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It refused to save our snapshot from how to love Shanghai

              how to save our snapshot, first we analyze what is the site is down right performance, so as to compensate for the loss of an antidote against the disease.

              general site outside the chain is to eliminate a great deal of two factors: "cheat" or remove the low quality of the chain, but no matter what kind of it will directly affect the site’s ranking, although the latter is not directly down the right performance. But the chain is a large number of culling is bound to affect the site ranking, here we will not do too much exposition. As for cheating site will be right down, or have been down right outside of the chain on the fluctuation must be great. And this momentum will start out until removed faster and less faster, and included in the new chain still > read more

Shanghai dragon Er how to plan a site to optimize

third, according to the website of our planning website function positioning. This stage is in fact a web development stage, we should make clear the site is the company developed its own or entrust the site, our web site design, function module partition must have a clear understanding, for example, we may need to add information site registration function and ordinary business station is only a display function can register it is not necessary.


fourth, website design must conform to the characteristics of the industry. Each type of site design style are different, such as medical site may take the green, pink color, while the industrial sites may be in blue and gray color, because of the different customer groups we need to understand the age, gender and type, for users with planning web design details as a webmaster of the necessary homework. read more

To the new owners in 2012 to enter the Shanghai dragon industry some advice

last 2012 into the Shanghai dragon industry to remind of the website is the website space space selection problem, the most important is stable, unstable space will not only cause the site to drop right, site slow, may also be at the crucial moment the ball dropped to lose a fortune head loss. The above is the basis of knowledge needed for some new friends of Shanghai dragon industry, of course, there are more of the secrets of Shanghai Longfeng people need to explore. In the new year, I wish the new and old Adsense good luck in everything, the > Xinxiangshicheng! read more

2015 open shop, sell what is the most profitable, open Taobao store what is the most profitablePPC C

store baby features:

1 system intelligent call back: through the PPC call system, mobile phone users request, the system calls back to the mobile phone users, that is, mobile phone users as called, so

shop baby’s main function is a line of work, one ring, then one ring operation.

online hands-on hands-on experience, teaching you how to get started and improve

use store baby software conditions: have their own Taobao shop, shop goods as a kind of. That’s why the baby’s software is not easy to use. On the condition, we can see that it is a software invented for Taobao’s new home. So, if you’re new to me as you were, you might as well try. read more

Gem index low innovation, China’s biggest bubble has been on the eve of the crashWangzhuan forecast

network, with the development platform of choice for Taobao shop. If you don’t have a Taobao shop, quickly get a general step is! So, you want to sell what products, even Adult supplies is also possible, and then engage in a shop in Mong Kok, is said to spend money; and then fitting, this point is very important no decoration, how line? The customer is very realistic, they will judge the degree of credibility of your shop according to the smooth degree of your wall, so you don’t have to brush, brush to find a few friends to help with the brush, brush to shone like diamonds. Finally left the promotion, do not worry about this link, it is impossible to let guest help you to do it, they are the greatest salesman in the world. read more

AD4ALL eBay registration August bonus return noticeOne night stand and multi love two years AD exper

thank you for your support of Meitong alliance!

for advertising the "more" and "one" is always the problem troubles me.

eBay registration August bonus return notice

so I went from a fling to upgrade to the polyamorous. Here, it is recommended that you arrange reasonable placement, try to put some, generally 2 to 5 is the best. So, you are not good, and the other a few well, multiple insurance

believes that this is now a lot of people, it’s like a fling, only love you one night, dawn will break up. In fact, really rely on advertising to make money is a protracted war, will not have what benefits in a short period of time. Unless your website itself is big enough. Otherwise, step by step. read more

Small family country Ampang station

in the twinkling of an eye, I have worked in the stationmaster for many years. I believe the station to be able to feed their families, to rejuvenating Ampang station.

large fish because of rejuvenating Ampang said, do not let in this talk about political topics, I will not say, probably mention Webmaster Station call on patriotic advertising and Tencent QQ Avatar Mantianhong, let me feel this sentence is really on.

station to support the family. I am a small webmaster, decided that I can only build small station. It’s like a lot of things just need a word to know what you’re doing. For example, say The woman is like the clothes, Brothers are like hands and feet., listen to this just understand oneself for so many years is the naked all flurry and confusion run in the community for many years. It suddenly occurred to the station that can support a family, so many years I really just because of interest by a website to now entered the pursuit of Wangzhuan network money. Know what you’re aiming for. read more

Give me a chance to study again


website can delete my post, will not give an explanation? I use large words in the original post is written, if you think my post is wrong, please moderator immediately notify me, I will be automatically deleted, but now, the moderator can ignore my post, put it into the recycle bin.

first looks at a set of data:

tactics established N,

day visit IP:30000, comprehensive rank: 14522, France rank: 1542

Travel Europe online, set up less than a month

day visit IP:100, comprehensive rank: 5416146, France rank: 237771 read more

Recruitment website profit is difficult, competitive ranking is short cut

is now the domestic recruitment site Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou, for so many years in order to further suppress a situation of tripartite confrontation, competitors have to keep the huge advertising investment, so profit is a problem.

The unified model

now recruitment website still is charged to the enterprise, whether the department or ordinary headhunting recruitment belong to this category, the internal logic of business is to recruit the talents they need through this platform, need to pay service fees. But we look back at the traditional job fairs. In most cases, they charge not only to enterprises, but also to ordinary job seekers. Most of them are called entry fees. The breakthrough point so profitable recruitment website is how effectively to charge users, of course, maybe they think it is too early, because no matter who is the first to implement comprehensive charges will face plundered the other two, there will not fall into eBay’s tragic ending. read more

Disillusionment Grassroots Internet thinking is not enough, and the important thing is the executive

Internet has become in the minds of many gold, so there are more and more people go into the Internet industry seems to be in a way of earning money, any of the talk about the Internet feel behind to be eliminated. At the same time, in the process, many people have achieved success that is difficult to achieve through the traditional model, so more people have a belief in the internet.

however, success is only part of a success, the reason why we feel so many internet success, no failure, at least not success not failure; it is because only those who achieve their will to share this to make more sense of achievement, and the failure of the people do not to share. For example, after a high school entrance exam, it is possible that a student who is usually very good at his or her performance is out of tune. You want him to share his usual learning experience and estimate that he doesn’t want to. Because although we often say that the results are unimportant, the important thing is the process, but the reality is that the success or failure of heroes. read more

How much shopping guide market, electricity supplier shopping guide platform survival logic is what

this article is with an electricity supplier shopping guide project discussion, combined with my understanding of some sort out, for your reference.

one, electricity supplier shopping guide market is how big

many people will have this question: how much electricity providers shopping guide market, there is no room for development? Now go in there is a chance? The best answer is digital to speak.

Taobao Tmall 2012 turnover of 1 trillion, according to 5% of the shopping guide back to the present, in theory, you can have a 50 billion commission. In 2012, Taobao alliance platform for AdSense and Taobao customers brought revenue into the breakthrough 3 billion yuan, an increase of 100%, from the mobile end of the advertising business is divided into 100 million yuan. In 2013, the Taobao affiliate program divided the station owners and Taobao customers into 5 billion. The data here has not been counted on other electronic business platforms, and other ways into the model. read more

Internet dark forest law want to live Don’t breathe!

"body" winning burst of red, really just because it depicts a universe of social science fiction, a powerful and unconstrained style? The most attractive place, often is that he used the most lustrous and dazzling way out of the earth carefully conceal mentioning the truth.

, Everyone, is, an, Island (everyone is an island)

Liu Cixin says that science fiction and the Internet industry are interlinked. Three most should be overwhelmed with admiration for the four cosmic axiom:

1, survival is the first requirement of civilization; read more

Comparing TXT novel with the analysis of the plight of audio novel download station

, compared with a large number of TXT novel download sites on the Internet, there are still few download sites for sound novels, and the development is good. Many lovers of sound fiction look around for a site that can be downloaded. Why do this kind of site than TXT novel a lot less, I think there are many factors, the following on my current

house ( faces each difficulty analysis:

1: large volume of resources

sound novel, unlike TXT novel is so small, TXT novel general KB class scale can contain a novel, big point also a few M appearance. But the sound novel is different, an ordinary novel, at least a few hundred M, and even a long N G size, which seriously restricts the sharing of resources. Few people can buy independent servers and have large bandwidth resources relative to their meager profits. I do this station is also no funds to buy the host, and had to resort to a variety of free SkyDrive. read more

Horse Grassland how to effectively capture keywords

stands for a long time, there is a feeling. Just like playing the ball, the sense of English language as a hot issue recently a keen eye catch, update the site, for the release of hot news in the first time, the fastest to provide accurate information for the majority of Internet users.

yesterday was the opening date of the national judicial examination results. In fact, the system was tested on the previous day and was open for 2.5 hours. I happen to catch up, check the scores, fortunately passed. So I wrote a feeling calmly and excitedly. Second days, check the source of key words, "national judicial exam", and some words about Scott scores similar to this query has achieved good ranking. By being happier, it is also a return of effort and the effect of practice. read more

Comparison of site traffic, professionalism, and revenue

started 07 years ago, I always thought traffic = income, of course, this is true, I think so now. But now I feel that I need to improve and improve, mainly in the flow of professional awareness. Draw conclusions, flow = income, professional flow = large income, why produce such thinking, mainly depends on my two site contrast and produce. Below I will two site development history and income process to do a certain statement, hope to give the webmaster inspiration:

07 years to start making Souyi health network, after 1 and a half years now PR5, Baidu search recorded 300 thousand, IP2 million, this station is complete a comprehensive medical health portal website. From the flow rate, not high, nor low, from the professional point of view, seems to be a very professional medical health Web site, but from the actual keyword observation, but not. The keyword source of the website is very scattered, read more

Elements of web image processing

pages can not be separated from a large number of image processing operations. There are many differences between web image processing and image processing for printing and video. Web designers should have a good command of web image processing methods and techniques. In general, the following elements should be considered.

1. format

comes in the form of a computer, simple images (such as logos and icons) are preferred in PNG format, while color rich photos must be JPEG. If the color is not large and there is no gradient, you should use the GIF format. read more