 4-6, 6-4 victory in 4 hours, 50 minutes of highlight-worthy action and Broadway-worthy drama to collect his fourth championship at Flushing Meadows.“One of the most emotional nights of my tennis career,” said Nadal, who covered his face with his hands while crying when arena video boards showed clips from each of his Slam triumphs.“The last three hours of the match have been very, very intense, no?” Nadal said. “Very tough mentally and physically, too.”Now at 19 majors — a total Medvedev called “outrageous” — Nadal is merely one away from rival Roger Federer’s record for men.But this one did not come easily. Not at all.Sure seemed it might, with Nadal ahead by two sets and a break in the third at 3-2, playing like “a beast out there,” as the No. 5-seeded Medvedev put it.At that moment, Medvedev would joke afterward, this is where his thoughts were: “OK, in 20 minutes I have to give a speech. What do I say?”But the 23-year-old from Russia did not go gently into the night. He broke right back to 3-all, then again to claim that set and yet again to end the fourth.“The nerves were so high,” Nadal said. “A crazy match.”Not since 1949 has anyone won a U.S. Open final after trailing by two sets to none. Never before had Medvedev won a five-set match. Only once before had Nadal lost a Grand Slam match after taking the opening two sets.And yet the tension was real.At the very end — or what appeared to be the very end — Nadal couldn’t close it out. After breaking to lead 3-2 in the fifth, in a game Medvedev led 40-love before flubbing an easy forehand, Nadal broke again and served for the championship at 5-2.last_img read more

Asiad performance could be considered for Sports Awards to be held on Sep 25

first_imgNew Delhi, Jul 25 (PTI) The Sports Ministry is open to the idea of considering outstanding performers of next month’s Asian Games for this year’s National Sports Awards, which will be held on September 25 instead of the conventional August 29 to ensure that athletes don’t miss out due to their participation in the continental showpiece. Every year, the National Sports Awards ceremony is held on August 29 at the Rashtrapati Bhawan to commemorate the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand as the National Sports Day. But in a departure from tradition, the awards ceremony will be held on September 25 to avoid a clash of dates with the Asian Games to be held in the Indonesian twin cities of Jakarta and Palembang from August 18 to September 2. Sports Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar said the decision was taken to ensure maximum participation from sportspersons and the Sports Ministry has already received a green signal from the Rashtrapati Bhawan on the change of dates. “The Sports Ministry has decided to shift the date as it coincides with the Asian Games. We want maximum participation from athletes, coaches and officials at the awards ceremony so we wrote to Rashtrapati Bhawan, requesting for the change of date,” Bhatnagar told PTI. The official also confirmed that performances at the Asian Games will be considered for the sports awards. “The athletes who will receive the sports awards this year have already been selected on the basis of their entries received before April 30. But the government has provision to name outstanding sportspersons of Asian Games to the recommendation committee,” Bhatnagar said.advertisement “The recommendation committee will have a meeting after the Asian Games and it will be up to them to decide. If they decide to include some more deserving names, they can be included along with the selected ones.” Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna is the highest sporting honour for an Indian athlete and has not been given to more than four athletes in a single year. The Arjuna Awards are next in the pecking order and have been given to a maximum of 17 athletes in a single year so far. The Dronacharya Award is handed out to outstanding coaches, while the Dhyan Chand honour is a lifetime achievement honour. PTI SSC PM PM PMlast_img read more

Gonzalo Higuaín retires from Argentina duty with final swipe at his critics

first_img2015 Copa América finalChasing their first Copa América title since 1993 against hosts and fierce rivals Chile, Argentina had a chance to win on the break in the last minute, but Higuaín could not squeeze the ball inside the post. He went on to miss in the penalty shootout as Chile won their first ever title Twitter Photograph: Fabrizio Bensch/AFP The 31-year-old scored 31 goals in 75 Argentina appearances, with his last appearance coming in the 2-1 win over Nigeria in last year’s World Cup. Higuaín started that game but was dropped for the last-16 defeat to France, and has arguably been made the scapegoat for Argentina’s recent underachievement on the international stage.Higuaín, who has scored three goals in 10 games since joining Chelsea on loan from Juventus in January, added that he has taken the decision in order to focus on club football and spend more time with his family. Premier League run-in: who will be each club’s most important player? Show Facebook Higuaín’s international career was defined by three misses in major finals – including this, against Chile in the 2015 Copa América. Photograph: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images news “People remember the goals I missed and not the ones I scored. I’m sure everyone celebrated the goal against Belgium,” he said, referencing his only other World Cup goal in the 2014 quarter-final.“When you criticise someone maliciously, it hurts everyone,” Higuaín added. “I saw how much my family suffered, but I gave everything for the national team. It’s one thing to say that we did not achieve our objectives, but when people talk about failure it’s very hard.”Higuaín’s retirement comes less than a week after Lionel Messi returned from his post-World Cup international hiatus, featuring for Argentina in the friendly defeat against Venezuela in Madrid last Friday. Share via Email Share on Twitter 2014 World Cup finalHiguaín was put through on goal by a Toni Kroos error in the first half at the Maracanã, but rushed his shot and fired wide. Higuaín did score later on but his effort was ruled out for offside. Former Argentina coach Alfio Basile later said the striker ‘soiled himself’ and was to blame for the eventual defeat Chelsea Hide Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest Thank you for your feedback. Pinterest Topics 2016 Copa América finalHiguaín had the chance of swift redemption in the tournament’s centenary edition in the US a year later. Clean through on goal, he lifted the ball over Claudio Bravo but wide of the post. Argentina lost on penalties to Chile for the second year in a row Reuse this content Read more Share on Facebook Was this helpful? “I’ve made the decision because I want to enjoy my family, I want to spend time with my daughter, and at the same time, I feel that I gave my country everything I could.“I’m fully focused on my commitment to Chelsea,” the forward added. “The Premier League is amazing and I really want to enjoy it. It’s very competitive indeed.”Higuaín opted to play for Argentina over France, the country of his birth, and made his debut in the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign. He scored four goals in South Africa, but later gained a reputation for expensive misses, failing to score in the 2014 World Cup final defeat to Germany and the consecutive Copa América final losses to Chile in 2015 and 2016. Argentina Share on LinkedIn Chelsea striker Gonzalo Higuaín has announced his retirement from international football, and taken a swipe at those who have criticised his performances with Argentina.“My time with Argentina is over. Thinking things through in depth, my time is up,” Higuaín said in an interview with Fox Sports. “To the delight of many people, now I will only look at it from the outside. I have spoken to [the manager, Lionel] Scaloni and told him my point of view.” Quick guide So close but so far: Higuaín’s costly misses Share on Messengerlast_img read more