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James Carville Responds To ‘Gutless’ ESPN Decision, Continues To Promote Alabama SEC Conspiracy

first_imgLSU football fan James Carville.LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 21: James Carville speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon )Political operative and commenter, and diehard LSU football fan James Carville appeared on this morning’s episode of College GameDay and man, it was bizarre.Carville hopped on set, and pretty much immediately started espousing a conspiracy that the SEC is helping Alabama, by disqualifying other teams’ defensive stars from their games.Obviously, this week there is the extremely controversial first-half suspension of Devin White, after what was a brutal call during the Tigers’ win over Mississippi State.Because of the targeting call, he missed the remained over that game and the first half of tonight’s. The decision was appealed, but upheld by the SEC.A string of top SEC defenders that have been ruled out for their teams’ games against Alabama football, and James Carville wanted to make that known on ESPN.From his appearance:? James Carville suggests there is a conspiracy in the SEC to benefit Bama.— The Go Big Redcast (@GoBigRedCast) November 3, 2018SB Nation transcribed part of Carville’s rant:Tennessee’s best defensive player couldn’t play against Alabama because of the SEC, Missouri’s best defensive player couldn’t play against Alabama because the SEC kicked him out. A&M’s best defensive player couldn’t play against Alabama because he was taken out.And now, the best defensive player in the conference is not going to play the first half for nothing, he did nothing wrong.ESPN went so far as to apologize to the SEC for having Carville on, and deleted the clip after initially posting it on their social media channels.ESPN just apologized to Greg Sankey for the James Carville take this morning. Lol.— Belle Es You (@SouthernbeLLSU) November 3, 2018Carville is definitely not alone in promoting this conspiracy. He’s not backing down either.He took to Twitter to blast what he called a “gutless” decision by ESPN:Grabbing bite to eat ⁦@philsoysterbar⁩ and I see gutless ESPN cut in their show to bow down to the SEC. well I got documentary evidence they knew what they were gonna get on air but still can’t help but suck up to power. #GeauxTigers #speaktruthtopower #releasethetexts— James Carville (@JamesCarville) November 3, 2018Honestly, based on last year, it is hard to buy that the SEC would rather have Alabama steamroll the whole conference. In 2017, Alabama falling to Auburn opened the door for an all-SEC championship game.LSU beating Alabama today could very well do the same thing. The SEC would love for that to happen two years in a row.last_img read more

Elite Notre Dame Commit On Recruiting Others: ‘It’s Notre Dame, Challenge Yourself, It’s Worth It’

first_imgA closeup of a Notre Dame football helmet.ARLINGTON, TEXAS – DECEMBER 29: A detail view of a Notre Dame Fighting Irish players helmet showing the CFP logo during the College Football Playoff Semifinal Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic against the Clemson Tigers at AT&T Stadium on December 29, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)Tight end Michael Mayer is exploding. The four-star Notre Dame commit was dominant at The Opening, and sounds like he may be the next great Fighting Irish star at the position.The Covington Catholic star is ranked No. 77 overall, and is the top tight end in the country.Naturally, others may gravitate to playing with a weapon like that. For some, the chance to play at Notre Dame sells itself as well, thanks to the program’s history, recent success, academic reputation, and other factors.Michael Mayer is happy to help in the Notre Dame recruiting effort, but he knows the school also presents challenges that aren’t for everyone.He says that he wants other stars to come play with him, but he doesn’t feel the need to beg anyone who isn’t in to what Notre Dame brings to the table. He wants other guys to be as invested as he is. From 247Sports:“I’m more of a guy where I’m not going to really push someone really, really hard to come play with me at Notre Dame,” said Mayer, when asked about his efforts on the recruiting trail. “You go visit there and it’s either the place for you or it’s not. If it’s not the place for you, I’m not going to beg you to come and then you don’t like it or that type of thing. It’s not like the other colleges. It’s for you or it’s not. You fit in or you don’t. It’s Notre Dame. Challenge yourself. It’s worth it. If someone visits there and they really like it, I’m going to try to get them to come play with me. If they didn’t really like it, I’m not going to keep texting a guy and begging him to come.Mayer has been committed to Notre Dame since last July, and his stock continues to rise.With it, Notre Dame is building an incredibly strong class. Brian Kelly’s staff currently has the No. 5 class in the country.[247Sports]last_img read more

Listen Up: These Podcasts Can Help You Get Your Life Together

first_imgWhat began as a humble, relatively niche podcast to “help men excel in business, love, and life” has now transformed into The Art of Charm, a compendium of interviews so varied and wide-reaching that there may literally be something for everyone. Host Jordan Harbinger sits down to chat with entrepreneurs, celebrities, psychologists, authors, and more, diving into topics that cover every facet of confidence and charisma to unpack tips that will help you live a better life. Past conversations have revolved around ideas like toxic insecurity, confident decision-making, radical curiosity, romance, small talk, side-hustles, asking great questions, and even a particularly interesting discussion on freeing yourself from addiction with Russell Brand. No matter the topic at hand on any particular episode, The Art of Charm’s goal remains the same: to help you work towards a life full of confidence, serenity, success, and the knowledge that it is, in fact, okay to be human.ListenIf you burn through all of these, you should check out the best podcasts for road trips, the most entertaining fiction podcasts, our top overall picks for 2018, the greatest history podcasts, some spooky horror podcasts, or The Manual’s own podcast. Need more podcast suggestions? Here are some of our favorites for men’s fashion, craft beer, and true crime.If you’re new to podcasts, you’re going to need one of the top apps for listening. If you’re more interested in the small screen, these are the best podcasts that have been adapted into TV shows.Featured image courtesy of The Minimalist/Joshua Weaver. The Best Podcasts to Listen to During Your Workout Editors’ Recommendations There comes a time in every man’s life when he looks around, takes stock of his successes and failures, and wonders: Where do I go from here? Feeling lost, stuck, or even just apathetic about the state of your life is something most everyone experiences at one time or another, and when you feel that wave of existential angst curling up around you, it’s incredibly easy to get pulled under. Whether it’s financial woes, a creative void, too much clutter, or too little confidence, there’s likely something in your life that you wish you could change. We’ve rounded up a list of podcasts to help you dig out of that rut and pave your own path.The MinimalistsAfter the death of his mother and the end of his marriage, Joshua Fields Millburn’s high-paying career, fancy car, and accumulated material possessions began to feel less like the American Dream and more like a complex, convoluted nightmare. That’s when Millburn discovered minimalism and began to simplify his life by trading in all that stuff for a little fulfillment. When his best friend of over 20 years, Ryan Nicodemus, noticed how much happier Millburn seemed with so much less, he jumped on board and the duo became The Minimalists. Today, their podcast (along with their memoir, website, documentary, and live tours) serves up tips for focusing on simplicity, living with intention, and finding joy. The genuine affection between the two hosts is obvious as they share stories and strategies from their own lives, and this feeling of gentle kinship spreads to the listener. Millburn and Nicodemus spend the bulk of each episode turning listener-submitted questions into actionable advice. You’ll never catch either host insisting that you live by their rules; instead, the show is focused on providing all the information you’ll need to create your own minimalist lifestyle “recipe” that nourishes your goals. Even if you aren’t feeling especially overwhelmed by your current status, you’re likely to find something in The Minimalists’ archives you didn’t even know you were looking for.ListenThe Nice Guys on BusinessAnyone who’s dipped a toe into the business world lately has probably found themselves wondering what ever happened to the good old fashioned kindly customer service and compassionate company culture we used to hear so much about. Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner, aka the Nice Guys on Business, are bringing friendly back with a podcast that focuses on kindness as a means for success and growth in the business world. Laced with humor, levity, the occasional f-bomb — and a dash of self-deprecation — The Nice Guys on Business offers tangible advice and invaluable interviews on topics like building meaningful relationships, effective training practices, and making smart investments without ever feeling like a boring business seminar. With a humble balance of corny jokes and critical thinking, The Nice Guys on Business podcast proves that you really can succeed in business without being a big jerk.ListenCreative Pep TalkIf you’ve been dreaming of getting your creative venture off the ground but can’t seem to strike the right balance between business and art, you should be listening to Creative Pep Talk. Hosted by illustrator Andy J. Miller (aka Andy J. Pizza, a pseudonym that should be enough reason to give the podcast a go), the podcast blends Miller’s personal anecdotes and wide-ranging interviews with creative professionals into a delicious, artsy smoothie of real-world advice. Although Miller’s career is in the world of design and visual art, his advice is valuable to anyone pursuing or perfecting a creative career, with topics ranging from building an audience to dealing with creative burnout to effective goal-setting. In one episode, Miller compares creative people who have missed their potential to under-nourished plants that never get the chance to flourish into their life-giving final forms, and this level of passion for helping his fellow creatives never wanes as the podcast moves from topic to topic. Most episodes run about an hour long, so this is a perfect listen for your commute to that pesky day job.ListenStacking BenjaminsImportant as paying attention to your money may be, even thinking about your financial health is boring at best and completely mortifying at worst. Stacking Benjamins, a financial advice podcast hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy, is on a mission to make those eye-glazing, migraine-inducing money conversations fun, interesting, and actionable — and we’ll be damned if the podcast doesn’t pull it off. Saul-Sehy peppers succinct, smart tips in with bits, characters, and sports-announcer-style interviewee introductions to create a show that is so well-rounded and unique that you’ll feel more like you’re participating in a game show than receiving financial advice. Instead of focusing on a single topic, each episode is broken into 10-15 minute segments on a variety of topics, so there’s something to take away regardless of your financial knowledge or situation.ListenThe Tim Ferriss ShowIf you don’t know about Tim Ferriss yet, you’re not paying attention. The self-proclaimed self-experimenter burst onto the guru scene with the 2007 release of his book The 4-Hour Work Week, and hasn’t stopped exploring every facet of human potential since. His podcast, appropriately called The Tim Ferriss Show, eschews any specific niche and focuses on in-depth interviews with a massive range of subjects who all have one very important thing in common: success. Past guests have included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malcolm Gladwell, and universal fountain of #lifegoals Terry Crews, to name a few. Ferriss uses his time with them to delve into all the tools, tricks, habits, and routines that have paved their pathways to success. The ultimate goal is to find the common traits that connect successful people so that you, the listener, can use those tools to find your own fulfillment wherever your passion lies. Fueled by raging curiosity and a never-ending love of learning, Ferriss acts as a sort of Sherpa of success, guiding interviews toward applicable information without ever disrupting the conversational tone or attempting to make himself the star of the show. You never know for sure what you’re in for when you dive into an episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, but you’re guaranteed to walk away with something useful.ListenThe Art of Charm Podcast How Full Harvest and Misfits Market Are Saving Ugly Produce center_img The Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2019 Airbnb Wants to Send You to Antarctica on Sabbatical The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather last_img read more

University Enrolment Credential Numbers Released

first_imgEnrolment at Maritime universities is up more than 13 per cent from 10 years ago and credentials granted has risen more than 22 per cent during the same period, according to statistics released today, May 3. The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission released 2005-06 statistics on enrolments and credentials granted for all public Maritime universities. Fifty statistical tables and three databases are available for download from the commission’s website, There is also an interactive graph that allows users to select different variables to see trends. Statistical highlights include: — Total enrolments: Nova Scotia 43,721; New Brunswick 24,733; Prince Edward Island 3,878; and Maritimes 72,332. Enrolment in the region has declined 1.1 per cent over the previous year, but has increased 13.1 per cent when compared with 1996-97. — About 88 per cent of total enrolment in the region is undergraduates; graduate students are at 11 per cent. — International students make up 9.2 per cent of enrolment. This proportion has increased about six percentage points since 1996-97. — In 2006, Maritime universities granted 15,380 degrees, certificates and diplomas. This is up 1.7 per cent from 2004-05 and a 22.6 per cent increase from 1996-97. The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission was established in 1974. The 20 members are drawn from the Maritime provinces and represent higher education institutions, provincial governments and the general public. Its mission is to assist institutions and governments to enhance the post-secondary learning environment. The commission collects and maintains data about student enrolment and credentials and conducts research on the Maritime postsecondary sector. Reports and research articles are available on the website free of charge.last_img read more

Ban lauds Caribbean regions commitment to Haiti recovery

5 July 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has commended States in the Caribbean region for their commitment to supporting Haiti following the devastating earthquake in January and urged them to continue their engagement there, saying the country will need consistent assistance from the international community to recover. “Your engagement is central to ensuring sustained and long-term attention to Haiti’s needs,” Mr. Ban said when he addressed the 31st meeting of heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Montego Bay, Jamaica, late yesterday.Recovery will take many years, and will require consistent effort by all Haiti’s partners,” Mr. Ban said, adding that he was honoured to be the first Secretary-General of the United Nations to address a CARICOM summit. Haiti, he said, will continue to be a priority of the UN, adding that elections in November will be fundamental for ensuring the country’s democratic future.Mr. Ban welcomed the General Assembly’s decision sponsored by CARICOM to convene a high-level meeting next year on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, saying he also looked forward to the organization’s participation in the high-level meeting on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the eight social development and poverty reduction targets which States have pledged to make efforts to achieve by 2015. The meeting will be held in the UN Headquarters in New York in September.“Governments must agree in September on a concrete action plan that provides a clear road map to meet our collective targets and promise by 2015,” Mr. Ban said.Expressing concern over organized transnational crime and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, Mr. Ban said that CARICOM and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) have developed a joint action plan to combat the problem.“We must address security issues and social causes simultaneously. In this regard, I welcome the fact that the recently launched Caribbean Basin Security Initiative goes beyond traditional law enforcement approach, and I applaud CARICOM States on all your efforts to combat illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.“It is important to consider the problem of drug control and the prevention of crime and terrorism in a regional context – and through the prism of development, human rights, the rule of law and security reform,” Mr. Ban said.The Secretary-General commended CARICOM Member States for their leadership in the Copenhagen climate talks, saying the Caribbean community had conveyed an important message to the world – the threat of climate change is urgent and growing.“You have been pioneers in calling attention to the specific vulnerability of Small Island States to climate change. Adaptation strategies to this very real threat will require sizeable and sustained investment,” Mr. Ban said.The Copenhagen conference called on the international community to mobilize $30 billion a year between now and 2012 and $100 billion a year up to 2020 for mitigation and adaptation actions in developing countries.Mr. Ban said the UN will continue to support the efforts of nations in the Caribbean region to improve the lives of their people. “Just as you are helping to advance our agenda, I would like to reiterate the commitment of the United Nations to your goals and aspirations. You can count on me to promote security, development and human rights. I take strength from the immortal wisdom of a great son of Jamaica. I will ‘get up.’ I will ‘stand up.’ And I won’t ‘give up the fight,” Mr. Ban said.CARICOM Member States are Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.Associate members are Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands. read more

Four remanded for unruly behavior at Homagama court

Four people arrested for unruly behavior at the Homagama court have been remanded till February 9.The four were among a group pf people, including several monks, who confronted the police and jumped into the court premises when the General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) the venerable Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera was arrested and produced in court last week. The Homagama Magistrate had ordered the police to arrest all those who behaved in an unruly manner inside the court premises and near the gate. (Colombo Gazette) read more

US Congress votes to end government shutdown avoid debt default

WASHINGTON – Up against a deadline, Congress passed and sent a waiting President Barack Obama legislation late Wednesday night to avoid a threatened national default and end the 16-day partial government shutdown, the culmination of an epic political drama that placed the U.S. economy at risk.The Senate voted first, a bipartisan 81-18 at midevening. That cleared the way for a final 285-144 vote in the Republican-controlled House about two hours later on the bill, which hewed strictly to the terms Obama laid down when the twin crises erupted more than three weeks ago.The legislation would permit the Treasury to borrow normally through Feb. 7 or perhaps a month longer, and fund the government through Jan. 15. More than 2 million federal workers would be paid — those who had remained on the job and those who had been furloughed.After the Senate approved the measure, Obama hailed the vote and quickly signed the bill early Thursday. “We’ll begin reopening our government immediately, and we can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty from our businesses and the American people,” the president said.In the House, Rep. Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) said, “After two long weeks, it is time to end this government shutdown. It’s time to take the threat of default off the table. It’s time to restore some sanity to this place.”The stock market surged higher at the prospect of an end to the crisis that also had threatened to shake confidence in the U.S. economy overseas.Republicans conceded defeat after a long struggle. “We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win,” conceded House Speaker John Boehner as lawmakers lined up to vote on a bill that includes nothing for GOP lawmakers who had demand to eradicate or scale back Obama’s signature health care overhaul.“The compromise we reached will provide our economy with the stability it desperately needs,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, declaring that the nation “came to the brink of disaster” before sealing an agreement.Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who negotiated the deal with Reid, emphasized that it preserved a round of spending cuts negotiated two years ago with Obama and Democrats. As a result, he said, “government spending has declined for two years in a row” for the first time since the Korean War. “And we’re not going back on this agreement,” he added.Only a temporary truce, the measure set a time frame of early this winter for the next likely clash between Obama and the Republicans over spending and borrowing.But for now, government was lurching back to life. Within moments of the House’s vote, Sylvia Burwell, director of the Office of Management and Budget, issued a statement saying “employees should expect to return to work in the morning.”“All employees who were on furlough due to the absence of appropriations may now return to work,” Burwell said.After weeks of gridlock, the measure had support from the White House, most if not all Democrats in Congress and many Republicans fearful of the economic impact of a default.Boehner and the rest of the top Republican leadership told their rank and file in advance they would vote for the measure. In the end, Republicans split 144 against and 87 in favour. All 198 voting Democrats were supporters.Final passage came in plenty of time to assure Obama’s signature before the administration’s 11:59 p.m. Thursday deadline.That was when Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said the government would reach the current $16.7 trillion debt limit and could no longer borrow to meet its obligations.Tea party-aligned lawmakers who triggered the shutdown that began on Oct. 1 said they would vote against the legislation. Significantly, though, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and others agreed not to use the Senate’s cumbersome 18th-century rules to slow the bill’s progress.In remarks on the Senate floor, Cruz said the measure was “a terrible deal” and criticized fellow Republicans for lining up behind it.McConnell made no mention of the polls showing that the shutdown and flirtation with default have sent Republicans’ public approval plummeting and have left the party badly split nationally as well as in his home state of Kentucky. He received a prompt reminder, though.“When the stakes are highest Mitch McConnell can always be counted on to sell out conservatives,” said Matt Bevin, who is challenging the party leader from the right in a 2014 election primary.More broadly, national tea party groups and their allies underscored the internal divide. The Club for Growth urged lawmakers to vote against the congressional measure, and said it would factor in the organization’s decision when it decides which candidates to support in midterm elections next year.“There are no significant changes to Obamacare, nothing on the other major entitlements that are racked with trillions in unfunded liabilities, and no meaningful spending cuts either. If this bill passes, Congress will kick the can down the road, yet again,” the group said.Even so, support for Boehner appeared solid inside his fractious rank and file. “There are no plots, plans or rumblings that I know of. And I was part of one in January, so I’d probably be on the whip list for that,” said Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky.The U.S. Chamber of Commerce came out in favour of the bill.Simplicity at the end, there was next to nothing in the agreement beyond authorization for the Treasury to resume borrowing and funding for the government to reopen.House and Senate negotiators are to meet this fall to see if progress is possible on a broad deficit-reduction compromise of the type that has proved elusive in the current era of divided government.Additionally, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is to be required to produce a report stating that her agency is capable of verifying the incomes of individuals who apply for federal subsidies under the health care law known as Obamacare.Obama had insisted repeatedly he would not pay “ransom” by yielding to Republican demands for significant changes to the health care overhaul in exchange for funding the government and permitting Treasury the borrowing latitude to pay the nation’s bills.Other issues fell by the wayside in a final deal, including a Republican proposal for the suspension of a medical device tax in Obamacare and a Democratic call to delay a fee on companies for everyone who receives health coverage under an employer-sponsored plan.The gradual withering of Republicans’ Obamacare-related demands defined the arc of the struggle that has occupied virtually all of Congress’ time for the past three weeks.The shutdown began on Oct. 1 after Cruz and his tea party allies in the House demanded the defunding of the health care law as a trade for providing essential government funding.Obama and Reid refused, then refused again and again as Boehner gradually scaled back Republican demands.The shutdown initially idled about 800,000 workers, but that soon fell to about 350,000 after Congress agreed to let furloughed Pentagon employees return to work. While there was widespread inconvenience, the mail was delivered, Medicare continued to pay doctors who treated seniors and there was no interruption in Social Security benefits.Still, national parks were closed to the detriment of tourists and local businesses, government research scientists were sent home and Food and Drug Administration inspectors worked only sporadically. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by David Espo, The Associated Press Posted Oct 15, 2013 8:18 pm MDT U.S. Congress votes to end government shutdown, avoid debt default read more

Anything goes in digital advertising even McDonalds fourhour McWrap video

by David Hodges, The Canadian Press Posted Sep 23, 2016 4:29 am MDT Last Updated Sep 23, 2016 at 7:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Anything goes in digital advertising, even McDonald’s four-hour McWrap video TORONTO – In the ever-changing landscape of advertising, anything goes — even a seemingly never-ending video of a breakfast sandwich being prepared.Earlier this week McDonald’s posted a four-hour video on YouTube featuring continuous loops of bacon frying, tomatoes being sliced, lettuce drying and other types of food preparation — all designed to draw eyeballs to its new “Zesty BLT More-Ning McWrap.”The fast food giant doesn’t really expect consumers to watch all four hours of the content, but it does hope you’ll do a double-take and possibly have a good laugh.With people spending more time online and being inundated with all types of content, McDonald’s says it’s focusing more of its marketing efforts on developing unconventional digital advertisements that will resonate with the right target — in this case, millennials.“What we want to do with the video is play with it on social (media),” says McDonald’s senior advertising manager Melanie Courtois. She explains that the four-hour McWrap video features “a few fun facts throughout,” which consumers can identify on Facebook and Twitter contests in exchange for gift certificates.“That’s how we’re trying to leverage that four hours,” says Courtois, who adds the footage for the video was created with images already filmed for one its 30-second TV ads.Liz Dunn, chief executive at brand strategy consultant Talmage Advisors in New York City, says that in today’s media landscape, most retailers, brands and restaurants are having a very difficult time reaching consumers.That means companies need to try altogether different advertising ploys to influence consumers’ purchasing behaviour in ways that reflect how news and information is increasingly being transmitted and shared via social media.“Consumers are very easily distracted. They’re constantly on their phones and really pretty numb to traditional marketing efforts, so it just becomes background noise,” says Dunn.“So I think a lot of brands are trying to rise above the fray and capture consumers’ attention with more urgent calls to action or some sort of event, or something that really breaks through the rest of the noise and creates a reason to purchase and a reason to act.”George Minakakis, chief executive at Toronto-based change management consultancy Inception Retail Group Inc., says the McDonald’s McWrap video in part plays into a popular digital marketing strategy known as “unboxing.”“It’s about building the anticipation of something,” he says. “So it’s building toward the anticipation of having that great piece of food, or if you’re unboxing something from Apple and you can’t wait to get your hands on your iPad.”Largely, though, he believes the video is mainly “a good marketing gimmick” trying to capture the attention of consumers under the age of 35 who on average spend about 27 hours a week online.“They have to do this because 27 hours of being online takes 27 hours away from TV and radio,” Minakakis says.“It’s an interesting approach. They’re kind of telling the social media followers and the world, ‘Hey look at what we did!’”— Follow @DaveHTO on Twitter. read more

Automobile industry leaders use UK visit to stress need for fair play

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) ACEA NEWS RELEASEThe leaders of the European automobile industry met with UK government officials yesterday and today in London to stress the importance of a strong manufacturing base underpinning innovation and economic growth in the UK and in Europe, and to underline the need for fair play in the global strive for competitiveness.The Board of Directors of ACEA, the industry’s European trade association, had meetings with Prime Minister David Cameron and State Secretary for Business Vince Cable, among others, in connection with the association’s Annual General Assembly taking place in London this year.“We acknowledge the positive approach taken by the UK government towards automotive innovation”, said Dieter Zetsche, President of ACEA and Head of Daimler AG. “It is first and foremost the responsibility of the automobile manufacturers to ensure competitiveness, and we pursue that goal head-on. But some issues are beyond our reach, whereas governments do play an important role.”The main issues on the agenda of the talks included the need for:fair free trade with major economies such as India and Japan;government support for the swift introduction of breakthrough technologies;less bureaucracy through lean regulations.All three issues are key in obtaining a level playing field worldwide.The automobile industry is booking record sales on a global scale, mainly driven by growth in the BRIC countries. In Europe, however, the situation remains tight, not in the least in the segment of heavy-duty vehicles where sales are still significantly below pre-crisis levels. Despite the continuing economic uncertainties, technological progress remains the stronghold of the European automobile industry, with investments of over EUR 30 billion in R&D each year.Said Zetsche: “Our industry must and will further ensure that our products are world class. What we ask from governments is to ensure that the game is fair. It is our collective responsibility to make sure that Europe prospers for a long time to come.”About ACEAThe European automotive industry is key to the strength and competitiveness of Europe. The ACEA members are BMW Group, DAF Trucks, Daimler, FIAT S.p.A., Ford of Europe, General Motors Europe, Jaguar Land Rover, MAN Truck & Bus, Porsche, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault Group, Scania, Toyota Motor Europe, Volkswagen Group, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Group. They provide direct employment to more than 2.3 million people and indirectly support another 10 million jobs. Annually, ACEA members invest over €26 billion in R&D, or 5% of turnover. read more

Brock part of provincial database to help transfer students

Monique Beauregard, transfer recruitment/admissions officer, helped get Brock online with a new provincial database that will make it easier for students interested in finishing their degrees at Brock to transfer here from another college or university.It’s getting easier for students attending other post-secondary institutions to finish their degrees at Brock University.Brock is one of the first universities to be part of a new Ontario database that shows students the credits they’ve already earned and what they would need to complete their studies at the University, possibly saving them time and money in the process.The database, called Course-to-Course Transfer Guide, launches Monday, Jan. 20 at Students will be able to enter their transcript information, such as course codes and descriptions, to make informed decisions about transferring into a specific Brock program.The database is overseen by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), a provincial organization tasked with co-ordinating credit transfer between colleges and universities.Brock registrar Barb Davis said the Course-to-Course Transfer Guide is a valuable tool for students considering Brock as a transfer destination, as it helps her staff facilitate even more efficient and transparent transfer admissions decisions.Last fall alone nearly 700 transfer students were admitted to Brock, she said.“Brock is committed to supporting transfer mobility and improving the transfer experience for students,” said Davis. “Our collaboration with ONCAT on this project is an example of this commitment.”The new database could save a business student studying elsewhere but wishing to transfer to Brock an average of $11,000 in tuition by showing them credits earned and needed. Meanwhile, the savings to taxpayers would be about $7,500.“The progress we’ve made implementing a strong credit transfer system will lead to a more valuable and flexible postsecondary education for students across Ontario,” says Brad Duguid, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. “The new course-to-course database will also save students time and money by giving them the information they need to avoid repeating courses.”Brock is one of 34 Ontario universities and colleges to participate in this first phase of the program with the remaining 10 institutions expect to come online later.The University received a one-time grant of $10,000 from ONCAT to offset any IT costs for the project. read more

Serena Williams Only Loses In Big Upsets Because Shes Always A Big

For the second straight year, Serena Williams’s bid to make history at the U.S. Open was derailed in a semifinal upset. Last year, Williams was seeking to complete the first calendar-year Grand Slam since Steffi Graf in 1988 and to tie Graf’s Open-era record of 22 career major titles when she was defeated by No. 43 Roberta Vinci. On Thursday night, Williams was two match wins from passing Graf in career major titles, but, hampered by an injury to her left knee, she lost to No. 11 Karolina Pliskova.Williams was ranked No. 1 heading into both matches. And according to win probabilities based on our tennis Elo ratings, both results were big surprises: She had a 97 percent chance of beating Vinci and an 87 percent chance against Pliskova.1In this article, our estimates of win probability heading into matches at this year’s U.S. Open use a blend of players’ overall Elo ratings and Elo ratings based only on hard-court matches, according to the methods described in our article about our tournament forecast. For earlier matches, we’re using probabilities based on overall Elo ratings for both players. That’s not unusual for Williams, who has left majors in two ways over the past five years, each one happening about as often as the other: Either as the champion (9 of 20) or as the loser of a big upset (11 of 20). She has had at least an 85 percent chance of winning all 11 of the matches she has lost at majors since 2012 (her first year playing the majors in her 30s). Those 11 losses are among the 14 most surprising of her career at majors: In other words, her 14 Slam losses for which she entered the matches with the highest Elo-based win probabilities.The series of surprise losses is the result of two factors:1) Williams is losing more matches she should win, perhaps a reflection of increased susceptibility in her 30s to injury or wear during a tournament. She has won 89 percent of Slam matches since 2012 in which she had an 85 percent chance or better, compared with a 96 percent win percentage in the same type of matches before 2012.2In both time periods, the average of her win probability in these matches was 95 percent.2) Against a field with fewer all time-greats than she faced earlier in her career, Williams is playing a lot more matches as a big favorite, giving her more opportunities to be upset: She has had at least an 85 percent chance of winning in 88 percent of her major matches since the start of 2012, compared with 64 percent earlier. read more

Analysis Leinsters accuracy returns to blitz the Saints

first_imgJamie Heaslip tryThis try was all about Leinster’s strong ball carriers powering over the gain-line and providing front foot ball. Even still, rucks need to be hit and there were more examples of excellent clearing out. The animation below shows Jack McGrath doing exactly that, allowing Rhys Ruddock to subsequently pick the ball and make a few more metres.There were other moments of excellent ruck work throughout the 80 minutes from Leinster, underpinning their ability to attack at pace. Returning to the passage above, Ruddock burst through to offload to Sean O’Brien and off the next phase, Heaslip scored.The running lines of Sean Cronin, who gave Madigan a return pass, and Gordon D’Arcy were essential to the try being scored. With the ball moving across the pitch from left to right, the lines from that pair were enough to keep the Northampton defensive line ‘honest’.When we see the above situation in play, notice how both Cronin and D’Arcy interfere with defenders when they don’t have the ball. Technically, blocking and grabbing defenders is illegal, but their actions are realistically too little for the referee to halt play for.Decoy lines are often under appreciated, even by players themselves. However, in this example [below] both Cronin and D’Arcy were highly accurate and selfless with their decoy running and understanding of the need to straighten the line.Luke Fitzgerald third tryThe try that gave the winger his hat-trick was once again about doing the little things accurately and at speed. It was D’Arcy who broke the line to offload to Zane Kirchner, who in turn provided what was ultimately the try-scoring pass to Fitzgerald.Here’s the video of that line-break from D’Arcy.At the outset of this phase of play, Northampton aren’t actually in a bad defensive position. If they can communicate well in this situation, they have each attacker covered man-on-man. It is the inside pass decoy runner Kircher [circled below] who allows Leinster to cut through.A subtle piece of attacking play puts doubt in the defenders’ heads and results in the line-break for D’Arcy. Watch the clip back and notice the little dummy inside pass from Madigan before he releases D’Arcy.That action is enough to put doubt into Courtney Lawes’ mind as to who he should be tackling, and it appears likely that he got no communication from inside or chose to ignore it. The knock-on effect is that Waldouck also plants his feet and looks inwards to Madigan. That immediately opens up the space for D’Arcy and Leinster accurately convert the chance.Kirchner and Fitzgerald then demonstrated what support play is all about, running into space and communicating exactly where they were in order to receive the pass. Another classy try by Leinster.Repeat performance requiredO’Connor’s men did score two other tries through Reddan and O’Driscoll. The first came about through the sheer sloppiness of Northampton’s defence, but the scrum-half deserves credit for his awareness to snipe through on the right fringe of a midfield ruck and then sidestep Pisi to score.There was another glimpse of the Reddan’s intelligence on the occasion when he knocked on over the line [below]. Watch the scrum-half’s run after he passes the ball. The 33-year-old – like so many of his teammates – is alert and looking for another touch of the ball.Unfortunately, Reddan overruns this one in his eagerness, but it was still a revealing glimpse of Leinster’s accuracy in running support lines.Finally, O’Driscoll’s try was all about the pressure Leinster put on the Saints when they did try to attack. Jim Mallinder’s side resorted to attempting to play the ball out of their own half off scrappy possession and Leinster were only too happy to punish their lack of accuracy in the pass, a stark contrast to the visitors’.This was the type of performance that made Leinster three-time champions. However, it seems unlikely that Northampton will be as poor again at the Aviva Stadium on Saturday. O’Connor will need to ensure that the same domination of the collisions underpins his team’s effort and that their accuracy is of the same supreme standard.Like rugby? Follow’s dedicated Twitter account @rugby_ie >Analysis: How did Connacht beat Toulouse?Conor Murray signs new two-year IRFU contract LEINSTER DELIVERED WHAT was the most complete and impressive performance of the Heineken Cup weekend when they beat Northampton on Saturday evening.Connacht justifiably stole the headlines, but it was Matt O’Connor’s side who gave the most complete display of attacking and defensive strength over the course of the three days of European action. The sheer physicality Leinster brought to Franklin’s Gardens laid a wonderful platform, and that dominance of the collisions was at the root of everything they did well.With their ball-carriers getting over the gain-line so consistently, rucks were easier to clean out and Leinster could play at a high tempo. O’Connor’s side had to make 128 tackles to the Saints’ 86, and also had a 45% minority share of possession.They defended superbly and then when they won the ball back, they were frighteningly accurate. We’ve taken a look some of their tries to highlight that precision.Luke Fitzgerald first tryKen Pisi was shifted into fullback at the last minute for Northampton due to a late injury to James Wilson. The makeshift 15 has little experience in that position and Leinster immediately targeted him early on in the game.After Pisi has knocked on following an Ian Madigan aerial bomb, Brian O’Driscoll took full advantage of Pisi’s poor positioning to set up Luke Fitzgerald’s opening try. The centre spotted that Pisi had joined the Saints’ defensive line just a second too early [circled below] and punished him with an accurate grubber in behind.O’Driscoll has tried this little kick several times over the last month with Ireland, but it hadn’t come off as it did last weekend. It was exemplary of the precision Leinster brought against Northampton. He spotted the space and placed a perfect grubber in behind Pisi, forcing the Saints man to panic and presenting Fitzgerald with the chance to score.Targeting opposition weaknesses ruthlessly was a feature of Leinster’s Heineken Cup successes in the recent past, so it was encouraging to see them doing that on Saturday.Luke Fitzgerald second tryA Jamie Heaslip turnover was at the root of this second score for Leinster, accuracy at the breakdown saw him make a clean turnover of possession – a rarity in rugby now, when most attackers prefer to hang on to the ball and concede a penalty.As Leinster built the score, going through six phases, there was some wonderful contact and ruck technique involved. The first aspect we have highlighted in the video below is an excellent clear-out by Gordon D’Arcy. After Fitzgerald carries in midfield, the centre comes into the ruck from the right-hand side and accurately removes the turnover threat of Dom Waldouck.A couple of phases later, Mike Ross carries to the right-hand side of the posts and again there is a slight risk of Northampton getting their hands on the ball. As you’ll just about make out in the video below, the tighthead prop rolls his body over the ball to protect it.The technique – one which Warren Gatland is a big fan of – only takes a split second to perform and Ross’ momentum means it’s not too difficult to do, but even still it’s important. That split second allows his supporting players to clean out effectively and provide rapid ball for Reddan to spread wide.Once the ball is shifted out the the left we get a fine example of Leinster’s ability to accurately run decoy lines. Madigan is circled below, winding up his pass and hoping to move the ball out the ‘back door’ to Gordon D’Arcy.Sean O’Brien’s decoy line is signified by the arrow and you can see that he is already interesting the bald-headed Sam Dickinson in defence.When play runs on another second, we can see that Dickinson has completely bought the decoy line from O’Brien – who is a such dangerous ball carrier and would have been identified as such in Saint’s preparation.D’Arcy [circle] has instead received the pass from Madigan and a try is really the only outcome. The centre gives a quick, accurate pass and then O’Driscoll comes up with a magical, between-the-legs pass which is also precise, allowing Fitzgerald to score.last_img read more

Nintendo will reveal Wii 2 at E3 launch 2012

first_imgOver the past couple of weeks speculation has been growing that Nintendo is about to announce a successor to the Wii console. It all started when a price drop for the Wii to $149.99 was predicted in May, a few weeks before E3 starts. Then a number of respected retailers actually dropped the Wii from $199.99 to $169.99. At the same time, rumors of a Wii 2 appeared with the new machine expected to outperform a PS3 while including a Blu-ray drive.It seems the rumors were all too much for Nintendo not to respond, and they have now confirmed the successor to the Wii will be unveiled at E3. We also have it confirmed that the new machine will launch in 2012. It’s thought that launch will be after April next year as Nintendo did not list the machine in its financials for this year, which ends in April 2012.Other than confirming the existence of this new machine, which may not even carry the Wii name for all we know, Nintendo hasn’t given any more details of what to expect. But E3 begins on June 7, meaning we only have six weeks to wait before we find out for sure.Read more at KotakuMatthew’s OpinionIf Nintendo is announcing a new console at E3 then I think they need to drop the price of the Wii well below $149.99. As soon as the new console is announced gamers will be waiting for it, not buying a Wii. So will Nintendo go further, drop it to $129.99 or even $99? It depends on how much of a profit margin remains on the machine, and how many units there are sitting in storage around the world.As for the Wii 2, I really hope Nintendo has gone back to producing a powerful machine that is for hardcore gamers as much as the family, and doesn’t rely completely on motion controllers. It also helps that Sony and Microsoft aren’t expected to bring out new machines for a couple of years. Nintendo could have the most powerful console on the market for years come 2012.last_img read more

Kickstarter Deletes Campaign to Digitally Remove Rat From The Departed

first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ Stay on target Adam Sacks recently made headlines with his Kickstarter campaign to “erase the rat” from The Departed’s final scene. Unfortunately, Sacks’ efforts were short-lived: The crowdfunding platform just deleted Sacks’ campaign due to copyright issues.On Monday, Warner Bros. issued a DCMA copyright takedown request to end Sacks’ campaign, The Verge reported. Sacks also posted an update on the campaign’s Twitter account to inform fans about the copyright dilemma.I have some sad news.— Erase the rat in The Departed (@RatErase) February 25, 2019Sacks, a seasoned video editor, attempted to raise $4,000 to remove the rat from the end of the movie, which he said was a “painfully on the nose metaphor” that botched the final scene of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning flick. Even though the campaign reached its financial goal, it probably won’t go through due to Warner Bros.’ DCMA copyright takedown request.“This campaign is to digitally remove a rat from the end of our motion picture, and is promising to distribute the edited footage upon completion, which violates our copyright in this film,” Warner Bros. wrote in the request. Once Kickstarter received this copyright notice, it removed Sacks’ campaign from the website.Interestingly enough, the $4,000 budget to “digitally erase the rat” from The Departed had a detailed breakdown: It included a Blue-ray player ($141.54), Blue-ray ripping software ($59), purchasing a Blue-ray copy of the movie ($18.91), employing a visual effects editor to take out the rat ($599 to avoid filling out tax forms), printing out the movie on 35-millimeter film ($414.59), scanning the film back to re-edit the flick ($169.92), an Adobe Creative Cloud License ($57.69), blank Blue-rays ($38.31), Sharpie markers ($2.71), and hiring some help to burn the fixed copies and send them to campaign backers ($350).The Departed was a good movie with a very bad ending. Here’s my explanation of the problem.— Erase the rat in The Departed (@RatErase) February 19, 2019Sacks was prepared to battle copyright problems though: On the campaign, he said he would, “buy you a legal Blu-ray of The Departed, throw that disc away, replace it with my superior version, and mail it to you.” He even warned backers that Warner Bros. could go after him and thwart the project over potential copyright issues.Despite attempts to avoid copyright issues, Sacks’ project was terminated on Kickstarter. However, Sacks isn’t giving up: On Monday, he posted a pitch video on YouTube about the “remove the rat” project. So maybe, just maybe, Sacks’ proposal will change Warner Bros.’ perspective on The Departed’s end scene.More on Launches Kickstarter to Wipe the Silly Symbolic Rat From the End of ‘The Departed’ LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam 2’ Is Coming to Theaters in 2021The History of SexBots in Movieslast_img read more

Annual ASA Banquet Sold Out

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) Awards Banquet is officially sold out. The annual event that brings together state affiliates and ASA members from across the country to recognize and celebrate the successes, accomplishments and education of the many farmer-leaders, soybean associations and industry representatives who have done outstanding work to benefit U.S. soybean farmers and the soybean industry. Awards are presented for membership growth and association outstanding achievements, leadership building, conservation stewardship and industry accomplishments and support.The ASA Awards Banquet is on Friday, March 3 at 6 p.m., with a cocktail hour starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Stars at Night Ballroom at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Attendees will enjoy a unique entertainment performance by Joe Castillo where a story is told using sand, light and music. Castillo was a finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.The event, sponsored by DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto BioAg, United Soybean Board/Soy Checkoff and John Deere, is not yet sold out, but limited tickets remain. Banquet tickets are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. While the event is sold out, ASA advises attendees to check onsite at registration, to see if any tickets have become available.last_img read more

Wilmington United Methodist Church Wants To Hear From YOU Even If You

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSAVE THE DATE: Wilmington Methodist Church’s Annual Harvest & Holly Fair Set For October 26In “Community”Indian Classical Dance Workshop & Performance In Wilmington On August 23In “Community”OBITUARY: Jean Connolly Lefavour, 87In “Obituaries” WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington United Methodist Church — that church that sells the Christmas trees at 85 Church Street in Wilmington — needs your help! It is collecting community feedback to help inform its strategic planning process. Please know the church, which is open and welcoming to all, is eager to hear from you.Please take this short anonymous survey HERE.  It will take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete.(NOTE: The above announcement is from the Wilmington United Methodist Church.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email read more

Facebooks poker AI will crush you and take your money

first_img 4 Share your voice 4:50 Now playing: Watch this: Tags AI bot defeats poker pros in six-player Texas Hold’em Pluribus’ dominance over the mere mortals represents a breakthrough that might lead to applications of AI in real-world situations. That’s because we often deal with multiple people and unknown information when it comes to things like political campaigns, online auctions and cybersecurity threats. AI could help businesses come up with the best strategies to handle those situations, research scientists say.”We’re using poker as a benchmark for a measure in progress in this more complicated challenge of hidden information in a complex multiparticipant environment,” said Noam Brown, a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. The research group, which works on advancing AI technology, is also teaching robots to walk on their own. Brown built Pluribus, which means “more” in Latin, with Tuomas Sandholm, a CMU computer science professor whose team has studied computer poker for more than 16 years. The pair’s findings were published in the journal Science on Thursday.The researchers set up two experiments, one in which a single human played five copies of Pluribus, and another in which five humans played a single copy of the bot. In both cases, Pluribus clearly won. In the first experiment, Darren Elias and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, both American poker pros, played 5,000 hands each against five copies of the AI bot. Elias holds the record for most World Poker Tour titles and Ferguson has won six World Series of Poker events. The humans played from their home computers. Both players were offered $2,000 to participate in the Texas Hold’em game. To encourage them to bring their best game, players could win an extra $2,000 if they performed better against the AI than the other human poker player.Overall, Pluribus beat the players by an average of 32 milli big blinds (mbb) per game. The big blind is a forced bet in Texas Hold’em, and the milli big blind is a measurement used to compare performance.In the other experiment 13 players, who’ve all won more than $1 million each professionally, challenged the AI bot. Pluribus went against five human players at a time over 12 days and played 10,000 hands. Pluribus won an average of 48 milli big blinds per game. If each chip was worth $1, the bot would’ve won $1,000 per hour playing against five humans, a Facebook blog post said. The win rate signals that the AI bot is “stronger than the human opponents,” the research paper said.”Sometimes, even if you’re a bad player you’re going to beat the world’s best player just because you have better odds,” Sandholm said. “We don’t want to measure that luck factor. We want to really measure the skill factor.”Pluribus came up with a strategy for Texas Hold’em from scratch by playing against copies of itself. The bot also used a new algorithm that allowed it to examine its options a few steps ahead rather than at the end of the game.The bot threw off its human competition by using moves humans typically avoid. For example, the bot placed more “donk bets” than humans. That’s a bet at the beginning of a round after the previous one ended in a call.”Its major strength is its ability to use mixed strategies. That’s the same thing that humans try to do,” Elias said in a statement. “It’s a matter of execution for humans — to do this in a perfectly random way and to do so consistently. Most people just can’t.” Robots <3 poker. Getty Images Earlier this year, more than a dozen professional poker players participated in an unusual competition of Texas Hold'em. The veterans went against a relative newbie: an artificial intelligence-powered bot built by Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University.AI has crushed professional players of chess and Go, both board games with straightforward rules. Poker, too, has clear rules. But it's considered trickier because you can't see an opponent's hand and it requires manipulating emotions through tactics such as bluffing. The contest added a layer of complexity, as each game featured six players, creating more sets of scenarios for the AI to manage. None of that stopped the poker-playing bot Pluribus. The bot stomped on its human challengers, which included World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour champions. Researchers called the bot's performance "superhuman.""This is the first time an AI bot has proven capable of defeating top professionals in any major benchmark game that has more than two players (or two teams)," Facebook said in a blog post. Sci-Tech Tech Industry Comments Facebooklast_img read more

Alaska Ocean Acidification Network seeks to inform public of ocean acidity

first_imgClimate change may get all the attention, but it has a less-talked-about but no less troubling twin: ocean acidification. And a growing chorus of Alaskans, from shellfish growers to fishermen, are fretting about the potential impacts to the state’s waters. Now a new collaboration is aiming to bring ocean acidification into the spotlight – with the hope that better understanding it will better prepare the state to adapt.Listen nowA buoy in Seward’s Resurrection Bay measures ocean acidification parameters every three hours. (Photo courtesy Alaska Ocean Acidification Research Center)Historically, oceans are basic — that means not acidic. But about a quarter of the carbon dioxide released each year into the atmosphere is absorbed by the world’s oceans. And that changes the chemistry of the sea water, making the oceans more acidic. That, in turn makes it harder for ocean-dwellers like crab, oysters, clams, and plankton to form shells  — seriously threatening those species.Darcy Dugan is coordinator of the brand new Alaska Ocean Acidification Network — whose goal is to educate Alaskans and connect scientists across the state. She said, since the Industrial Revolution, there has been an estimated 30 percent increase in the acidity of the waters globally.“If you assume a business as usual scenario for emissions, we’d be looking at the oceans being 150 percent more acidic in 2100 — and that’s also more acidic than they’ve been in the last 20 million years,” Dugan said.The rapid change may be outpacing sea creatures’ ability to adapt. And Alaska is expected to experience acidification faster and more intensely than other global neighbors because the water here is, as scientists say ‘cold and old.’ That is, cold waters and waters from the deep sea are already more acidic.Bob Foy, director of the NOAA lab in Kodiak, holds up tanner crab, a species expected to be impacted by ocean acidification. (Photo courtesy NOAA’s Fisheries Science Center)“These waters naturally store more CO2 year round which means we’re closer to a dangerous threshold to begin with,” Dugan said. “And then as winter storms bring colder water and older water to the surface, the state can intensify.”Alaska’s Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas are all expected to move out of their historic range of variability. Dugan said the Beaufort Sea is expected to leave its natural range this decade.And that could affect Alaskans way of life. That’s because the species most affected by acidification, like plankton, support the state’s most important fish, like salmon“Right now we have a $5.8 billion seafood industry and the concern is it’s not just commercial species that might be affected by ocean acidification but the species they eat,” Dugan said. “So once you knock one part of the food chain the whole food chain could feel the effects.”Plus, she said, about half the seafood in the US come from Alaskan waters.  Dugan hopes that a better understanding of the chemistry and ecology,  will help the state respond to future changes.That’s where the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network comes in. They are working to connect scientists and communities, from Kotzebue to Sitka and share best practices between researchers for monitoring changes.  Which will enable scientists around the state to respond and adapt to major shifts in the ecosystem Alaskans depend on.In August, they will host a webinar explaining ocean acidification and its impact in Alaska and present research at the Aleutian Life Forum.last_img read more

NZ mosque attacker charged with terrorism

first_imgBrenton Tarrant, the man charged in relation to the Christchurch massacre appear in the dock charged with murder in the Christchurch District Court on 16 March 2019. Photo: AFPThe man accused of shooting dead 51 Muslim worshippers in the Christchurch mosque attacks was formally charged with terrorism for the first time on Tuesday, New Zealand police said.In addition to the terror charge, Brenton Tarrant also faces 51 charges of murder and 40 of attempted murder over the 15 March attacks that rocked the South Pacific nation.”The charge will allege that a terrorist act was carried out in Christchurch,” police said in a statement.New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has characterised the mosque killings as “a well-planned terrorist attack” since the day Tarrant, a self-described white supremacist, allegedly carried them out.But until now the charges against him were less expansive, as New Zealand’s Terrorism Suppression Act was only introduced in 2002 and is untested in the courts.Police said the decision to lay the terror charge more than two months after the attack was made following consultation with prosecutors and government legal experts.Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian, is currently in a high-security prison undergoing tests to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial for the worst massacre in modern New Zealand history.His next court appearance is scheduled for 14 June.Police said they had met survivors and victims’ families Tuesday to explain the additional charges.”Police are committed to providing all the support necessary for what will be a challenging and emotional court process to come for the victim’s families and survivors of the attack,” they said.Ahead of the shooting, Tarrant posted a rambling manifesto on social media in which he identified himself by name and described himself as a white supremacist out to avenge attacks in Europe perpetrated by Muslims.He live-streamed himself as he opened fire in the packed Al Noor mosque during Friday prayers and then travelled across town to continue the carnage in the suburban Linwood mosque.Ardern’s government tightened the country’s gun laws in the wake of the attack and has said it will review laws dealing with hate speech.It has also pushed international efforts to ensure social media giants to do more to combat online extremism, including the so-called “Christchurch Call” unveiled by world leaders and top technology firms in Paris last week.last_img read more

Colin OBJ was right to address the elephant in the room that

first_img Advertisement Odell Beckham made headlines this weekend when he bluntly addressed the poor play of Eli Manning in an ESPN interview. Many have crushed OBJ for publicly commenting on his QB to the media, but Colin thinks he was within his rights to do it.Colin has been critical of Beckham for being a head case throughout his career, but OBJ is also one of the few people in the Giants locker room who has the job security – after signing a massive new deal – to speak his mind without fear of getting cut. In this case, he was just addressing the obvious elephant in the room that is Eli’s poor play. It’s not a secret to anyone who has watched him play in the last five years.Even if the Giants and the New York media continue to treat Eli with kid gloves as his play continues to decline, Odell was right to try to address the most obvious issue with Giants. If some people don’t want to hear the truth, that’s their problem.“There’s a responsibility in football for the handful of players who can say whatever they want and not get demoted to bring up the elephant in the room.”@ColinCowherd defends Odell Beckham Jr. for his comments about Eli Manning— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) October 8, 2018last_img read more