Depth interpretation of community operations this is my experience after so many products hematemes

high energy Alert: the author will mention the previous summary of system knowledge about activity operations, content operations, user operations, community operations, seed users, and cold start. We can collect it and read it on demand.

1. [cold boot]

2. [seed user]

3. [user operations]

4. [content operations]

5. [mobile operations]

a mature community is like a city, through institutional management members, through the supply and demand of the formation of the market, through the platform heritage culture, there is a stable self functioning mechanism. The community’s operators, like city managers, are at their core responsibility for building rules and optimizing them. read more

Advertising alliance how to do the webmaster is most beneficial to oneself

recently read a drama, inside the president’s haircut is similar to the Mediterranean, but also because of his lack of hair can not cover the whole head, so has been very tangled, feel very inconvenient to attend formal occasions, go to a number of hair shop are not satisfied, and ultimately a stylist through create new styles method to let him face their own shortcomings the president, and in the few head long silk is the wind blows very elegant hair cut, leaving only two hair on the temples, the president saw fix hair long breath, like a huge stone heart finally put down, then the president will no longer have to carefully guard against his young mentality is exposed to wind and rain. A lot of. read more

A website traffic survey and analysis

said last time that World of Warcraft’s video network had seen a surge in volume 19-21, and the survey speculated that several possibilities were now being finalized on the Baidu index. On the Baidu index, 19-21, there are two search index is also increasing sharply, one is World of Warcraft video network, one is World of Warcraft video. Why? Because the wowmovies website was closed for a few days. Perhaps because of the mourning day, perhaps because of a technical accident. But many people ask, if only because his key word in the first row of site closed, the visitor is then looked down to my site, so the past is to search wowmovies to my site. It’s very natural, so my website traffic is up. As their websites opened, the traffic on my site dropped again, because I was just a temporary shelter, a house or a house. That’s not the point I’m talking about today. read more

A webmaster appeal please give original piece of day

this time, I have been posting; and has been relatively smooth, thank you very much for my editorial suggestions and opinions; I think this is very important, to write their own high quality original more confidence; and our own still adhere to the original record in tomorrow, the main purpose is to write original some of the ideas and views to their own; also want to know more, people who have the same interests with me; but I have found a situation in A5 and the owners of the house; every day an article is approved, and then send out a short time; in later years, there have been many reprint; I think this is a good phenomenon, there is a good article that we can share it; but the result is not satisfactory; there are many reprint the title changed, some of the passages removed; some even original artifacts The sentence is completely out of order; here, I call the Internet: please give the original one day. read more

Horse Grassland how to effectively capture keywords

stands for a long time, there is a feeling. Just like playing the ball, the sense of English language as a hot issue recently a keen eye catch, update the site, for the release of hot news in the first time, the fastest to provide accurate information for the majority of Internet users.

yesterday was the opening date of the national judicial examination results. In fact, the system was tested on the previous day and was open for 2.5 hours. I happen to catch up, check the scores, fortunately passed. So I wrote a feeling calmly and excitedly. Second days, check the source of key words, "national judicial exam", and some words about Scott scores similar to this query has achieved good ranking. By being happier, it is also a return of effort and the effect of practice. read more

Fast allusion net it is open flowers and flowers not inserted Liu has lined

see the title, readers will understand the nature this paper will talking about the hero! Exactly! Right, is he, Guo Jijun. A hard after harvest the fruits of predecessors webmaster, a few years ago, he is entering the industry unknown small owners, a man quietly in the care of dozens of small sites, do some mini software, QQ expressions for users to download; one and a half years ago, because the power of operation of GJJ network navigation it is known by many webmaster, many webmaster in Chongqing known as the "old"; a year ago, when the GJJ navigation network traffic decline, people questioned in the "wide is old?" when Guo Jijun began his fast allusion net development road. read more

BuzzFeed’s classic counter attack in the new media era 140 million monthly visits valued at 200 mi

I dark horse note: in the amount of access beyond the New York Times, BuzzFeed is already the third largest news site in the United states. BuzzFeed perfect interpretation of the new media counter attack Road, let me review the amount of 140 million visits this month, the valuation of $200 million news station is how in the new media era like a duck to water.

1. Internet media has a unique advantage of communication, social networking and search engines can quickly spread to the content of hundreds of millions of network readers in front of; read more

A grassroots webmaster can not afford to leave the site plot selling station and redemption

I’m a loser from the rural areas, a great failure of grassroots webmaster, I have been brilliant, the most glorious time but also in the monthly income of tens of thousands, I was the most brilliant personally ruined the future of the web site, let me step by step down, until now I was poor and blank, suddenly wake up, my redemption my website again, because I want this child". This article is purely my webmaster experience memories.

, a website to hand with the "peak"

1, site dormancy. Because of the work of inspiration, I 10 years on the line of my life in the first web site, but do not know how to get traffic, so until the end of 11, the site is not too much traffic. By the end of 11 when the brothers in a group in the help of SEO understand slowly, and strong execution on my website, the website after dormant for more than a month, the flow slowly began to improve, I was taught by my friends on the basis of the essence of deep mining SEO, especially the long tail keywords the practice of discharge play to the extreme, the site also has. read more

Ancient times six major micro business misunderstanding

students, recently, a micro business selling, micro marketing, micro business business overdraft trust relationship with the CCTV and other media comments as one falls, another rises, the reports tracking, derivative of the "negative" image in the minds of users more and more, the derivative of misunderstanding and surge. The following I would like to correct the misunderstanding of micro business what?.

misunderstanding 1: Micro quotient is equal to pyramid selling

micro business is pyramid selling, or that micro dealers are disguised pyramid schemes. There are few people who hold this view. Major forums, media communities have similar revelations. I do not deny that there are some micro business under the name of doing marketing sales activities. But the real micro operators will never step on the red line according to the State Council in 2005 promulgated the "regulations prohibit pyramid schemes", the definition of marketing is "asking the staff to pay the fee or to subscribe goods in the form of pay cost, obtain the entrants development of other people to join the qualification, to seek illegal interests". In the early days, there were indeed some micro business acquaintances using the "circle of friends" to sell products in the name of developing offline. But with the rise of the platform, the transaction system and rights of the perfect function, by cheating circle of friends, trust relationship has begun to exit. read more

From the air fruit mentioned is the discussion of massive users trap

lead: ink weather problems, in a word, "traffic" does not mean revenue". This logic is not only on the mobile side, but also on the web side. For example, Soufangwang and the largest portal Sina

, the tool class App represented by ink weather and camera360, is now in commercial trouble.

The day before the release of

ink weather air fruit, if you read as "flex", actually more like ink weather commercial attempt. For generic tool class App, commercialization can easily touch the ceiling. Ink weather for a long time, the main income comes from traffic, replacement and advertising. Such a commercial path can easily hit the ceiling. Because the crowd is not precise enough, the effect of advertising is difficult to assess. Although ink weather has a capacity of nearly 300 million, it is not as easy to commercialize as App, which has a fixed audience. Such as the United States grapefruit, aunt such a vertical community?. For Aunt you, at least 99% of the users can guarantee that women, and then go to analyze the average age of these women, what kind of advertising for the delivery. read more

Chen Zhongping how can the forum operate effectively

open the computer ", you will see many [] website forum, irrigation related columns inside you is concerned? In the BD inside to check that irrigation is" no practical significance of reading: hydrology". The word "irrigation" is relatively derogatory. Irrigation behavior is not liked by everyone. But why are there so many people like watering,


irrigation column, Chen Zhongping think is the site [BBS] inside a club, friends can speak in it [first is not illegal]. There should be a watering column, regardless of any web site [forum]. This is like we go to school, no matter what professional students, there will be physical education and music classes, the purpose of this is to let students have a buffer and rest place, so as to be more conducive to learning. Our website [Forum] is the same, if blindly in the forum to talk about professional knowledge, it is very boring, it is also estimated that many tourists and members will be lost. Remember, Jiang Likun teacher said, even if a professional forum, but also need irrigation. read more

All webmaster friends don’t bind website wings

web site to fly, the human factor is very important, that is to say, the webmaster of the website is very important, perhaps is some webmaster ordinary small habit, doomed it can not become a successful webmaster. The following are the 10 most common problems that are most easily committed by webmasters. It is these habitual mistakes that bind up the wings of the web, and what we need to do is to get rid of these problems and let the website continue to fly.

some webmaster’s Web site, the content is really multifarious, all inclusive, but only have no own characteristics. What lively, what, the station has no definite positioning and purpose. My proposal, a careful analysis of Internet users, changes in demand and demand as the basis for positioning, with the field of the first or only as a positioning target, so as to achieve rapid lead. Personal website similar content is too much, you copy my, I copy you, each site is deja vu, see what the site development is good, simply copy a, something new, original things too little. My advice, as much as possible to publish the original content, to do your web site, your content is unique in the network, personal website is to highlight the personality, can be unique, the best. In this way, Internet users will frequently visit your website. Open a website, dazzling advertisements everywhere, looking for valuable content to half strength, even will appear, click on the ads to download and so on, some netizens to deceive. The webmaster may earn a little money, but for the long-term development of the site is extremely unfavorable, some differentsomething did two days, not a few people have access, impatient everywhere posted ads, also no construction, first posted ads, is a quick performance. read more

Entrepreneurship Science how to join the preparatory work

many successful business stories inspired countless people to join the venture market, in order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, earn huge wealth, and for the franchisee, rushed to want to become rich, enough to do the preliminary work.

once joined, the headquarters will be responsible for the provision of equipment, provide training, guidance and management; storefront location, decoration, financial management, publicity, promotion and purchase, can seek the assistance of the headquarters. The model of start-up costs lower than other modes of business operation, investment can be recovered in a short period of time and profit, so whether entrepreneurs have no experience and sufficient funds are available through the franchise into a well-known brand of mature management system, learning from the business model and grasp the existing opportunities, so as to have their own company. read more

Comparison of site traffic professionalism and revenue

started 07 years ago, I always thought traffic = income, of course, this is true, I think so now. But now I feel that I need to improve and improve, mainly in the flow of professional awareness. Draw conclusions, flow = income, professional flow = large income, why produce such thinking, mainly depends on my two site contrast and produce. Below I will two site development history and income process to do a certain statement, hope to give the webmaster inspiration:

07 years to start making Souyi health network, after 1 and a half years now PR5, Baidu search recorded 300 thousand, IP2 million, this station is complete a comprehensive medical health portal website. From the flow rate, not high, nor low, from the professional point of view, seems to be a very professional medical health Web site, but from the actual keyword observation, but not. The keyword source of the website is very scattered, read more

How to be a good traffic is a good

what is a good, a lot of people have their own ideas, and I think there is a traffic stop is good, a lot of people say that doing a good, especially a good traffic is very difficult. Indeed, don’t spend time and do not understand and adhere to poor skills, want to make a stand seems to be Arabian Nights. But there are a lot of people say, I can stand very dregs, what content is collecting, Pastebin situation is not how, but I have a lot of traffic, I am also a good. So I think there is flow station is good, traffic is king. read more

Competition and counter competition among local websites

didn’t want to say to the competition topic, because the competition both sides Bifakouzhu competition both sides may not be profitable, A bystander is always clear-minded.. You did not see the recent "small three" (millet and 360) of the dispute, the audience as third parties on the sidelines, onlookers, the vast majority of spectators in the hearts of both sides of the competition to play fifty big plates……. Lenovo local website, there are many competitions, there has been competition before progress, the market welcomes competition. But in some places the competition between websites, means bad, Longan network often browse the local peer from other sites, found some similar, we borrow thirty-six dollars, a list of local site competition five poor means, and talk about the means to fight back, for your webmaster comment. read more

Baidu includes 1 pages P10 months revenue over 1000 yuan website operating experience

believes many webmasters have done many types of stations, portals, news, entertainment, pictures, movies, music. All shapes and sizes, big and small. Do Google Adsense day to earn one hundred knife, do Baidu money (but I haven’t done three or four years of Baidu, didn’t cheat my account closed, re register said not welcome my account, a sweat!), do union money, remember when Baidu cheating, remember to download when do stand flow, remember to download site to download the software bundled when N plugin, remember. A lot of money opportunities have become the past, of course, also create a lot of garbage station to make money, and then turn around to operate a formal website of the webmaster group. read more

Different ways of performing arts online 9158 left and right YY

/ Ding Peng,


online show is beginning to evolve.

, when I heard that I wanted to get involved in the offline KTV business, I wasn’t surprised, because its predecessor, 9158, had actually opened a KTV store in Hangzhou last year.

9158, one of the two leading the performing arts online involved in the line can be regarded as a thinking, and also a giant YY is walking a road seems different, a different starting point for both sides, but has gradually started performing online derived from the three party. read more

Analysis of the reasons for the flow of education enrollment website is not profitable

I engaged in the education enrollment industry, some years, there are no less than ten education enrollment class website. Yesterday, the Jiangsu counterparts add the author QQ, complained site traffic poor profitability, I also have a single site, flow less than it 1/60, but profitability is it several times. This article will analyze why the site has traffic and is not profitable.

1. Site positioning and layout

The same as single

network, please look at the specific positioning Jiangsu and Hunan network of network. read more

Huang Hua the six nternet Co most likely to freeze in winter

the current global financial crisis, everyone felt so bad. China’s Internet business, I believe the feelings will not be shallow. In this winter, what kind of business will freeze to death, I do not want to go to the market segments what to predict, because I firmly believe that there is no money making business, only the people who do not make money. But what kind of living state enterprises, will face the survival test, I was a little feeling. Let’s hope the companies that agree with one of the six items mentioned below should be careful. read more