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Professional athlete discusses humanitarianism

first_imgRuth Riley, a 2001 Notre Dame graduate and former Notre Dame women’s basketball player, came to the Eck Center last night to give the lecture “From Professional Athlete to Humanitarian: How I Became involved in the Fight Against Poverty and Disease,” an event organized by the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity.         “It’s up to us as individuals how much we want to be engaged,” Riley said. “I learned very quickly that I wanted to utilize the platform I have [as an athlete] to make a difference.“People ask me what makes me different than most professional athletes — why do I spend time doing what I do? I would say it’s simply how I prioritize my time.”Riley said seeing the lives of those living in malaria-stricken countries left her overwhelmed after her time as a spokeswoman for Nothing but Nets, a charity dedicated to preventing the spread of malaria.“I’m in a clinic and there’s a mother there who is holding a child who is dying of malaria,” said Riley. “She told me she already lost one of her children.“For me, I’ve never been a mother. I didn’t know what it felt like, and I felt so inadequate in that moment to help her.”On a trip to Nairobi as a spokeswoman for a Global Business Coalition for tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria, Riley said her experiences opened her up to the terrible social impact of disease.“Nothing can prepare you for the reality of what life is like in the slums of Nairobi,” she said. “I got a crash course in the feminization of AIDS.“Women were being raped by a rate of 50 percent or more, largely by the rumor that raping a virgin [would cure AIDS], so women were being raped at a very young age. Women had no rights.”   There is a disconnect — a “spoil factor” — between those who are able to help and those who need aid keeping progress from going as quickly as possible, Riley said.          “A lot of professional athletes surround themselves with people that aren’t directed on the path of giving back to others,” she said. “We have things like health care and talk about things like movies.“Mothers [in these countries], they don’t expect their kids to live beyond the age of five. The leadership in a lot of these countries is so corrupt, and information and knowledge is power and they don’t even have access to that.”Even with the multitude of obstacles and countless variables in these countries that require consideration, Riley said maintaining optimism is vital to maintaining progress.“There are so many factors like corruption and ignorance that keep the cycle of crime and poverty in place,” said Riley. “It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the obstacles and the contributing factors when you’re working with HIV…so it’s really necessary to focus and celebrate the small steps you make on the way.”Tags: Athlete, Eck Center, Humanitarianlast_img read more

Siegfried residents raise money, awareness for homeless through Day of Man

first_imgDespite the forecasted high temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit this Wednesday, the men of Siegfried Hall will be wearing t-shirts, shorts and flip flops as part of their 14th annual Day of Man fundraiser for South Bend Center for the Homeless. In fact, the colder the better, sophomore Sean Butler said. Photo courtesy Sean Residents of Siegfried Hall pose outside South Dining Hall during the 2019 Day of Man. The men of Siegfried use the annual event—in which they brave the cold in shorts and t-shirts—to fundraise for the South Bend Center for the Homeless.“Last year it was in the 40’s and we were disappointed with that … we like the challenge,” Butler, one of the students involved in coordinating the fundraiser, said.Day of Man marks the start of a fundraising effort that continues online through the Notre Dame Student Shop until the end of February. In the past 13 years, Siegfried has raised over $145,000 for the Center for the Homeless. After raising over $15,000 last year, the hall hopes to increase that number to $20,000 this year. Senior Jess Hatfield, who has led the event since his sophomore year, said the personal nature of the fundraiser is part of its appeal.“The success of the event is really about getting as many Siegfried men as possible outside begging for money,” Hatfield said in an email. “It’s a really cool event this way because there is a direct correlation between the amount of participation we have from each and every resident and the amount of money we raise.”Despite the convenience of Venmo, the Student Activities Office has historically resisted its use in fundraisers due to security concerns. “Our rector, Deacon Joe Peterson, and other rectors are trying to push for hall Venmos for upcoming years so we’re hoping that comes through,” Butler said. “This year is probably more of a transition year.”Butler said he felt the focus of the fundraiser is on coming to a better understanding of the experiences of the homeless and emphasizing solidarity.“They [the homeless] have busy lives, too. Just like we have busy lives, they have busy lives, but they have to go through their lives without a lot of basic needs met,” Butler said. “I think at the core it’s a cause that everyone can get behind and recognize that, you know, we’re all so fortunate to be here at Notre Dame.”In the future, Hatfield said, Siegfried residents hope to expand their fundraising to companies that can contribute monetary or product donations. Last year, Patagonia donated winter clothes to the Center for the Homeless in response to Siegfried residents’ efforts.“In the future, getting winter clothes companies, or any companies, for that matter, to match donations could really improve total money raised,” Hatfield said. “This is a pretty unique event, so I think if we worked hard enough, we could definitely get some good sized corporate donations.”Throughout the rest of the year, Siegfried Hall has an active relationship with the Center for the Homeless, with residents volunteering every weekend in whatever capacity they are most needed.“We work with them a lot, so it’s more than just writing a check and then being done with it,” Butler said.The fundraiser allows for community members, whether living on or off campus, to get involved in different ways, from designing t-shirts and posters to creating hype videos. Small variations, Hatfield said, can be enough to increase excitement and awareness before the fundraiser.Day of Man has retained roughly the same form since its inception. Hatfield said the simplicity of the event combined with the light-hearted and yet sincere attitude of the participants makes it effective as both a fundraiser and community building event. The sense of purpose and community drew him to the fundraiser as a First Year.“Dorm spirit and a sense of camaraderie is huge,” Hatfield said. “The spirit is contagious and definitely necessary to get all of us to stand outside half naked in the freezing cold.”Tags: Siegfried Hall, Siegfried Hall Day of Man, South Bend Center for the Homelesslast_img read more

Sutton Foster Tapped for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival

first_imgSutton Foster(Photo: Bruce Glikas) Tony winner Sutton Foster has booked a trip to Stars Hollow. The Younger star will appear in the upcoming Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, according to TVLine. Foster has a history with the series’ creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino: she starred in her short-lived ABC Family (now Freeform) comedy Bunheads.No official word yet on exactly who Foster will play, but it’s not impossible for the Broadway favorite to reprise her Bunheads performance as Michelle Simms. When she stopped by for Role Call, Foster revealed that was the role she would most love to do again. Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut hamlet where much of Gilmore Girls takes place, even has its own dance studio, run by fan favorite Miss Patty LaCosta (played by Liz Torres).A handful of original Gilmore Girls actors are lined up for the series’ next chapter, including Lauren Graham, Tony winner Kelly Bishop (who also starred in Bunheads), Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, Yanic Truesdale, Sean Gunn, Keiko Agena, Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Czuchry. Foster is the first addition to the cast who did not appear in the original WB (and later CW) incarnation.A Tony winner for Anything Goes and Thoroughly Modern Millie, Foster’s additional stage credits include Violet, Shrek, Young Frankenstein and The Drowsy Chaperone. Fans can currently catch her as 40-year-old-but-pretending-to-be-26 Liza Miller on TV Land’s Younger (and in GIF form in’s recaps). View Commentslast_img read more

Walmart Goes Solar in Alabama

first_imgWalmart Goes Solar in Alabama FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Alabama NewsCenter:After months of construction, one of the state’s largest solar energy facilities, built in partnership with Alabama Power, is up and running in Chambers County.The 72-megawatt Alabama Solar A project sits on 1,400 rolling acres, just south of LaFayette. Seventy-two megawatts is an amount of energy equivalent to what is typically needed to power about 18,000 homes.Most of the renewable energy attributes from Alabama Solar A are going to serve Walmart through a long-term contract, to help the retailer meet its renewable energy goals. Alabama Power is marketing the remaining energy and renewable energy attributes from the project to other customers interested in supporting new renewable generation in the state.The project is operated by Boise, Idaho-based Clenera and was built by Swinerton Renewable Energy, based in San Diego. Alabama Power has a long-term power-purchase agreement with the primary owner of the facility, Houston-based Centaurus Renewable Energy, to receive all the energy and environmental attributes from the solar farm, which it can then use for its own customers or resell to others – as in the contract with Walmart.The long-term agreements make the project cost-effective for Alabama Power customers, while also supporting Walmart, one of the state’s most important retailers and employers.“This project is great for Alabama Power customers because it puts downward pressure on rates. It also helps our partner, Walmart, meet its sustainability goals. And it supports the local economy in Chambers County. It’s a win-win-win,” said John Kelley, Alabama Power’s director of Forecasting and Resource Planning.Work began in February on the $140 million project, which began generating electricity a few days ago. More than 450 people were employed at the site during peak construction, many of them local workers. The facility’s permanent employees also are being hired locally.More: Chambers County solar project now serving Walmartlast_img read more

Defense by Doctrine

first_img Staff On September 6, 2010, then-Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim appointed General José Carlos de Nardi as the first chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces. The position was aligned with the new National Defense Strategy and was created after the Ministry of Defense’s reorganization. The new position is hierarchically equivalent to the commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force, but has oversight for joint activities. This means that Gen. De Nardi is responsible for deploying the Armed Forces on joint exercises, while it is the commanders’ responsibility to train each of their respective forces. In March 2011, during his first visit to the U.S. Southern Command since he took on his new role, Gen. De Nardi spoke with Diálogo. Diálogo: How do you see the participation of the Brazilian Armed Forces in actions such as the retaking of some of the shantytowns in Rio de Janeiro? By Dialogo October 01, 2011 General José Carlos de Nardi: The Armed Forces’ participation in retaking slums in Rio de Janeiro is provided for in the Federal Constitution, in Article 142: to secure law and order. In keeping with recommendations, their use in activities of this kind should occur episodically and in a restricted and predetermined area. This is precisely the context in which federal troops are acting in underprivileged communities in Rio de Janeiro. Diálogo: What is a key factor for the success of the Armed Forces’ support for the police? Gen. De Nardi: In Brazil there is a constitutional mandate to secure law and order, within predetermined parameters of time and space, without the Armed Forces taking on police functions. In other words, keeping their focus chiefly on homeland defense, the fundamental role of any armed force. In Brazil, police activity is limited to the country’s public-safety agencies. Along the border, the Armed Forces assume police powers only to support actions that may have to be carried out in fulfillment of their constitutional mission, and not in order to replace other public-safety actors operating in the same area. Diálogo: How can Brazil help other countries in the region to coordinate military and police operations, in regard to partnership in the fight against drug trafficking? Gen. De Nardi: There is no concept of cooperation among the Armed Forces of South America on matters of a police nature. What is in place is the possibility for the Armed Forces to act along the border, in constitutional situations and without trying to replace other public safety agencies. The approach to issues linked to drug trafficking is directly linked to the Ministry of Justice. Integration of the South American nations via an international cooperation plan that aggregates police technology and intensifies intelligence actions is the model that will be sought for the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime between Brazil and neighboring countries. Diálogo: What is the situation in the countries where Brazil has a peacekeeping presence, such as Haiti and now Lebanon? Gen. De Nardi: Initially, it is important to emphasize that Brazil only acts with peacekeeping forces and not with peace-imposing forces, in observance of the provisions of the Federal Constitution and always under the aegis of international organizations, such as the United Nations and the Organization of American States. The situation in these countries, according to the U.N., requires stronger support from the international community, which is being provided through the presence of peace forces, including Brazilian forces. Diálogo: Why is it important for Brazil to participate in contingents like the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)? What is Brazil’s role as a regional and international power, and how do the Armed Forces contribute to this? Gen. De Nardi: Participating in contingents like MINUSTAH plays an important role in increasing troop training and participation of the Armed Forces in peace operations, thus joining U.N. peace forces or those of regional multilateral organizations. Fulfilling international commitments is a valuable instrument of foreign policy, which positively projects Brazil’s image on the international scene. Aside from these aspects, it can also be considered a demonstration of dedication and responsibility in contributing to preserving world peace and security, reinforcing the principles of multilateralism and the peaceful resolution of disputes. I would also emphasize the important aspect of relating and integrating with Armed Forces of other countries. Brazil understands that because of its role as a regional power, its participation as a member in the joint and regional efforts of all the South American countries is much more important. In this way, it is seeking to establish itself in a higher regional position in several aspects, among which is its relationship to the defense of the subcontinent. Diálogo: What is going to be the participation of the Brazilian Armed Forces in events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games, in terms of VIP security in the streets, stadiums, etc.? Gen. De Nardi: The Brazilian Armed Forces will participate as an integral element in a larger context in which various other actors will be equally involved. Their use in security activities will be strictly within the anticipated constitutional and legal limits, seeking to collaborate in the success of all the events mentioned. The experience already acquired through participation in large events like the 2007 Pan-American Games will serve as an important base for the activities carried out. The participation of the Armed Forces in both events, however, will still be a subject to be decided by the Brazilian government in future agreements on the matter. center_img A very good interview. General De Nardi presented the constitutional principles that guide the Brazilian Armed Forces (BrAF) acting on Law and Order Enforcement Operations domestically in Brazil, as well as the principles that guide the BrAF deployed abroad.last_img read more

Office of Governor Tom Wolf Statement on Stopgap Budget

first_img Statement Harrisburg, PA – The Office of Governor Tom Wolf released the following statement:“A stopgap budget does not solve Pennsylvania’s problems, and if the legislature sends a stopgap to Governor Wolf, he will veto the entire bill. A stopgap budget does not change the status quo that Harrisburg has accepted for too long. It does not restore funding to our schools, and it does not begin to fix our deficit. The governor reached a five-party agreement on a full-year budget that makes historic investments in our schools, and everyone needs to get back to work to get this done now.”Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: December 21, 2015 Office of Governor Tom Wolf Statement on Stopgap Budgetcenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

HJC continues awards for IMCA national champions, special events drivers

first_imgCERRITOS, Calif. (May 6) – Awards for IMCA national champions and special events competitors have been renewed for a sixth season by HJC Motor­sports.The helmet and accessories manufacturer and retailer, located in Cerritos, Calif., gives SA2010 AR-10 helmets to national champions in the IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified, IMCA Late Model, IMCA Eagle Motorsports RaceSaver Sprint Car, IMCA Sunoco Stock Car, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod, Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMod and Mach-1 Sport Compact divisions.Helmets will be presented during the national awards banquet in November.A designated place finisher at each of 30 Modified special events will receive $50 product certificates, which will be mailed from the IMCA home office after official race results are received from the track.Information about helmets and other products available from HJC is available by calling 562 407-2186, on Facebook and at the website.“With the addition of the SA2015 helmet certification this season, everyone should check the date of their current helmet,” recommended IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “Anything rated SA2000 and older is not legal in competition and if you are in the market for new headgear it would be worth checking out what HJC has to offer.”last_img read more

Into the championship stretch at Dodge City Raceway Park

first_imgBy Lonnie WheatleyDODGE CITY, Kan. – With another successful Lewis Automotive Group Driver Appreciation Night in the books at Dodge City Raceway Park, another pair of events are on the docket for this month at the state-of-the-art facility in southwest Kansas as the final portion of the 2018 season kicks into gear.The most recent card atop the 3/8-mile clay oval on July 27, played out before a packed grand­stand with Brendon Gemmill coming up just two positions short in the “Back to the Front Chal­lenge” that would have awarded a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu to a lucky race fan.Had he pulled off the win from the 20th starting position, some lucky race fan would have driven home with the new car. However, a caution-free 25-lapper didn’t allow Gemmill enough rounds to get to the front of the IMCA Modified feature as defending track champion Clay Sellard reeled off his third consecutive win.Other Driver Appreciation Night winners included Mike Roach in the IMCA SportMods, Dusty Witthuhn in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars and Lyle Russell in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks.After a couple of idle weekends, the track fires back into action with the first of three consecutive Saturday nights beginning with the fifth annual SportMod Mayhem event on Saturday night, Aug. 18.The special card offering up a $1,000 winner’s share for the SportMods also includes champion­ship chase action for sanctioned Modifieds, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks.A full card of championship chase action follows seven nights later on Saturday, Aug. 25, in­cludes all four IMCA divisions.A third consecutive Saturday night of racing once again featuring a full slate of championship chase action will follow on Sept. 1 to lead the way into the Sept. 15 sixth annual Jerry Soderberg Memorial Championship event that wraps up the 2018 title chases.last_img read more

Marc Marquez wins Australia MotoGP thriller as Vinales crashes

first_img Press Trust Of India WATCH US LIVE World champion Marc Marquez secured his 11th victory of the season at the Australian MotoGP after disaster struck fellow Spaniard Maverick Vinales, who crashed on the last lap. The Monster Energy Yamaha rider had dominated all weekend at Phillip Island and was leading for much of the race until Repsol Honda’s Marquez darted past in the dying stages. In desperate bid to retake the lead, Vinales pushed too hard and skidded out to hand his gifted rival, who clinched his sixth MotoGP world title in Thailand this month, a fifth win in a row. Britain’s Cal Crutchlow, who suffered career-threatening injuries at Phillip Island last year, came second on his LCR-Honda with Australian Jack Miller third on a Ducati. Italian veteran Valentino Rossi, racing in an amazing 400th Grand Prix, was eighth. First Published: 27th October, 2019 13:53 IST “It was an incredible, incredible victory because today we were not the fastest on the racetrack,” said Marquez, who became Honda’s most successful ever premier class rider with his 55th win surpassing Australian great Mick Doohan. “Maverick was fastest but I was waiting for him… and I did a strong move to pass, it was the only chance for me. “The whole weekend has been crazy,” he added, after qualifying was called off on Saturday due to strong winds and instead run on Sunday morning. Asked about becoming Honda’s most successful ever rider, he said: “They are the biggest manufacturer in the world, so I’m happy and just enjoying the dream.”  Written By SUBSCRIBE TO US Last Updated: 27th October, 2019 13:53 IST Marc Marquez Wins Australia MotoGP Thriller As Vinales Crashes World champion Marc Marquez secured his 11th victory of the season at the Australian MotoGP after disaster struck fellow Spaniard Maverick Vinales, who crashedcenter_img READ | Manika Batra praises PM Modi’s efforts to empower women”Very special”It was a crushing loss for Vinales, who won in Australia last year and started from pole, having reigned supreme through practice and qualifying. He had a terrible start, slipping to sixth as Rossi powered to the lead before and disaster for exciting French rookie Fabio Quartararo in an incident-packed first lap. Quartararo, who was second to Marquez in Japan last weekend, and Danilo Petrucci collided, crashing out at turn two.READ | Tiger Woods widens lead at Zozo ChampionshipIt was a sobering end for the 20-year-old, who was second on the grid after having to go through preliminary qualifying (Q1) for the first time following a nasty spill in Friday practice. By lap four Crutchlow had moved into the lead, but Vinales and Marquez were starting to apply pressure and by lap 10 Vinales was in front with his rival stalking him. They began to put the hammer down and pull clear of the field as it turned into a two-horse race, leaving the rest in a dog fight for third.Marquez was riding on the limit, giving everything he had to stay in touch and finally edged past Vinales at the start of the final lap before the late drama as drops of rain started to fall. Crutchlow was ecstatic about making the podium after the horrors of last year, when he fractured his ankle and had to undergo surgery. “Crashes don’t normally phase me but that one has haunted me all year,” he said after his best result of 2019. “I was not happy coming to this Grand Prix thinking about it, about what could happen, so to have a podium back here is very, very special.” READ | Rowers sparkle with gold in Asian Championship on a Diwali DayREAD | Boxer Deepak wins silver, Balaji claims bronze in Military World Games FOLLOW US COMMENT WE RECOMMEND LIVE TV 10 months ago Marquez keen to atone for chequered Australia historylast_img read more