Ask for help yourself and strive to perfect let the navigation station active included you

saw a lot of time SEO information, and found the most important thing is the chain, the chain effect, want to good point is to be included in some web site navigation station. Because their weight is relatively high. So collected a lot of Web sites everywhere, want to help them included.

but it’s too difficult for a movie station. Want to find their contact way will be tired half dead, I don’t understand why the bigger the website, the more mysterious the connection channel. Even through the seven turn eight turn linked to how they can, when you can get. The station is not included, the station also require you to add to his home connection, he gave a little place in your category pages. Plus plus not only no effect, and put yourself stand as web site collection page. In the end, the effect is not only not, but also make the station look worse. read more

How to complete Phoenix Nirvana in Webmaster class Forum

with the development of mobile Internet, the traditional forum gradually began to decline, which is the webmaster of the forum, for example: Chinaz, A5 webmaster forum webmaster forum, the forum is very much like this. But the vast majority of webmaster class BBS fate worrying, many have become garbage outside the chain of world, also don’t use how many users will go to see those soft Wen post. That is to say, in content quality respect, a lot of stationmaster kind forum needs to undertake rectification, put an end to rubbish outside chain post. read more

Stationery shop to pay attention to what

now no matter what kind of business shop, if you want a good business, not only need to do a good job, but also the need to pay attention to the relevant attention. So, stationery shop to pay attention to what problems? Look at the following Xiaobian to simple analyse for everybody.

grasp the source of purchase is very important. Ordinary school supplies are generally from the vicinity of the wholesale market, such wholesale market is now widely distributed in any city operating such stores, supply will not be a problem. If the stationery shop business owners can find manufacturers purchase volume, purchase price than the purchase from the wholesale market is much cheaper, but will take some money, but for a long-term business plan to shop, it is very necessary. In addition, the paper products can not be more than a year to reserve inventory cycle, so as not to cause the paper to become brittle, yellow. read more

Movie station my first time

movie station is the first time for me to do yesterday afternoon, with the help of friends in the broken place (LOL). As for the movie station program, I chose Marx, simple, convenient. Go to the official download, then a friend gave me a template, a station can be installed after the movie was born a sweat,… Roughly the following:

1, domain name

Select the domain name

, there must be a purpose to register with you about M, I was still looking for potatoes, Youku related often enter the wrong meters, ha ha, very naive ah, almost all were parked or early site registration later, after I registered soil beans video, then the query m, com/net/ have been registered, except CN, and go to the webmaster nets registered, it is a bit long, the most important thing is the keyword can also. read more

Zhang Xiaolong tells himself what is WeChat worth 64 billion dollars

lead: Zhang Xiaolong: Foxmail founder, founder of WeChat, has developed domestic e-mail client – Foxmail, joined Tencent Inc after the development of Tencent, WeChat, known as the "father of WeChat"

Zhang Xiaolong: founder of Foxmail, founder of WeChat, senior vice president of Tencent Inc. He graduated from the Department of telecommunications of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively. Has developed domestic e-mail client – Foxmail, joined the Tencent Inc, the development of Tencent, WeChat, known as "the father of WeChat", was "Wall Street journal" as "2012 Chinese innovation figures."". Mainly responsible for the management of the Guangzhou R & D Department of Tencent Inc, and participate in the management and review of the major innovation projects of Tencent Inc. read more

Who does the nternet product design for Novice intermediate user or expert

In the classic

interactive design, About Face, Alan Cooper divides users into three categories: novices, intermediates, and experts. He pointed out that in the software field, most users will end up in the intermediate stage.

In the

software field, most users will stay in the middle stage,

who does the Internet product design for? Novice, intermediate user, or expert?

we keep looking for the information we need on different websites every day. We don’t know how many pages have been opened. While each page may be a novice time is very short. About 3 visits, you can reach the intermediate level. Perhaps you never need to step up to the level of expertise – to understand how the site works and to use engineer advanced features. In this way, Internet products rarely contain expert users. So, should we focus on novice or intermediate users, read more

How does the small and medium sized group buying website survive in the thousand regiments war

from March this year, Wang launched the United States Mission network so far, China’s group buying sites reached more than 1200. Therefore, some people call it "online group buying" and have entered the era of "thousand regiments war". The famous group purchase website has beauty group, glutinous rice nets, handle network, Groupon, F, full network, 24 coupons, Wo Wo Group, Tencent, net love a band "QQ" group, ah ah group, full network, Sohu love group, cool group, fast hold net etc.. Now these well-known group buying websites have entered the PK hot stage, so more small and medium group buying websites in this environment should be how to survive read more

An ordinary webmaster three years to do standing crow blood lessons

started to stand a long time ago, until now.

, but I didn’t understand what the station owner did, exactly how to do it, and how to do it well. The problem was that I hadn’t thought about it. So, no goal to do the station, the final result can be imagined.

talking about doing stand, probably also two or three years. But I never put the role to the webmaster level. At that time, there was no such concept in my mind. Do stand is pure fun, not to make money, not to rely on standing. At that time thought was purely for the sake of idle time, and for meeting friends whom they knew. That’s it。 read more

How much shopping guide market electricity supplier shopping guide platform survival logic is what

this article is with an electricity supplier shopping guide project discussion, combined with my understanding of some sort out, for your reference.

one, electricity supplier shopping guide market is how big

many people will have this question: how much electricity providers shopping guide market, there is no room for development? Now go in there is a chance? The best answer is digital to speak.

Taobao Tmall 2012 turnover of 1 trillion, according to 5% of the shopping guide back to the present, in theory, you can have a 50 billion commission. In 2012, Taobao alliance platform for AdSense and Taobao customers brought revenue into the breakthrough 3 billion yuan, an increase of 100%, from the mobile end of the advertising business is divided into 100 million yuan. In 2013, the Taobao affiliate program divided the station owners and Taobao customers into 5 billion. The data here has not been counted on other electronic business platforms, and other ways into the model. read more

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the existence of government websites

government website is the main part of e-government, government website plays preach policies and regulations, to understand public opinion, understand relevant communication online government functions, the operation of the source of funds for financial appropriation, the fundamental goal of its operations is to provide service for the masses, not as a target for profit, and this is the essence of commercial websites the different. But in some cases, certain functions of the government should be realized through the network, but the construction and operation of a special website, it may be a waste or lack of manpower and material resources, this time, it can help the government to achieve business needs, this kind of circumstance, have the cooperation between government and commercial organizations in site construction and operation of this website, I will call it a kind of government website. read more

Doing a good job is the king of content

today in the group and everyone casually talk about the garbage station, so now summarize the group wrote, think about, do it yourself, writing experience, hope to part of the webmaster play a role!


soft text, in fact, very good for PR, where the benefits


soft links within although the weight brings to you is not necessarily a lot, but it is a pure "profit", because only the others to link to you, and you don’t need to link to others! Plus an article Many a little make a mickle., a link, it was reprinted 10 times, to give you 10 free Links, of course, this link can not be compared with the Links, but you can’t neglect the soft power of the link. read more

Do webmaster 24 days of some regrets

do webmaster 24 days, with Marx program to do a movie network. I haven’t done any websites before, I just feel by myself. Naturally, it is inevitable to take some detours.

do not understand what is called SEO, the result of a nine byte domain name, but also did not choose a domain name, and now the result is 10 per day, a few IP, Baidu did not included. See a lot of BBS friend repeat say stick to, insist on, BBS write soft text, plus PR value high outside the chain, day IP reach how much?. But these feelings seem to be getting farther and farther away from me. read more

Apply for Google advertising is really not easy to see grassroots Adsense hard

apply for Google advertising is really not easy to see grassroots Adsense hard. Experienced twists and turns, finally saw his own website Google advertising.

says about advertising, whether it’s Google, Baidu, and almost all webmasters have "twists and turns.".

My Google

advertising is to apply for 5 times, each time the application is through some effort to adjust to improve their website, the first time I was trying to apply, said my website has not reached 6 months, this is the most basic condition, no 6 months are not eligible for a website the. Waiting for the full 6 months after I began to apply once, two times, three times have different problems, then you have to ask a friend to find information, not easy to solve those problems, I started for the fifth time or did not pass, said "your website user harmful software" I was wondering, a view is the original space in the diary of a large number of advertising links and some software links and so on, I think these things are destroyed, I spent almost a day to deal with those things. read more

How to carry out video website marketing drainage

In recent years,

video streaming website is done with earning large quantities of gold each day. According to sources: six rooms, YY, BOO, NetEase, this kind of Betta show 90 large live sites are an annual turnover of up to several billion, respectively is 500 million, 250 million, 150 million, 50 million, 30 million, the market value is not much to say. Then, how do these websites do Internet marketing, or how to network marketing for live video sites?.

1, data analysis

first of all, no matter you are doing any industry’s Web site, you must learn data analysis, user sources, user transformation, antecedents analysis, preferences analysis. In fact, Baidu webmaster platform this is enough, although his statistics are not too accurate, but also enough. Well, let’s do a simple analysis of the live broadcast platform. read more

39 talk about the special period of severe winter training local information network management

recently in the network industry set off a burst of tornadoes, including content, online reports, big upside momentum, a lot of personal webmasters hit, depressed mood. Some are on sale sites, some want to change jobs, others go to jobs, others do other businesses. Network development to a milestone stage, is to go or stay, depending on their own development situation to decide, I think that already has a good foundation of the site, but also to continue to strengthen confidence.

indeed, with the rapid development of the network, Nishajuxia, good faction bustling network market! Of course benefit is the search engine, network advertising, instant messaging tools etc.. Behind the prosperity, there are also places to ponder, and the era of universal participation in network construction will come to an end. Why talk about the network construction? Experience, such as in Shenzhen, you enter the Baidu query "Shenzhen flea market" there are tens of thousands of flea market, what the concept of 1000 individuals have a personal second-hand flea market website, of course there are a lot of people at the same time has a number of ten secondary network. There is only one way to develop a web site: a search engine. Cause the engine of the road seriously blocked, you want to check to their station, it is estimated that to 100th pages later, ha ha, and even can not find it. Lured by the success stories of early Internet start-ups, many people dream of giving up good jobs and betting on tomorrow. During my stay in Shenzhen, my website below small agents, some of them are doing the training company, some design companies, some are part of the electronics industry, through the purchase of the station program to build local classified information network. Speaking of the status quo, is neither dead nor alive, every IP in the dozens, there is a webmasters site built, the first half of only a few spam messages on hanging, only a few days to estimate ip. Saying "play" is OK, saying "fun" is ok. This huge number is very surprising, when almost all the people when the webmaster, just imagine how the result, a word: difficult! This industry is difficult to do. read more

Grassroots Adsense do movie site must learn to persist

used to fantasize about making money by standing. Then I realized how hard it was! Say, let me do my history,


was interested in computers when I was in high school, so I learned something about the Internet. I suddenly realized that it was easy to do it.

on the Internet to find a simple movie station procedures, slowly change yourself, then read high school, you know, in addition to learning or learning, do not know much. Made a stand out, and is collected! The result, Baidu included me thousands of pages, but that is almost 0 traffic flow, and then the black heart space business on foot, read more

Analysis and prevention of hacker stealing Taobao password and adding commodity fraud


wolf today opened Taobao Wangwang found Taobao security alert let me don’t let me scan computer, landing, I wonder, is the legend of the seal, but that is because of security issues, began to thaw trip.

thought for a long time before the safe mailbox to come out, defrost password, found that the background has been hackers to join a lot of mobile phone models of what goods.

thought, is not someone is trying to steal Alipay money… Open Alipay, all safety.

can be sure that hackers intercepted the Taobao password, otherwise it will not log in, but also add goods. (360 scanning system vulnerabilities are being detected, 109 system vulnerabilities, the seriousness of the problem has been identified, because WOLF is often used, two computers, an office use, and one is home notebook. read more

know the graphic king my career as a webmaster

half a year ago. I still read the school. My classmates and friends every day in the net bar. Playing games. Arcade game. At that time I like a hooligan. Every day in the Internet bar all night. With the students playing the CS. cafes clan. It is for this CS hurt me a lot of time and effort learning achievement. Low. Every day without the day. Classes are not started. It has been thinking about how to sleep. But now I have. I found the goal. Is a part-time job – moderator

Half a year ago. read more

nternet dark forest law want to live Don’t breathe

"body" winning burst of red, really just because it depicts a universe of social science fiction, a powerful and unconstrained style? The most attractive place, often is that he used the most lustrous and dazzling way out of the earth carefully conceal mentioning the truth.

, Everyone, is, an, Island (everyone is an island)

Liu Cixin says that science fiction and the Internet industry are interlinked. Three most should be overwhelmed with admiration for the four cosmic axiom:

1, survival is the first requirement of civilization; read more

How to improve the flow of new online store

How quickly was

‘s new store indexed by Baidu and Google?

novice, a very garbage way, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says. The book says it’s right, but it works very slowly. Just like books teach us to make money. I most despise, but also feel the least promising is reading every day bookworm.

then I’ll tell you what skills are. What is a strong attack?.

any new domain name, I in 2 days, will certainly make this domain name to search the forefront rapidly. read more