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Through the analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love word segmentation optimization techniques


method based on statistical word segmentation

the method of word segmentation, search engines will need a large number of calculations, such as probability words adjacent to the most of a phrase in what place, users will find what kind of content in the search for a word or words, this is the search engine based on the method of judging standard. Able to respond quickly to new words, such as when a news hot words, many people will use this word to search the word, such as baby, such as medicine industry and so on, if the search engines have nothing to say to these words, then the user will not use this garbage search engine read more

Compare your website to what type it is

website membership system is broadly divided into the following categories, to see what your site belongs to:

general forum membership system:

The construction of

mainly to encourage members to participate in the theme of the site, some resources according to the posting number given to the users in the forum resources score level, the higher the level of the user, the forum permissions will be higher. If the novice can only browse the post without reply, the more senior members of the you can post, hair accessories, etc. set to vote to encourage members to improve the popularity of the website itself. Such membership system. read more

18 factors that are not accessible to your web site

;         18 factors that are not accessible to website access

1, the website does not make sufficient investigation and research work, do not know oneself target customer group arrives hastily;

2, the domain name and web site name does not correspond, or difficult to remember, not easy to input;

3, lack of content source, update speed is slow;

4, web content is monotonous, unable to mention the interest of visitors;

5, positioning the same, get together serious phenomenon; read more

A common personal webmaster of the rain and wind

said, contact computer and network is in 2002, that year, my high school occasionally truancy, go to the Internet bar on the OICQ, not typing at first, use pinyin input method. As never before contact with the computer, that everything is new, ha ha, began to understand that not much to go online to do the thing is to talk about QQ just remember, plus the net friend is hello, ha ha, ~~

, but missed the time. Learning to surf the Internet is also to listen to other people say the "Earth" icon, enter the URL at the address. But do not know the URL, only the IP address, the first is what 101 distance education network, and so on ~ ~ ^_^ read more

Fast allusion net it is open flowers and flowers, not inserted Liu has lined

see the title, readers will understand the nature this paper will talking about the hero! Exactly! Right, is he, Guo Jijun. A hard after harvest the fruits of predecessors webmaster, a few years ago, he is entering the industry unknown small owners, a man quietly in the care of dozens of small sites, do some mini software, QQ expressions for users to download; one and a half years ago, because the power of operation of GJJ network navigation it is known by many webmaster, many webmaster in Chongqing known as the "old"; a year ago, when the GJJ navigation network traffic decline, people questioned in the "wide is old?" when Guo Jijun began his fast allusion net development road. read more

Analysis of the reasons for the flow of education enrollment website is not profitable

I engaged in the education enrollment industry, some years, there are no less than ten education enrollment class website. Yesterday, the Jiangsu counterparts add the author QQ, complained site traffic poor profitability, I also have a single site, flow less than it 1/60, but profitability is it several times. This article will analyze why the site has traffic and is not profitable.

1. Site positioning and layout

The same as single

network, please look at the specific positioning Jiangsu and Hunan network of network. read more

Local websites need 3 issues to be transparent core values, efficiency, and money

this article contributed to the Shaoxing Sunshine Network, the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and shared his thoughts about the local community. 04 years to start a business, do local websites, has been doing today. In the last three years, I have done other things. I have been concentrating on the local community for the last 6 years. I have done a simple summary before, and I can click here to see it. Along the way, toss something enough, too many to count the mistakes always want to system, do a summary, but always thought too scattered, want to write too much to write. Recently, the website is ready for revision, because the changes are relatively large, so I can’t think of any more delays, how many or more can I write and discuss with my colleagues. read more