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Microsoft launches Surface Go tablet at just 399

first_imgMicrosoft stepped up its tablet game by releasing the all-new Surface Go yesterday. The 10-inch Windows tablet looks exactly likes its expensive and popular counterpart, the Surface Pro device. Only smaller, less powerful and way cheaper, starting at $399. It includes features such as a 10-inch screen, front-facing camera with facial recognition, USB-C 3.1 port, and an integrated kickstand among others. Source: Microsoft Mechanics Let’s have a look at the features that make this tablet all the more alluring: Design Surface Go comes with a  built-in kickstand which includes unlimited positions. It has got corners that are slightly round as compared to the latest Surface Pro and a user familiar magnesium design surface. It weighs 1.15 lbs, making it a bit heavier as compared to the iPad but lighter than the Surface Pro. It consists of large bezels surrounding the screen which provides a place to hold the tablet. You get wider keyboard attachment with these bezels even though they make the tablet look quite dated when compared to the latest versions of the iPad. Display The Go has a smaller 3:2 aspect ratio display (1800 x 1200 pixel resolution). Its 3:2 touchscreen makes it easy for the users to use Go in landscape mode for more productivity. It also supports all the split-screen and multitasking modes that are available in Windows 10. Processor It comes with Intel’s Pentium Gold 4415Y processor with a RAM of either 4GB or 8GB. It provides storage of 64GB  eMMC or a 128GB SSD. Its processor is a dual-core seventh-generation model. According to Microsoft, this was chosen as it is able to provide the right balance between performance, battery life, and thermal properties which allows for a thin, fanless design. Battery Microsoft Surface Go has a USB-C 3.1 port which is Microsoft’s signature surface connector. This helps charge the tablet along with outputting video and data to external devices. Microsoft says the Surface Go tablet comes with up to nine hours of battery life. Additional Features Operating System: Go Tablet runs Windows 10 with S mode enabled. With Go, you can access only Edge browser and apps that are available in the Microsoft Store. Keyboard: The Surface Go consists of an additional keyboard cover which is available in four different colors, and can work with an optional Surface Pen. The Surface Go’s Type Cover provides “laptop-class typing” that comes with a scissor-key mechanism as well as 1 mm of key travel. The trackpad is much larger than the trackpad on the current Type Cover for the Surface Pro. If you add the keyboard, it will increase the price of the Go tablet to $99 or $129 ( depending on which color you choose) while the Pen adds another $99. There’s also a new $34.99 Surface Mobile Mouse. It is an ambidextrous, and two-button Bluetooth mouse which comes with a scroll wheel. It is available in colors like silver, red, and blue which matches the keyboard cover and pen. The new Surface Go is available for pre-order starting today and will start shipping in August. Read Next Leap Motion open sources its $100 augmented reality headset, North Star HTC Vive Focus 2.0 update promises long battery life, among other things for the VR headsetlast_img read more

Israel focused its marketing on Jerusalem Tel Aviv and that made all

first_imgIsrael focused its marketing on Jerusalem & Tel Aviv and that made all the difference Tags: IMOT, Israel Share Travelweek Group TORONTO — The Israel Ministry of Tourism’s decision to aim its marketing campaigns less on Israel and the Holy Land experience, and more on city getaways to beautiful Jerusalem and cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, has met with quick success and record-breaking visitor numbers.Part of a rebranding strategy that started just a few years ago, and buoyed by a years-long stretch of stability in the country, IMOT’s move to marketing collateral highlighting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – along with an emphasis on a wide range of niche product across the country, from eco-tourism to sports and adventure to culinary – has seen visitor figures soar, say Amir Halevi, IMOT’s Director General and Eyal Carlin, Director, Marketing Administration.Halevi and Carlin were in Canada this week to talk to the trade and consumer media as well as meet with airlines, tour operators and other industry partners.Tourism numbers to Israel finally topped three million in 2017, coming in well over that mark with 3.6 million tourists, an increase of 25%, said Carlin. IMOT differentiates between tourist stats and overall visitor stats.By mid-December this year Israel expects to welcome its 4 millionth tourist. “And what we’re hearing from airlines and other suppliers is that 2019 looks phenomenal,” said Carlin.The numbers are up from Canada too. In 2017 some 85,000 Canadians headed to Israel. For 2018, the final number will be somewhere around 90,000, with 65,800 year to date already by September 2018.Israel has seen 10% growth month to month from the Canadian market this year, adds Ellen Melman, Director of Operations & Marketing, Travel Industry, Clergy & Community Liaison for IMOT – Canada. “Each month from January through September 2018 has been the best month in 20 years,” she says.More news:  Transat calls Groupe Mach’s latest offer “highly abusive, coercive and misleading”Jerry Adler, who heads up the IMOT – Canada office, says the strong numbers have spurred other travel companies to see that Israel is a safe place to sell.“Our job has become a little bit easier,” says Adler, adding: “We want to make people aware not just about Jerusalem and Tel Aviv but also about eco, adventure, great culinary offerings for foodies, so that they visit and they share that and come back with the bragging rights.”As always travel agents are a major part of IMOT’s strategy to get the word out about Israel. “Travel agents are still very important to us,” says Carlin. “Israel can still be a complicated destination for some travellers. Not because of the safety issue, but more because it’s a destination with a non-European language. A lot of travellers going to Israel rely on travel agents. That makes Israel a revenue generator for travel agents. A lot of the travellers return to Israel as well. We value the relationship we have with the travel trade very much.”Israel has solid lift out of Canada, with flights via Air Canada, Transat and El Al, which is introducing Dreamliner service to the Toronto route. Flights out of Western Canada with WestJet are on IMOT’s wish list. Israel’s incentive program for airlines has brought more lift to underserved destinations like Eilat, which has gone from 4 to 60 direct flights in short order. Eilat’s also getting a new airport: Ramon Airport, located just outside the city, is expected to open in early 2019.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTMore lift, more visitors – the tourism scene in Israel is booming and while there are many upsides, higher visitor figures also bring the potential for capacity crunches at Israel’s hotels. The situation’s not bad enough yet that clients need to be warned to book far in advance to ensure availability, but hotel space is getting tighter and IMOT is working to make sure it gets easier to build new hotels in Israel, with an eye to doubling the country’s room stock. For now Airbnb listings are filling the gap, says Carlin, with 5,000 listings in Tel Aviv and 2,000 in Jerusalem.Israel is also looking to boost its MICE market. It’s something IMOT always wanted but with the five to six year planning horizon it was a tough sell. Now with its newfound stability, Israel is getting more MICE bookings and adding new venues and updating infrastructure for its convention centres.For suppliers, IMOT has also transitioned to a performance-based agreement based on how many passengers the supplier brings to Israel. To get the word out about Israel IMOT also has a new marketing budget worth some Cdn$178 million.IMOT’s rebranding of Israel has been a boon to the destination and the numbers just keep going up. “It was the right time to make a change,” says Director General Halevi.Adds Carlin, “we used to be known as the Holy Land. Now we want to be known as the Holy Land and much more. Israel is where you go to pray, and play.”center_img Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

YHMs makeover includes new Kids Zone and selfie walls

first_img Friday, November 23, 2018 Travelweek Group Share Posted by YHM’s makeover includes new Kid’s Zone and ‘selfie’ wallscenter_img Tags: Airport, Hamilton HAMILTON — John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM) is sporting a brand new look these days after undergoing a terminal refresh.The airport partnered with The Laundry Design Works, a local design firm from Hamilton, to introduce a revitalized look that would reflect the growth happening both at the airport and throughout the city of Hamilton.To achieve this, The Laundry painted the walls in blue and green, both of which are used in the airport’s logo, and also included travel quotes on the walls to provide the perfect backdrop for ‘selfies’. These are visible throughout the airport, both pre- and post-security.Plus, an all-new Kid’s Zone has been relocated to the front of the Departures Lounge, featuring a window view of arriving and departing aircraft. The fun space, which sits atop soft artificial turf, offers new toys, games and a brand new flatscreen TV to ensure that every young passenger is entertained.Considered North America’s fastest growing airport, YHM served nearly 600,000 passengers in 2017, a year-over-year increase of 80%. << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

PropelTO networking group replaces YTP with no age limit

first_img Friday, May 24, 2019 Share Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >> TORONTO — A refreshed and rebranded networking group, PropelTO, will replace the disbanded Young Travel Professionals (YTP), which had successfully built a loyal following with socializing events around Toronto.The newly created PropelTO will have one major difference: no age limit. The organization will remain committed to bringing travel professionals together for fun networking with the vision of moving the industry forward.Here’s the message from the PropelTO Board:“Many have asked us in the last few months why they hadn’t heard from YTP Toronto with upcoming event invites. The answer: the founders of YTP Global chose to wind down the organization and all its chapters in March, for personal reasons. This announcement was a surprise to us, but we appreciate their decision and the fact that they brought us together.“Your (formerly) YTP-TO board still sees an undeniable need in Toronto to provide community, networking and idea-sharing in a relaxed setting. Our events are unique in how they gather excited and engaged professionals from all segments of the industry. The end of YTP is therefore an opportunity for us to regroup and transform (more on that below).“But first, a big THANK YOU to our 650+ Toronto members for sharing your ideas and attending memorable events like pub trivia, the Toronto Island Marina summer party, haunted Halloween tours and bring-your-boss-to-the-bar night. These gatherings are made successful by you.More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong Kong“And now, onwards and upwards. After many discussions on how to rebrand, open up our membership, and pump new energy into our organization, we are proud to present: PropelTO!“True to our mission, PropelTO will remain an informal travel industry networking hub, but this time, we’re ditching the age limit to encourage maximum interactions between new and veteran members of the industry. We also have ideas of how to break the mould to involve our members and our partners in different ways.“In the next several weeks, we will be in touch to unveil the updates and to invite you to our kick-off event taking place this summer on July 24. If you have ideas or feedback, please reach out to us (@Amanda @Iris @Adam @Devin @Max @Annie @Marc @Zach).“The Toronto Chapter (YTP-TO) launched in May 2014 with the mission of bringing together the city’s next generation of travel industry leaders. Membership has grown steadily to more than 650+ members, the group has dozens of successful networking events under its belt, and industry partners are increasingly interested in sponsoring events for networking, hiring and brand awareness reasons.“While the Toronto Chapter operated largely as an independent and self-sufficient organization, it was part of YTP Global, based in New York, which brought several cities together under the YPT umbrella.More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portal“In March, the Toronto Board received an email from Wazha Dube, an original founder of YTP, saying: ‘The travel industry has evolved and the needs which drove our development and success in many ways no longer exist. Today, there are many more avenues and opportunities available for young people and with your tireless work and unwavering support, we would like to think that together we played a small part in this exciting change. With that in mind, we have taken the difficult decision to close Young Travel Professionals, effective April 1, 2019. It is impossible to adequately state how truly hard this decision has been and how incredibly appreciative we are for your contribution to the community and hard work over the years. This conclusion has only been reached after many months of careful contemplation and significant efforts to chart a new path for the organization.’“With that news, the Toronto chapter faces the exciting prospects of rebranding and revitalizing the organization in line with the vision of its Board Members: Adam Hodge, Goway; Iris Serbanescu, Tour Radar; Devin Kinasz, Travelweek; Amanda Dunning, G Adventures; Annie Ewing, TTI; Max Tremaine, Travel Sherpa; Marc Siscon, Kensington Tours; and Zach Vanasse, Banakin.“More news on a launch event coming soon – but mark your calendars for July 24.”center_img Travelweek Group Tags: PropelTO PropelTO networking group replaces YTP with no age limitlast_img read more

Judicial Police detain US man for growing marijuana

first_imgJudicial Police agents on Wednesday arrested 56-year-old U.S. citizen at his home in Atenas in the province of Alajuela for possession of 35 marijuana plants.Earlier this month, agents received confidential information that the suspect was growing marijuana both in his yard and inside his home.During the operation, which took place at about noon, police found a controlled-climate room with lamps, fans, power supplies and plants.Agents also seized 500 grams of marijuana, seeds and equipment used for the production of the drug.The suspect was taken to the prosecutor’s office to be charged. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

US winding down drug war mission in Colombia

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. — The $8 billion U.S. war on drugs and instability in Colombia has pressed U.S. special operators, air crews and other personnel into a decade-plus operation to solidify security in the South American country. But the controversial mission will likely wind down soon: Colombian officials say they are winning the fight, and the two countries want to move to a new relationship based more closely on shared economic interests, said a senior U.S. administration official.Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos meets this week with President Barack Obama in Washington. The U.S.’s security assistance package for Colombia “was always designed to be phased out” as conditions on the ground improved, and “in fact it has been improving” the U.S. administration official said. Ending or revising the mission would mark a significant shift in the sometimes controversial relationship between the two countries, which has centered heavily since 1999 on curbing Colombia’s cocaine production and the violent drug lords and insurgent groups funded by them.Colombia defense minister Juan Carlos Pinzón Bueno compared his country’s battle to attain peace to a U.S. football game this week, saying Colombia is in the “red zone,” close to scoring a metaphorical touchdown against the violence that has plagued Colombia since the 1960s. But he warned the fight isn’t over yet.“We’re in the red zone already, but we’re not [past] the goal line yet. So, we’ve got to make it there,” he said during an appearance at the Brookings Institution, an independent think tank in Washington. “We don’t want to spike the ball on the 10-yard line. That would be a terrible mistake. We really need to keep doing what we’re doing.”If that sounds like a contradiction with the White House’s point of view, it likely all comes down to timing. U.S. Army Special Forces and other special operators are expected to continue training the Colombian security forces for the foreseeable future as part of Plan Colombia, the broad-based plan first agreed to by former President Bill Clinton. Since 2000, the U.S. has spent about $8 billion on it, according to a November 2012 report by the Congressional Research Service. That money paid for airplanes, helicopters and development programs overseen by the Statement Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development as the Colombians rooted out notorious organizations like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.The defense minister cited a variety of statistics this week while underscoring the progress in Colombia. There were about 30,000 homicides and 3,000 kidnappings there in 2000, he said, but those numbers have dropped to about 15,000 and 300 annually. At the same time, Colombia fell behind neighboring Peru as the No. 1 producer of coca, the main ingredient in cocaine. The defense minister said this week he realizes the war on drugs has its critics, but said fighting it led to a reduction in funding for violent organizations, which in turn led to a reduction in violence.U.S. special operators played no small role in that. A report released by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in May said elite forces from all four branches of the U.S. military have deployed to Colombia since 2000, working closely with Colombian commandos.“Aided by their U.S. counterparts, Colombian [special operations forces] have led operations that have decimated the FARC, demobilized paramilitary groups and re-established a government presence in every Colombian municipality for the first time in decades,” the report said. “… Colombia today is safer and more stable than it has been in generations.”As of 2008, the U.S. had provided the Colombian military 72 helicopters with support services done by the U.S. Army. Conventional U.S. Navy and Marine Corps units also have participated in an interdiction program in which drugs are seized on Colombia’s coastal waters and rivers.© 2013, Foreign Policy Facebook Comments Related posts:Nicaragua deports U.S. fugitive wanted for child porn U.S. tourist bleeds to death from gunshot wounds while waiting for ambulance in Costa Rica Snowden wants asylum in Brazil: report Bolivia threatens U.S. Embassy closing after Snowden searchlast_img read more

Search continues in Costa Ricas Corcovado National Park for missing US hiker

first_imgRelated posts:Final search underway for US hiker missing in Corcovado National Park Red Cross officials suspect missing hiker may be inside gold mining tunnels Costa Rican gov’t and Red Cross suspend search for US hiker believed missing in Corcovado Nat’l Park Father continues search for Alaska hiker, believed missing in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park This story is developing. If you have information on the case please contact Tico Times reporter Lindsay Fendt at the most recent news on this developing story hereSearch-and-rescue teams from the Costa Rican Red Cross continued their efforts Monday to locate a missing U.S. hiker, believed to have disappeared in the rugged Corcovado National Park in the country’s southwestern Osa Peninsula.Cody Roman Dial, a 27-year-old Alaska native, had been traveling through Mexico and Central America for the last seven months before his arrival in the Osa Peninsula. Dial had been in touch through email with his father, the well-known Alaskan adventurer Roman Dial, and last wrote on July 10 to say he planned to enter the park through an entrance near the Conte River, a region off-limits to tourists. 27-year-old Cody Roman Dial has been missing in Corcovado National Park since July 22. (Via Facebook)After interviews with area residents, Red Cross officials now believe Dial entered and exited the park several times. He was last seen on July 22 near the Río Tigre, at the park’s southeast boundary. The Río Tigre trail is off-limits to tourists, but is often used by gold miners and hunters illegally entering the park. A recent sighting has given search teams hope that Dial may still be safe inside the park.“Some of these hikes take seven days to complete,” said Carlos Rivera, a Red Cross chief of operations for the ongoing search-and-rescue mission. “It is still possible that he planned to be in the park this long and will leave on his own.”On Sunday, Costa Rica’s Aerial Vigilance Service (SVA), conducted a six-hour flyover from the Río Conte, at the park’s eastern boundary, to the Río Claro, in the south on the main trail open to hikers. The SVA saw no trace of Dial and will conduct another flyover on Monday afternoon, starting from the Río Tigre. Four ground patrols also are searching inside the park.“We have tried to plan for every likely scenario,” Rivera said. “We have people in every spot that Dial is likely to pass through, and if we find any sign that someone has camped in an area we will start concentrating our searches there.”Dial’s father — who is a National Geographic Expeditions expert — arrived in Puerto Jimenéz to assist in the search. He will join one of the patrols into the park tomorrow morning, according to Rivera.The Red Cross is asking anyone with information on Dial’s whereabouts to contact them at their office in Puerto Jiménez, at: 2735-5109. Dial — pictured above — has brown hair, is approximately 5′ 8″ and weighs approximately 140 pounds. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Happy International Sloth Day

first_imgSloths are cute, if you don’t look too closeA sloth on a tree, a moth on a sloth, sloth poop on the moth, algae on the sloth poop. Enough said.Read the full story here.San Ramón’s giant slothModern-day sloths are pipsqueaks compared to their Pleistocene Era ancestors. The Museum of San Ramón has a replica of one of the giants — based on bones found in the area.Giant sloths and their contemporaries roamed large swaths of South and Central America, and the specimen on display, at just 9 feet tall, is a shrimp. After all, it had to fit in the room. Giant ground sloths often grew up to 15 feet tall.Now how cute are they?Read the full story here. The face that launched a million T-shirts. Photo by Gerard RichardsonAmerican Apparel SlothButtercup the sloth, who lives at the Sloth Sactuary in Limón province, became a superstar earlier this year when American Apparel decided to put her likeness on a T-shirt. Given the company’s mixed reputation, some were concerned about how it would turn out. Gerald Richards, a volunteer consultant for the Sloth Sanctuary, said there was some talk about dressing Buttercup in a bikini.Whether the idea was serious or not, Richardson put the kibosh on it.“It’s really in good taste,” Richardson said of the final design. “I was very happy with it. And it’s about this wonderful place in Costa Rica.”Plus, 30 percent of proceeds from the T-shirt sales goes to the Sloth Sanctuary.Read the full story here.Sloth videosWant to hear what a baby sloth sounds like? You can do that here. (Cuteness alert!)Can sloths swim? Find out here.See also: 11 little-known sloth factsHappy Sloth Day!Put a sloth on your body! Check out all our Sloth Kong-themed gear at The Tico Times store.  Facebook Comments Related posts:PHOTOS: Every Costa Rica sloth image you will ever need to see To conserve the Amazon, the forest must become an economic ‘asset’ PHOTOS: Every Costa Rica sloth image you will ever need to see 11 little-known sloth facts Yes, it’s that time of year again when we take a day to appreciate — perhaps worship — the hairy, slow-moving, adorable creatures that are Costa Rica’s virtual mascots. It’s International Sloth Day! What, you say? You didn’t know?The Colombia-based conservation group Fundación AIUNAU created International Sloth Day in 2010 as a way to bring attention to the jungle-loving mammals and promote preservation of their habitat. (AIUNAU calls it “Sloth International Day” on their website but we’re pretty sure it’s a translation slip.)Since 2010, the exact calendar day upon which we celebrate the sloths has varied, and conservation groups consulted in Costa Rica weren’t sure whether this year’s celebration falls on Oct. 17 or 18.We at The Tico Times looked at it from a sloth’s point of view and thought, “Does it really matter?” No! The important thing is to pick a day and fill the Internet with sloths, sloth facts and sloth photos. So today, we’ll be doing just that, starting with a look back at our sloth coverage from over the years: A sloth wearing a daily diary climbs a tree near Cahuita in the Costa Rican Caribbean region. (Courtesy of Rebecca Cliffe)Sloths with backpacksIt’s hard to imagine but sloths have not always been loved by humankind. Eighteenth century French naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc called sloths “the lowest form of existence.” Because of such historical disdain, biologists today actually know very little about sloths. But a researcher at Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary is trying to change that by strapping backpacks equipped with a GPS, an accelerometer and a compass to track the sloth’s daily activities.Once the data from the GPS is downloaded, a supercomputer assembles a 3-D image of the sloth in Google Maps, which shows exactly what the sloth was doing at any given moment.Read the full story here. A baby sloth is born. (Courtesy of Sam Trull)C-section sloth babyLast October, a vet in Herradura performed what may have been the world’s first cesarean section on a sloth. The pregnant momma sloth had fallen out of a tree on hotel grounds in Manuel Antonio and was still seriously injured when contractions started. A wildlife worker took the sloth to a vet, who determined that the baby was breached. He decided the only chance for saving mom and baby was a C-section.Read the full story here.PHOTOS: Every Costa Rica sloth image you will ever need to seelast_img read more

Keylor Navas named among worlds 5 best goalkeepers by FIFA

first_imgRelated posts:WATCH: Keylor Navas makes his first official save for Real Madrid (then allows his first goal) WATCH: Keylor Navas makes incredible save against Bayern Munich Keylor Navas allows four goals as Barcelona crushes Real Madrid WATCH: Keylor Navas saves another penalty kick All season Keylor Navas has proved he’s among the world’s top goalies with his spectacular play for Real Madrid. Now, the Costa Rican keeper is officially in line to be named as the game’s very best at his position.Finalists for the FIFA XI team were announced Thursday and Navas was included in FIFA’s grouping of the top five goalkeepers, among 50 other football stars from all other positions. Navas’ club Real Madrid accounts for 12 of the total finalists, more than any other club in the world.Serving as a sort of All-Pro list for international football stars, the FIFA XI team is designed to honor the best 11 football players in the world by position every season. [Via Facebook – FIFA Ballon d’Or]Navas’ historic 2015 campaign has already seen him set a number of records for one of football’s most successful clubs. Earlier this season, he set the Real Madrid record for consecutive home shutouts and overall shutouts to begin a season. Already, he’s stopped two penalty kicks on the season and has registered 30 saves in La Liga.Navas has a 6-3-1 record with Real Madrid in La Liga play and is undefeated so far in Champion’s League, where he has yet to allow a goal get past him after six games, breaking the record for the longest span of time without allowing a first goal. Navas in contention for top goalie honors is the man who started over him at Real Madrid a year ago, legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Also in the final five is Manchester United’s David De Gea, who Real Madrid famously tried to trade Navas for at the last minute, but failed to make the trade deadline on time to finalize the transaction that would have sent the Tico to the English Premier League.The final FIFA XI lineup, including the top goalkeeper in the world, will be decided on January 11, 2016 when the Ballon d’Or Award, given to international football’s best player, is handed out.Notably absent from the final five goalies is Barcelona’s Claudio Bravo, who has allowed just five goals in eight games while helping Barça eclipse the top spot in La Liga. The biggest mark on Navas’ record thus far is the embarrassing 4-0 beatdown that he and Real Madrid suffered at home against Barcelona on Saturday. Navas allowed more goals in that game than he had allowed all season to that point, allowing a mere three goals in his first nine La Liga games of the season. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

All eyes on Russia Costa Rica awaits World Cup draw

first_img Facebook Comments Costa Rica, along with the other 31 participants in next year’s World Cup, is awaiting the draw today that will determine the groups that will face off next year in Russia. The  participating countries will be organized into eight groups of four by drawing one team from each of four “pots” that have been created according to FIFA rankings. Costa Rica is in Pot Three, which also includes Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt and Senegal.At the 2013 World Cup Draw, Costa Ricans nationwide heaved a sigh of disappointment when La Sele was thrown to the lions, or so it seemed, in a group alongside soccer titans Italy, England and Uruguay. The rest is Costa Rican soccer history, but despite the glories of 2014, there’s no doubt the country is hoping for an easier ride this time around.The draw begins in Moscow at 6 pm today, 9 am in Costa Rica. Want to check out La Sele’s possibilities? Try this cool Draw Simulator from The Telegraph in London. PHOTOS: Costa Rica clinches World Cup 2018 berthcenter_img Related posts:PHOTOS: Spain wipes the grass with Costa Rica, 5-0 World Cup 2018: Who’s lurking behind the usual suspects? PHOTOS: Panama defeats Costa Rica to qualify for its first World Cup Costa Rica to face off against Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia at 2018 World Cuplast_img read more