How to be a good traffic is a good

what is a good, a lot of people have their own ideas, and I think there is a traffic stop is good, a lot of people say that doing a good, especially a good traffic is very difficult. Indeed, don’t spend time and do not understand and adhere to poor skills, want to make a stand seems to be Arabian Nights. But there are a lot of people say, I can stand very dregs, what content is collecting, Pastebin situation is not how, but I have a lot of traffic, I am also a good. So I think there is flow station is good, traffic is king. read more

Competition and counter competition among local websites

didn’t want to say to the competition topic, because the competition both sides Bifakouzhu competition both sides may not be profitable, A bystander is always clear-minded.. You did not see the recent "small three" (millet and 360) of the dispute, the audience as third parties on the sidelines, onlookers, the vast majority of spectators in the hearts of both sides of the competition to play fifty big plates……. Lenovo local website, there are many competitions, there has been competition before progress, the market welcomes competition. But in some places the competition between websites, means bad, Longan network often browse the local peer from other sites, found some similar, we borrow thirty-six dollars, a list of local site competition five poor means, and talk about the means to fight back, for your webmaster comment. read more

Baidu includes 1 pages, IP10 months revenue over 1000 yuan website operating experience

believes many webmasters have done many types of stations, portals, news, entertainment, pictures, movies, music. All shapes and sizes, big and small. Do Google Adsense day to earn one hundred knife, do Baidu money (but I haven’t done three or four years of Baidu, didn’t cheat my account closed, re register said not welcome my account, a sweat!), do union money, remember when Baidu cheating, remember to download when do stand flow, remember to download site to download the software bundled when N plugin, remember. A lot of money opportunities have become the past, of course, also create a lot of garbage station to make money, and then turn around to operate a formal website of the webmaster group. read more

Different ways of performing arts online 9158 left and right YY

/ Ding Peng,


online show is beginning to evolve.

, when I heard that I wanted to get involved in the offline KTV business, I wasn’t surprised, because its predecessor, 9158, had actually opened a KTV store in Hangzhou last year.

9158, one of the two leading the performing arts online involved in the line can be regarded as a thinking, and also a giant YY is walking a road seems different, a different starting point for both sides, but has gradually started performing online derived from the three party. read more

Analysis of the reasons for the flow of education enrollment website is not profitable

I engaged in the education enrollment industry, some years, there are no less than ten education enrollment class website. Yesterday, the Jiangsu counterparts add the author QQ, complained site traffic poor profitability, I also have a single site, flow less than it 1/60, but profitability is it several times. This article will analyze why the site has traffic and is not profitable.

1. Site positioning and layout

The same as single

network, please look at the specific positioning Jiangsu and Hunan network of network. read more

Huang Hua the six Internet Co most likely to freeze in winter

the current global financial crisis, everyone felt so bad. China’s Internet business, I believe the feelings will not be shallow. In this winter, what kind of business will freeze to death, I do not want to go to the market segments what to predict, because I firmly believe that there is no money making business, only the people who do not make money. But what kind of living state enterprises, will face the survival test, I was a little feeling. Let’s hope the companies that agree with one of the six items mentioned below should be careful. read more

A website developer, these 2 days of thinking, see 163K feel

accidentally searched from Baidu to a post on P8 today,

myself is also engaged in this profession, spent an hour, seriously looked at and their products, very touched, so registered the account written out, published the idea

1 and 163K are really strong, very practical, can see all the details they have made a lot of work, from the following 4 stations look out of their design, art strength, it is no exaggeration to say that in the current industry this strength really is rare (2 of our company a design, a more than 4000 month, the level of bad death, but also the day Joseph read more

Entrepreneurial experience of Chinese Internet bosses

entrepreneurship is now a hot topic. Sometimes chatting and chatting, suddenly, a buddy rushed into the face excitedly, it must have been engaged in the tide of entrepreneurship.

during this time, my most important job is to chat with all the entrepreneurs, some of them have been successful, and some are still running on the road to entrepreneurship.

listen to these bosses, one by one talking about the story and recommendations in entrepreneurship, but also a very interesting thing. These days, turning over the interviews and looking back on the way they have traveled, some of them are very useful. Today, simply tidy up and give some reference to the excited buddies. read more

16 major reasons for the failure of IT talents

a few days ago to see an article, the author how to say, now the most not missing is the webmaster, in the street a grab a lot, although a bit exaggerated, but not too much. The network has given too many dreams, the network has also achieved too much wealth, achievements of the dream of too many people. The famous night IT cattle people rely on the network, but also encourage the too many personal webmaster, at all the webmaster into business in the army, they hope that one day, net wealth can also come into his body, one day stand in the spotlight wants to experience the kind of "expert" sense of achievement! But how many successes are there?! I collected some of the online business failures on the IT experience, and I hope to be able to give a number of people who are still struggling to help! read more

How can navigation stations boost popularity and SEO rankings faster

it’s still hot today, but the A5 station is as busy as ever. A rare, share some experience and personal views of the navigation station promotion and operation and


we all know now do the navigation station who did a few years ago so hot, when Hao123 successfully guided many center devoted to this simple, and may be very profitable website, but is the so-called rare, what many natural competition is fierce, the value dropped to pull.


, I recently did an industry class navigation station, so how do you get more popularity and SEO rankings for the navigation station? read more

Discussion on the way of search engine marketing in private hospitals

private hospital network marketing, search engine marketing is the inevitable choice of the road, many private hospital marketing strategy is to quick and high returns; then the search engine marketing has become the first choice in the hospital network marketing, compared with other forms of advertising, search engine marketing with low cost and low investment, private hospitals are not any give it a fragrant steamed bun. Today, the private hospital of search engine marketing is becoming increasingly fierce in competition, the network environment has become increasingly complex, especially after Baidu phoenix nest plan to carry out a comprehensive private hospital, search engine marketing how sustainable development? How to effectively carry out the search engine marketing the author expounds some of the private hospitals. read more

I work as a Taobao cosmetics online shop

we do cosmetics products shop, Taobao probably did 3 years, just write to discuss some lessons: at this stage mainly rely on Taobao to sell products, although it has its own website, but not because of operation, traffic has been very low, sell a co..

about brand and product choice: relatively speaking, big brands abroad are better to sell, but the price of big brands has no advantage. Positioning: Taobao above 100 dollars a product, consumer groups large. Product selection: it is recommended to do a much hyped products online, there is more to see some beauty fashion magazines, pay more attention to the magazine to recommend products, ha ha, in general the current recommended products, significantly more sales, there is some more selling their recommended products in their recommended window, and watching TV advertising, advertising products are also popular products, the main push himself. Small samples of large brands are also a good choice and sell well. read more

About the car Ali, blog promotion experience summary

China now Internet users reached more than 300 million people, after the Internet more and more people. Now more and more enterprises, individuals and the state, the government began to pay attention to the development of e-commerce, e-commerce for the dissemination of information more quickly, at the same time it is also more convenient, in terms of capital investment is also very small. Business age, we chose e-commerce to develop entrepreneurship, so choose the right, Ali, Taobao, and build their own mall. read more

Do standing and combat Internet art, which one will you do

Internet companies in China are now warlords. However, for individual stationmaster, want to seek a place to be more difficult. Shopping malls, such as webmaster, how to compete in the Red Sea for a place, need more than creativity and ideas. In the current concept has already been worthless, the Internet business is getting more and more difficult.

knows the concept of venture capital investment. For a small webmaster, venture capital does not have much to do with it, most of the webmaster do stand, one hobby, two is able to earn money to support family accounts. Of course, bigger is the best, and how to make money is the hottest topic. read more

Analysis of Baidu does not include several reasons for the inside pages

for a just do a new station, sometimes encounter Baidu only included the home page of the website, but not included in the page, in this case, we can find the reasons from the following aspects:

first, the website structure is not reasonable,

new station, there is a large number of use of Flash and Js code, whether to use the iframe framework and some jump code, etc., as far as possible to optimize and reduce the code.

second, over optimized website keywords

check whether the home page and the page are over optimized, whether there is a keyword stack problem, whether or not to use a number of cheating means, whether often modify title, description, Title tags. Baidu search engine is more sensitive to this, so it is best before the site on the line, the local test will do these optimization work, and must not be on-line after the frequent changes. read more

For each webmaster are useful 68 SEO online inquiry tools

google high key word list: 


search engine grab content simulator

can simulate spiders crawl, specify web pages, Text, Link, Keywords and Description information,

similar page detection tool

tests the similarity of two pages. If the similarity is more than 80%, />

will be penalized, "
Google Sitemaps creates read more

High barriers to entry to 10 million domestic SNS sites against seemingly impossible odds

, when popular SNS sites worldwide, the number of Facebook users is still rising, the domestic social networking sites are facing many difficulties. First of all, the domestic SNS website is becoming more and more quiet, the number of users in most websites has plummeted, and people who have been stealing food in the middle of the night have gradually lost their keen interest. The mood of boredom has swept through the SNS website. In early April, Facebook into China’s news, China local SNS game developers under pressure, began to flee. Either change careers, or enter Japan, Taiwan and other neighboring markets. read more

A rookie who builds a web site

station for almost two years, the first is the establishment of any2000 for self-help, of course, that earlier, was a few years ago, the real station to 06 years summer, try holding the attitude for Jiangzi home space, HTML, although there are ads, but the speed and stability can still face perhaps, the two level domain problem, do it for about half a year, Baidu is also not included, Google gave a pr=1, but I have confidence in this point, Google IP a lot, but suddenly one day, they closed the space, then the time to try for a number of other CN free space, just to catch up with the price of cabbage, finally have their own level of the domain name ( but with some free space to collapse, I completely lost confidence on free space. read more

Make good use of the resources in your hand

each stationmaster bear bitter hardships runs his own website, like raising a child born to grow up from every step is very difficult and very careful. Watching him laugh, he made, from the experience of the joy of growth, but also to bear some pain, a word more classic, "pain" and happy". Any cattle site is a process from scratch from weak to strong, focused to accumulate steadily becomes possible.

want to make a station do not have the resources to make good use of resources not, not even die, perhaps many webmaster also melancholy on the basis of the space and domain name and program art most basic problems, how to borrow resources to do their own website, how to use creative resources become difficult to enhance the small station. Who can think bragging do not pay taxes but harmless, the implementation of disclosure too much, it is not difficult to stand and would not do read more

Caoz talking about the hardships of being a webmaster

today, or say, yesterday evening, and a number of BT sites were transferred to where the Beijing Netcom users, now this morning, Huang Yimeng and Dai Yunjie are still depressed, it is China Netcom (or China Unicom) playing a rogue, no complaints, no solution, only helplessly look at it at a loss what to do.

caoz also made the website, that is a long time for a long time ago, and even can be traced back to last century (Khan, is indeed the last century), also in standing the first place in the NetEase’s Yi rankings (honestly, method of PV brush is not desirable, too) I had stayed for 3 consecutive years of earnings record on the Internet the first time of the winter, also know the hardships of webmaster, say a few points: read more