have decided that my forum will never be profitable

In the last few days of the

chicken year, I had the idea of building a website for my hometown. I’m impatient and I can’t wait. So go to the Internet to buy a domain name and space, the discuz program uploaded to the server, with their own rich imagination and enthusiasm, the forum plate structure was set up all night. In fact, my plate structure was set in reference to the Shaoxing forum, so it was very fast. At that time I foolishly think, BBS, what is a model, others can do well, I copied, must also be bigger, stronger, read more

Baidu has included my site again

has been trading in ADMIN5 links. Finally, the 5.31 station was pulled out by Baidu, but today suddenly found 5.31K station now included,

!After the

station, I did two things after K!

, the first thing is to get rid of the K link in the link. Don’t even know there are eight stations, but Baidu didn’t add my site

because I deleted the link

second things, say very funny! My space is not enough, and changed a friend’s Netcom small space! The result of yesterday’s change. Today, Baidu is included! read more

Detailed website internal optimization

website internal optimization to keywords ranking, the decisive function included. Many of my friends say " the content is king, the chain for the emperor, " but a site are content is far from enough, we should do some articles in the internal optimization. Make the site more suitable for search engines. Nonsense not much to say, here we 11 cases of how to do internal optimization.

1. it is the home page, the inside pages, classification, whether or not you have done a crucial h tag.H tag, you can also learn about Baidu encyclopedia, take a look at how people are doing the H tag, we write articles can also according to this writing. Especially for the home, should add h tags, H tags divided into h1-h6,.H1 and so on the importance of a label on one page only, do you think the most important keywords is put up, the following H2 is not to limit the number of general. Many websites are the H1 label on top of the logo, this is because the H1 tag will cause the text, not suitable for show the site appearance. Below can let H1 give you code, H2, etc. label arbitrary change in size. read more

Analysis of Admin5 webmaster’s approval

looked at the friend of the title and thought I was flattering, so don’t read it.

a thing accepted by the people, there are two points, one is to comply with current events, in line with the development trend of things, and the other is to bring benefits to people, will be accepted. Webmaster nets today, no doubt tested these two points.

stationmaster net can develop today, I believe it is not luck, also be not accidental, but stationmaster net personnel all joint efforts result. Take this submission for it, I started a few days ago, try to get a manuscript to delivery to a dozen owners of such websites, until today, did not find a site audit, even more directly to delete, and I sent to the webmaster online the same information, network owners within 1 hours of the audit. However, even more ridiculous is that some webmaster information websites but Adsense online information of them all copied to their station, and refused to review the submissions, they don’t know is sad or our friends poor, like this, I really can not imagine what they stand when they grow up, what you like just pick up the copycat, daily news in stationmaster net behind. Maybe someone retorted that it was their freedom, they loved to publish, they did not want to publish, they didn’t publish, and if they took it as the reason why they didn’t publish it, I could only say nothing. read more

Domestic network situation is grim personal website development thirteen difficult problems

, a traditional media network to spare no effort to ban, not to say how CCTV on the personal website of large website, spare none, the new sites desperately exposure pornography, illegal like news, kill a worship move, causing personal webmaster difficult situation today.

two and CNNIC follow the wave, the state media have a ring, and then issued the first time, regardless of the provisions of the management is not suitable for the status quo, inconsistent with the national conditions, will be implemented. After one yuan CN domain name, according to sound to raise the price to 50 yuan, huge profits, disorder occurs in a national institution, speechless. read more

Do you know how deep the O2O water is in BAT’s community that doesn’t dare to dabble

recently asked some of the Internet Co and investment firms in the community O2O industry to be asked several common questions:

Why hasn’t O2O industry emerged in the



various community O2O services APP emerge in endlessly, but what is the reason for the high mortality rate?

?How exactly should

community O2O operate?

for this reason, I answer a few questions that we are all concerned about.

first, why hasn’t the community O2O industry come out yet?

we must first understand what is the community O2O, community O2O model in the field of traditional O2O is very special, it is more like a combination of traditional B2C business and O2O, here I first called BS2C, B, S is the business service, C is a user. read more

Elements of web image processing

pages can not be separated from a large number of image processing operations. There are many differences between web image processing and image processing for printing and video. Web designers should have a good command of web image processing methods and techniques. In general, the following elements should be considered.

1. format

comes in the form of a computer, simple images (such as logos and icons) are preferred in PNG format, while color rich photos must be JPEG. If the color is not large and there is no gradient, you should use the GIF format. read more