Month: September 2017

n those years we together through the enterprise stand optimization and optimization platform tran

stop doing business from the station I unbearable because of those endless content outside the chain and chain, and the endless variety of tasks to offer, I went straight to the station’s gorgeous transformation, optimization and optimization has been engaged in the industry for two years, through the enterprise station and the platform of the twists and turns the road, then will he describe in words if there is, in my experience, to explore together.

so, in such a context, the author began the difficult turn road, aimed at a large Internet Co, to participate in the platform, at the beginning, a sudden change in the stand that is somewhat be caught off guard, but do not know how to start, if not to the station. You provide the modified permissions, the title of the three label has been optimized for many times, it is difficult to change. The chain, the chain station is not meet on a small link can be, but a lot of people with no more URL. With the picture is completely different, but spent the early throes, eventually find themselves. Thinking also had certain promotion. Do the station, the first thing to do is to find out the station’s ideas, site structure, keyword structure and so on, have an overall impression in the heart. Then. read more

Personal experience sharing site Shanghai dragon fifteen recommendations

2. search engine crawler recorder, record search engine crawling frequent period of time and this time it will update the content, to a certain extent with the spiders

3. to develop timely check the website Links habits, so as not to be K site drag on their website

1. on site outside the chain, guided by quality is king. I found many of the same analysis based on their own experiences with my website keyword website did not Zeyang, and my new snapshot is not very ideal, but that position remained in Shanghai, love the first page, but I looked at their website chain number up to more than 8000, and my it… . because I just began to understand the Shanghai dragon but not how to pay attention to the website chain number and the website ranking is not ideal, hope you take this as a warning ah read more

Webmaster Tools love station to check the webmaster tools which is better

7C to check the webmaster tools test results: love Shanghai weights 0 PR2 included 168 trans 22 thousand snapshot ranking (Note: no more webmaster tools not 11 described. The site has to come out, we can make comparison. But the general data are similar, only love station data a little awesome.


webmaster tools, if the data uncertainty is the biggest weakness of visitors will not have the opportunity to visit next time. The actual accuracy of the author’s point of view under the webmaster tools! (I will have been plucking the company’s website (www.***贵族宝贝) for testing. read more

Just do five aspects to accelerate the website snapshot update is not difficult

site optimization based on search engine friendly techniques, can make your site more popular search engine. No matter the website structure, website content, website code are strictly in accordance with the search engine to the web page code, conforms to the W3C standard, using white hat techniques to optimize your website, but also take care not to optimize excessive, otherwise once the site suffered a slight or severe punishment, the website will stop updating the snapshot.

do some high quality the chain for the website through the link path will enter our website to guide the spider crawling, thus speeding up the page and website snapshot update. Through repeatedly guide the spider crawling website, search engine can constantly update the data in the database, when the data accumulated to a certain extent, the search engine will be updated on the website snapshot. But one must note that the site of the chain and update the content is the same, we must persevere, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, otherwise a snapshot of the site is unlikely to fast update. I remind you: the site outside the chain construction. read more

t refused to save our snapshot from how to love Shanghai

              how to save our snapshot, first we analyze what is the site is down right performance, so as to compensate for the loss of an antidote against the disease.

              general site outside the chain is to eliminate a great deal of two factors: "cheat" or remove the low quality of the chain, but no matter what kind of it will directly affect the site’s ranking, although the latter is not directly down the right performance. But the chain is a large number of culling is bound to affect the site ranking, here we will not do too much exposition. As for cheating site will be right down, or have been down right outside of the chain on the fluctuation must be great. And this momentum will start out until removed faster and less faster, and included in the new chain still > read more

To find the most ideal search the success of Google against cheating

these events and Google’s response has spawned a series of problems. How important is it to search quality, for whom? Google’s market power is too strong? Whether the company should improve the transparency of the search results of the algorithm? Search industry in the future will be how to

The adjustment of

many commentators also have recently accused Google, allowing spam and low quality content appearing in search results. To this end, Google said it will intercept the so-called "content farms" (content farms) web search results. Demand Media and Associated Content this website belongs to the content of the farm, they will search results according to the ranking rules, crudely made lots of articles in a short period of time. read more

New three board and A shares comparison which companies are A shares no three new board uniqueTaob

B: can effectively target audience crowd

so here, I can tell you: 90%, Taobao failed for three reasons:

But with the

is actually a lot of people are doing Taobao, but Taobao – a lot of people do not make any money, money is only a small part of the people. A lot of people do a period of time after the Taobao customers will find that they have done so long, spent so much effort did not make money, but do not know where they failed.

in order to answer questions, the new three board online research center for the recent three new board listed companies conducted a study, in order to find the truth behind the phenomenon". read more

How to improve the PV of techniques to reduce website jump out rate


said so much, do you have your own ideas or improve PV way? I recently to redesign the site, and achieved good results, PV doubled, increasing the viscosity of the user, click on the ads also increased, for everyone to see renderings

many owners only care about their own site every day how many sites IP, IP and PV almost, in fact IP stable, improve PV is the key of Shanghai dragon, PV high that your website is love, if someone comes in and then leave immediately, your content is not enough to attract him, on the contrary, when the user come see favorite content will continue browsing your website, such PV, advertising display naturally more, so how to improve the site PV read more

Owners need to pay attention to what conditions the choice of keywords

Pay attention to the amount of time to search the source

an article specifically introduces the bidding and optimization between different, today to introduce specific website optimization keywords selection strategy. According to the current understanding of the Shanghai dragon market is still in the keyword optimization, after all, a strong correlation to the income of the website keywords is relatively large. But how to choose keywords has become a problem, let the webmaster for distress.

as long as the above four conditions selection, basically can bring a lot of effective traffic to the site, through the research to the website. read more

Keywords anchor text page layout analysis

!Keywords Keywords

three, the anchor text bold stressed

keyword density, the definition for keyword density in Shanghai Longfeng standard which is 5% to 8%, but we do when the site often find some website, keywords are far greater than the range, and has a very good effect of ranking, we say "carnitine L-carnitine" effect "to this increase keyword density for the ranking of good or bad, personal feeling good, so we increased L-carnitine keyword density, but not to increase, is a natural increase in Shanghai, love is not harmonious! If L-carnitine multi word alone in a web site, then this keyword density is too large, you will fall in love with the sea harmony! read more

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster skills see how

recently, with the continuous upgrade algorithm to love Shanghai for Shanghai dragon, the skills of workers is a big upgrade. At the same time, let Shanghai Longfeng novices become more confused. We really need what skills? Don’t worry, and the road to listen to me slowly.


Shanghai Dragon Technology

is also a very important is to analyze the competitor’s website, in order to obtain more useful information for us to use. As for those information useful to us, but to my personal website: Anhui Lotte marketing for a look at the relevant content. read more

Shanghai Longfeng quantitative optimization techniques how to operate

the following is how to achieve these keywords ranking, through what way, within the chain? Chain increase weight? How to increase the rankings and so on are included? What needs to be done. Attach a map index.

then Shanghai dragon in the operation of the process of how to quantify, for example, if you like A5 in a large platform class, business class website, or the website, you need to do a lot of things, there are also many assessment indicators, such as traffic, ranking, website page, if involved to Witkey aspects, but also on revenue monthly, examining the main things visually so much, and work everyday is also come from these quantitative indicators, such as this month’s sales target is 200W, if you need to achieve this two million revenue (here only from the perspective of natural search results come, not including some operating results), I need to know is how many million traffic can bring two million of the revenue, involves some conversion problems, some Can be calculated, OK, fix the flow, then the flow come from, so our next goal came out, must be from the search engine, search engine how to generate traffic, must be some website keywords to flow, so, how to improve the keywords ranking is a very something important. read more

Shanghai dragon Er how to plan a site to optimize

third, according to the website of our planning website function positioning. This stage is in fact a web development stage, we should make clear the site is the company developed its own or entrust the site, our web site design, function module partition must have a clear understanding, for example, we may need to add information site registration function and ordinary business station is only a display function can register it is not necessary.


fourth, website design must conform to the characteristics of the industry. Each type of site design style are different, such as medical site may take the green, pink color, while the industrial sites may be in blue and gray color, because of the different customer groups we need to understand the age, gender and type, for users with planning web design details as a webmaster of the necessary homework. read more

Shanghai Longfeng workplace experience third seasons hard edged

the reality of the society, life is too difficult, sometimes have to stoop to rmb. But not because of their own than novices understand something, do not have to put on a master like, such people are not popular. Need to know Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person, the. For the people of talent is the most important, people are more willing to share with friends. At least in the Shanghai dragon industry is such. I don’t like an insufferably arrogant, in fact, we are all in the gutter. read more

Shanghai Longfeng health website build the website link ecosystem

is a second, related links each recommendation, this point is not only considered within the chain of health, is also related to the user experience and web page relevance, such as user search into our website, is looking on the internal link building techniques, and the search time for ranking pages only about a skill among them, if we do the relevant page recommendation, then we can guide the user to view other pages, increase the user experience. For a page to page more recommendation, can also enhance the importance of a single web page, this page ranking improved keywords. read more

Several fraud owners in exchange links may run into

! !

Javascript also referred to as JS, it is the webmaster of a call to commonly used way, if the owners use this way to exchange links with other sites, it is purely deceive other webmasters, why do I say so? Because the use of JS script appears to Links, the search engine spiders at all can not identify, let alone not between website and website are transferred, so both owners after exchange friendship link, it is best to go to the other site to view the source code, see each other is to call our website in what form or code Links read more

The actual application of cask principle in Shanghai dragon on the optimization

found that the vulnerability is just the beginning, how disadvantage to advantage is the focus, this leads to errors in the work of the flaw in the plan except Shanghai dragon hole, since a loophole is Technology Co. can not start, the construction of the chain to the site as an example, many large number have a considerable amount of high quality the chain, our station has no deep the weight and wide connections, only through the blog forum to manually add, but the objective conditions and subjective intention is not cruel relaxation of excuses, and with large fruits of the revolution, to explore the station into long road, when large or small, also rely on content and soft release day in and day out for the chain the accumulation of time, let the short board yesterday’s growth for the long board today. read more

Selection techniques of several sites of long tail keywords

third, the use of all kinds of tools to choose long tail keywords. Now the Internet has all kinds of long.

from the long tail keywords field of view, can really help only 20% of them on the site, which is entirely consistent with the famous 28 laws, that is to say one hundred long tail keywords, only 20 long tail keywords will help to site optimization and operation, while up to 80 long tail keywords for the website optimization and operation is invalid. This has brought certain difficulties to the choice of long tail keywords are the focus of this paper is to analyze as a webmaster should be how to choose the appropriate long tail keywords, and let yourself get more advantage in optimization and operational level. read more

The relationship of love between Shanghai and keywords ranking snapshot

why want to write this article today? Because now I took several sites, love Shanghai snapshot is not very ideal, but there are still some sites keywords ranking is good, but to others and exchange friendship.

two love Shanghai snapshot and keywords ranking what

recently today often heard friends talk about a topic, how to make the website snapshot update, snapshot update the how to operate? Because they are part of the people in the company to work, the first is the website snapshot of many corporate executives see no update today, they think that the website snapshot update every day is good so, in order to keywords ranking to come up. Then love Shanghai website snapshot is updated every day, ranking will be good? I have to discuss with everyone under the topic of today: love and what is the relationship between Shanghai snapshot keywords ranking between read more

To improve the user experience of the website begins to love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram

Do you know

when the love Shanghai statistics upgrade, we love Shanghai from thermodynamic diagram links in the click map to know which link users is the most. And most of that link is not our focus on the promotion of content or products. If the user clicks on the link up is not our focus on the promotion of products, so it is probably because the user browsing habits we don’t feel out. So when we adjust the content can be adjusted to the maximum point and click the link users to place the most important contents. So you can focus on the most important to promote our products. Of course, there may be another case, that is the most important product you write the title not attractive or are you using some very professional terminology, leading users to flash and no lead > read more