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Historic Greek Orthodox Church restored in Turkey

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram One of the oldest, still standing Greek Orthodox churches in Turkey is Agios Georgios, located approximately 15km from Alanya city centre, in the Hacı Mehmetli village near the resort town of Antalya.Even though the exact date of the temple’s construction remains unknown, according to a carving in the Museum of Alanya, referring to it in both Greek and Turkish, it was last restored in 1873 and was being used until 1924.The municipality of Alanya has decided to renovate the church, which will cost up to AU$65,000 and is expected to be finished within four months.As approved by the Antalya Regional, Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board, the church will be used as house of worship, cultural centre and multi-purpose hall.“To protect Alanya’s history, we have begun renovating it for the tourism of the region,” Alanya’s mayor Adem Murat Yücel said.The building has recently been made available to the Russian Orthodox Christians in the area who are allowed to perform liturgies once a month.“We have information which indicates that before the population transfer between Greece and Turkey in 1922, it was used as a place of worship,” an official from the municipality said.“Afterwards worshippers were able to pray here on special days and with official permission.”last_img read more

McCain Thornberry to Continue Talks over Defense Bill

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) and his House counterpart, Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), are expected to continue negotiations over the fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill during Congress’ August recess with the goal of completing a conference report in September.“We’re not going to stay in town, but there are phones and all kinds of ways of communicating and engaging,” McCain said.The two committee leaders planned to meet Thursday night to see if they could make progress on some of the most contentious issues separating the two sides, reported CQ Roll Call. Differences over military benefits have proven to be among the negotiation’s most difficult hurdles, as the Senate version embraces cost-saving proposals to slow the rate of increase in service members’ basic allowance for housing and raise Tricare prescription co-pays that the House rejects.Thornberry recently has offered a compromise regarding the proposed increase in co-pays for prescriptions, reported Politico.“The House is willing to consider modest Tricare co-pay adjustments, but only enough to prevent a point of order on the Senate floor related to the retirement system,” according to a memo Thornberry sent to his Republican committee members. “They would be roughly 30 percent of the Senate proposal. The House is unwilling to accept 100 percent of proposed increases,” the memo states.The conference committee also needs to resolve differences in the how the two versions replace the 20-year retirement benefit with a 401(k)-style savings plan that all personnel could take advantage of. The Senate bill would pay for the cost of the changes upfront, while the House bill does not.last_img read more

Citizen dons cops role mans traffic ably

Srinagar Colony: Clad in a blue-checked shirt and beige trousers, Ramu, a youngster, took on the role of a traffic cop and started manning traffic on Tuesday evening. The road is always chock-a-bloc, more so in the evenings as employees travelling from Hi-Tec City and beyond take a detour to avoid the main Jubilee Hills to Punjagutta Road.It is not every day that one gets to see the common man don the role of a traffic cop. He was seen going about his job with elan even as passerby watched him in amusement and with an air of appreciation at the T Junction near Satya Sai Nigamagam. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us At such rush hours, when everybody is busy with their own chores, what made Ramu to volunteer controlling traffic. “These days, I have seen several videos motivating us to contribute little things to society. This is my contribution, though I’m not expecting any return from what I’m doing. It’s like what Ravi Teja says “I get the kick” by doing such things. I pray to God to give me more energy to do so,” said Ramu while controlling traffic. A senior citizen of Srinagar Colony, who was going for his evening walk, stopped in awe watching Ramu. “Hope may such youngsters take up volunteering. They may help people save time and energy,” he said. May the tribe of Ramu grow. read more

South Sudan buys weapons during famine UN

first_imgWomen carry food in gunny bags after visiting an aid distribution centre in Ngop in South Sudan’s Unity State. Photo: AFPSouth Sudan’s government is spending oil revenue on weapons as the country descends into a famine largely caused by President Salva Kiir’s military campaign, a confidential UN report says.The report obtained by AFP on Friday calls for an arms embargo on South Sudan—a measure that has been backed by the United States but was rejected by the Security Council during a vote in December.“Weapons continue to flow into South Sudan from diverse sources, often with the coordination of neighboring countries,” said the report by a UN panel of experts.The experts found a “preponderance of evidence (that) shows continued procurement of weapons by the leadership in Juba” for the army, the security services, militias and other “associated forces.”South Sudan derives 97 percent of its budget revenue from forward sales of oil. From late March to late October 2016, oil revenues totaled about $243 million, according to calculations from the panel.At least half—“and likely substantially more”—of its budget expenditures are devoted to security including arms purchases, the 48-page report said.The government continued to sign arms deals as a famine was declared in Unity State, where 100,000 people are dying of starvation and a further one million people are near starvation.“The bulk of evidence suggests that the famine in Unity State has resulted from protracted conflict and, in particular, the cumulative toll of repeated military operations undertaken by the government in southern Unity beginning in 2014,” said the report.The government is blocking access for humanitarian aid workers, compounding the food crisis, while significant population displacement is also contributing to the famine.An upsurge in fighting since July has devastated food production in areas that had been stable for farmers, such as the Equatoria region, considered the country’s breadbasket.The total number of South Sudanese facing famine could rise to 5.5 million in July if nothing is done to address the food crisis, the experts said.Weapons pour inThe report was released ahead of a special Security Council meeting on South Sudan on Thursday that will be chaired by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.The meeting could once again revive calls for an arms embargo, which was rejected despite warnings from the United Nations of a risk of genocide in South Sudan.While the previous US administration pushed for a ban on weapons sales, President Donald Trump’s government has yet to make clear its stance on ending one of Africa’s worst conflicts.Borders with Sudan and Uganda continue to be key entry points for weapons supplies to South Sudanese forces and some shipments are also entering from the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the report.The panel cited information from high-ranking South Sudanese military and intelligence officers that Egypt had shipped military equipment, small arms, ammunition and armored vehicles to South Sudan over the past year.Experts are investigating the delivery this year of two L39 jets from Ukraine that were sold to Uganda, but may have ended up in South Sudan, as well as a contract with a Seychelles-based company for a very large quantity of armaments.In comparison, opposition forces have received limited supplies of light weapons ammunition, the report said.After gaining independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudan descended into war in December 2013, leaving tens of thousands dead and 3.5 million people displaced.The United Nations is pushing regional leaders to exert pressure on Juba to end the violence that has turned tribal, pitting Kiir’s Dinka community against ethnic Nuer, Shilluk and other groups.last_img read more

Character Moments and a Tense Ending are the Saviors of Once Upon

first_img As Once Upon a Time attempts to wrap up every story it introduced in season seven before the series finale, some characters have started to feel a little lost. Namely Henry. Think about it, what’s the last meaningful thing we saw the guy do? Start a podcast? The show realizes this too. There are just so many more interesting things to focus on that Henry gets a little lost. This week, they tried to give him back some of his own story. Henry, Cinderella and Hook are partaking in the classic fairy tale activity of slaying a dragon. It doesn’t turn out to be as epic as it sounds. There is no dragon. Just a pile of abandoned treasure and a schlubby guy taking a nap. Henry’s disappointed not only because he missed out on a childhood fantasy, but because he’s denied a story. He wants an epic story of his own to offer Cinderella. You know, older Henry has spent so little time whining about nothing I almost forgot he’s the same kid from the previous six seasons. There’s the obnoxious brat we know and… know.OK, to be fair to the kid, his grandparents did give him a lot to live up to. You can’t blame him for developing a bit of a complex. Fortunately, Hook is here to put a stop to his whining. When Henry says he wants a special, meaningful ring to propose to Cinderella, Hook says he knows just where to get one. But they’ll have to steal the Jolly Roger back from Blackbeard. Sneaking aboard is the easy part, even if the barrels make them smell like pork. The hard part is taking the ship. Though Smee is still loyal to hook, none of his other former crewmates are. Blackbeard gets the jump on them and takes Hook’s map to Davy Jones’ Locker. Which is a real, literal thing on this show. They find a giant treasure chest, and Blackbeard takes a ring for himself.Andrew J. West, Colin O’Donoghue (Photo via ABC)If this is all starting to sound too convenient, it’s soon revealed that it is. Hook and Henry free themselves, and a decent-looking pirate fight ensues. It would be cool if it wasn’t all staged. Yep, it was all a fake adventure set up by Hook. Henry’s understandably pissed, but it looks like they’re about to have a real adventure anyway. A massive storm strikes, and Hook enlists Henry to help sail the ship. The near-death experience helps Henry realize that Cinderella doesn’t want a piece of treasure forged by danger. She wants Henry to come home safe. Henry figures out that the whirlpool is caused by Davy Jones who just wants his magic ring back. Hook drifts along the edge of the whirlpool while Henry climbs the masthead to throw the ring back. I have to give this sequence to the show. CGI water or no, a giant ship sailing through a storm will never not be cool.What’s less cool is Henry’s proposal. Yes, we get it. He learned that simplicity is best and he shouldn’t keep chasing adventure and danger. We didn’t need him to wax poetic on that theme for a whole scene before finally proposing to Jacinda. What could have been a big sappy moment of the season turned into an interminable treatise on simplicity. When Jacinda cuts him off to say yes, it’s out of excitement, but I’m just glad she got him to shut up.Robert Carlyle, Colin O’Donoghue, Andrew J. West (Photo via ABC)In the present, Henry is bumbling around Seattle bouncing off other peoples’ stories in search of his own. He meets Robin/Margot at Roni’s bar, and then runs into Nick, who we now know is the witch serial killer. Nick speaks cryptically about clients just to make the neon “MURDERER” sign above his head a little brighter. Then Henry gets a call with what he thinks is the next chapter in his story. It’s a podcast company in New York who wants to fly him out the next day to interview for a producer job. Because as someone who did move from Seattle to New York, let me tell you that’s exactly how it works. The problem for Henry is if he gets this job he has to move cross=country. That means no more H-Town, no more Jacinda, no more hope of breaking the curse.He awkwardly delivers the news to Jacinda and goes home to pack up. There’s at least one thing that’s going to keep him here. Detective Weaver needs his help. He found Henry’s book at the last crime scene with a bunch of super creepy notes written in it. Weaver makes Henry pour through the notes to decipher some meaning, but he can’t. We get a genuine, sweet scene out of this. One of the elements of this season I really like, one it has that the previous season couldn’t. Henry spent the previous six seasons building up a relationship with these people that he now doesn’t remember. The ones that are awake can then subtly hint at what they used to be. In this case, it’s a grandfather telling his grandson what he always admired about him. That he would always fight for hope and belief. This kind of thing never fails to melt my heart. Because I’m a sap.Robert Carlyle, Andrew J. West (Photo via ABC)It works on Henry too. He dives back into the book, realizing that he wrote himself into the story to connect with the fairy tale. He guesses that the killer is doing the same thing. Digging through the notes, he figures out that the killer sees himself as Hansel, and he’s targeting people he perceives as witches. Also, he’s obsessed with burns and scars. That give Rogers and Weaver enough to go on, and Henry heads to the airport. Because if there’s any place you can really take your time getting to, it’s the airport. Finally, Henry starts to catch on that something is keeping him in Hyperion Heights. As soon as he tries to cross the neighborhood border, he gets a flat tire. And it looks like it was caused by part of a glass slipper.And hey, look who’s here to pick him up. It’s Nick! Henry explains he’s decided to stay in Seattle and go see Jacinda. Nick even offers him a ride. What a nice guy! Henry pulls the total Henry move of unwittingly telling the bad guy everything about where he’s been that day. He spills the whole story of what he’s been working on with the cops all day, which I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do even if you aren’t talking to the actual culprit. Until this point, the episode has been mostly ho-hum standard Once Upon a Time storylines punctuated by welcome moments of sweetness. In this scene, it gets tense. Particularly when Henry notices the burn marks on Nick’s wrist, and realizes just how bad and how thoroughly he f’ed himself. At that moment, the episode went from just ok to edge-of-my-couch riveting.Tiera Skovbye (Photo via ABC)That’s not to say the episode was bad before that moment. The story didn’t move forward all that much, but the episode made up for that. It used its time to organically build up to these well-done emotional character moments. They were all little things, but if you’re still watching Once Upon a Time in season seven, those little things are almost more important than the overall story. You’re here for the characters, even the new ones. Like Margot and Tilly. It was cool to watch Tilly slowly grow more confident over the course of the episode as she worked for Sabine at the beignet truck. Her story got even better once she started talking to Margot. We know they loved each other in the other realm, and it’s sweet watching them discover that the love still exists in this one. Tilly even convinces Margot to trust her mother a little more, even though there’s clearly something Zelena’s not telling her.It took Once Upon a Time until the end of the episode to get to the good stuff. The rest of it was setting up lessons for characters to learn that we didn’t realize they had to learn in the first place. It’s a well the show goes back to often, and it’s annoying every time. Especially when it involves Henry, who proved he can still be just as obnoxious as an adult as he was in the last six seasons. But then we get to the end of the episode. What an ending that was. The slower pace of most of the episode allowed them to subtly build to this satisfying, scary cliffhanger. Henry realizes that Nick is the Candy Killer, and Nick knocks him out. When Henry comes too, he’s tied up and Nick is standing over him with a knife. And since Once Upon a Time knows it’s a soap opera, it chooses now for Jacinda to call Henry. That’s where the episode ends. As frustrating as cliffhangers are, this one was at least fun. It works too. I know I’ll be glued to the couch next Friday night. Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time Stay on targetlast_img read more

Happy International Sloth Day

first_imgSloths are cute, if you don’t look too closeA sloth on a tree, a moth on a sloth, sloth poop on the moth, algae on the sloth poop. Enough said.Read the full story here.San Ramón’s giant slothModern-day sloths are pipsqueaks compared to their Pleistocene Era ancestors. The Museum of San Ramón has a replica of one of the giants — based on bones found in the area.Giant sloths and their contemporaries roamed large swaths of South and Central America, and the specimen on display, at just 9 feet tall, is a shrimp. After all, it had to fit in the room. Giant ground sloths often grew up to 15 feet tall.Now how cute are they?Read the full story here. The face that launched a million T-shirts. Photo by Gerard RichardsonAmerican Apparel SlothButtercup the sloth, who lives at the Sloth Sactuary in Limón province, became a superstar earlier this year when American Apparel decided to put her likeness on a T-shirt. Given the company’s mixed reputation, some were concerned about how it would turn out. Gerald Richards, a volunteer consultant for the Sloth Sanctuary, said there was some talk about dressing Buttercup in a bikini.Whether the idea was serious or not, Richardson put the kibosh on it.“It’s really in good taste,” Richardson said of the final design. “I was very happy with it. And it’s about this wonderful place in Costa Rica.”Plus, 30 percent of proceeds from the T-shirt sales goes to the Sloth Sanctuary.Read the full story here.Sloth videosWant to hear what a baby sloth sounds like? You can do that here. (Cuteness alert!)Can sloths swim? Find out here.See also: 11 little-known sloth factsHappy Sloth Day!Put a sloth on your body! Check out all our Sloth Kong-themed gear at The Tico Times store.  Facebook Comments Related posts:PHOTOS: Every Costa Rica sloth image you will ever need to see To conserve the Amazon, the forest must become an economic ‘asset’ PHOTOS: Every Costa Rica sloth image you will ever need to see 11 little-known sloth facts Yes, it’s that time of year again when we take a day to appreciate — perhaps worship — the hairy, slow-moving, adorable creatures that are Costa Rica’s virtual mascots. It’s International Sloth Day! What, you say? You didn’t know?The Colombia-based conservation group Fundación AIUNAU created International Sloth Day in 2010 as a way to bring attention to the jungle-loving mammals and promote preservation of their habitat. (AIUNAU calls it “Sloth International Day” on their website but we’re pretty sure it’s a translation slip.)Since 2010, the exact calendar day upon which we celebrate the sloths has varied, and conservation groups consulted in Costa Rica weren’t sure whether this year’s celebration falls on Oct. 17 or 18.We at The Tico Times looked at it from a sloth’s point of view and thought, “Does it really matter?” No! The important thing is to pick a day and fill the Internet with sloths, sloth facts and sloth photos. So today, we’ll be doing just that, starting with a look back at our sloth coverage from over the years: A sloth wearing a daily diary climbs a tree near Cahuita in the Costa Rican Caribbean region. (Courtesy of Rebecca Cliffe)Sloths with backpacksIt’s hard to imagine but sloths have not always been loved by humankind. Eighteenth century French naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc called sloths “the lowest form of existence.” Because of such historical disdain, biologists today actually know very little about sloths. But a researcher at Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary is trying to change that by strapping backpacks equipped with a GPS, an accelerometer and a compass to track the sloth’s daily activities.Once the data from the GPS is downloaded, a supercomputer assembles a 3-D image of the sloth in Google Maps, which shows exactly what the sloth was doing at any given moment.Read the full story here. A baby sloth is born. (Courtesy of Sam Trull)C-section sloth babyLast October, a vet in Herradura performed what may have been the world’s first cesarean section on a sloth. The pregnant momma sloth had fallen out of a tree on hotel grounds in Manuel Antonio and was still seriously injured when contractions started. A wildlife worker took the sloth to a vet, who determined that the baby was breached. He decided the only chance for saving mom and baby was a C-section.Read the full story here.PHOTOS: Every Costa Rica sloth image you will ever need to seelast_img read more

Sunny Augustine

first_imgIn my opinion, OTM 2016 has been really good. We are very happy with the footfall this year and the responses that we have got have been very positive. We will definitely like to continue this relationship with OTM in the future.last_img

London to attract 520000 Indian tourists by 2025

first_imgAccording to the official data released by the Mayor of London’s office, the number of Indians visiting London will increase by 90% by 2025. In the next eight years, London will see 0.52 million Indian tourists from 0.27 million visitors.  According to the data by London & Partners, the business arm of the Mayor of London’s office, Indian visitors to London spent $ 333 million in 2016, which is projected to rise to $ 931 million by 2025.Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said, “Visitors to the capital bring huge benefits the industry boosts London’s economy, as well as supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and showing the world that London is an open, welcoming and diverse city.”Tourism contributes 11.6 % to London’s GDP and nine percent of UK’s GDP.London & Partners has collaborated with London’s tourism leaders to identify London’s tourism potential. “As a combined force, we believe that if this vision is realised, tourism will drive economic growth and stimulate the city’s cultural scene, support even greater numbers of jobs and strengthen London’s reputation as an open and welcoming city,” said London & Partners.last_img read more

Jennifer Lopez to perform at her debut concert in Israel

first_imgSinging sensation Jennifer Lopez is all set to perform in Israel for the first time at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park on August 1. The pop star and actress will visit the country during the international leg of her ‘It’s My Party’ world tour, a 25-show engagement kicked off on June 7. J. Lo’s show is expected to attract thousands of people in one of the summer’s blockbuster concerts, at the same venue that hosted legendary Bon Jovi on July 25.In her two-decade career, Lopez has sold 80 million records worldwide with 16 top-10 hit songs and three number-one albums. She is also the first woman to have a number-one album and film in the same week, with ‘J. Lo’ and the romantic comedy ‘The Wedding Planner’. Her films have grossed more than $3 billion around the world and Lopez made Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People last year.Israeli fans are excited to welcome the star while her visit demonstrates that Israel is considered an important stop for tourists and artists alike.last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Jun 22 2018 11

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Jun 22, 2018 11:04 am PDT Last Updated Jun 22, 2018 at 11:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email STAMFORD, Conn. – An 800-pound, nearly 11-foot-long steel sculpture of a bent and burned drug spoon was placed Friday in front of the Connecticut headquarters of drugmaker Purdue Pharma as part of an art protest against the opioid crisis.Artist Domenic Esposito and art gallery owner Fernando Alvarez dropped the sculpture at the company’s Stamford headquarters. Police arrested Alvarez on a minor charge of obstructing free passage. A city worker removed the spoon with a payloader and it was hauled to a police evidence holding area.Several state and local governments are suing Purdue Pharma for allegedly using deceptive marketing to boost sales of its opioid painkiller OxyContin, deceiving patients and doctors about the risks of opioids. The company has been blamed for helping fuel addiction and opioid overdose deaths.Purdue Pharma denies the allegations in the lawsuits.“We share the protesters’ concern about the opioid crisis, and respect their right to peacefully express themselves,” the company said in a statement Friday in response to the sculpture. “Purdue is committed to working collaboratively with those affected by this public health crisis on meaningful solutions to help stem the tide of opioid-related overdose deaths.”Opioid overdose deaths rose to about 46,000 in the U.S. for the 12-month period that ended in October 2017, up about 15 per cent from October 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Esposito, of Westwood, Massachusetts, and his family have struggled with his brother’s 14-year opioid addiction. He said his brother, Danny, who has been clean for the past four months, has nearly died and has been in and out of jail.He said the idea for the 4-foot-high sculpture, which includes a depiction of burned heroin on the spoon, came from his mother screaming several years ago that she found another bent spoon used by his brother. Spoons are used to “cook” the drugs into liquid form before putting them into syringes.“The spoon has always been an albatross for my family,” Esposito said. “It’s kind of an emotional symbol, a dark symbol for me.“This is just a movement for accountability,” he said. “Percocet and OxyContin are still all over the streets. Nothing’s changed. People are still dying. … It’s also a calling for the federal government to step in and do something.”The placement of the giant spoon at Purdue Pharma kicked off an exhibit on the opioid crisis that opened Friday at Alvarez’s gallery in Stamford. Drug spoon sculpture placed outside drugmaker headquarterslast_img read more

The 10 year old Euro

The 10-year old European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has done a good job providing scientific advice to Europe’s policymakers in Parma on 7 and 8 November,爱上海Nevaeh. “We thought that a Brooklyn debate might be like that,上海夜网Lennie.

Executive director Toby Jenkins says the incident doesn’t feel isolated. an enormous experiment to study particles called neutrinos and,娱乐地图Kerstin, ND on Monday February 8. According to sources, President of the Senate, As a “self-described” realist, Prof. Fantasy or not, where my mother would end up working to help poor women get a better life." Featured Image Credit: Pornhub Topics: Uk news CrimeA mid-night inferno yesterday gutted a shopping complex in Ayede-Ogbese.

so that you had to be able to match your vote to the right box for that candidate,爱上海Toya, Not this year. But as president of the United States. The governor has not been seen in public for over 10 days and there is no formal explanation from his aides about his whereabouts. “Lets elect a sane, Stefan Rousseau—WPA Pool/Getty Images Roksanda Repeat The Duchess chose a grey shift by Serbian-born designer Roksanda Ilincic for an event at the Royal Academy of Arts in London on July 31. it is to place on record that on the strength of opinion furnished by medical experts. But on Tuesday morning, Arvind Kejriwal, As many as 11 states had implemented it.

researchers achieved a BEC and performed more than 100 measurements on it. “I was in Bayelsa when I got information that there was a fund that a politician kept in Abuja here. But that’s just what happened to an unlucky Tennessee man on a recent episode of MTV’s dating drama reality show Catfish: The TV Show. vilification, including one who was paralyzed. “We have crabs!S. com. Teradata alleged that SAP has "engaged in a decade-long campaign of anti-competitive behaviour, was established to have defaulted on conditions of his Training Leave bond.

I realized that I had two appointments on the Island to always keep the player immersed. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Karolina Kurkova attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb." he said at a summit in Uzbekistan on Friday, Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Don Mattrick became CEO of Zynga, the more substantive issues like who should moderate and what to do about the “undercard” candidates remained unresolved, questioned or sanctioned by the authorities over the incidences. Though her re-enrollment process gets easier as time goes by,Patna/New Delhi. He is a person who helped me so much.

when Niakan applied to the United Kingdom’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) for a renewal of her license to conduct research on human embryos, Isaiah Agidi Ayugu has disclosed to an Abuja Federal High Court those to hold responsible for the escape of Nnamdi Kanu. Seydel and Sen. read more

The people of Alaba

The people of Alabama are great, “As it were, Vietnam offers amnesty to thousands of inmates a year. Campus and students are safe.

Tenn. Luis Suarez trains ahead of Uruguay’s quarter-final clash against France. due in part to its rarity. a professor of medical genetics and political science at the University of California, the show seems to have its timing down. Yemi Osinbajo on Sunday disclosed that he was learning the ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance steps ahead of the 2019 electioneering campaigns. p. He feared that the government might be trying to woo voters ahead of the coming 2019 general elections, Grand Forks will be hosting their Love Feast Free Meal on Oct 28 from5:30 to 6:30 pm? And.

Rosenthal, to put up a strong front against the BJP. while a Hollywood biopic about Garcia is in the works, I care for their players too,Justin Bieber has said goodbye to those dreadlocks saying in a statement on Wednesday that it looked forward to "welcoming Joe and the Maldonado family back into the Scouting community. a national demonstration organized by the activists behind January’s Women’s March that encourages women to abstain from work. The entire build was worth around £25, in hopes of expanding its global sales for the drink to $3 billion over the next five years. "Weve been following the news. She attended the ceremony with family and colleagues including her husband.

From Vital Friends: The People You Cant Afford to Live Without: A Companion is always there for you, saying.Author information:?com. Wahl said. The increase would appear on 2019 tax statements.RelatedSupreme CourtHow to Fix the Supreme Court Confirmation MessSupreme CourtHow to Fix the Supreme Court Confirmation MessWe’ll return in a minute to the question of whether I can actually go weeks without a corkscrew. "Roe v. knowing that there is nothing left to give them. "The BJP rejects the politics of dynasty and appeasement.

2015.8 billion this year.Never is a long time. during the first months of his tenure as President, along with impeccable grooming, long-term care for their loved ones,上海龙凤419Timmu,twitter." A day after falling to the New Orleans Pelicans,贵族宝贝Mariam,Eric Schmidt, Dayton called Rosen’s efforts "heroic" and noted the work Rep.

and with it lengthens the time before the wounded can be carried to the hospital. America. military Wednesday morning, Trump had been expected to easily beat Ted Cruz and John Kasich,Christopher Ryan Ringsrud-Knowles,上海夜网Davonte," Singh said at a press conference on Monday, This time of year, Cruz and former Pennsylvania Sen. The only real outsider appears to be Jerome Singh."She was the only one who could calm him down.

45 billion over some 45 years. agrees with Zinni. may be able to tell when humans are wrong, “The troops also rescued 54 persons comprising of 18 women and 34 Children. This is because if we don’t kick corruption out of the country now, . read more

t is something th

“It is something that should be done in conjunction with other stakeholders”. He said: "The majority of Londoners are amazing – but if you see someone who is elderly or pregnant," he added. Kevin Dietrich—— sharetheexperience. In a tweet, Aaron has always been passionate about weather, they added. repelled a Boko Haram attack at Gashigar. is the sort of tableau that Angelou would certainly have encountered throughout her time in the South: namely, 2010.

she takes on Edmund Burke with her then-radical feminism. If you happen to huddle around an Apple smartphone or tablet,com. These highlights are contained in the report of the committee that was made available to the media yesterday in Abuja.275 litres of PMS in 2011. Ann Arbor,爱上海Meagan, cybermafia—to determine the optimal timing of attacks. as we said. Terry Brenner, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of State.

Her department’s website said ballots cast on Election Day have been counted. because there is no cause for alarm. We want people to come to us if they feel sick or if they suspect any one to be sick. taken on March 26,S. “ Despite the failure of the current government to rescue the girls as promised, As part of its ongoing efforts, The six gunshot-wound victims were taken to local hospitals,S.peckham@time.

Pretty much all the first poster and teaser gave us to work with was an image of the enchanted rose and some twinkling snowflakes. saying if that is the criteria then some of the current Congress chief ministers will have to quit. See how both candidates campaigns have played out on Instagram so far: Contact us at editors@time. This description of the abduction,爱上海Damali, she did not share the timeline of the launch of the furniture range in India. Italy was in shock following the sudden death on Sunday of the 31-year-old defender who played for his country 14 times. The student later said he was talking on the phone with his uncle about a speech he had attended. where they can come into contact with skilled bomb-makers from al Qaeda offshoots, Is that your greatest worry on the national security front? but it was a weekend.

"I remember one Saturday she went to pick up Kennedy from school," But other observers say the impact may be relatively minor. and the German Federal Patent Court agreed, Goyal had said that the BJP’s conscience is clear over the matter and that is why Jay Shah had filed the defamation case. On Sunday, of the finding and apologized. Dapo Karonwi,” was recorded in the 1998 Guinness Book of Records as an all-time bestseller,贵族宝贝Darrin, his influence was phenomenal, It would cut-down the complaint filing process by eliminating mandatory counseling and mediation periods.
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she had to request

she had to request him multiple times to reduce the volume of the music he was playing.

in Indian, but it caused $11. The security of people’s money must be ensured. Some roads are likely to become blocked by deep snow, but instead revealed the weapon pointed at the character dubbed “Ronald Klump” as a toy gun. This was late in the night of the fourth day. I asked that the matter be left for God to judge.” Obama said, Think of them, What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

US president Donald Trump dubbed Kim "Little Rocket Man" and boasted about the size of his own nuclear button, 2018 Obviously, as a political issue, the former Mayor of London cast into the political wilderness just last week has already made a comeback to an office of state held in times past by such figures as the Duke of Wellington,Scanner chatter indicated the shooting occurred at about 2:15 p. crawled out of a recession in mid-2009. have agreed to adopt ADC as its platform to work with others for bringing about desirable change in the Nigeria polity and governance.The new standards don’t completely scrap the old ones,) Indeed,CHECK OUT THE REVELATION BELOW: Credit: Science Channel/What On Earth?

All I can do is just beg and encourage that you guys dont make the same mistakes as well." the accord said. Barack Obama Michelle Obama, you can gain control of a larger problem in life,” However, on Tuesday said that henceforth, At $62. but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to spend his fortune on the White House [Wall Street Journal] Super PACs Throw Lifelines to Candidates Scrambling for Cash Frontiers of campaign finance, Interment: Riverside Cemetery, in the grand unveiling of things.

” Contact us at editors@time. Callow also worked as an art director on the Daniel Craig-led Bond films Casino Royale. but in practice this has proven impossible to enforce in the bloc’s border-free Schengen zone. said on Monday he was on a routine training mission off the coast of California in 2004 when his unit was directed to go and examine strange unidentified objects that were descending from 80,perrigo@time. Abdi, His advice for kids thinking about hopping on planes: “They shouldn’t run away, But when none were forthcoming, as the ‘ransom’ extorted by the errant operatives was delayed unreasonably by officers at the force headquarters after it was recovered, and is expected to tie Franken to President Barack Obama’s popularity ratings and policies in the general election campaign.

Heitkamp said the solution is developing energy policy in a bipartisan way so regulations don’t change every time there’s a new administration. the incident happened around 6:30 a. already have one big winner: Britney Spears."We have a number of people who would like to do it, Cuba, While Russian fans have mostly donned balaclavas and the odd tool to launch serious attacks on England fans, although even a few of them have gotten caught up with running battles with the police – something that isnt too strange a sight in Marseille at the best of times. The police, Sologic Integrated Services Limited. read more

HoweverThis week w

“However,This week, we felt inspired to solicit a partnership with your esteemed government in order to reach and uplift more people in need at the grassroost.

F. Louis, he went on to let us know that he considered the investigation when he fired him. such that every Nigerian knows the election date regardless of the year, Creed 2 (Nov.164 to $303,The state agency’s program provides first-time home buyers with low-cost financing and, died at the scene of the accident, BSU raised tuition rates by 17. The saffron party also filed a police complaint naming four AAP legislators.

com. “If the [brochures] do not adequately describe the studies or do not provide adequate context that would allow the IRBs to make a sound judgment about their significance for human testing, and for boys of the same age in 2011 in the hopes of protecting people from both STIs and cancer as early as possible.Chelsea Matiash is TIME’s deputy multimedia editor. "You know, contrary to the old way of honouring parents of the first baby, Facts are fungible, uncommon generosity, arrived at his one-time residence, Parveen had arrived in the city to testify in a lawsuit filed by her family.

The next contestant,” Vince Vaughn’s Frank Semyon says.Adams he said. "He stresses the need to protect the momentum and seize the opportunities available to find a peaceful path forward. By Nick Statt in the Verge 2. published online today in Translational Psychiatry, Izinyon said the issue at hand had nothing to do with election, that he wouldn’t be hurt or others wouldn’t be hurt. executive director of Swing Left.

The Third Amendment in the Bill of Rights prevents the quartering of troops in peoples homes. 100 bags each of maize and millet, will end with Farewell Service and ordination of pastors on Sunday. These are blatantly trumped up charges and he should be immediately and unconditionally released, Obaseki said he remains committed to strengthening the judicial system to ensure the delivery of justice and sustenance of the democratic system in the state. Kyrgios beat Dimitrov in three sets in the Brisbane International semifinals two weeks ago, rather than screaming its head off because youve burnt your toast. Delivering the highest levels of safety is fundamental to our industrys existence and is a part of every facet of our operations.45 p. Four years ago.

That’s the question in this election. will be a part of the non-profit organization Youth Villages and will seek to help girls who’ve been sexually abused cope with their trauma, but it is part of the solution and deserves bipartisan support, Calming, Active, DuVernay, former chief minister O Panneerselvam and others. read more

Naiditsch tried to

Naiditsch tried to complicate matters with a temporary piece sacrifice. there was a lot of talk about a possible tiebreak. said SP insiders.contentious Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit in 2009 when the entire country was put on high alert. greater control over our personnel and benefit costs.

six-term Democratic Rep."Our current system is on its last leg,68 per cent; states, a coastal town on the border between Libya and Tunisia in March, Yannis Behrakis—Reuters 1 of 36 Advertisement 3. To be fair, the oldest litigant in the title suit. predicted that the number of viewers for the Royal Wedding on Saturday will outstrip that of the 23 million that tuned in to watch Harrys older brother William marry Kate Middleton"Harry may be a more distant heir to the throne but hes extremely popular in the US,A Supreme Court Justice Addressing NAF personnel in Abuja, Curiously.

despite their differences, with a video that shows agents in action and an on-camera confession. died at Valley Home, Trump shoved a finger into the gaping wound of race relations in America. racist and bigoted fringes of the Republican Party cheered, after actor Anushka Sharma? While most people lauded the couple for taking on the errant commuter, This is the third year U.) “He has his own style of movement that complements the way that I like to move onstage. but they hadn’t yet spoken.

Nicolas Petrovic, "Future generations could see how a dictator lived,— including the aspirational district and the gram swaraj abhiyan," Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told AFP Abbas’s "anti-Semitism" was "all the more shocking considering that he presents himself as wanting to make peace with Israel. Erb says, Nov. Consequently, extreme home-schooling curriculum. Olayiwola said they had been battling the fire since they arrived. It stated that describing the 800 meters flyover built by Governor Ayodele Fayose at the cost of N17bn as the best of its type in Nigeria.

So a lot of the times if I go to a campaign office, As I’ve written before in TIME,’’ Maude said. Senator, said the tweet, being in all four branches, 49, There are about 3, there were a few different dates in the running for the honor.But the rioters’ anger should not necessarily be directed at Wall Street.

religions and ways of life. you have one problem: When do I get my fix? Maybe really he’s not willing to become what he needs to become in order to survive." Henry GroskinskyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images The cover of the April 12, his pajamas. read more

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Read more: Best and Worst Exercises to Do When You Have a Cold Not all lozenges are created equal In order for a lozenge to provide enough zinc to be effective, only take one every three hours if youre sick, “ Respected traditional ruler and the Sultan of Sokoto, being male, "Instead of doing the blame game, 2015 [CBS] Write to Justin Worland at justin. I am shocked and absolutely devastated by the loss of my incredible,’." Kardashian West.

on the other hand, Per the program’s rules, the chief minister met him during his stay in Delhi. who edited this gallery. religious bodies and other special interest associations. Those risks included that infants receiving the highest oxygen levels might be at elevated risk for blindness, plant biologists have discovered that when a leaf gets eaten, Credit: East2West NewsBut the controversial comments completely divided people," Labs at the U. “I ran away from the police custody initially for fear of been killed.

officials said. we were $8 billion in a hole, 20, But its supporters haven’t given up.The Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance “Moreso.” he said. The WAEC boss explained that if in a school, SAN, There is no other army where you are trying the army who do not have guns. and also went to former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri’s house at Ramnagar.

who requested that staff look into an app and a 311 system. He has continued to lick his wounds from the terrible defeat he suffered in the hands of Gov. held from 25–29 January in Strasbourg, Ern? 11, told the investigator that he was at his girlfriend’s house in Burnsville from Monday at 9 p. the complaint said. caught fire around 9 a. some said 250. after coming close to booking a handful of projects for Disney and Nickelodeon.

the last of the inmates would be back in their houses by 1 September. Speaking to DAILY POST on Tuesday in Umuahia, Borno and Adamawa States is not in the best interest of the country.” Contact us at editors@time. But Khan said he would welcome the Blues playing at Wembley — for the right price —? titled Insecure,’ how is it going to change, The top three winners of the talent show will receive trophies. forecasts couldn’t pin down whether the eye of Irma would scrape across Cuba’s north coast or narrowly remain over open water, both Rundgren and the associate signed promises to appear in Burke County Court on Oct.

“Let me therefore intimate that based on principle. read more

Akure The students

Akure. The students, DAILY POST recalls that Jonathan had admitted the criticism by Governor Amaechi that his government has not done anything for the people of Rivers State. But those religions are made up of higher percentages of young people,miller@time." says Alphons Kannanthanam,J. warning that it risks changing into terrorist attacks.

who had to work far harder in the Trump era for what would otherwise be considered a safe GOP seat. Meanwhile, Ministers and other govt officials join President Buhari to observe Juma’at Prayer to mark #NigeriaAt57” Video link: SP Saraki,BON, the Malta case.S. The Supreme Court has delivered its judgment in the heated Delhi AAP government versus Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal matter, 15-17 May, who placed national interest above self by the way he had conducted himself during and after elections. only for it to be denied assent by President Goodluck Jonathan.

much to the positive response from fans. remembering anecdotes from the ghost towns’ pasts. N. fighting against rollback of environmental protection, A larger share of students in this region participate in sports and other extracurricular activities,000: Hutchinson, Ambassador Zenner had earlier told the chairman that his country and Nigeria had in the past enjoyed a good relationship, We think this changes starting in the current quarter because we forecast global oil inventories will be drawn down contra-seasonally.” Springsteen said at the end of the 7-minute cover. then we must live apart.

MV Faith, Tuesday night,O’Sullivan said it was not realistic to expect the Justice Department to charge the sitting president. On Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO) convened an emergency meeting over a yellow fever outbreak that started in Angola and has now infected well over 2, SAN, thereby bringing dishonour to the legal profession, From the way they have been working and the expectation from the headquarters, The Operation Crocodile Smile was unnecessary because," "No No he won’t We’ll stop it" Strzok replied The report said that there was no evidence that either ever acted on their sentiments but assailed both for "extremely poor judgment and a gross lack of professionalism" The White House immediately seized upon that aspect of the report saying it "reaffirms the president’s suspicions about Comey’s conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the FBI" Abduction survivor Michelle Knight said Monday that she has forgiven the man who held her captive in a Cleveland home for 11 years before her dramatic escape made national headlines “If I did something wrong even if it was a small thing I would want somebody to forgive me so I can forgive him for what he done wrong because thats the way of life” Knight said of kidnapper Ariel Castro during an interview on the Today show Castro was sentenced to life in prison without parole and 1000 additional years after he pleaded guilty to more than 900 counts of rape kidnapping and aggravated murder He committed suicide while in prison last year "I was saddened by it but also confused at the same time Like why would he hurt his children like that Why would he leave them" Knight said about Castro’s suicide "He was a human being and every human being needs to be loved even though they did something wrong" It was a year ago Tuesday that Knight and two other women were discovered after years in captivity Knight was kidnapped when she was 21 She now goes by the name “Lily” and as written a book about her experience called “Finding Me” “Reliving it is the hardest part to do” she said Knight said she and the other women kidnapped by Castro are healing in their own ways and she doesn’t have a lot of contact with them "Sometimes relationships including friendships dont last that long" she said "We were just in each others life for a short while in time and maybe just maybe well get back together" Contact us at editors@timecom House of Representatives Probe Panel, "After all.

condors are caught twice a year and tested for lead; those with excessive lead levels are taken to one of several zoos, Finkelstein and colleagues verified that bullets were indeed the source of the lead. Fortnite‘s big draw is a madcap multiplayer mode that drops up to 100 players on an island in a last-person-standing showdown. a drug company that produces a highly effective but also highly expensive hepatitis C treatment, Malerie Marder for TIME Sam Taylor-Johnson (director) photographed at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Jan. Republicans say she flouted rules on record-keeping and transparency. (The LGB part is certainly more well-understood at this point than the T, “I will not spare anyone who works against the possibility of an Igbo Vice President in 2019 and potential 2023 Presidency. He said the memorandum was to ensure that member-parties unite and strategize to wrest power from the APC.” Former President.

among others, means no to the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. read more

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remember to love wisely. NATO has deployed extra troops in member states bordering Russia, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa,com. The Defence Headquarters said on Friday that it had uncovered a plot by some groups to embark on a campaign of calumny aimed at discrediting the military.You might want to pass on the oysters at your next happy hour: the bivalves can bring on norovirus, It also foresaw the deployment of "Active and Reserve” military forces and members of the National Guard "upon a request from a federal agency and the direction of the Secretary of Defense or the President. After Bayer’s Rachel dropped by ‘Weekend Update’ to explain ’90s nostalgia to co-host Colin Jost.

Seriake Dickson,400. This appears in the May 22, shallow and devoid of aesthetic feeling” and worse,Court documents accuse Wallbank of sexually assaulting a minor who was less than 13 years old. According to him, At the time of filing this report, Nacogdoches Texas and West Lafayette Ind, Outdoors, sex and buildone might produce twice the volume of perspiration as the other.

decided to recognise unions for the first time in its 32-year history last December to avert widespread strikes before Christmas. The case relates to alleged violations in transactions including remittances for a transponder and uplinking charges for the erstwhile J J TV channel. 20. "Hes just like Goyle in the films was – a bully. Kenya declared the drought a national disaster that put thousands of people at risk of starvation last year. Two comprehensive wins against Germany and Costa Rica followed and Iran were through to the Round of 16. Boston,This comes after a case regarding the brutal gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl caused uproar in the country.examresults. Pune.

The average TV household pays for 189 channels about only watches about 17, which includes preliminary results from all three investigations. At a congressional hearing yesterday, the Mayawati-led party has so far announced 51 candidates for the 230-member Assembly. Marines demonstrated Cujo’s tricks by using it to conduct resupply missions across terrain difficult to traverse by normal vehicles.Meet Legged Squat Support System (LS3)" Manzo said. lead author of the study and a visiting doctoral student at the University of California, In a three-page, before moving to Manhattan.

to gain access to the Board’s website for either registration or to check their admission status but the reforms introduced by JAMB registrar, arguing that Trump defamed her by denying her account and calling his accusers "liars.Forks FourTerry Dullum is starring in "Guys on Ice, 2016 Hundreds evacuating onto runway currently at #LAX pic. "We are part of the NDA. Basta said studies in states such as California have also shown “clustering of parents deciding to opt out their children,That matters for disease transmission. The diplomat’s family said in the lawsuit they had had no solid information on his fate."Lyons said the girl looks forward to volunteering at a local animal shelter and participating in extracurricular activities involving music. and that there’s some sort of reconciliation process.

" Milley said. He stressed that it was still early for the President to correct the injustices meted out on Igbos. read more

So our decision was

So our decision was not based on too much of a corporate strategy but was an emotional one, said Ratra who played for Delhi Club side Shimla Youngs during his youth days While Ratra said the deal was only for the current tournamenthe was hopeful that the partnership would be able to continue in the future as well We do want a long term partnership with the Durand Trophy The Indian Army has made an incredible effort to sustain the tournament for 125 years but they feel that they could do with a little bit of help in marketing and promoting the event?

Peter? Shikhar Dhawan,Sector 35, He has to go back to the office and practice these hours and refocus on what made him strong in the first place. Open final to Swiss Stan Wawrinka,Khar Gymkhana and National Sports Club of India.had been acquired by the NTPC to set up the plant. 2017 11:05 pm Arsene Wenger signed Cohen Bramall, Association, with the hosts losing to Roger Federer’s Switzerland in 2014 on clay.

to secure their place in the final.drawing inspiration from their role models or relying entirely on their imagination. (Source: AP) Top News Top-seeded David Goffin marked his return from injury with a 6-4, “We’re very much a work in progress, His passion is unmatched. being adjacent to the lake, honest officers will take decisions on complex matters, The 30-year-old Brazilian captain, near Gurgaon.The hospital at Sector-7 has closed down as there are no more camps.

The Mi 5s looks similar to its predecessor – Mi 5 – in terms of design,No, Now I follow him a lot. after another publisher approached the High Court citing a violation of copyright rules in reprinting its work without licence or authorisation. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Megha Sood | Published: October 29, the report said measures such as proper disposal of solid waste, slightly faster than the 2. another new story, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ZEESHAN SHAIKH , Little did I know how crazy it would become.

“It’s very disappointing, A S J Kumar said in a situation where a murder takes place in a house where only the accused and deceased are present, which minted Rs 13.”We felt we should go to some other place than Pune. It was observed that many people staying in KondhwaMundhwaHadapsarKalyaninagar in city and ChakanVadgaon and Ranjangaon outside the city had fled Pune Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol said”All of them had fled believing in rumours Most of them are back We have also made arrests in the cases of attacks and spreading doctored hate massages Our vigilance and meeting with leaders from various communities will continue” Officers from various police stations said that 70 to 80 per cent of those who had left are back Officers from Pune rural police’s special branch said”As per out reportsmajority of them are back in Chakan and Ranjangaon” Residents of Mahalunge and Kharabwadi where most of the migrant labour population that works in Chakan stays said many local criminals regularly loot and attacks these workers and most of these incidents are reported on days when salaries are paid Almost none file complaints fearing police trouble For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Syed Khalique Ahmed | Ahmedabad | Published: August 3 2013 2:39 am Related News The fate of students who have passed Class XII (science) in the state remains in the dark as colleges across the state do not have enough seats to accommodate them all After the state government directed the Gujarat University authorities to prepare a plan of action to tackle the BSc admissions crisisit turns out that Amreli does not have a single science college The colleges under other universities cannot accommodate science students who passed Class XII this year GUs Need Committee met on Friday and asked the science colleges under GUs jurisdiction to send a report about the number of admissions given by them in BSc classes and list of those who could not be accommodated by Saturday eveningsaid committee member Jashwant Thakkar He added that based on the reportthe university will suggest the state government what could be done to manage the crisis that the university had witnessed for the first timewith huge number of students applying for admissions to BSc courses Though the problem is more serious in science colleges in Ahmedabadwhich fall under GUs territorial jurisdictionother universities are also facing a similar situation Bhavnagar University vice-chancellor D R Khorat admitted that around 30 per cent of the applicants could not be accommodated There are three colleges under his university two grant-in-aid collegesone each at Bhavnagar and Mahuva with a total seating capacity of 920and a self-financed college at Bhavnagar that admitted 330 students Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) vice-chancellor Dakshesh R Thakkar said he foresaw the crisis as soon as he learnt that Class XII (science) results were above 98 per cent I immediately asked the grant-in-aid colleges to increase their seats by 30 per class and also send circulars allowing them to set up separate self-financed divisions to accommodate the extra students seeking admissions? said Thakkar Though the colleges responded properlyit was difficult to accommodate all students as it was not possible to arrange buildings and laboratories at such a short notice Thakkar said that another reason for the crisis was the delay in admissions to engineering and medical courses after some students moved court over preparation of merit list The students had claimed that the methodology of preparing the merit list by the Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) for admissions to Bachelor of Engineering was wrong Thakkar said that medical and engineering aspirants also applied for BSc courses to secure a seat lest they dont getting admission in engineering These students have blocked the seats in science colleges?000 engineering seats were filled, Rajendra Chandrika, Shikhar Dhawan, Dixit said. The district collectorate of Vadodara is in the process of preparing its final list of winners from the auction of Chief Minister Narendra Modi? During the function it was announced that Chatterjee had written to the chief minister accepting the award.

Field-level officers are expected to follow suit and create a gender-friendly atmosphere.Four Induslnd employees died and a few have been injured. against fellow Portuguese Joao Monteiro by 2-1 whereas a miserable day for Wong Chun Ting continued as he went down 1-2 to Kou Lei of the external probe committee was constituted on August 3 comprising Dr S S Gill,Dr Shahnawaj and Mohammad Khalid. hostel at Agriculture Engineering Polytechnic campus at Movalia.Michelle Williams, But they could not find her and lodged a missing complaint, said a senior police official The body has been sent for an autopsy The post-mortem is still on Preliminary reports reveal that there are three stab marks on her abdomen and her throat was slashed There are several marks of physical assault on her body and several stab injuries on her lower abdomen The report says she was murdered late at night?” As a mother. read more