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PHOTOS: Victor Wooten Trio Amazes Indianapolis, IN’s The Vogue

first_imgPhoto: Keith Griner On Friday night, November 2nd, world-renowned bass virtuoso Victor Wooten brought his ongoing trio tour to The Vogue in Indianapolis, IN for an evening of music alongside bandmates (drummer Dennis Chambers and saxophonist Bob Franceschini). Wooten, Chambers, and Franceschini are in the midst of an extensive national tour which will keep the trio on the road through the middle of December. The tour coincides with the release of Wooten’s latest album, TRYPNOTYX, in September. “Music is a great way – and a safe way – to teach just about any life principle,” Wooten insists in a press release. “To be in a band, you have to listen to each other. Bands are at their best when every instrument is different, not the same. Everyone takes turns talking. Everyone speaks their voice. A lot of times musicians might ask, ‘What would you like me to play?’ I say, “Listen to the music. The music will tell you exactly what it needs.”INTERVIEW: Victor Wooten Discusses Music As An Art Of ExpressionBelow, check out a beautiful gallery of photos from the performance courtesy of Phierce Photo by Keith Griner; Instagram: @phiercephoto.You can listen to Victor Wooten Trio’s new album,TRYPTONYX, below in its entirety via Spotify:See below for a full list of upcoming Victor Wooten Trio tour dates. For more information, or to purchase tickets to any of the upcoming performances, head to Wooten’s website.Victor Wooten Trio Upcoming Tour Dates:November 3 – Songbird Guitar Museum – Chattanooga, TNNovember 4 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OHNovember 5 – City Winery – Chicago, ILNovember 7 – Madrid Theater – Kansas City, MONovember 8 – Gothic Theatre – Denver, CONovember 9 – Caribou Room – Nederland, CODecember 8-9 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MADecember 10 – The Egg – Albany, NYDecember 12 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NYDecember 13 – Towne Crier – Beacon, NYDecember 14 – Anthology – Rochester, NYDecember 15 – Keswick Theatre – Glenside, PADecember 16 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC[Cover photo via Phierce Photo by Keith G] Load remaining imageslast_img read more

MBA competition begins

first_imgNotre Dame’s Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program is providing prospective MBA students with an opportunity to showcase their business acumen through the third-annual Mini Deep-Dive Challenge, a competition asking students to solve a real-life corporate responsibility.According to a University press release, the grand prizewinner will receive a $25,000 fellowship if admitted to the Notre Dame MBA program, and the first 50 students to sign up will receive a $50 prize package. Bill Brennan, MBA initiatives program director, said the challenge is based on interterm intensive sessions in which MBA students participate twice a year. “What we do in those is in a four day period of time, we work with what I refer to as ‘big, sexy companies’ like GE, IBM [and] HP … [and] students tackle live business problems that the companies have yet to resolve,” Brennan said. This year’s partner for the Mini Deep-Dive Challenge is Sprint, who will post a business problem concerning corporate responsibility online, and students will have to draft a one-page explanation of their solution, Brennan said. “The real challenge to a lot of people is … creating a solution that’s refined to the point that it’s easily articulated and that it makes a lot of sense business-wise,” he said. “You’re looking at something that’s seemingly very complex, but your solution has to evolve in the rationality you use to the point where you have to explain it in one page.” Faculty at the Mendoza College of Business will choose the best proposals to send to Sprint executives, who will then determine the grand prizewinner and the top 10 finishers, Brennan said. “Understanding the problem or the opportunity, coming up with a viable solution – those would be heavily weighted elements of the judging process,” he said. Besides testing students’ business skills, Brennan said one goal of the competition is to give prospective MBA students an idea of what the Notre Dame program is like, which influenced the program’s decision to make corporate responsibility the challenge’s theme. “‘Ask more of business’ is our slogan here in the Mendoza College of Business, and we really believe strongly that corporate social responsibility is an important part of business,” he said. “Doing well is doing good, and it leads to good results not only for society but for the bottom line of the business … We think [this focus is] one of those things that makes Notre Dame a little bit unique, that we’re willing to show our values.” In addition to promoting the MBA program, Brennan said the competition is also an extension of the work the Mendoza College of Business does to raise awareness about corporate responsibility. “This is also a continuation of who we are. Fr. Sorin wrote that letter years ago about being a force for good in society, and this is one of the many little ways that we hope to do that as well, by providing exposure to people on corporate social responsibility,” he said. “Even something like this Mini Deep-Dive Challenge is … hopefully making for better citizenry, society and businesspeople all in one.”last_img read more

Savory Scents.

first_img We can look at fresh produce and just taste how good it is by the fragrance it gives off. It’s basic biology that through taste receptors, a person can taste four flavors:sweet, sour, salty and bitter. However, the average person can distinguish up to 10,000smells. We’re not quite as good as the bloodhound, which can detect more than 400,000smells. But we do all right.Just out of my office last spring was a bank of native azaleas — yellows and oranges,pinks and whites. Every time I went out I just had to go by and enjoy the fragrance. Justdown the way are several giant magnolias. Since I was a kid, magnolias have drawn me. Ijust can’t pass them up without getting my nose yellowed.In horticulture, we try to enhance the quality of life by giving people fruits, flowersand vegetables for consumption and beauty. Fragrance is often a part of that pleasure.Horticultural fragrance enters the picture in many ways. Fragrance’s interaction withtaste is one of the most delightful. Smell How Good It Will TasteWe look at a fresh, ripe peach and can just taste how good it is by the fragrance itgives off. We brush by a rosemary bush, and it reminds our taste buds of savory lamb orpork, just out of the pan and juicy. I ask kids if they like basil, if they like thesmell, if they’d eat it. Usually the answer is no. But their response changes when I tellthem they often eat it on pizza.We say the first tomato of the season tastes great, though many people put on salt orother seasonings, which become the dominant taste.Exploding FragranceAs we taste that first tomato, we’re tasting the sweetness of the sugars (yes, it doeshave sugars) and the sour part from the acidity. But most of what we “taste” isthe fragrance that explodes inside the mouth when we bite into the fruit. Taste andfragrance or smell combine to give us the entire experience of eating that first greattomato.Now, if you add basil leaves under that tomato with mozzarella cheese on top and placeit all on wonderful Italian bread that has been rubbed with olive oil and garlic and thentoasted — that gives you all the taste and fragrances you can stand or will need for awhile.center_img Photo: Peggy Greb, USDA-ARSlast_img read more

08 Plastic gardening

first_imgVolume XXIXNumber 1Page 8 Could you get those same benefits from use of plastic much inyour garden? Absolutely. But before you run out and start buyingplastic, take a closer look. It isn’t a good option for everyone.Installation. To get the mostbenefits from plastic mulch, you have to install it right.It’s especially important to bury 8 to 10 inches on each side ofthe plastic strip under about 6 inches of soil to hold theplastic in place. Otherwise, the first gusts of wind will blowyour plastic away. That can make your neighbors quite unhappy.For plastic to effectively warm the soil, it must be the righttype, installed on raised beds and “tight,” so it remains inclose, continuous contact with the soil surface.A number of good plastic-laying machines are out there forlarge-scale production. Unfortunately, the equipment forgardeners is very limited and costly.Because of that, gardeners who use plastic may have to install itby hand. That requires muscle and a lot of stamina. Manualplastic installation is definitely not for everyone.Colors. Several colors of plasticare available. Clear is best for warming the soil. But it doesn’tkeep weed seeds from germinating. Use black plastic in thespring. It keeps weed seeds from sprouting and warms the soil,too.Because black plastic may warm the soil too much during thesummer, white plastic is better then.Irrigation. Getting enough waterfrom rainfall or sprinklers to plant roots under the plastic canbe difficult, sometimes impossible. The best solution is toinstall drip irrigation hose or tape under the plastic so you canapply water directly to the soil near the plant rows.Disposal. A few types of”degradable” plastic are supposed to self-destruct at the end ofthe season. However, because they cost more and sometimes breakdown too fast, not many gardeners use them.After the gardening season is over, nondegradable plastic mulchmust be removed and legally disposed of. Burning is not anoption. Most of the time it goes to the landfill. Removing it canbe quite a chore, and disposing of it is a considerableinconvenience.Garden optionsAfter some serious thought, if you feel the benefits of plasticare worth the extra cost, time and effort, try it.If you’d rather avoid plastic costs or feel you’re not up to thehard labor required, don’t feel bad. There’s an excellentalternative: organic mulch, such as aged pine bark, grassclippings, straw or hay.Except for warming the soil, organic much has all the benefits ofplastic film mulch, with a bonus: you don’t need to remove anddispose of it. Just till it into the soil at the end of theseason and it will help build a better soil for next year’sgarden.(Darbie Granberry is an Extension Service horticulturist withthe University of Georgia College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences.) By Darbie GranberryUniversity of GeorgiaYou may have seen fields of vegetables that seem to be growing onstrips of plastic. They’re really growing in the soil, just asthey normally do, through small openings in the plastic.The plastic strips are almost paper thin. They may be as narrowas 12 inches or as wide as 32, depending on the crop. Plasticfilm mulch is very helpful in commercial vegetable production. It:center_img Reduces weed problems, because most weed seeds don’t germinateunder black plastic.Reduces fertilizer leaching by limiting the amount of watermoving through the soil.Reduces the need for irrigation because it helps hold moisturein the soil.Helps protect roots, because there’s no need to hoe orcultivate near plants.Results in more vigorous plant growth and higher yields.Warms the soil and accelerates maturity so vegetables areready to be harvested sooner.last_img read more

UNDP donates surgical masks to help Indonesia fight COVID-19

first_imgRead also: Indonesia receives first shipment of ventilators from United Nations organizations“The UNDP is a vital partner in accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]. The pandemic is a setback to SDGs gains, therefore it’s important to step up our cooperation starting from the immediate response toward recovery,” he said.The procurement of the medical masks was financially supported by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The masks are worth 1.2 million yuan or Rp 2.6 billion (US$183,000).The handover of the medical masks on Friday came several days after the arrival of the first shipment of ventilators procured by the UNDP, the World Health Organization and the International Organization for Migration. (aly)Topics : The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has donated 500,000 surgical masks to the Indonesian government to help protect medical workers in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.“The UNDP stands with the people of Indonesia during this critical and perilous moment. These medical masks are part of the UNDP response to COVID-19 in Indonesia,” UNDP Indonesia representative Christophe Bahuet said in a statement on Friday.The Foreign Ministry’s director for sociocultural affairs and the international organization of developing countries, Kamapradipta Isnomo, said the government welcomed the UNDP’s support toward Indonesia’s medical community.last_img read more

3,948 villages form health emergency response teams

first_img* advise arriving resident/s to watchout for symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty ofbreathing * ensure that the visits are carriedout in a very discreet and courteous manner so as not to cause undue alarm,anxiety or shame on the part of the subject person, his/her family and thecommunity According to Director Ariel Iglesia ofthe Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region 6, only threepercent or 103 barangays have yet to form their BHERTs. DILG ordered the formation of BHERTsin preparation for the possible spread of the novel coronavirus disease(COVID-19). * report daily to the punong barangay the condition of thePUI, including all measures and actions taken./PN * place the rest of the householdunder 14 days home confinement; repeat the process for them, includingcontact-tracing He urged the barangay captains ofthese villages to hurry up. Each BHERT shall be composed of anExecutive Officer, a barangay tanodand two barangay health workers, one of whom is preferably a nurse or midwife,and all are appointed by the punongbarangay. * if no symptoms are observed afterthe 14-day voluntarily quarantine, report to the punong barangay who will, in turn, inform the city or municipalhealth officer and recommend lifting of the quarantine and certify the PUIs free from COVID-19 infection * check the condition of arrivingresident/s daily from a distance of not less than one meter when not wearingthe appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); however, to ensureinfection prevention and control, always wear the appropriate PPE before comingnear or getting in contact with PUIcenter_img * immediately initiatecontact-tracing, where the team shall list down the names and importantinformation about all persons known to have been in contact with persons underinvestigation (PUIs) for COVID-19 or places they have been prior to theirarrival LGUs must organize BHERTs “at theminimum ratio of one team for every 5,000 population and mobilize them to helpimplement prevention and mitigation, preparedness and response measures for theCOVID-19.” The order is contained in MemorandumCircular Number 2020-023 issued by Secretary Eduardo Año and addressed to “allprovincial governors, city and municipal mayors, DILG regional directors andfield offices, and all others concerned.” ILOILO City – Of Western Visayas’4,051 barangays, 3,948 or 97 percent have formed their respective BarangayHealth Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs). * require arriving resident/s to checkand record their body temperature at least three times daily for 14 days ofvoluntarily quarantine * if symptoms are observed,immediately isolate and confine the arriving resident, now a PUI,  prior to his or her immediate safe transferto the BUI or a Department of Health-designated referral center or quarantinefacility, for further examination and treatment * visit the home of every person froma country with a COVID-2019 confirmed case to gather information and encouragethe person to come to the Barangay Isolation Unit (BIU) or voluntarily undergohome confinement for not less than 14 days BHERTs are tasked to do the following:last_img read more

Cricket News India vs Australia 3rd T20: Virat Kohli 61* gives India series-levelling win in Sydney

first_img India’s fielding goes from bad to worse. After Rohit drops Finch, Bumrah misfields a cut from Short and Krunal concedes a boundary. 12 runs in his first over and Virat Kohli must be fuming.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Superb boundaries from Rohit and Dhawan. The left-hander in particular, walks to the off side and flicks a full ball to the long leg fence. India are 12/0 after two overs.  13:35 (IST) Australia end the powerplay in style as Short dispatches a full toss from Bumrah past cover point for a blazing boundary. After six overs, Australia are 49/0 Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:06 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 16:34 (IST) 15:31 (IST) 16:14 (IST) WICKETS! Australia are right back in the game now. Glenn Maxwell builds the pressure and KL Rahul miscues the lofted shot to be caught at long off for 14. Next ball, Rishabh Pant gloves a slow, short ball to the keeper. All hopes on Virat Kohli now.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Virat Kohli, you beauty. A sliced four to deep backward point and a glorious inside-out six over wide long off has tilted the balance in India’s favour. Champion! Another great over for India as Karthik slices a pacy delivery from Mitchell Starc to the deep backward point boundary and India need five off six balls. So, their unbeaten run is set to continue.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Six by Rohit Sharma, six by Shikhar Dhawan and a blazing four in the last ball as Nathan Coulter-Nile suffers. 20 runs in the fourth over and India race to 40/0 in four overs  14:04 (IST) 13:19 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Kohli and Rahul have steadied the ship but Australia’s bowlers, in particular, Adam Zampa, have really pulled things back in the middle overs. The asking rate is close to eight runs an over. Even Maxwell is doing a decent job but they need wickets.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 13:31 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 16:52 (IST) 15:27 (IST) KL Rahul breaks the shackles by pulling Nathan Coulter-Nile for a six over deep midwicket. The timing was not spot on but it was just enough to take it over the ropes.  Krunal concedes a boundary but Australia have made an interesting move with Chris Lynn coming into bat now. With the death overs coming and with pacers in operation, not a bad time for the Australian batsman to unwind 13:57 (IST) India are unchanged from the previous game and here are the sides for this important encounter at the SCGPlaying XIsIndia: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Dinesh Karthik, Krunal Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, K Khaleel Ahmed, Jasprit BumrahAustralia: D Arcy Short, Aaron Finch(c), Chris Lynn, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Ben McDermott, Alex Carey(w), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Mitchell Starc, Andrew Tye, Adam Zampa 12:51 (IST) Short comes up with a blazing straight drive over the umpire’s head for a boundary. However, Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back in style to restrict them to just five runs in the over.  WICKET! Superb ball from Starc. Full ball and holding its line on middle and leg stump, it zips off the deck as Dhawan looks to defend, big LBW appeal but it is not given, Australia take the review and replays show it is pad first and the ball is hitting leg stump. Ends a blazing knock from Dhawan. Shikhar Dhawan LBW Starc 41 (22).  Good first over from Bhuvneshwar. He gets some swing in to the right-hander but D’Arcy Short gets going with a crunched drive through extra cover. Australia are 8/0 after the first over.  Virat Kohli, what a legend! Slams his 19th fifty and Dinesh Karthik swings the advantage back to India with a huge six off Andrew Tye. India need 16 runs off 12 balls 6,1,wd,6,4,4. Carnage in the fifth over as Marcus Stoinis leaks 22 runs and India are on the charge. Dhawan now has the most runs in a calendar year by any player in Twenty20 Internationals, overtaking Suzie Bates’ record of 670 runs.  15 runs in the final over bowled by Bumrah. Nathan Coulter-Nile once again chips in with a cameo while Stoinis once again gets Australia over the line. 164/6 after 20 overs and this is a challenging score but India will back themselves to chase this total down. No hat-trick for Krunal Pandya but Australia are sweeping away to oblivion here. Poor stuff from the hosts and they have a big task in hand.  15:37 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:44 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Right, we are all set to begin. D’Arcy Short and Aaron Finch are opening the batting. Both players are not in great form and they will be hoping to get the team off to a good start. The runs are not coming as quickly as they can. Kuldeep finishes his spell and has outstanding figures of 4-0-19-1. Australia need Maxwell to fire. 15:58 (IST) 14:00 (IST) First visuals from Sydney. Good news is that it is clear skies. The pitch is hard but will assist spinners. Expect a good amount of runs scored in this game.  Mitchell Starc is into the attack and Rohit Sharma somehow digs out a toe-crunching yorker. India reach 3/0 in the first over.  14:59 (IST) With two boundaries, Virat Kohli finishes off the Sydney T20I in style as India beat Australia by six wickets to level the series. Their unbeaten run in T20Is continue. What a legend this man Kohli is. Simply sublime and unstoppable.  WICKET! Krunal Pandya is on a roll. Maxwell mistimes the pull shot and holes out to long on. Third wicket for the left-armer and India tighten the grip 14:52 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Australia opt to bat against India in the final T20I in Sydney. Mitchell Starc replaces Jason Behrendorff in the side. This is the first time Starc is playing a T20I at home since 2014 and his first match in this format since 2016.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 15:33 (IST) 16:07 (IST) Kuldeep Yadav is into the attack and he gives away just three runs. A misfield by KL Rahul does not help and India’s fielding continues to dip. Aaron Finch miscues a lofted shot off Krunal Pandya but Rohit drops it. That should have been taken. 16:23 (IST) 14:46 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 13:49 (IST) 16:44 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET! Another one falls to the sweep and Krunal gets his fourth wicket. Alex Carey mistimes the slog sweep and holes out to deep midwicket. Carey c Kohli b Krunal 27 15:22 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Superb batting from Dhawan. Starc pitches it really full and the left-hander simply drills it past extra cover for a blazing boundary. Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:22 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Run-out! Lynn is gone and Australia stumble further. Plenty of hesitation in the running and the direct hit catches Lynn short. Sydney will see no Lynnsanity today WICKET! Finally, India break through. Kuldeep is the bowler. Flighted delivery on leg stump, Finch mistimes the slog sweep and is caught by Krunal at backward square leg. Finch c Krunal b Kuldeep 28 (23) Australia now have a big task of rebuilding. Kuldeep Yadav is in good touch and is not giving anything away. Can the hosts attack Krunal Pandya? Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Two boundaries in the 19th over off Bhuvneshwar Kumar by Nathan Coulter-Nile and Australia will get past 150. How much can they get in the final over?  16:39 (IST) Kohli nears a fifty as he clobbers Maxwell over deep midwicket by dancing down the wicket. The security guard positioned outside the boundary takes a superb catch Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET! So what if Kuldeep cannot get Maxwell? Krunal responds by getting rid of D’Arcy Short. Flatter ball that straightens, Short misses the sweep and even the review cannot save him. Australia are suddenly 73/2 in the 10th over.  Kuldeep has another, or has he? Maxwell looks to work it to the leg side and is adjudged LBW. On review, the ball is missing leg stump. Superb review from the Big Show. Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:42 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 15:52 (IST) 14:36 (IST) 13:39 (IST) 12:34 (IST) Bumrah concedes a boundary first ball as Short steers a short delivery to the third man fence but the bowler recovers and only seven runs are scored in the fourth over. This is a decent start for Australia in the powerplay but they will have to reckon with the spinners after this. After four overs, Australia are 28/0 13:54 (IST) WICKET! Fantastic stuff from Adam Zampa. Quicker ball and it skids through, Rohit hangs back and is beaten for pace as the ball crashes into the stumps. Rohit Sharma b Zampa 23 (16). Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 13:24 (IST) 14:27 (IST) Kohli ends the over in grand style by crunching a square cut off Zampa to the deep backward point. The Indian skipper ensures that the advantage is with India.  13:44 (IST) A warm welcome to the third and final T20I between Australia and West Indies from the Sydney Cricket Ground. Can Virat Kohli’s India avoid the rain jinx and secure a win to level the series or will Australia achieve a rare moment of joy in a troubled 2018? 16:18 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 12:55 (IST) 15:43 (IST) 15:48 (IST) Only one run in Andrew Tye’s over. India need 56 off 36 balls. The game has totally changed and one can thank Zampa for this. His spell has once again changed the course of the match Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:24 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:14 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 14:09 (IST) 16:29 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In New Delhi: Virat Kohli led from the front with a magnificent 61* as India secured a tense six-wicket win in Sydney to level the three-match series against Australia 1-1. Kohli shared a partnership with Dinesh Karthik as the du helped India cross the line. Earlier, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma gave India a great start as they raced away in the powerplay. India were boosted by the efforts of Krunal Pandya who took 4/36 to help Indai restrict Australia to 164/6. India have now extended their unbeaten run in Twenty20 International bilateral series wins and this will give them immense confidence heading into the Test series. (SCORECARD) Khaleel Ahmed opens the bowling from the other end like in Melbourne but Aaron Finch gets going with a boundary to the deep midwicket fence. The Australian skipper gets a couple of runs as Australia get eight runs in the second over as well. Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In An expensive over from Khaleel and Australia are making a move on. 13 runs come in the fifth over and the hosts have moved to 41/0 in five overs. They really need to end the powerplay well here.  12:46 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Superb athleticism from Bumrah. Lynn and Stoinis had a confusion and Bumrah ran to the off side, he turns around and does not balance himself well as he fires the throw but it still scores a direct hit at the bowler’s end. SIX! First of the game, can you believe it? Rohit pounces on a short ball from Coulter-Nile and deposits it into the stands at deep backward square leg. Trust Rohit to break the rut. Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Australia are not getting the momentum towards the end overs. They need a big knock from Lynn as India look to tighten the screws. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

The Latest: Buffalo Bills linebackers taking a beating

first_imgEdmunds was hurt while attempting to tackle Jets receiver Jamison Crowder on a 69-yard touchdown catch and run. Edmunds went right shoulder first into Crowder, who bounced off the tackle and zipped up the right sideline off a screen pass. The touchdown, with 5:10 left in the third quarter, cut Buffalo’s lead to 21-10.The Bills ruled Edmunds’ return as being questionable.Buffalo is already with out starting outside linebacker Matt Milano, who was ruled out with a hamstring injury sustained in the second quarter.—John Wawrow reporting from Buffalo.___ Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on Week 1 in the NFL (all times EDT): 3:30 p.m.The Buffalo Bills are down two starting linebackers with Tremaine Edmunds being treated on the sideline with a right shoulder injury. The Falcons and the Seahawks wore white armbands featuring the initials of the late Georgia Democratic congressman and logos of each team. The Falcons also wore shirts that featured a quote from Lewis on the front and the team’s Rise Up & Vote logo on the back during pregame warmups. The quote from Lewis: “The Vote is the most powerful, nonviolent change agent you have in a democratic society.” In a statement issued by the team, defensive end Steven Means said, “We’re taking this moment and making it a movement, not just as a race, a community or a team, but as a nation, … It’s time to stand up, rise up and vote.” The Falcons also honored Lewis as an honorary captain for the game. –Paul Newberry reporting from Atlanta. It didn’t look like an aggressive gesture — Collins may have been trying to demonstrate something that had happened on the field — but the result was that Collins made contact with the official’s chest. —Noah Trister reporting from Detroit.___1:50 p.m. Both the Seahawks and Falcons honored the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement who died in July after a battle with pancreatic cancer. In Detroit, the Lions lined up shoulder to shoulder at the goal line and the Bears faced them as they stood side by side 80 yards away. After a moment of silence, the videoboards showed Alicia Keys singing “Lift Every Voice.” In Jacksonville, Colts coach Frank Reich took a knee during the national anthem, the only one on the sideline to do so. The Jaguars were in the locker room.Neither the Bills or Jets were on the field in Buffalo for the “Star Spangled Banner.”In Cleveland, Browns star defensive end Myles Garrett one of three Cleveland players who knelt during anthem in Baltimore. Baker Mayfield announced yesterday on Twitter he had changed plans and stood.–Dave Campbell reporting from Minneapolis. Associated Press ___More AP NFL: and Robinson carried 10 times for 61 yards in the first half against Indianapolis, breaking the league’s previous best mark of 44 yards for undrafted rookie running backs in season openers.Washington’s Ralph Nelson held the previous high for rushing yards by an undrafted rookie in Week 1, gaining 44 yards against New Orleans on Sept. 21, 1975.Robinson became the first undrafted rookie running back in 30 years to start in Week 1. Several undrafted rookie fullbacks have started openers over the years.But the feat has been much rarer for tailbacks. Tampa Bay’s Bruce Perkins and Seattle’s Derek Loville were the last to do it, getting Week 1 nods in 1990. ___1:35 p.m.Players and coaches kicked off the 2020 season in different ways when it came to social justice messages. Some knelt. Some stood. Some didn’t come out for the national anthem. The Minnesota Vikings locked arms in the end zone about a half-hour before their game against Green Bay for the recorded performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” after nine family members of the late George Floyd were recognized on the video board from their perch in the upper concourse. The group included three brothers and one sister of Floyd, the handcuffed Black man who died on May 25 about three miles from the stadium when a white police officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes.center_img ___1 p.m.___It’s here! The 2020 NFL season kicks off today with 14 games after a strange offseason in which teams learned their playbooks via videoconference and didn’t play any preseason games.Some stadiums are empty, others have a spattering of fans but mostly empty seats because of the coronavirus pandemic. September 13, 2020 The Latest: Buffalo Bills linebackers taking a beating 3:05 p.m.Some NFL players’ long-awaited debuts didn’t last long on opening weekend.Lions linebacker Jamie Collins was ejected in the first half against the Bears when he made contact with an official.And several players have left their games with injuries.Among them are Packers nose tackle Kenny Clark (groin) and guard Lucas Patrick (shoulder), who got hurt at Minnesota. The Colts lead the Jaguars 17-14 at halftime.–Mark Long reporting from Jacksonville.___2:15 p.m.Detroit Lions linebacker Jamie Collins has been ejected in the second quarter against Chicago after making contact with an official with his helmet. Players and coaches have been tested daily for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Teams also are planning different ways to stand up against racial injustice following a summer of protests across the globe sparked by George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis.Some players are kneeling during the national anthem like Colin Kaepernick did several years ago when he started bringing attention to social injustices.The Washington players and members of the Philadelphia Eagles lined up together, forming an oval prior to their game.–Arnie Stapleton reporting from Denver.. Buffalo Bills starting linebacker Matt Milano has been ruled out from playing the second half against the New York Jets with a hamstring injury. Milano had a leaping interception at midfield of Sam Darnold’s pass late in the second quarter.Colts running back Marlon Mack left the game at Jacksonville with an ankle injury just before halftime and has been ruled out.___2:35 p.m.James Robinson has made NFL history with the Jacksonville Jaguars today.last_img read more

Test discard Hope returns to champions Pride

first_img… Ashmead Nedd heading to Leewards HurricanesST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – Discarded West Indies batsman Kyle Hope will attempt to rekindle a career in shambles by returning to newly crowned domestic first class champions Barbados Pride for the upcoming professional season.The 31-year-old, who has spent the last several seasons at Trinidad and Tobago Red Force, rejoins his native franchise after being picked up in the first round of Monday’s players draft staged by Cricket West Indies via Zoom.Kyle HopeHope, an elegant right-hander, emerged as one of the region’s most promising batsmen when he gathered 553 runs for Red Force in the 2015-16 season then followed up with 649 runs at an average of nearly 50 the next season, to force his way into the West Indies side.But he failed miserably with 41 runs from six innings in three Tests on the 2017 tour of England and following low scores in the two-Test tour of Zimbabwe, he was axed from the squad.Hope, the older brother of Test and one-day star Shai Hope, has struggled since then and last season featured in just three matches for Red Force, scoring 170 runs at an average of 42.Overall, Hope averages 29 from 50 first class matches.While he returns home, veteran Barbadian all-rounder Kevin Stoute will head to Windward Islands Volcanoes as a first round pick.Stoute, 34, has played 76 first class matches for Pride, scoring nearly 3 000 runs and taking 154 wickets with his medium pace.Meanwhile, Guyanese left-arm spinner Ashmead Nedd, a member of reigning Super50 Cup champions, West Indies Emerging Players, will feature for Leeward Islands Hurricanes after also being secured as a first round pick.Nedd snared 11 wickets in the tournament last year and also represented West Indies Under-19s at the Youth World Cup in South Africa earlier this year.The 12 players selected in the two rounds will complement the six franchises which had each retained 13 players prior to the draft.Following is the full list of players selected during Monday’s draft: ROUND 1Leewards Hurricanes – Ashmead NeddWindward Volcanoes – Kevin StouteJamaica Scorpions – Odean SmithGuyana Jaguars – Ramaal LewisTT Red Force – Bryan CharlesBarbados Pride – Kyle HopeROUND 2 Leewards Hurricanes – Tyrone Williams JrWindwards Volcanoes – Larry EdwardsGuyana Jaguars – Tevin ImlachJamaica Scorpions – Alwyn WilliamsTT Red Force – Isaiah RajahBarbados Pride – Shamar Springerlast_img read more

Sports industry leaders speak about success

first_imgThe USC Sports Business Association hosted a panel Tuesday in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center with industry leaders Jeff Borris, a sports agent at Beverly Hills Sports Council; Steve Harden, Vice President of Sales at Oakley; Brendan Meyer, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Wasserman Media Group; and Ryan Lawrence, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Relativity Sports.The event began with an introduction to the panel by senior Annenberg lecturer and Sports Business Association faculty advisor Jeff Fellenzer. Fellenzer dove right into a spirited conversation with the group, asking how they got to their current positions and what they look for in job candidates at their respective companies.Panelists share their success stories and advice with students. — Hailey SayeghBorris discussed his career path through law school along with how networking and persistence helped get him started.“A friend of mine from elementary school who was working full-time at BHSC invited me down to spring training while I was interning and I was able to recruit Jose Canseco as a client. It just took off from there,” Borris said. “It worked out so well I had to rearrange my law classes since I was so busy at work.”He has since negotiated over $1 billion worth of sports contracts for BHSC.Lawrence began his career on Wall Street and followed up by getting his MBA at USC Marshall School of Business four years ago.“Everyday when I go to work I’m excited about what I want to do [and] I was able to find my true passion and parlay a lot of what I learned on Wall Street into my current position,” Lawrence said. “USC was where I was able to hone in on my skills and really get a better understanding of what I wanted to do.”When questioned about a typical day in the life of each panelist, they all laughed and agreed that no two days were alike.“It depends on what time of the year it is,” Borris said. “Baseball’s offseason is my busy season, especially during salary arbitration when we have to prepare cases for each of our clients who are going through a process similar to a trial, which is where my law degree kicks in.”Harden splits his time between Northern California, where his family lives, and Oakley’s headquarters in Orange County.“I usually like to start my day around 6 a.m. and jump right into my work which then switches into meetings with my team,” he said. “Oakley has a young team in our office, which helps keep things moving and motivates me to always be on my toes.”USC alumnus Brennan Meyer started out in athlete marketing and has been with Wasserman Media for seven years. Meyer focused his words for the students on the importance of relationship building to growing a career in the sports business.“Its all about your ability to interact and carry on relationships with people,” Meyer said. “You never know when one person you were working with who is in a junior role on a deal will get a new job and become a decision maker at another company, that’s where the relationships come into play.”A theme echoed throughout the night by both Fellenzer and the panelists was how vital networking was to their own success and the future success of students in the audience. Harden asked the audience how many students had a LinkedIn account.“If you want to connect with me, send me a note and not just a general LinkedIn invitation, give me a reason to want to call you back,” he said.Sports Business Association President Brennan Wise, a sophomore majoring in business administration, was extremely pleased with the groups first event.“We were so excited to have such a great turnout at our first panel event,” he said. “Our goal is to engage as many students as possible across USC that are interested in Sports and Business by providing them with access to talented professionals in the Los Angeles area.”Fellenzer closed out the evening by discussing how important it is that all students, especially those in the Sports Business Association take advantage of the resources USC has to offer.“One of the great things about being at USC is the opportunity to connect with top people in their respective industries, in this case its sports and business,” Fellenzer said. “It shows how strong the USC brand is when industry leaders are willing to take time to connect with students and give them insight as to what its really like on the front line of their business.”Editor’s note: This post has been updated.last_img read more