39 talk about the special period of severe winter training local information network management

recently in the network industry set off a burst of tornadoes, including content, online reports, big upside momentum, a lot of personal webmasters hit, depressed mood. Some are on sale sites, some want to change jobs, others go to jobs, others do other businesses. Network development to a milestone stage, is to go or stay, depending on their own development situation to decide, I think that already has a good foundation of the site, but also to continue to strengthen confidence.

indeed, with the rapid development of the network, Nishajuxia, good faction bustling network market! Of course benefit is the search engine, network advertising, instant messaging tools etc.. Behind the prosperity, there are also places to ponder, and the era of universal participation in network construction will come to an end. Why talk about the network construction? Experience, such as in Shenzhen, you enter the Baidu query "Shenzhen flea market" there are tens of thousands of flea market, what the concept of 1000 individuals have a personal second-hand flea market website, of course there are a lot of people at the same time has a number of ten secondary network. There is only one way to develop a web site: a search engine. Cause the engine of the road seriously blocked, you want to check to their station, it is estimated that to 100th pages later, ha ha, and even can not find it. Lured by the success stories of early Internet start-ups, many people dream of giving up good jobs and betting on tomorrow. During my stay in Shenzhen, my website below small agents, some of them are doing the training company, some design companies, some are part of the electronics industry, through the purchase of the station program to build local classified information network. Speaking of the status quo, is neither dead nor alive, every IP in the dozens, there is a webmasters site built, the first half of only a few spam messages on hanging, only a few days to estimate ip. Saying "play" is OK, saying "fun" is ok. This huge number is very surprising, when almost all the people when the webmaster, just imagine how the result, a word: difficult! This industry is difficult to do. read more

Grassroots Adsense do movie site must learn to persist

used to fantasize about making money by standing. Then I realized how hard it was! Say, let me do my history,


was interested in computers when I was in high school, so I learned something about the Internet. I suddenly realized that it was easy to do it.

on the Internet to find a simple movie station procedures, slowly change yourself, then read high school, you know, in addition to learning or learning, do not know much. Made a stand out, and is collected! The result, Baidu included me thousands of pages, but that is almost 0 traffic flow, and then the black heart space business on foot, read more

Analysis and prevention of hacker stealing Taobao password and adding commodity fraud


wolf today opened Taobao Wangwang found Taobao security alert let me don’t let me scan computer, landing, I wonder, is the legend of the seal, but that is because of security issues, began to thaw trip.

thought for a long time before the safe mailbox to come out, defrost password, found that the background has been hackers to join a lot of mobile phone models of what goods.

thought, is not someone is trying to steal Alipay money… Open Alipay, all safety.

can be sure that hackers intercepted the Taobao password, otherwise it will not log in, but also add goods. (360 scanning system vulnerabilities are being detected, 109 system vulnerabilities, the seriousness of the problem has been identified, because WOLF is often used, two computers, an office use, and one is home notebook. read more

know the graphic king my career as a webmaster

half a year ago. I still read the school. My classmates and friends every day in the net bar. Playing games. Arcade game. At that time I like a hooligan. Every day in the Internet bar all night. With the students playing the CS. cafes clan. It is for this CS hurt me a lot of time and effort learning achievement. Low. Every day without the day. Classes are not started. It has been thinking about how to sleep. But now I have. I found the goal. Is a part-time job – moderator

Half a year ago. read more

nternet dark forest law want to live Don’t breathe

"body" winning burst of red, really just because it depicts a universe of social science fiction, a powerful and unconstrained style? The most attractive place, often is that he used the most lustrous and dazzling way out of the earth carefully conceal mentioning the truth.

, Everyone, is, an, Island (everyone is an island)

Liu Cixin says that science fiction and the Internet industry are interlinked. Three most should be overwhelmed with admiration for the four cosmic axiom:

1, survival is the first requirement of civilization; read more

How to improve the flow of new online store

How quickly was

‘s new store indexed by Baidu and Google?

novice, a very garbage way, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says. The book says it’s right, but it works very slowly. Just like books teach us to make money. I most despise, but also feel the least promising is reading every day bookworm.

then I’ll tell you what skills are. What is a strong attack?.

any new domain name, I in 2 days, will certainly make this domain name to search the forefront rapidly. read more

From the media industry hot Why since the media blog has disappeared

Preface: these days, I found that many media blogs have not updated the article, and they used to write the original every day, every day to promote the enthusiasm, I have not seen. At present, the number of blogs has been updated every day. Only a few of them have made money. Most of them have disappeared. Some of them are still struggling like me…

since 2013 October popular since the media began, thousands of self media blog was born, and now to 2015, October, two years time has passed, can count from the media blog is not much. What I don’t understand is that since the media industry is so hot now, why do most of the blogs disappear from the media? read more

A common personal webmaster of the rain and wind

said, contact computer and network is in 2002, that year, my high school occasionally truancy, go to the Internet bar on the OICQ, not typing at first, use pinyin input method. As never before contact with the computer, that everything is new, ha ha, began to understand that not much to go online to do the thing is to talk about QQ just remember, plus the net friend is hello, ha ha, ~~

, but missed the time. Learning to surf the Internet is also to listen to other people say the "Earth" icon, enter the URL at the address. But do not know the URL, only the IP address, the first is what 101 distance education network, and so on ~ ~ ^_^ read more

s it too late to do nternet navigation now

now web site competition is fierce, in recent years, a large number of new navigation station "is like a spring night, thousands of pear trees". But how much can we really do,

?The success of

, Hao123, and 265.com set off a wave of Web site building, and overnight, thousands of individual webmasters flocked in to grab the last cup. However, who has ever thought that their success is because they were born in an era when Internet users were relatively new to the Internet, and it was the main characteristic of the majority of Internet users to find what they needed through the web site. However, as Internet users become more familiar with the Internet, and the search engine has risen, ordinary Internet users have little need for 265.com’s almost inflexible web site model. read more

Experience sharing small webmaster should do what kind of Web site

first talk about who is a small webmaster. Small Adsense is a no money, two no how advanced technology, three no staff of the webmaster. Like behind the fish, Admin5 of the king is not a small station, they are big webmaster, change the title called BigBoss is not too. Like me, is a standard small webmaster. That small webmaster should do what kind of Web site? Let me cite a case of yourself, to tell you a little.

University, I often surf the Internet every day very idle, global MM (MM is near the university students), our people are poor, no car, had no taxis, had to take a bus to go to school MM. Everyone is a student, MM also do not abandon us poor, but also willing to make friends with us. In this way, every day bubble MM, every day by bus, a long time, and I know the bus routes in Zhengzhou. (as an aside: then I can be very pure, although the global MM a lot, but it is the pure relationship between men and women, lesbian people most is when crossing the street hand, their performance will take care of people. read more

Comparing TXT novel with the analysis of the plight of audio novel download station

, compared with a large number of TXT novel download sites on the Internet, there are still few download sites for sound novels, and the development is good. Many lovers of sound fiction look around for a site that can be downloaded. Why do this kind of site than TXT novel a lot less, I think there are many factors, the following on my current

house (www.yousheng5.com) faces each difficulty analysis:

1: large volume of resources

sound novel, unlike TXT novel is so small, TXT novel general KB class scale can contain a novel, big point also a few M appearance. But the sound novel is different, an ordinary novel, at least a few hundred M, and even a long N G size, which seriously restricts the sharing of resources. Few people can buy independent servers and have large bandwidth resources relative to their meager profits. I do this station is also no funds to buy the host, and had to resort to a variety of free SkyDrive. read more

f the nternet is a lot of traditional enterprise website promotion should be the elephant on the b

what is the Internet thinking? Different people’s understanding is different, how can effectively do a good job in website promotion, because experience is different, experience is different, a lot of people, methods are also very different. In the traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet, the site for the optimization of the sense of touch when the promotion, and some have tasted the sweetness, and some are bogged down in the mud, and some ecstatic, and some have accused Ma is a big liar…… Join the Internet likened to an elephant, in fact, many traditional enterprise website promotion is in the "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint" read more

A grassroots webmaster experience in the network world go from here

me, an absolute grassroots webmaster. After 05 years in college, only the initial contact with the site, the beginning of contact with is NEWSBAR and click on the hang of advertising. Find some on the higher of the article in Baidu. Later, slowly contact the web site, know that the website hanging ads can earn money. The earliest application site is gongbang net free self-help website, because do not understand programming, so the first is to play some of the self-help website, will add the good. read more

Grassroots webmaster mentality course

In fact,

website has been playing time is not short, mixed in various forums can be traced back to 03 years, but the original ID has gone for ever, today finally sit down to do their own "first" website (is said to be the first, exactly is the first heart do the site, before all is not fun, not to engage in long due to various reasons to terminate, most of which are force majeure.


first bought a new and mutual 200m space in a reputable friend who was out of date, and went to the 100 seas, domain 44, an overnight website. read more

Grassroots webmaster needs to change habits

I just small roots of a network, like a tree on an equal footing, but long enough, express some views to the webmaster friends don’t mind:

The rapid development of

network anomaly, 07 years, China network indeed seems to be very calm, do not have what idea, everyone seems to be transferred to the stock market like, real money effect to everyone’s heart back, often see foreign what new things out, foreign cooperation and what what news and so on indeed, China rarely, China love love to confidence in the name of receive flattery or compliment, exaggerated odd words, in the name of righteousness (external), not to compete for so I think we need to put the grassroots webmaster, a halo gas, broken, of course, need to change some habits: read more

Actual combat experience set up 2 months PR value of 2 experience

wrote before, "try to build the station experience sharing" this article, after 2 months of website experience, now Google PR value to 2, for which I am happy and worried.

why are you happy? Because of me this layman, never understand the network, the site to understand a little skill slowly, suddenly see the PR value to 2 or a very exciting thing, after a month, no members do not have a lot of traffic, to second months, rose, very happy. I praised the forum moderators, to their medal, they also progress Happy forum. But there are worries, because I want to continue to work hard, do not want to hit the right or forum stagnation, read more

Cool minimalist Mall Design Guide

is there anything better than creating a stage for them to show your products,


this is the latest trend in the design of e-commerce websites – a very simplified

in the past, many online stores have adopted the opposite way to design. These sites are often full of information, fonts and colors are aggressive, and websites are heavily over designed,

now has many websites that abandon models, exaggerated colors and fonts, and flashy pictures, only to show their products in a minimalist style. Since the advent of self responsive design, it has become a trend affecting many web sites (not just e-commerce). More designers are beginning to embrace this trend – simplicity is better, and readability and ease of use are read more

Electronic magazine channel feasibility plan

introduction: more and more potential consumption power of network users is the motive force of the development of electronic magazine. With China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the twentieth China Internet development statistics report shows that as of June 30, 2007, the total number of Internet users in China has reached 162 million, and is still at a rate of 100 per minute growth. The electronic publication based on the network is built on such rich market resources, and its development prospect is not to be underestimated. read more

Local websites suffer from lack of content

my station is "Yuanyang" Yuanyang Yubei "network" is a small, local no newspapers, no radio, only one day to play bad ad television, to timely access to local information, very difficult.

site of this period of time, let me find the way to get information, now this station and you share webmaster.

, the most simple to the Baidu search, but if your home with the "Yuanyang net" webmaster, site is small, it is not necessarily the news every day let you search out. You can use Baidu’s news feeds and send them to your designated mailbox every day. read more

As a webmaster how to increase traffic quickly

‘s experience of increasing website traffic has been one of the hottest topics on the Internet and one of the most difficult to master. If your personal website has been completed, no matter how perfect it is, not to rely on the promotion to increase the amount of visits, at best, just to see for yourself. I have accumulated some of my experience in website promotion, talk about some of the following basic methods.

The first thing

is talking about is not how to promote it, but about the positioning of your home page. read more