Love Shanghai outside the chain of tools on experience

We observed

love Shanghai statistics chain can only say so much, because he is not a mature thing, just a test version, I hope he can be strong, the group number chain above said exchange group is 144696068 hope to add in.


love Shanghai statistical tool chain temporarily can not query the website of others, so we can get some chain platform from the website of others, but we can, I set up a chain of data exchange group, you can interact with each other, but also the integration of industry chain resources, such relative the quality is much better. read more

In the arch-criminal website bounce rate!


below we have a detailed look at the "arch-criminal bounce rate leads to the site"


2. serendipitously ranked

what is unexpected is the keyword keyword ranking? We optimized, when searching for other keywords can also be matched to our site, so when the user enters our site, that is not related to the content, naturally out of, not only access process, bring IP there is no effect. The only effect is to enhance the website website popup rate, but this is not what we want.

website bounce rates are relatively high in leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 are experiencing problems, but there are many reasons for this problem, are some of the more common problems, I’m trying to solve these problems to reduce the rate of jump out of my site, so here the reason recorded, to remind you to encounter the same when the problem, can be used as reference. read more

Talk about some easily lead to failure do stop bad behavior

! ! webmaster!

! !

1) had to do when standing, blindly follow the trend, see what web sites do their own will follow

3) website internal advertising more than content, and ignore the user experience on the website of the


the Internet every day there will be a lot of new website was born, there will also be a number of sites "die", and the reason of these sites may have a lot of "dead", but in general is that for several reasons, summed up the following today to sand slightly do some station failure reasons, you are interested in the webmaster can refer to read more

The basic principle of choosing keywords Raiders

I met so many customers want to aim too broad, such as real estate company, he went to real estate for the word optimization, advertising companies want to optimize the word advertisement. To be sure, you basically can forget this keyword.

to the front row, this kind of search words to the user is not clear. Search for real estate, his purpose is to buy a house? It is hard to say! So the word brings flow is the goal of the poor, into the possibility of order is very low, so this kind of too broad keywords are relatively low efficiency. Keywords choice should be more specific, targeted. Two, the main keyword is not suitable for too long too special read more

Search engine optimization strategy the quality of the page content guide

so, as long as you have another trusted WEB resources, you can provide useful and line links and can continue to browse the content for your users. If you’re not sure of a site’s credibility and authority, so you can "nofollow" this link, the user can click browse, but do not tell the search engines crawl the link.

can add your link to the page content, whether in the column page or column page (internal links) or influential in the industry platform (external link), this is a good way to understand the expression of related topics for readers. Here we say these two strategies benefits. read more

Site monitoring is vital for Shanghai dragon strategy

for the success of the website, must have very good keywords ranking, and to attract users to click, but in the station by user experience, the user visit became the site of a user. So, for the website ranking, we must daily analysis, and enter the site through the keyword for the user, so at this point, we must analyze and floating rankings for keywords of the station. Suggested that the ranking target keywords every three days to record the entire station.

we usually have 8 parts for website monitoring. That is the website ranking, keyword ranking, website, website chain, website weight, web spider, keyword conversion, website traffic etc.. Next, we make a thorough analysis of the 7 part. read more

The depth of analysis Links should pay close attention to what

two, the correlation between

this is the exchange of Links first consideration, if the other site is a look at a garbage station, then there is no need to exchange. This is because if we all look uncomfortable then don’t want to let users and search engines look comfortable. How to check the quality of each site can be investigated from three aspects: Design 1 of the website, we should observe each other’s website is in line with the user experience and search engine requirements, including the title of the site settings, navigation settings, keyword density etc.. 2, the content of the website or the majority of original content acquisition, reprint, the general weight of original web site are relatively high, if your website content is to collect, reprint, exchange will need careful consideration, this website is very easy to be K. How the quality of the chain 3 of the website, mainly to see the other site outside the chain, if the other site is filled with a large number of spam links and invalid links, or use the software to the mass of the chain, so also need to carefully consider the exchange, this website is very easy to be K, your site will be implicated. read more

Two elements of the breakthrough, stabilize the website optimization effect

What kind of

: a website structure is perfect. If the site can be effective, to build a network, the structure of circulation website links. Out of that node, can quickly return to the desired interface. The search engine spiders is also very love such a structure, effective grasp, but not like a maze of lost. Therefore, need a certain program. Coupled with the stability of the server, the website can be accessed quickly. This is undoubtedly reflects the increase search engine friendly degree.

no matter how to adjust the search engine algorithm, website optimization effect will still be effective. Therefore, the website optimization personnel do not produce depressed state. But according to the phenomenon, you need to think about is a strategy to deal with, this is the most need to do. On the other hand, have some negative emotions, such as changing the idea of occupation. Optimize the staff like this, it is failed. read more

The real object is website optimization website rather than the search engine

what kind of website is really good website? Excellent website one of the most basic guideline is rich in content and quality. Moreover, only the rich content of the site, users and search engines will love. There is no doubt that only high-quality content is the site of the flesh and blood of the soul. An empty site, even if the site rankings, visitors come over, if not find quality content, it will eventually give up. Then from the site itself, the focus in the website optimization, enrich the content of the website also is a key link in website optimization. read more

Website optimization process of five kinds of commonly used common share tips

three of us are walking together to be my teacher, in the process of Web site optimization, the reason is the release of the standard, our website may not be excellent in others, but we can learn from them some experience, for example, use the domain command to view his station used the chain resources. Enter the domain: domain name in Shanghai love engine, displayed is the reverse link website, these links are to be loved in Shanghai included into the cache, and the weight is very high, we may find some web site summary to the total computer, when you can use these to optimize the chain resources. read more

To the new owners in 2012 to enter the Shanghai dragon industry some advice

last 2012 into the Shanghai dragon industry to remind of the website is the website space space selection problem, the most important is stable, unstable space will not only cause the site to drop right, site slow, may also be at the crucial moment the ball dropped to lose a fortune head loss. The above is the basis of knowledge needed for some new friends of Shanghai dragon industry, of course, there are more of the secrets of Shanghai Longfeng people need to explore. In the new year, I wish the new and old Adsense good luck in everything, the > Xinxiangshicheng! read more

What search engines have to face challenges

for fast and accurate query processing

is currently working on the search engine based on user search habits and historical data on the understanding, judgment search intention, return more relevant results. Whether the search engine can reach the level of artificial intelligence, to understand the user’s intent and purpose, look forward to

When the In addition to the

search engine to return to the best content in the grab pages must be comprehensive. This need to solve many technical problems. read more

The WikiLeaks included subtle relationship between quantity and weight of the rankings


, get a long tail traffic

is only the search engine retains a website called "the home of my own, the Regal isolationist" a download station is the case, including the case of light K page is still a day can bring more than 8000 IP for me. This situation generally occurs in the old station before, perhaps very beautiful, who for some reason is the royal prerogative, then search engine delete pages, but the weight of a web page is preserved, another reason for this type.

good at building the content owners, every article in the long tail keywords specific, when the inside pages included many websites and improve the overall weight, long tail traffic is very impressive, from some kind of meaning of speaking, included a page means that your site has increased at a time for the long tail keywords and flow the opportunity. read more

The medical website optimization process is the core technology of what

fourth: the site outside the chain of work. This part of the work content and the site is very similar, but not the same mode of operation. Pointing to the web site outside of the chain of URL is the main domain optimization station, then what is the keyword? Keywords is more than site traffic > off

second: site interior decoration (key). From the home page of the title settings. Here we must first be clear, which brings large vocabulary flow, which words will bring clinic. This is a lot of optimization division did not pay attention to the problem, here, for a keyword analysis and choice for everyone in detail. Site to bring a lot of traffic words have symptoms, nursing, * * * treatment, these words are large flow, so these words can bring out? The answer is not necessarily. Love Shanghai search engine more and more is that interference, so some keywords is by some tools and means of operation, and optimize the division to avoid these ways, find the most appropriate keyword. Small summed up some key words is to bring the clinic. For example: 贵族宝贝 Beijing tuberculosis hospital that the website "title _ Beijing tuberculosis hospital for tuberculosis hospital which good _ _ lung specialist best Beijing tuberculosis hospital" these three words have three words, is all about the hospital, Xiao Bian think it is not good, the subject can write such words "the treatment of pulmonary lung disease symptoms _ _ Beijing tuberculosis hospital, treatment on symptoms, the hospital can improve the network keywords, search volume, web site at the same time, the hospital and the symptoms of these words is to bring the core keywords clinic two. read more

2015 open shop, sell what is the most profitable, open Taobao store what is the most profitablePPC C

store baby features:

1 system intelligent call back: through the PPC call system, mobile phone users request, the system calls back to the mobile phone users, that is, mobile phone users as called, so

shop baby’s main function is a line of work, one ring, then one ring operation.

online hands-on hands-on experience, teaching you how to get started and improve

use store baby software conditions: have their own Taobao shop, shop goods as a kind of. That’s why the baby’s software is not easy to use. On the condition, we can see that it is a software invented for Taobao’s new home. So, if you’re new to me as you were, you might as well try. read more

Do BBS signature chain we need to pay attention to what

(two) to control the daily release of

1, the content of the post, whether the quality of the needs of users.

2 post, whether there are AD, if there is not reply, lest be deleted, cause we lost the chain.

usually in addition to the daily update and learning, most of the time is free. This situation will make many webmaster develop such a habit, a time is a lot to post reply post, a day to do hundreds of thousands of the chain, feel the effect is very good. But the second day is very busy, no time to do outside the chain, a chain not to publish, so long time no law to release the chain, the effect is often negative, because such links are easily removed, save up is relatively easy, so I called we regularly to release some outside the chain of high quality, high quality reply posts, ensure the stability of the chain enough, so as not to appear outside the chain of days after the loss, brought unnecessary trouble. read more

How to recruit staff and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon qualities

Have the basic knowledge of

second: what quality forum, whether in the above account, whether can bring the link, I feel these are very important for the establishment of external links. Now a lot of Shanghai dragon is to rely on forum signatures and forums to reprint hungry, have these can quickly enter the working state.

in the recruitment of early we must know that we are looking for a what kind of Shanghai dragon, how can see their technical strength.

company recently in the recruitment of Shanghai dragon, this task falls on my body, I used the recruitment procedures and design, does not have what experience on recruitment of Shanghai dragon, but the dragon in Shanghai ranks also mixed 3-4 years, for this was familiar with, so do some according to their own experience in Shanghai the dragon to recruit, recruit the effect is also good for Shanghai Longfeng business level up are good, the key is the basic quality of Shanghai dragon, I summarize the write down, and share with you. read more

How to optimize the mobile phone website

The effects of reduced pop adsWhen you use

1, simplified site content and structure

and computer to access the site, mobile phone access speed of download is much slower, so the mobile phone website to your own web page number and page size down to the most, "too big too many pages will increase the consumption of mobile phone traffic, the time is relatively long, it is easy to let mobile phone users do not have the patience to close", bring good browsing experience. The content of the website will be simplified as much as possible, to focus and function of their own, more simple and more convenient for users, users see the content and structure of simple, will have a further understanding of the idea, so we can say that the content and structure of the simple mobile phone is the primary work of website optimization. read more

The sum of the six major matters needing attention during the construction of the external links

now talked about these second points, the first point in quality and excessive mass outside the chain and the mass of the chain is basically a topic. In some of the garbage mass software, some of the chain may be in some address or " virus belonging to the illegal ">;

1. Don’t overdo the mass links

the chain problem

2. Don’t

in recent days writing inspiration by all the webmaster friends encouraged, writing passion for increased. Thank you in advance for your webmaster friends to spend valuable time to read our article friend (HA HA) good to come to the point, and we discuss the problems of today is the construction of the external links, believe that the mention of the construction of the external links, many people are aware of its importance in the network promotion, a website is like a " " in the process of growth and development need to experience some of the specific steps to improve the value of their own website process to ask a few points can be simple: 1. The contents of the construction period. 2. The weight growth of 3. To improve the flow period. And the fourth point zhuanhuaqi profits. (there may be some simple analysis. The major points about this process. ) so today we talk about is second points, also is the weight growth period one point – the website construction of the external links. The many friends summed up such a sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. The construction of the external links is quite important for improving the website weight. So when the website construction of the external links there is no need to pay attention? This is certainly some. For their own website belongs to " " the high quality of the external links to open to the role is definitely a big. The construction of the external links note there are these points: read more

Website optimization the uniqueness of the key link

do what good? It won’t lead to the relevant page spider will go? In fact, now the search engine more and more intelligent, as long as there is a link to that place, he will go, not to say a lot of links to a place like

well, the above is a my superficial understanding, do not know right, we can discuss

predecessors with links to URL what are the benefits? Can increase the density of keywords, and will not appear the same words linked to different local conditions, when I just found out that this practice is still very do not understand why they do not add links, the two is the analysis to the above I think read more