New discussion on profit model of local portal websites

nowadays, more and more local portals and industry vertical stations are springing up like mushrooms. No matter where the region is, the population is small and always finds a corresponding portal site. But most of the time, personal or enterprise or to do to profit, a non-profit website not only has no future and there will not be a very long time, is often the beginning of lively, lonely middle, tragic ending. The establishment of the station site has invested a lot of manpower and material resources but in vain. Therefore, the profit model of local portals has become the focus of attention. Today, I will explain how to maximize the development of website resources and get the biggest profit points. read more

After leaving the original article the site ranking plummeted

This is also a

article, the article also lost, in the first half of the year, as long as the search engine Baidu to follow the laws of business website, the site will have a good ranking. Thanks to my website, update 3 article original website, unprecedented reached ssky stage, but as a butterfly, only by virtue of their own advantages richly endowed by nature of the opportune a rest, the final site in the Baidu big baptism fell into the abyss, unprecedented depressed sad times N.

facing the changing and updated algorithms and laws of Baidu, we will not discuss obscure academic issues for the time being. I would like to express my feelings and experiences by working with Baidu for so long. First of all, Baidu gave me hope, gave me the direction and motivation, but also gave me wealth. So, we should be grateful to Baidu, and then, because of their own efforts, enjoyment and comfort, resulting in Baidu spider to the station lost the previous affinity. This is how to reveal yourself the love of ease, since Baidu earned two man for their own pockets, they rarely lead a gay life to enjoy together, on the site of original. Almost all of them copy other articles directly and change the title. Also rarely false original. read more

Small family country Ampang station

in the twinkling of an eye, I have worked in the stationmaster for many years. I believe the station to be able to feed their families, to rejuvenating Ampang station.

large fish because of rejuvenating Ampang said, do not let in this talk about political topics, I will not say, probably mention Webmaster Station call on patriotic advertising and Tencent QQ Avatar Mantianhong, let me feel this sentence is really on.

station to support the family. I am a small webmaster, decided that I can only build small station. It’s like a lot of things just need a word to know what you’re doing. For example, say The woman is like the clothes, Brothers are like hands and feet., listen to this just understand oneself for so many years is the naked all flurry and confusion run in the community for many years. It suddenly occurred to the station that can support a family, so many years I really just because of interest by a website to now entered the pursuit of Wangzhuan network money. Know what you’re aiming for. read more

As a small Adsense analysis of customer views on Taobao customers

I opened a specifically female beautiful fashion website in February 09: Pi Pi network (, QQ:1102681993, contact) began to do the Ali Mama Taobao customer projects, mainly to take advantage of work free time to make a small extra money, but more than a month after a transaction are not, so at present the the layout has changed to focus on content, and do some advertising "domestic subsidies". The following analysis of the customer’s psychology of Taobao customers: read more

Why do more and more people prefer to collect instead of pseudo original

now in full swing in the Internet era, new sites to take what to compete with the old station? Only constant innovation, update new content, only the continuous promotion of website weights in order to have a little foothold. Is the so-called war must forage has sufficient, if the feed is insufficient or stolen. Then doomed to fight without losing!


with the emergence of sharp tool collector, many webmaster fall in love with nothing for nothing, all like to collect other people’s hard work. Originally, if a good article, the clever use of good anchor text, and then to contribute, at least you can get more high-quality chain. But now more and more webmaster not kind, others collected articles do not retain the original information, do not respect the original author’s wanton reprint collection case and the original information to replace their own re crazy delivery to various platforms. The ancient Lu Xun advocated the doctrine of "bringing", which was the skill and experience of the original author of learning, not the same as "static". read more

The stationmaster has worked hard

now can say, website already not like before, some random data, random collection can have thousands of traffic, the diligent webmaster should have already tasted the sweetness. Originality is becoming more and more important. The content won’t give you any traffic at all. This is my half a year to do the station experience. Always miss the good opportunity, always feel this world slow beat, you can copy the collection when the flood I didn’t want to stop, when do their station to begin collecting copy, and found that this method has simply do not bring any traffic, so the delay time of three months, thus I began to think of other the way. read more

24 year old income steady guy resigned resolutely business flowers Network

seven fairy flower network serves China and the global Chinese community’s leading online flower and gift service provider, founded in 2009, the network all over the world. Has a number of regional sites, to serve the Greater China and overseas Chinese mission website five business: flowers and gifts distribution services, holiday timing reminder service, download pictures, flower cake festival, activity room service SMS greetings.

today, we are talking about "seven fairies flower net" and "Xiao Wu read more

A monthly income of one hundred thousand master tell you how to tap the value of maximum flow


in 2014, happened to turn the world upside down changes Chinese domestic e-commerce site pattern, the United States listed, listed Jingdong, Jingdong, Tencent shares a rich handsome in the Nasdaq stock market, WeChat was born into a comprehensive e-commerce platform… It is blustery…

industry development trend to small and medium-sized electricity supplier entrepreneurs is a wake-up call, the giants have monopoly industries get in by every opening, our grass root entrepreneurs of spring? Here, some experience of the writer just half a year to operate independent mall to share with you how I through self vertical small business platform monthly income one hundred thousand the. read more

Give me a chance to study again


website can delete my post, will not give an explanation? I use large words in the original post is written, if you think my post is wrong, please moderator immediately notify me, I will be automatically deleted, but now, the moderator can ignore my post, put it into the recycle bin.

first looks at a set of data:

tactics established N,

day visit IP:30000, comprehensive rank: 14522, France rank: 1542

Travel Europe online, set up less than a month

day visit IP:100, comprehensive rank: 5416146, France rank: 237771 read more

Break the misunderstanding of small and medium enterprises to network marketing

can be said that now the Internet has become the fourth media, to undertake various small and medium-sized enterprises to do the task of network marketing advertising, so the small and medium-sized enterprises began to focus on investment and attention to network marketing efforts, but this trend did not make the small and medium-sized enterprises through network marketing of the real appearance, still for the network marketing are all kinds of misunderstanding.

everyone seems to think network marketing advertising forms, multimedia features, without time geographical restrictions, can achieve real-time interactive advantage, so network marketing advertising breaks through the limitations of traditional advertising, but not too optimistic that these data, because after all, network marketing advertising and traditional media does not seize the market share. You know, after all the traditional media in the coverage, authority and other advantages are still very prominent. read more

nternet talent recruitment is poised to pick up talent site user experience determines success or

Under the influence of the global economic crisis in the last 08 years, China’s economy has also been seriously impacted by the

. 09 years, the global economic slowdown, but still not get rid of the impact of the long economic crisis. But the global economy is recovering, with a forecast that the global economy will grow rapidly in 2010 and that the domestic economy will return to a faster pace of growth. The resumption of the development plan will bring about a significant reduction in downsizing. Accordingly, the traditional industries have begun to recruit a large number of talents, and the demand for talents will be an important indicator of economic recovery. read more

What kind of talent does the hospital marketing need

ancient word, got a hard to find. I think it will be rare, in the hard to find, after all we do not military units, violators, cut down Military orders are like a mountain., after all; I’m not the boss, not say you do not leave. How about that? I love to inform, pledge, strengthen management thought.

in peacetime recruitment, I will certainly tell us in here is not easy, and sometimes very hard, work discipline, such as the listener face pale, I must not recruit this person. If can satisfy this request, explanation can work earnestly, bear hardships and stand hard work. There is a saying that "people are not afraid of stupid, and afraid of not frequently", that is the reason. I also requested that the work must be proactive, responsible, draw inferences from other sources. If can meet this requirement, work efficiency is good, can take charge as chief of. I need to inform, loyalty, who eat rice for who work, not do, work is done. read more

The future localization of news websites is the money scene of the community

Since the

news website has been transferred to the pilot project for two years, from the administrative unit to the enterprise, great progress has been made in changing the role and positioning of the identity. The process of change will be even more intense, facing the mission of establishing their own market position. News website "money king" where, community, or the group market gold rush is an excellent breakthrough point.

news website, Qian Lu long

over the past decade, the main goal of the news website is to spread, revenue is not the first priority. News website from scratch, itself needs a long process, outside without investment, lack of capital in the case, relying on some support policy to the current pattern, is very difficult for a long way. read more

You can be scared when web data knows you better than your mom does

original title: facing big data, you can be afraid of

[Abstract] in the prosperity of the Internet, more and more people work, social life, do not escape the Tencent, Baidu, Ali, 360 the size of the Internet enterprises and even individual all-round monitoring data. When these websites know you better than your mother, you don’t feel care, but fear.

Tencent to get private banks license, Internet circles peer discussion at the same time, the most afraid is China Merchants Bank and the like, the customer service rooted in WeChat’s financial institutions. In the era of big data, data collection will be the starting point of business operations, you will be relieved of their own data to their competitors? read more

Recruitment website profit is difficult competitive ranking is short cut

is now the domestic recruitment site Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou, for so many years in order to further suppress a situation of tripartite confrontation, competitors have to keep the huge advertising investment, so profit is a problem.

The unified model

now recruitment website still is charged to the enterprise, whether the department or ordinary headhunting recruitment belong to this category, the internal logic of business is to recruit the talents they need through this platform, need to pay service fees. But we look back at the traditional job fairs. In most cases, they charge not only to enterprises, but also to ordinary job seekers. Most of them are called entry fees. The breakthrough point so profitable recruitment website is how effectively to charge users, of course, maybe they think it is too early, because no matter who is the first to implement comprehensive charges will face plundered the other two, there will not fall into eBay’s tragic ending. read more

Who decides the success or failure of nternet products




recently, chat with several business friends, they all do a product in the Internet or plan, involved in food O2O, also have the intention to bigger data products. A problem we are more worried is that in such a head easily (seize the appropriate hot speculation up), it is very difficult to (competition, vertical subdivision serious) of the Internet era, in the end how to do Internet products


wants to do pioneering work in Internet products, the first thing to consider is "what kind of products do you want to do? What kind of needs does it meet?"". read more

Tibetan stationmaster my experience of standing and talking

I am

from 2005 began to learn to do, because my major and almost do stand to be different, I majored in Tibetan language. At that time, I only know to do some self-help websites, I think I can do the website, and show off to my classmates and friends every day.

met an alumnus in an Internet cafe one day, and I started showing off my website again. He showed me the station where I applied for it. He smiled and said, "you’re also called the website? Let me show you my website."! I looked dumbfounded, his website is particularly good. I asked him how your website was made. He said it was made with ASP source code, and I asked what the ASP source code was, and he helped me find some ASP source code on the Internet and taught me how to do it. read more

Micro blog promotion how to get fans

in April of this year, Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent’s micro-blog division, claimed that the number of registered users of Tencent micro-blog was 373 million at the end of last year, now about 400 million, and the number of active users per day is 68 million. In February this year, according to the latest statistics released by Sina, Sina micro-blog registered users have exceeded the 300 million mark, the number of users per day more than 100 million.

such a huge use of crowds, insight naturally see business opportunities, which can easily profit, of course, through the micro-blog to attract fans to promote the brand. In fact, some big brands are not much force to promote, such as World of Warcraft in the Tencent micro-blog fans has exceeded 500 thousand mark, and only need to release some news every day is enough; there are some celebrities, such as Comrade Han Han, had exceeded 10 million fans of the public; as for the rest of the topic, the government departments also, by the fans which need conscious attention, how to add tangled fans. read more

Word of mouth Li Zhiguo Reflections on the future of local portals

, webmaster, friends, good afternoon! First to correct a TITLE about me. Everyone knows that YAHOO and word of mouth are merged now. I’m now the executive director of YAHOO and word of mouth. And then come here today to communicate with you is about the local gateway, that day, learning to talk with me in the time, that is, invited me to the scene to communicate with you. I’ve been thinking, with our words called industrial mid actually you may also know about reputation, this is the concept of local region is very strong, so I think this recently, I blurted out, tell the local portal did not come. read more

What is a full featured product page layout idea

website of special subject page effect is very big, often can see a lot of the special pay promotion page landing page, you can see directly open a special page, which shows the importance of good. It can help from a different point of view, or from a vantage point to the packaging of our products, has many advantages, such as more targeted, with clear product advantages, different products such as nested copy. There are many types of topic pages, not only on product packaging, but also for packaging an activity, packaging a brand image, or an event, publicity, etc.. Today, he wants to talk to you about how to plan a web page that is in line with the user experience. read more