How can navigation stations boost popularity and SEO rankings faster

it’s still hot today, but the A5 station is as busy as ever. A rare, share some experience and personal views of the navigation station promotion and operation and


we all know now do the navigation station who did a few years ago so hot, when Hao123 successfully guided many center devoted to this simple, and may be very profitable website, but is the so-called rare, what many natural competition is fierce, the value dropped to pull.


, I recently did an industry class navigation station, so how do you get more popularity and SEO rankings for the navigation station? read more

Discussion on the way of search engine marketing in private hospitals

private hospital network marketing, search engine marketing is the inevitable choice of the road, many private hospital marketing strategy is to quick and high returns; then the search engine marketing has become the first choice in the hospital network marketing, compared with other forms of advertising, search engine marketing with low cost and low investment, private hospitals are not any give it a fragrant steamed bun. Today, the private hospital of search engine marketing is becoming increasingly fierce in competition, the network environment has become increasingly complex, especially after Baidu phoenix nest plan to carry out a comprehensive private hospital, search engine marketing how sustainable development? How to effectively carry out the search engine marketing the author expounds some of the private hospitals. read more

I work as a Taobao cosmetics online shop

we do cosmetics products shop, Taobao probably did 3 years, just write to discuss some lessons: at this stage mainly rely on Taobao to sell products, although it has its own website, but not because of operation, traffic has been very low, sell a co..

about brand and product choice: relatively speaking, big brands abroad are better to sell, but the price of big brands has no advantage. Positioning: Taobao above 100 dollars a product, consumer groups large. Product selection: it is recommended to do a much hyped products online, there is more to see some beauty fashion magazines, pay more attention to the magazine to recommend products, ha ha, in general the current recommended products, significantly more sales, there is some more selling their recommended products in their recommended window, and watching TV advertising, advertising products are also popular products, the main push himself. Small samples of large brands are also a good choice and sell well. read more

About the car Ali, blog promotion experience summary

China now Internet users reached more than 300 million people, after the Internet more and more people. Now more and more enterprises, individuals and the state, the government began to pay attention to the development of e-commerce, e-commerce for the dissemination of information more quickly, at the same time it is also more convenient, in terms of capital investment is also very small. Business age, we chose e-commerce to develop entrepreneurship, so choose the right, Ali, Taobao, and build their own mall. read more

Do standing and combat Internet art, which one will you do

Internet companies in China are now warlords. However, for individual stationmaster, want to seek a place to be more difficult. Shopping malls, such as webmaster, how to compete in the Red Sea for a place, need more than creativity and ideas. In the current concept has already been worthless, the Internet business is getting more and more difficult.

knows the concept of venture capital investment. For a small webmaster, venture capital does not have much to do with it, most of the webmaster do stand, one hobby, two is able to earn money to support family accounts. Of course, bigger is the best, and how to make money is the hottest topic. read more

Analysis of Baidu does not include several reasons for the inside pages

for a just do a new station, sometimes encounter Baidu only included the home page of the website, but not included in the page, in this case, we can find the reasons from the following aspects:

first, the website structure is not reasonable,

new station, there is a large number of use of Flash and Js code, whether to use the iframe framework and some jump code, etc., as far as possible to optimize and reduce the code.

second, over optimized website keywords

check whether the home page and the page are over optimized, whether there is a keyword stack problem, whether or not to use a number of cheating means, whether often modify title, description, Title tags. Baidu search engine is more sensitive to this, so it is best before the site on the line, the local test will do these optimization work, and must not be on-line after the frequent changes. read more

For each webmaster are useful 68 SEO online inquiry tools

google high key word list: 


search engine grab content simulator

can simulate spiders crawl, specify web pages, Text, Link, Keywords and Description information,

similar page detection tool

tests the similarity of two pages. If the similarity is more than 80%, />

will be penalized, "
Google Sitemaps creates read more

High barriers to entry to 10 million domestic SNS sites against seemingly impossible odds

, when popular SNS sites worldwide, the number of Facebook users is still rising, the domestic social networking sites are facing many difficulties. First of all, the domestic SNS website is becoming more and more quiet, the number of users in most websites has plummeted, and people who have been stealing food in the middle of the night have gradually lost their keen interest. The mood of boredom has swept through the SNS website. In early April, Facebook into China’s news, China local SNS game developers under pressure, began to flee. Either change careers, or enter Japan, Taiwan and other neighboring markets. read more

A rookie who builds a web site

station for almost two years, the first is the establishment of any2000 for self-help, of course, that earlier, was a few years ago, the real station to 06 years summer, try holding the attitude for Jiangzi home space, HTML, although there are ads, but the speed and stability can still face perhaps, the two level domain problem, do it for about half a year, Baidu is also not included, Google gave a pr=1, but I have confidence in this point, Google IP a lot, but suddenly one day, they closed the space, then the time to try for a number of other CN free space, just to catch up with the price of cabbage, finally have their own level of the domain name ( but with some free space to collapse, I completely lost confidence on free space. read more

Make good use of the resources in your hand

each stationmaster bear bitter hardships runs his own website, like raising a child born to grow up from every step is very difficult and very careful. Watching him laugh, he made, from the experience of the joy of growth, but also to bear some pain, a word more classic, "pain" and happy". Any cattle site is a process from scratch from weak to strong, focused to accumulate steadily becomes possible.

want to make a station do not have the resources to make good use of resources not, not even die, perhaps many webmaster also melancholy on the basis of the space and domain name and program art most basic problems, how to borrow resources to do their own website, how to use creative resources become difficult to enhance the small station. Who can think bragging do not pay taxes but harmless, the implementation of disclosure too much, it is not difficult to stand and would not do read more

Caoz talking about the hardships of being a webmaster

today, or say, yesterday evening, and a number of BT sites were transferred to where the Beijing Netcom users, now this morning, Huang Yimeng and Dai Yunjie are still depressed, it is China Netcom (or China Unicom) playing a rogue, no complaints, no solution, only helplessly look at it at a loss what to do.

caoz also made the website, that is a long time for a long time ago, and even can be traced back to last century (Khan, is indeed the last century), also in standing the first place in the NetEase’s Yi rankings (honestly, method of PV brush is not desirable, too) I had stayed for 3 consecutive years of earnings record on the Internet the first time of the winter, also know the hardships of webmaster, say a few points: read more

Actual combat experience, 4 ways to let you easily write original article

, where a bit of SEO experience webmaster know, collecting engine like originality. Because originality is unique, it is easy to be discovered by Baidu spider, so as to be included, but for new Adsense, for their own web site of the original article is racking their brains, always complain about their literary talent is not good. I also found a lot of the meaning is the same, and some is changed, change the title.

I just get started is like this, every day to write a good article, but a few days could not write, I know some of the webmaster is made by this method is disrupted do false original, like school writing, not enough words always just add some of no great importance. Things in so many words because I think the teacher should not see it all? Now the same method used on spiders. But I don’t recommend doing this, because the article simply won’t be able to read. read more

2015 where is the media

Hello, I’m here again. I’m talking about the corpse, a tech media practitioner who doesn’t want to be identified. Maybe only when I talk to the media, I’ll pack up some of my stuff and write something seriously. This year’s more recent series began last year, and last year, at the same time, I wrote an article called "2014: where’s the media?".

in that article, I pointed out the four directions that the new media industry may be heading for in 2014: sophisticated content, pan product, community and public relations. At the same time put in so few a few media Logo:36Kr, tiger sniffing, geeks Park, I horse, Pingwest, point of science and technology, creative and fast carp, titanium media in this article head picture. read more

Eight real-life cases tell the current status of Internet operations

for the first half of the year, I have been communicating with a lot of business friends. I find that although the specific problems we encounter are different, there are many similarities in essence.

I put these similarities as follows, basically is the survival status of the operation of the crowd, welcome.

1. bosses don’t know how to operate

, the most representative of this problem, can be associated with more branches, the whole problem chain is like this:

bosses don’t understand operations. Companies don’t value operations. Product / market / sales / technology leadership, operations, teams, no operating atmosphere. No good operating talent. New people don’t grow read more

Give the rookie webmaster a few suggestions

I do stand back and forth for a few years, do stand, operation is really a bitter process, but suffered in the music! Is my usual hobby to do at the station, traffic increased, oneself have a sense of achievement, now the establishment of more and more friends, station under construction, can not be blind, we must first establish the theme, do the planning, such as a few days ago I built a new, after more than 1 weeks from the theme of planning, to determine the selection of CMS, after careful analysis, have a good plan, it’s handy. read more

Baidu theme, watch out for K

today, I’ve been in the station for three years by Baidu K, and in 2005, almost nothing was said about the K station. That’s when the station was finally K.

, of course, the content of the post is more than that. I’m talking about the problem of my station being K. I want to give you an analysis of Baidu League K number., this station is at the end of 2005 or early 2006 to do the station, he station when I know that time is to buy traffic in the vanguard chain often see him one day to buy hundreds of thousands of pieces, of course, later his station was Baidu K, K is a very long time, until the new year before Baidu amnesty N old movie station, including do very early anyway, many movie stations have been lifted but it is strange but is now K, and even a K page is not; but 77y8 and several other stations because some time ago transformation for video station. But Baidu is "taboo" video station, so is K, another reason is 77y8 too much in order to search and "intentionally" generate a lot of page’s sake, with my point of view, 77y8 is now a garbage station, so K is the expected thing, because why bb60 not the video station as a website Baidu could not put too much advertising, but not acquisition station, but their server’s Bobo movie station, why is K? If that is because bb60 webmaster using the same data has several stations, the K should K the station he should not. Even bb60 K? Are you surprised? I was very strange, if the search engine for the Internet search experience, there is no reason to believe that he and a number of cheating, collecting station K read more

How does stationmaster really do good portal website

portal, sounds so atmospheric, can immediately think of a lot of columns, a lot of content, a lot of advertising, earn a lot of money. In fact, I have done the portal, really do, the threshold is very low, because now the flooding source program, ubiquitous portal website source, free of charge, the charges, but the charge is so only tens of dollars, monthly wages for thousands of friends is simply eat barbecue money. Yes, do portal threshold is very low, it is low, easy to set up, it can be said that with 4 hours almost opened a portal, a new website cover and contain everything was born. Speaking of this, many friends can not wait to let me say, but. Yes, there must be. But that’s the threshold. It’s over there. Then there’s a big wall 10 meters high waiting for you to climb. It is well known that websites need to be promoted, and it is difficult to popularize. Although there are many convenient tools, these tools can bring you convenience and can cause irreparable damage to you. For example, large-scale promotion by mass tools, the moment will make a lot of people have you know this website, but you will soon discover that the search engine has abandoned you, you Links the target station abandoned you, because if they continue to interconnect and you are in danger to him drop right. This method is out of the question. So how do you climb up and cross the wall? The following conditions need to be met. read more

Leveraging to promote my station

Hello, everybody! I’m a very good station owner. I’m not very good at it. Really do stand time only half a year, in the first half of the site is only to find a free web site, top over half a year, because the time problem does not want to waste resources. The second half of 2010 New Year’s day my station started, I was the first to introduce their friends to the site, they will tell the registration shopping back now on this point they pass ten on my site, ten 100 plus their own propaganda soon flow to the stable. Why do I have to open this feature because I say I am not a literary man, only know do the bitterness of mutual benefit so think of this point to increase the function to increase website traffic, now IP only in 1500-2000, but the site is only three heart laughed, because there is full registration membership. Here I introduce my three point leveraging: read more

Blogs are dead, the value of blogs in the mobile Internet Era

some time ago, a reader ran to my website to leave a message for ". This year, he wanted to make money through his blog, and he was also drunk. ", this sentence has touched me a great deal. If he tells me in a serious way that " doesn’t make money, ", I might be able to talk to him, but the reader’s tone really makes me uncomfortable. The subtext is that blogs don’t just have no commercial value, even if talking about blog values is ridiculous and impossible to discuss. WeChat in the mobile Internet era as the mainstream, the blog seems dead. So, is blogging really going to die without any commercial value, read more

Grassroots webmaster not extreme, should from the following seven rational view of Baidu

one, Baidu finished, no good for anyone,

what will happen if Baidu is finished? Google controls the search market in China? Maybe. It is not a monopoly? Do we Chinese haven’t tasted enough of the lack of competition brings us suffer? Baidu is "China company" or "company" or not, how to say he is Chinese – control in the hands of Mr. Robin Li, he funded us, can bring benefits to us is good information! Spring breeze of reform and opening up are blowing for thirty years, this bend also turn to read more