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Website optimization the uniqueness of the key link

do what good? It won’t lead to the relevant page spider will go? In fact, now the search engine more and more intelligent, as long as there is a link to that place, he will go, not to say a lot of links to a place like

well, the above is a my superficial understanding, do not know right, we can discuss

predecessors with links to URL what are the benefits? Can increase the density of keywords, and will not appear the same words linked to different local conditions, when I just found out that this practice is still very do not understand why they do not add links, the two is the analysis to the above I think read more

What should the marketing website marketing factors

Finally: Second:

website system perfect. Marketing type website needs to add to the optimization factors from the beginning of the construction, website background need to automatically add the title and description of the function, convenient optimization optimization, marketing type website can automatically generate static. Marketing type website is more attention to search engine crawling, product display mode to minimize the use of flash, the marketing website in the picture to add ALT tags, the website needs a stable server, so as to avoid the loss of customers in the transaction process. The title of the site description writing should pay attention to experience, do not need to appear keyword accumulation, the site of the products and service, displayed within a limited number of words, let users click on the site of interest. Marketing type website to search engines, to allow the user to generate click browse, and produce the final sales. read more

What’s your motivation for starting a businessOn the way of Wangzhuan on two ways of direct and indi


2. CPM ad alliance

this is a time of material abundance. From to eat rice every day in the New Year meal from food, no fixed abode to the edifice erected, became the city limit number lines as a dowry from the bike.


PPC advertising revenue depends on the overall traffic of the site, the ad click rate CTR and the average click price CPC. CTR depends on the layout of the site, such as floating ads and advertisements in the article, with relatively high click rates. CPC depends on the industry attributes of the site, the average price of mortgage, financial products and school education websites is higher than the technical websites. read more

The successful example of long tail keywords refinement

faces problems: new sites get rankings and traffic, often with a certain SEO optimization page, buy links, add articles, original content based. This needs to be done, and time must adhere to the

thinking analysis: learning long tail keywords after the theory, benefit greatly, decided to practice in order to genuine knowledge

long tail advantage: less competition, ranking easily. If you do dozens of long tail, ranking stable, not easy to fall.

experiment site:

key words: American International read more

A man who sells chains lets you sell links consistently and efficiently

Hello, I am 4K, with nearly five years of net, many of my friends asked me what is the meaning of this name, I would like to say that 4K does not represent what, at that time in order to get the CS to play, but now, it might have been with me some sustenance. Today to write this article is actually selfish, that more than half of what is not written, mainly is not new, not to engage in the chain of words, I generally do not write, some time ago on a TXT ebook download station, the content is almost done, now almost outside the chain, so that is the motivation for writing this article. OK, gossip is not pulled, and every time I write articles, I’m used to such a section of gossip, ha ha, it’s interactive and interactive. read more

How to do website operation management

society is growing faster and faster, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to promote their own business on the internet. Most of these enterprises are invited to understand the operation of a network management to lead, then how to do it, today about his own experience:

1 site location: when we choose a business, need a lot of attention to the understanding of the business and industry information, more conducive to the spread of the Internet, the audience is easy to do, such as Chengdu, septic tanks Qingtao, such as photography, these are people living services. Many potential customers. Then we spread it, and the natural benefits are better. read more

Guo Haibin why is the game so hot

finds the value of a game

understand SEO webmaster friends all know, in the search engine, "small game" value and bubble Tong, Liuhe color, dance team, Lianliankan and other popular words are in the same grade. At present, Baidu although the small game, small movies, Liuhe color, exposed, candid camera and other words omitted in the list, but the "little game" has indeed become the most popular hot words in search engines. Although behind every popular vocabulary there are a number of typical sites, but in China really do own game site just a few small games (, 4399 games (, China games (, 456 games (, F133 ( small game), 3839 games ( etc.. read more

Ask for help yourself, and strive to perfect, let the navigation station active included you

saw a lot of time SEO information, and found the most important thing is the chain, the chain effect, want to good point is to be included in some web site navigation station. Because their weight is relatively high. So collected a lot of Web sites everywhere, want to help them included.

but it’s too difficult for a movie station. Want to find their contact way will be tired half dead, I don’t understand why the bigger the website, the more mysterious the connection channel. Even through the seven turn eight turn linked to how they can, when you can get. The station is not included, the station also require you to add to his home connection, he gave a little place in your category pages. Plus plus not only no effect, and put yourself stand as web site collection page. In the end, the effect is not only not, but also make the station look worse. read more

How to improve the flow of new online store

How quickly was

‘s new store indexed by Baidu and Google?

novice, a very garbage way, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says. The book says it’s right, but it works very slowly. Just like books teach us to make money. I most despise, but also feel the least promising is reading every day bookworm.

then I’ll tell you what skills are. What is a strong attack?.

any new domain name, I in 2 days, will certainly make this domain name to search the forefront rapidly. read more

Baidu includes 1 pages, IP10 months revenue over 1000 yuan website operating experience

believes many webmasters have done many types of stations, portals, news, entertainment, pictures, movies, music. All shapes and sizes, big and small. Do Google Adsense day to earn one hundred knife, do Baidu money (but I haven’t done three or four years of Baidu, didn’t cheat my account closed, re register said not welcome my account, a sweat!), do union money, remember when Baidu cheating, remember to download when do stand flow, remember to download site to download the software bundled when N plugin, remember. A lot of money opportunities have become the past, of course, also create a lot of garbage station to make money, and then turn around to operate a formal website of the webmaster group. read more

2015 where is the media

Hello, I’m here again. I’m talking about the corpse, a tech media practitioner who doesn’t want to be identified. Maybe only when I talk to the media, I’ll pack up some of my stuff and write something seriously. This year’s more recent series began last year, and last year, at the same time, I wrote an article called "2014: where’s the media?".

in that article, I pointed out the four directions that the new media industry may be heading for in 2014: sophisticated content, pan product, community and public relations. At the same time put in so few a few media Logo:36Kr, tiger sniffing, geeks Park, I horse, Pingwest, point of science and technology, creative and fast carp, titanium media in this article head picture. read more

List of entrepreneurs thinking

recently, this site is relatively hot, many people are saying this website, several people recommend this website to me. In fact, I knew it for some time ago, and also used their services (two banner for a community I managed), very good and very practical. I think this is more suitable, not PS, or will PS, but too lazy to do, and want to do banner& Logo people use. provides very large templates that meet the requirements.

once I was a small webmaster, once I was a Taobao store manager. Once I did not play the role of PS, to see a beautiful banner, it is necessary to change other people’s or station in their own shop, it takes great effort. Now, can use those sites and just opened Taobao store will not PS who can spend more time in other ways (e.g., do content, engage in the promotion), but do not like me at that time, to a beautiful banner bard, toss most of the day. read more