B: can effectively target audience crowd

so here, I can tell you: 90%, Taobao failed for three reasons:

But with the

is actually a lot of people are doing Taobao, but Taobao – a lot of people do not make any money, money is only a small part of the people. A lot of people do a period of time after the Taobao customers will find that they have done so long, spent so much effort did not make money, but do not know where they failed.

in order to answer questions, the new three board online research center for the recent three new board listed companies conducted a study, in order to find the truth behind the phenomenon".

in 2017, the number of listed companies is significantly reduced, as of 2017 Q1 three new board listed companies only 860, representing a decrease of 29.51%, the number of listed and Q4 in 2015 for the first time since the one thousand quarter fell below.

Many novice

single page is generally choose some popular, commission high commodity for promotion, such as whitening, weight loss, breast enhancement, such kind of commission is very impressive. >


A: product is simple, easy to manage,

Since the start of 2017

C: high profits,

1 2017 Q1 listing decreased by nearly 30%

C: No, go on,

a lot of people do some time later, found no income, and gave up. Patience is required to do Taobao customers, if there is no patience, in front of your efforts will be cast to waste. As long as we persist, we can only see the dawn of victory.


2, the new board and the A shares industry distribution differences, including leasing and business services "and" scientific research and technical services of the two industries in the A shares respectively in twelfth and 14, but in the new three industry distribution is fourth, fifth points. This has a lot to do with the A stock market, the traditional industries, and the importance of profitability.

1, introduction

as long as the addition of a class of products, the page is only one, so management is more convenient and fast,

next to say why a single page so profitable, it than those API Taobao mall what advantages? And do not need a lot of articles and content, but also as a good ranking. A normal 100IP-200ip single page station, earn 1 thousand to 2 thousand a month, or easy.

we do single page, usually are optimized long tail keywords, such as search the most effective weight loss products, we stand of people, conversion rate is relatively high, all have a strong desire to buy.

1 and 2017 Q1 listing rate decreased significantly, but from the financial and industry point of view, the listing threshold has not improved significantly. Comparing companies with different year of listing, we found that the quality of the company before 2015 and before is better.

according to the signal, the market began to speculate that 2017 will be the outbreak of the first year of a new board, but the new board online research center observed that after entering in 2017 significantly reduced the number of companies listed on the new board. So, the market has some speculation that the listing threshold is raised? If the threshold is raised, then to what extent? If the threshold is not raised, how will we arrange investment matters,


many novices do not make money, mainly because of the above 3 reasons.

in the promotion of the time, are old methods with the spread of the Internet for a long time, in the forum, sh419 know answer questions, and blog like old relatively outdated promotion methods, but the effect is not obvious, there is no kind of stability and long. When people do not have any income for a period of time, they feel a sense of confidence.

, for example, the management has repeatedly released a positive signal, the development of three new board, the Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu’s speech in February 26, 2017 and March 5, 2017 the government work report Premier content.

many novices do not have an effective technique for choosing promotional items when making Taobao customers, resulting in low profits and low transaction rates. A lot of people are piling up a lot of goods on the website, but no one is going to buy a Taobao store that has piled up a large amount of goods a few days’ profit, not yet a single page, a day of high profits. In addition, how to choose high profit goods and choose high conversion rate goods are unknown to many beginners.

3, the new three board "unique" industry and companies: such as SAAS, vertical sites, plastic surgery.

according to the listing of the trend, it is clear to see the 2015 Q4 and 2016 Q3 listing appeared two peak, the number reached 1544 and 1437, in addition, the number of listed in 2015 after the Q4 has remained at more than 1000.

two and 2017 new board listing analysis

B: there is no most effective and fastest way to promote

A: no selected promotional items,

Research Report:

so "downturn" listed on the new board will speed and earlier in 2017 that stride forward singing militant songs are not the same, so is the share transfer system in order to improve the quality of listed companies and intends to enter the threshold.

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