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Who decides the success or failure of Internet products




recently, chat with several business friends, they all do a product in the Internet or plan, involved in food O2O, also have the intention to bigger data products. A problem we are more worried is that in such a head easily (seize the appropriate hot speculation up), it is very difficult to (competition, vertical subdivision serious) of the Internet era, in the end how to do Internet products


wants to do pioneering work in Internet products, the first thing to consider is "what kind of products do you want to do? What kind of needs does it meet?"". read more

What is a full featured product page layout idea

website of special subject page effect is very big, often can see a lot of the special pay promotion page landing page, you can see directly open a special page, which shows the importance of good. It can help from a different point of view, or from a vantage point to the packaging of our products, has many advantages, such as more targeted, with clear product advantages, different products such as nested copy. There are many types of topic pages, not only on product packaging, but also for packaging an activity, packaging a brand image, or an event, publicity, etc.. Today, he wants to talk to you about how to plan a web page that is in line with the user experience. read more

3721 gone, the end of an era

January 4th news, according to China’s YAHOO public relations director Tong Wang confirmed that China’s YAHOO will officially give up the development of 3721 and YAHOO assistant business development. Tong Wang said that China’s YAHOO’s "core business" in the future will be the e-commerce of life services". In the future, access to and YAHOO aides and other pages will be directly jump to China’s YAHOO home page. At the same time, Tong Wang to Tencent science and technology confirmed that 3721 and YAHOO assistants will not be handed over to other departments of Alibaba in the future, which is equivalent to completely shelved. At present, the Chinese YAHOO’s home page has no YAHOO assistant or 3721 page entrance. And 3721 Internet assistants and network real name plug-ins have been unable to download from the official website. read more

How to complete Phoenix Nirvana in Webmaster class Forum

with the development of mobile Internet, the traditional forum gradually began to decline, which is the webmaster of the forum, for example: Chinaz, A5 webmaster forum webmaster forum, the forum is very much like this. But the vast majority of webmaster class BBS fate worrying, many have become garbage outside the chain of world, also don’t use how many users will go to see those soft Wen post. That is to say, in content quality respect, a lot of stationmaster kind forum needs to undertake rectification, put an end to rubbish outside chain post. read more

How does the small and medium-sized group buying website survive in the thousand regiments war

from March this year, Wang launched the United States Mission network so far, China’s group buying sites reached more than 1200. Therefore, some people call it "online group buying" and have entered the era of "thousand regiments war". The famous group purchase website has beauty group, glutinous rice nets, handle network, Groupon, F, full network, 24 coupons, Wo Wo Group, Tencent, net love a band "QQ" group, ah ah group, full network, Sohu love group, cool group, fast hold net etc.. Now these well-known group buying websites have entered the PK hot stage, so more small and medium group buying websites in this environment should be how to survive read more

Is it too late to do Internet navigation now

now web site competition is fierce, in recent years, a large number of new navigation station "is like a spring night, thousands of pear trees". But how much can we really do,

?The success of

, Hao123, and set off a wave of Web site building, and overnight, thousands of individual webmasters flocked in to grab the last cup. However, who has ever thought that their success is because they were born in an era when Internet users were relatively new to the Internet, and it was the main characteristic of the majority of Internet users to find what they needed through the web site. However, as Internet users become more familiar with the Internet, and the search engine has risen, ordinary Internet users have little need for’s almost inflexible web site model. read more

Grassroots webmaster needs to change habits

I just small roots of a network, like a tree on an equal footing, but long enough, express some views to the webmaster friends don’t mind:

The rapid development of

network anomaly, 07 years, China network indeed seems to be very calm, do not have what idea, everyone seems to be transferred to the stock market like, real money effect to everyone’s heart back, often see foreign what new things out, foreign cooperation and what what news and so on indeed, China rarely, China love love to confidence in the name of receive flattery or compliment, exaggerated odd words, in the name of righteousness (external), not to compete for so I think we need to put the grassroots webmaster, a halo gas, broken, of course, need to change some habits: read more

16 major reasons for the failure of IT talents

a few days ago to see an article, the author how to say, now the most not missing is the webmaster, in the street a grab a lot, although a bit exaggerated, but not too much. The network has given too many dreams, the network has also achieved too much wealth, achievements of the dream of too many people. The famous night IT cattle people rely on the network, but also encourage the too many personal webmaster, at all the webmaster into business in the army, they hope that one day, net wealth can also come into his body, one day stand in the spotlight wants to experience the kind of "expert" sense of achievement! But how many successes are there?! I collected some of the online business failures on the IT experience, and I hope to be able to give a number of people who are still struggling to help! read more

About the car Ali, blog promotion experience summary

China now Internet users reached more than 300 million people, after the Internet more and more people. Now more and more enterprises, individuals and the state, the government began to pay attention to the development of e-commerce, e-commerce for the dissemination of information more quickly, at the same time it is also more convenient, in terms of capital investment is also very small. Business age, we chose e-commerce to develop entrepreneurship, so choose the right, Ali, Taobao, and build their own mall. read more