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Just do five aspects to accelerate the website snapshot update is not difficult

site optimization based on search engine friendly techniques, can make your site more popular search engine. No matter the website structure, website content, website code are strictly in accordance with the search engine to the web page code, conforms to the W3C standard, using white hat techniques to optimize your website, but also take care not to optimize excessive, otherwise once the site suffered a slight or severe punishment, the website will stop updating the snapshot.

do some high quality the chain for the website through the link path will enter our website to guide the spider crawling, thus speeding up the page and website snapshot update. Through repeatedly guide the spider crawling website, search engine can constantly update the data in the database, when the data accumulated to a certain extent, the search engine will be updated on the website snapshot. But one must note that the site of the chain and update the content is the same, we must persevere, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, otherwise a snapshot of the site is unlikely to fast update. I remind you: the site outside the chain construction. read more

Keywords anchor text page layout analysis

!Keywords Keywords

three, the anchor text bold stressed

keyword density, the definition for keyword density in Shanghai Longfeng standard which is 5% to 8%, but we do when the site often find some website, keywords are far greater than the range, and has a very good effect of ranking, we say "carnitine L-carnitine" effect "to this increase keyword density for the ranking of good or bad, personal feeling good, so we increased L-carnitine keyword density, but not to increase, is a natural increase in Shanghai, love is not harmonious! If L-carnitine multi word alone in a web site, then this keyword density is too large, you will fall in love with the sea harmony! read more

shlf1314 founder five commandments for startupsMy 2 years of entrepreneurial network all the way to

3. sets a reasonable and impossible target

, but this tens of thousands of dollars will soon run out, and the next second projects are to do Taobao customers. He did it with my apprentice, but he actually helped me as an editor. Later learned a lot of technology, and now the technology is also very strong. I’m planning to do a share shopping site myself, and it’s starting very well. One month, I put this station sh419 weight done 4, nearly more than 3000 of the natural flow. If you do know all of a web site, a sh419 weight 4 Taobao guest website value how much money?. But unfortunately, the damned space dealer actually made a mistake on my server and formatted everything inside me. At that time, I was too busy, did not backup, so the site is gone, and then I cried hearts have. So I started making again and adding data to the line was like coming back from the new. A month has passed, and finally my site in accordance with the original appearance and function can be visited, but no matter how I do, traffic is not up. So after a month, before the money spent. My disciple finally could not help saying he was leaving, no matter what I said. He still didn’t stay with me, and my wife started talking about me at the time. Say I can’t do it read more

You can be scared when web data knows you better than your mom does

original title: facing big data, you can be afraid of

[Abstract] in the prosperity of the Internet, more and more people work, social life, do not escape the Tencent, Baidu, Ali, 360 the size of the Internet enterprises and even individual all-round monitoring data. When these websites know you better than your mother, you don’t feel care, but fear.

Tencent to get private banks license, Internet circles peer discussion at the same time, the most afraid is China Merchants Bank and the like, the customer service rooted in WeChat’s financial institutions. In the era of big data, data collection will be the starting point of business operations, you will be relieved of their own data to their competitors? read more

Brief analysis of Cai Wensheng’s 20 million micro-blog fans’ Reflections on us

more than one hundred words, ranging from a few words, the record is just a trivial life or is the subject of ridicule, but there are tens of millions of active users, over hundreds of millions of celebrities and popular grassroots bloggers fans, micro-blog hot can say many in the industry are almost including CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, the Sohu surprise. The micro blog in 2010 even elected well-known magazine "Southern People Weekly" person of the year, micro-blog this new communication tools, social tools are becoming more and more accepted by the public, the number of micro-blog users was unbelievable speed growth to a…… read more

Stationmaster should unite one’s efforts, unite strength to cross Internet winter

found this a few days before the street is very quiet and often buy breakfast roadside vendors these days have disappeared, do not know where, the road is clean, but must have less lively, a bit more cold, especially in winter of December, a lot less to buy warm breakfast, always feel not the taste. I think later turned out to be the inspection of the relevant departments, vendors Jeeves without licenses do not give license can only pack up and go home to avoid the limelight. Check it out before you come out. As at the end of every year, will come to a big check so, actually only check standard, every time not prohibited, check after the vendors can also continue to swing. Because of the complete prohibition, there will be a large number of social underclass who have no place to make a living, which will bring more unstable factors to the society. At the same time, people also need to vendors, because many people are not very good, eat a breakfast to buy something small roadside vendors or to bring a lot of benefits. If the economy does not allow the national policy and not reasonable placement, vendors Jeeves will always exist. read more

Zhang Xiaolong tells himself what is WeChat worth 64 billion dollars

lead: Zhang Xiaolong: Foxmail founder, founder of WeChat, has developed domestic e-mail client – Foxmail, joined Tencent Inc after the development of Tencent, WeChat, known as the "father of WeChat"

Zhang Xiaolong: founder of Foxmail, founder of WeChat, senior vice president of Tencent Inc. He graduated from the Department of telecommunications of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively. Has developed domestic e-mail client – Foxmail, joined the Tencent Inc, the development of Tencent, WeChat, known as "the father of WeChat", was "Wall Street journal" as "2012 Chinese innovation figures."". Mainly responsible for the management of the Guangzhou R & D Department of Tencent Inc, and participate in the management and review of the major innovation projects of Tencent Inc. read more

Advertising alliance how to do the webmaster is most beneficial to oneself

recently read a drama, inside the president’s haircut is similar to the Mediterranean, but also because of his lack of hair can not cover the whole head, so has been very tangled, feel very inconvenient to attend formal occasions, go to a number of hair shop are not satisfied, and ultimately a stylist through create new styles method to let him face their own shortcomings the president, and in the few head long silk is the wind blows very elegant hair cut, leaving only two hair on the temples, the president saw fix hair long breath, like a huge stone heart finally put down, then the president will no longer have to carefully guard against his young mentality is exposed to wind and rain. A lot of. read more

How to be a good traffic is a good

what is a good, a lot of people have their own ideas, and I think there is a traffic stop is good, a lot of people say that doing a good, especially a good traffic is very difficult. Indeed, don’t spend time and do not understand and adhere to poor skills, want to make a stand seems to be Arabian Nights. But there are a lot of people say, I can stand very dregs, what content is collecting, Pastebin situation is not how, but I have a lot of traffic, I am also a good. So I think there is flow station is good, traffic is king. read more

Eight real-life cases tell the current status of Internet operations

for the first half of the year, I have been communicating with a lot of business friends. I find that although the specific problems we encounter are different, there are many similarities in essence.

I put these similarities as follows, basically is the survival status of the operation of the crowd, welcome.

1. bosses don’t know how to operate

, the most representative of this problem, can be associated with more branches, the whole problem chain is like this:

bosses don’t understand operations. Companies don’t value operations. Product / market / sales / technology leadership, operations, teams, no operating atmosphere. No good operating talent. New people don’t grow read more

Baidu has included my site again

has been trading in ADMIN5 links. Finally, the 5.31 station was pulled out by Baidu, but today suddenly found 5.31K station now included,

!After the

station, I did two things after K!

, the first thing is to get rid of the K link in the link. Don’t even know there are eight stations, but Baidu didn’t add my site

because I deleted the link

second things, say very funny! My space is not enough, and changed a friend’s Netcom small space! The result of yesterday’s change. Today, Baidu is included! read more