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the core structure of each fast charge cell consists of 50 positive electrodes and 50 negative electrodes which are stacked with each other and injected into the electrolyte. The anode and the anode are two kinds of different metal films, and the single side is plated with a mixture of nanometer material and organic material, and the coating thickness is only 7 microns. The size of the positive and negative plate is about 2/3 of the calling card. After the battery is assembled, it is quite similar to the mobile phone battery in the market now. When it comes to fast charge battery components of the mixture, multi Rong said that raw materials including silicon nano materials by including a variety of materials into nano particles, and mixed in proportion; organic materials are needed in synthetic organic chemistry laboratory in the company. read more

What’s your motivation for starting a businessOn the way of Wangzhuan on two ways of direct and indi


2. CPM ad alliance

this is a time of material abundance. From to eat rice every day in the New Year meal from food, no fixed abode to the edifice erected, became the city limit number lines as a dowry from the bike.


PPC advertising revenue depends on the overall traffic of the site, the ad click rate CTR and the average click price CPC. CTR depends on the layout of the site, such as floating ads and advertisements in the article, with relatively high click rates. CPC depends on the industry attributes of the site, the average price of mortgage, financial products and school education websites is higher than the technical websites. read more

How to plan and build a website from the marketing point of viewThe founder’s out is not a fad a car

two, site planning and design to meet user preferences,

      URl path design;

1, site planning and design to comply with SEO

      website map design;

within a day, the two founding team lost or will lose control of the company, can not help asking questions: what’s wrong with these enterprises, founder and CEO what?


the truth is, even if Wang Shi and Qin chin were eliminated, they were not alone, because before them, in the past two years, there has been a wave of CEO, leaving his own company. read more

How to use the principles of investment to do Taobao customersHow do startups avoid becoming zombies

startups takes a long time. I won’t mention any specific company, but you can browse the Yclist site and Alexa, if a company in the past 1 years without any traffic growth, but it is still in operation, it can be said that this is a zombie company. Yes, even companies that focus on mobile and enterprise markets should show healthy growth in the early stages of development.

, America’s Referly, announced this week that it would adjust the company’s development path and acknowledge the failure of its previous model. The company’s founder, Danielle Morrill, wrote today that it was designed to prevent the company from "Zombie mode" and to admit that the problem was the right thing to do. read more

Gem index low innovation China’s biggest bubble has been on the eve of the crashWangzhuan forecast

network, with the development platform of choice for Taobao shop. If you don’t have a Taobao shop, quickly get a general step is! So, you want to sell what products, even Adult supplies is also possible, and then engage in a shop in Mong Kok, is said to spend money; and then fitting, this point is very important no decoration, how line? The customer is very realistic, they will judge the degree of credibility of your shop according to the smooth degree of your wall, so you don’t have to brush, brush to find a few friends to help with the brush, brush to shone like diamonds. Finally left the promotion, do not worry about this link, it is impossible to let guest help you to do it, they are the greatest salesman in the world. read more

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Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are invariably mentioned one thing, that financing business growth slowed. Data show that in the first quarter of this year, total investment fell by 11% compared with the same period, and the number of transactions fell by 5%.

bad news: the number of financing transactions and IPO both declined, corporate valuations also declined by

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

IPO decline. As everyone sees, companies have to wait longer before they can be listed. In the first quarter of 2016, the number of enterprise IPO hit its lowest level since 2011. Now, the average time required for financing from the initial financing to the IPO is 8 years. read more

AD4ALL eBay registration August bonus return noticeOne night stand and multi love two years AD exper

thank you for your support of Meitong alliance!

for advertising the "more" and "one" is always the problem troubles me.

eBay registration August bonus return notice

so I went from a fling to upgrade to the polyamorous. Here, it is recommended that you arrange reasonable placement, try to put some, generally 2 to 5 is the best. So, you are not good, and the other a few well, multiple insurance

believes that this is now a lot of people, it’s like a fling, only love you one night, dawn will break up. In fact, really rely on advertising to make money is a protracted war, will not have what benefits in a short period of time. Unless your website itself is big enough. Otherwise, step by step. read more

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Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256


agrees to invest and provides term sheet



although Facebook’s IPO has thrown cold water, but from the whole environment, it is no doubt that it is setting off an upsurge of investment and entrepreneurship. But to think its start-up is very simple, easy financing, it must be by the market on the surface of bright dazzled. In fact, financing is a very difficult thing for early-stage startups. To provide guidance for start-ups, Jay Ventures, partner of BlueRun Jamison, summed up his experience in selecting start-ups as a formula. read more

Car home CEO Qin Qin how do startups maintain growthWithout transformation Taobao’s customers are s

first, Taobao is one of many guest Wangzhuan ways, is currently in a stable growth period. Wangzhuan site types in a variety of ways, all sorts of strange things, how to prove whether a people lost the meaning of life? That is what most people in this way are not making money. But now the situation is that most of the guests are Taobao money, but also earn the master very much, a lot of teams. Can make money from it, Taobao is absolutely full of vigour of the guest.

The third is

in this regard, the author believes that Taobao guests without transformation, because Taobao off tomorrow is still sunny. read more

Amoeba capital Li Zhiguo the beginning of entrepreneurship should be good corporate culturePea pods

pea pods, founded in December 2009, experienced a golden age of mobile application distribution in the first few years of its evolution.

was in danger but unaware of

, culture allows the company to have a unified mind and form of expression. When many companies are short, a few words, a twist, a conversation with colleagues, the project will be made, the more people argue, the more. When people have a culture of unity, they save a lot of arguing time. Alibaba will do things will say, "I am not honest, have done customers first", we will each quarter according to this to score. Therefore, the most effective thing is that there is a culture, everyone’s thinking in these cultural guidelines, the efficiency will be higher, many topics also need not argue. read more