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Pega Named a Visionary in Gartners Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation

first_imgPegasystems Inc., the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, announced it has been named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software (1).Gartner evaluated 18 RPA enterprise vendors based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute. In the report, Gartner notes the relationship between RPA tools and Intelligent Business Process Management Software (iBPMS): “RPA tools deliver more sustainable solutions when combined with an iBPMS. Given the task-oriented scope of RPA-based automations, RPA handles the integration with legacy applications, whereas the iBPMS manages the long-running business process and related artifacts.”Marketing Technology News: Peach Launches New Product to ClientsEarlier this year, Gartner named Pega a Leader in its Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (2) report. Pega is the only Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites report to also be included in the Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software report.Pega Robotic Automation™ helps enterprises jumpstart their digital transformation journey. Together with the Pega Infinity™ software suite, Pega’s bots can be uniquely deployed as part of a unified end-to-end iBPMS solution to drive operational efficiencies and optimize work outcomes. Pega bots are included with every new Pega Infinity license – making Pega the only iBPMS provider to offer robotic automation as a standard feature. They can also be deployed alone to solve discrete process inefficiencies, such as automating the triage and processing of inbound service emails. Pega provides both traditional unattended RPA as well as attended RPA (also known as robotic desktop automation or RDA) to give clients options for different automation use cases.Marketing Technology News: 84.51° Announces Launch of STRATUM, A New Insights Product Delivering Science-Powered Data to Drive ResultsThe Gartner report is among Pega’s recent recognition for its robotic automation capabilities from other analyst firms. Pega was recently named a Leader by Ovum in the Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform, 2018-2019 (3) and to the Constellation Research’s Constellation Shortlist for Robotic Process Automation (4).Marketing Technology News: Smart Communications Announces Acquisition of Intelledox Pega Named a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software PRNewswire4 days agoJuly 19, 2019 Gartner Magic QuadrantIntelligent Business Process ManagementMarketing Technology NewsNewsPegasystemsRobotic Process Automation Software Previous ArticleYouTube Analytics Tool NoxInfluencer Helping Small YouTubers Get Paid SponsorshipsNext ArticlePop Art Announces the Launch of BAM! – the Sales Enablement Platformlast_img read more

Apollo 11 at 50 NASA Is Streaming the Landing

first_img 12 Comments By Joel Hruska on July 20, 2019 at 6:27 am J.K. Rowling Confirms a Hermione Theory We Suspected All Along Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet We Finally Understand Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Got Canceled The Hate for ‘Captain Marvel’ May Never Stop We Now Understand How Curt Schilling Blew His Entire Fortune Buzz Aldrin descends onto the moon’s surface. Credit: Neil Armstrong/NASAUpdate (7/20/2019): Today’s the big day. NASA TV will live-stream the original moon landing and then, six hours later, the moon walk. Broadcast times on the YouTube channel linked below are 4 PM EST (for the Moon landing) and 10 PM EST (for the moon walk).Original story below:Fifty years ago yesterday, the Apollo 11 mission took off for the Moon. You can see CBS’s coverage now on YouTube, showcasing not just what happened, but how it happened. It’s the same way you, your parents, or your grandparents saw the event.I am admittedly not much for watching video. I use YouTube almost exclusively for listening to music when I use it at all. But there’s something fascinating about seeing the real-time broadcast, complete with commercials and with breaking news coverage of then-current events happening in… well, not “real-time” obviously, but what real-time looked like 50 years ago. The original launch occurred at 9:32 AM on July 16, 1969, with the later lunar touchdown on July 20. Armstrong actually stepped out on the lunar surface six hours later.Watching the full live stream is fascinating for another reason — it highlights the degree to which both the takeoff and landing were extended, live affairs, carried out over hours with extensive footage. The idea that the moon landing was some kind of hoax carried out by Stanley Kubrick or through some other form of visual effects wizardry has been debunked more times (and from more angles) than I can think of. But one of the better treatments of the topic is by S. G. Collins of Postwar Media.Collins details in the video above why the special effects technology of the 1960s literally wasn’t capable of this kind of feat. Both launches and landings were live broadcasts that went on for hours and were seen by millions of people worldwide. Today, those kinds of issues would be no object for special effects wizards to solve. Fifty years ago, it was an entirely different matter.I hadn’t planned on watching any of the moon landing details this weekend, but after watching some of the Apollo 11 launch broadcast I may change that plan. Seeing the moon landing lift-off sent chills up my spine, grainy video and bad color reproduction be damned. Seeing the Saturn V in action is a joy, blurry video and all.It is unfortunate that the triumph of Apollo 11 and the following Apollo missions remain the last time we have sent humans to another world beyond our own. I do not know if I’ll be around when the 100th anniversary of Apollo rolls around, but I hope that by the time we hit the 75th — and I do hope to be around for that one — we’ll be able to say that we eventually exceeded the achievements of my grandfather’s generation. “We came in peace for all mankind” is too good of a slogan to leave it isolated and alone on the lunar surface. There are further worlds, farther worlds, to explore. Hopefully, one day, we’ll reach them.Now Read:NASA’s Restored Mission Control Shows the Glory Days of the Apollo EraApollo Guidance Computer Restored, Used to Mine BitcoinHow Space Exploration Has Evolved Over the Years Apollo 11 at 50: NASA Is Streaming the Landing Sun Baby From ‘Teletubbies’ Is 22 Now & Unrecognizably Gorgeous ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 Images Introduce Charles Manson and More Tagged In sciencespacenasaapollomercuryApollo 11CBSBuzz Aldrinmoon landingGeminiGene KranzNeil Armstrong50th Anniversaryspace programWalter Cronkite Post a Comment 12 Comments Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 and Unrecognizably Gorgeous Gamora’s Fate Is Finally Revealed After Tony’s Snap in ‘Endgame’last_img read more

Google Releases Android Q Beta 5 With Gesture Navigation Tweaks

first_img The Entire ‘Stranger Things’ Timeline Explained Surprising Things Men Actually Found Attractive 50 Years Ago Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The Most Inappropriate Comic Book Characters Ever A new version of Android Q is rolling out today, moving us one step closer to a final release. This fifth beta is also the first “release candidate” build of Android Q. Developers can test their apps against Beta 5 and feel confident they’ll work the same way on the final version launching later this summer. While the feature set of Android Q is pretty well fleshed out at this point, there are a few new things in Beta 5. Google says all developers should implement and test dark mode, gesture navigation, and foldable optimizations. That last point seems awfully optimistic considering Samsung hasn’t even managed to release its folding phone yet.A big chunk of Google’s efforts in Beta 5 revolve around the revamped gesture navigation. As Google announced at I/O this year, it will do away with the awkward two-button gesture nav that debuted in Pie. Instead, Android will move to an iOS-style gesture bar. This will, however, require some changes to the way Android currently works. Beta 5 includes the new Assistant shortcut that plays nicely with the gesture nav. Previously, you’d long-press the home button to access Assistant. In Beta 5, you can swipe in diagonally from the lower left or right corner to access Assistant. Google’s new back gesture (swipe in from the sides) looked like it would break navigation drawers in apps, but Google has a new peek behavior in Beta 5 that signals to users when they are interacting with the drawer rather than triggering the back gesture. Android Q’s gesture navigation will be a big change for Android.Google is also apparently admitting it doesn’t have a good solution for third-party home screen launchers. Features like the multitasking menu are part of the home screen, so they don’t work properly with replacements like Nova or Action Launcher. Users will have to use traditional button navigation with these launchers until Google develops a solution, which will happen in a post-launch update for Android Q. Android Q Beta runs on all Pixel phones, as well as some third-party devices. Google’s phones are getting OTA updates right now, but it’ll take a few days before other OEMs in the preview program get new builds ready. We’re expecting one more beta to launch in the coming weeks with very minor changes. After that, it’ll be time for the final release. That’s probably also when we’ll find out what Google has decided to name Android Q — its options are a lot more limited than with past letters.Now read:Google Just Shared an Image of the Unannounced Pixel 4Project Mainline Is Google’s Latest Attempt to Fix Android UpdatesAndroid Will Finally Have Dark Mode in Android Q By Ryan Whitwam on July 10, 2019 at 2:30 pm Kevin Smith Unveils Poster for a Gritty Reboot Tagged In smartphonesgoogleandroidmobilePixelandroid q Post a Comment 3 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet The Surprising Reason Why Brandon Routh Is Returning to Superman Lilly From ‘Princess Diaries’ Is 36 Now and Gorgeous Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads Proof Henry Cavill Isn’t a Very Good Dude at All Google Releases Android Q Beta 5 With Gesture Navigation Tweaks 3 Commentslast_img read more

Smartcalls – Voximplants Web Service for Creating Outbound Call Campaigns – Has

first_imgMarketing Technology News: Lear Corporation Completes Acquisition of Xevo, a Leader in Connected Car Software and Data-Driven User ExperiencesAll new features of Smartcall were fully integrated into the toolbox of Bitrix24 CRM. “The Smartcalls integration with Bitrix24 CRM has enabled for business not just interactive IVR, but also voice scripts. Now managers can fully automate their operations inside the sales funnel. For example, coordination with a merchant logistics, reminders about time booked in a car service or beauty salon, performance assessment etc.”, said Sergey Vostrikov, head of marketplace and integrations of Bitrix24. “That means machine learning technologies began to benefit not only for the majors, but also for small and medium businesses. Constant operating costs reducing is vital for such ventures. For example, in terms of calls with customers and upholding lifetime customer value.”Setting up global business communications should be a straightforward, painless process. That’s why Smartcalls chose Voxbone, the leading Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider, to be their infrastructure voice partner. As a result, businesses will be able to start using Smartcalls immediately from 65+ countries around the world. Smartcalls customers will also benefit from Voxbone’s fully compliant, fully dependable voice infrastructure, and the best-in-class connectivity and scalability of the Voxbone network. Smartcalls Becomes the End-To-End Tool for Call Processing Automation That Allows Businesses to Easily Design Flexible Inbound and Outbound Call Campaigns Without Programming Voximplant, the serverless cloud communications platform and one of five finalists for the Best Application of AI at Enterprise Connect 2019, announced that a new version of Smartcalls, its popular service for easily creating and executing outbound call campaigns. New capabilities of Smartcalls make the service an all-in-one tool for call process automation. Smartcalls now supports inbound call processing for businesses and marketers building smart IVRs using the Smartcalls visual editor, in addition to the previously available tools for outbound call campaign automation.Smartcalls is a solution built for sales and marketing departments, and offers API integration with third party services – including CRMs. It delivers capabilities including real-time speech recognition and speech synthesis (powered by WaveNet from Google) that enables businesses to build human-friendly and completely customizable communication scenarios. Smartcalls also supports SIP protocols for integration into existing telephony infrastructures, whenever a company needs to forward a customer call to a live agent.“With today’s release, Smartcalls becomes an all-in-one tool for call processing automation – you can make an outbound call according to your business requirements and connect the caller ID used for the call to a scenario that will be handling inbound calls,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO of Voximplant. “Scenarios are created in an easy-to-use, no-programming-necessary visual editor to simplify and speed up the whole process. Natural language processing services like Google Dialogflow can also be used to make more advanced scenarios.” Marketing Technology News: Shutterstock Launches “View in Room” Augmented Reality for Mobile“With Voximplant’s Smartcalls and Voxbone, any business can build and operate a global contact center within minutes.”said CEO of Voxbone, Itay Rosenfeld. “We give you access to the massive infrastructure and functionality of a large-scale contact center solution, with no upfront investment or coding required. Smartcalls + Voxbone makes your business local anywhere you wish to expand, and scales elastically no matter how fast you grow.” Marketing Technology News: Twitter Confirms Machine Learning has Helped to Identify and Remove Abusive Tweets Significantly Smartcalls – Voximplant’s Web Service for Creating Outbound Call Campaigns – Has Now Become All-in-One Solution for Call Process Automation MTS Staff WriterApril 25, 2019, 7:46 pmApril 25, 2019 AIAPI integrationCloud Communications PlatformEnterprise Connect 2019Marketing TechnologyNewsVoximplant Previous Article60% of Users Will Disable Ad Blockers for Certain Domains, Indicating an Opportunity for AdvertisersNext ArticleNew Autofunnel by GetResponse Radically Simplifies Small Business Marketing and Creates Fastest Path to Profitability Onlinelast_img read more

Popular Ticketing Platform Ticketbud Announces Integration with Salesforce

first_img Marketing TechnologyNewsPopular Ticketing PlatformSalesforceTicketbud Previous ArticleConagra Brands Puts Consumers at the Center of its Business Transformation with SalesforceNext ArticleLattice Engines Ranked a Leader in B2B Customer Data Platform Report by Independent Research Firm Ticketbud Joins the Salesforce AppExchangeTicketbud integrates with the worlds #1 CRM platform Salesforce. A valuable update for organizations needing a competitive event ticketing partner that seamlessly connects event data with Salesforce.Ticketbud is now listed in the Salesforce AppExchange, making it a simple business app extension for Salesforce users. Event organizers can now nurture leads and relationships developed through events directly in Salesforce.Ticketbud joins the Salesforce AppExchange. Event Organizers can now seamlessly connect their Ticketbud event data directly into Salesforce. Making event management even easier.The Salesforce connector helps organizations streamline, reduce duplication of data and bring various functions together into a connected interface. It enables easy reporting on opportunities generated from events, as well as sending segmented emails prior to and following events, from within Salesforce.Marketing Technology News: Oracle Collaborates with Top Oracle PartnerNetwork Platinum Level Members to Rethink Customer Data Platform Market“Given the size of our events, we don’t have the luxury of time to manually import data. Automating this process by connecting Ticketbud to Salesforce is invaluable to our pipeline management. It ensures data continuity, minimizes manual mistakes and allows us to evaluate and take action on trends.” Teri Smart, Forefront Networks“The launch of the Ticketbud Salesforce Connector is a major milestone. Salesforce is an essential tool for many large events. Providing an integration to Salesforce separates the smaller ticketing platforms from the major ticketing providers. This is just one of several powerful integrations Ticketbud is launching in 2019. Ticketbud continues to grow, innovate and deliver incredible value to event organizers.”  Kayhan Ahmadi, CEO of Ticketbud.Ticketbud is committed to continuous improvement, with ongoing enhancements to make the ticketing experience easier for event organizers. A key part of this strategy is integration with business apps and tools like Salesforce that customers use every day.Marketing Technology News: Databricks Accelerates APJ Expansion Following $250 Million Funding Round Popular Ticketing Platform Ticketbud Announces Integration with Salesforce PRNewswireJune 19, 2019, 9:40 pmJune 19, 2019 last_img read more

Sprints BestinClass BYOD Communication and Administration Solution Acknowledged by Frost Sullivan

first_imgSprint Multiline Is a Carrier-Agnostic Platform That Prioritizes Both Ease of Use and Ease of Administration for Businesses of All SizesBased on its recent analysis of the North American enterprise bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Sprint with the 2019 North American Product Leadership Award for its Sprint MultiLine solution. The platform’s ease of use and high-value integrations meets the needs of both the worker and the organization. Its carrier-agnostic, enterprise-grade communications, simplified management, accurate user reimbursements, privacy, and security give it a strong edge in the market.“Sprint is the only major US carrier offering a BYOD communications and management solution designed specifically for businesses. Sprint MultiLine deploys as an over-the-top (OTT) service with voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and time-division multiplexing (TDM) for enterprise-grade voice and text capability,” said Jeanine Sterling, industry analyst. “The app also features a cloud-based management portal that allows administrators to easily manage a pool of business phone numbers, including reclaiming and reassigning the numbers to new employees as needed. The portal delivers granular visibility to business line metrics to aid the review of detail records and usage statistics in real time.” Sprint’s Best-in-Class BYOD Communication and Administration Solution Acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan PRNewswire11 hours agoJuly 23, 2019 Furthermore, Sprint MultiLine easily integrates with other apps and systems, which could be internally-designed legacy solutions or purchased third-party products. As employees regularly interface with these systems and need them to work smoothly with their BYOD solution, Sprint offers APIs for business integration. In addition to the general benefits of BYOD, such as reduced hardware and asset management and depreciation costs, Sprint MultiLine’s web-based reporting and enterprise mobility management (EMM) integrations enable companies to accurately track and reimburse business usage on the employee’s personal smartphone.Marketing Technology News: Adobe Survey Says That Voice and Screen Combined Are the FutureSprint MultiLine works seamlessly with leading EMM platforms to protect the data residing on the enterprise number. The carrier presents a subscription pricing model to ensure affordability, while also providing add-on features such as SMS opt-in, SMS redaction and the popular mobile recording option. It has rapidly expanded its footprint in the financial services sector, a demanding market segment that places heavy emphasis on compliance with both security and privacy regulations. The company is now working on delivering additional product capabilities such as text opt-in and redaction features, which are especially relevant in this industry.“Sprint’s full work phone functionality, including: carrier-grade voice and text communications; call recording and text logging at individual and group levels can lead to additional sales opportunities and use cases,” noted Sterling. “These product benefits, complemented by superior service and cost benefits, have allowed it to achieve true leadership in the market.”Marketing Technology News: Airbnb Introduces New Search Capabilities for Business TripsEach year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid market acceptance. The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables.Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.Marketing Technology News: OpenText Automates Invoicing for Rosneft Deutschlandcenter_img BYOD communicationsFrost & SullivanMarketing TechnologyNewsSprintSprint MultiLine solution Previous ArticleWhetstone Technologies Announces SoniBridge – Enabling Mobile Marketing for Voice AssistantsNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Henry Iversen, CCO and Co-Founder at Boost.ailast_img read more

Multicloud Infrastructures Can Drive Digital Transformation for Agribusiness According to Proagricas New

first_imgMulti-cloud Infrastructures Can Drive Digital Transformation for Agribusiness, According to Proagrica’s New Report PRNewswireJune 10, 2019, 4:02 pmJune 10, 2019 Proagrica, the leading independent provider of connectivity and data-led insight across the agriculture and animal health markets, have published a new report addressing the possibilities and questions about the state of cloud computing and its place in the agriculture supply chain.“Cloud computing is being adopted at a startling rate,” says Jeff Bradshaw, CTO of Proagrica. “Agribusinesses should not underestimate this powerful tool to extract the maximum possible value from their data. However, it’s not an all-inclusive solution and there are several important factors to consider when implementing the cloud into your business operations.”Business adoption of the cloud has risen sharply in recent years, with industry analyst Gartner confidently predicting the cloud to become a $300 billion industry by 2021.[i] Technology has risen to match this adoption rate in turn and it is now commonplace for organisations across all sectors to implement a cloud-first approach – or even cloud-only.Marketing Technology News: Pernix Launches Attribution Application Solution to Brings Full Transparency to Performance Marketing ProgramsThe report makes the case for a multi-cloud hybrid digital infrastructure and the inherent benefits this offers to agribusinesses, including:Greater business agility – New platforms and services can be deployed much faster, measured in days rather than months, and users can quickly and intuitively join with a service that suits their business needs.On-demand scalability – No more worrying about on-site data capacities or losses due to corruption. By using the cloud it’s possible to have a business’s data in one secure location, accessible anywhere, for easier management.Future-proofing – Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IOT), AI and machine learning are finally being made more available to the majority of users. This is especially the case for the cloud, where the newest advances are usable far in advance compared to localized on-premise software.Marketing Technology News: CloudSense and Ad-Juster Work Together to Maximize End-to-End Ad Campaign Efficiency and ProfitabilityDespite these benefits, the report offers some words of warning: namely that without a clear business strategy – and the right tools and services to implement that strategy – data risks becoming siloed and unable to deliver on its full intrinsic value.Jeff Bradshaw, CTO of Proagrica comments further: “The cloud is delivering functionality that can greatly benefit the operations of agribusinesses across the supply chain. It’s important to remember that the cloud isn’t just one ‘thing’ but a complex array of various services and platforms. The cloud is ultimately a tool, not a destination – what’s essential for agribusinesses is to utilize the cloud in a way that achieves greater collaboration, seamless working, and derives greater value from your collected data. This combination is what will truly drive productivity and growth.”Marketing Technology News: Box Maintains Aggressive Revenue Growth in Q1; Reveals Loyal Customers Continue to Drive Sales Cloud computingInternet of ThingsMarketing Technology NewsNewsProagrica Previous ArticleAI in Documents: Where AI Makes the Most Impact in BusinessNext ArticleGSMA Announces Speakers for Mobile 360 Africalast_img read more

ATT Invests Nearly 800 Million Over 3Year Period to Boost Local Networks

first_imgAt AT&T, we’ve invested nearly $800 million in our Kentucky wireless and wired networks during 2016-2018. These investments boost reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and businesses. We’ve improved critical services that support Public Safety and first responders using the FirstNet communications platform. And, we’ve helped meet the needs of customers in largely rural areas through our participation in the FCC’s Connect America Fund.AT&T’s wireless network covers more than 99% of all Americans and has become the fastest wireless network in the nation, according to the first quarter 2019 results from tests taken with Speedtest® and analyzed by Ookla®.In 2018, AT&T made 839 wireless network upgrades in Kentucky, notable enhancements included:Launched standards based mobile 5G in parts of Louisville.Constructed 24 new macro cell sites, 18 of which have equipment enabling fixed wireless internet, further expanding high-speed internet in rural areas.275 bandwidth expansions to enhance network capacity and speed.DAS expansions at Churchill Downs and Rupp Arena to improve coverage and capacity. The Rupp Arena upgrade came on air in 2019.During that time, nearly $375 million of the AT&T investment in Kentucky was invested specifically in the Louisville area to make 199 upgrades to the wireless network.“Access to broadband internet is essential to operations on the job and activities in the home, and the expansion of the communications networks in Kentucky as a result of these investments are crucial to providing our citizens with the tools they need to be successful,” said State Senator Paul Hornback.“We’re pleased that AT&T is committed to expanding access to broadband internet in neighborhoods across the commonwealth,” said Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf, president, Kentucky League of Cities. “A robust fiber-optic network plays a key role in our community’s economic future, and significant investments like those made by AT&T lay the groundwork for innovation and economic growth.”The AT&T LTE network covers more than 400 million people in North America. By building out our 4G LTE network, we’re boosting network speeds and capacity, as we continue to expand the availability of our network and upgrade our technology.Additionally, for the 5th consecutive year we’ve landed on Fortune magazine’s list of the “World’s Most Admired” companies. It’s also the 6th year in a row we’ve appeared on the Global Top 50 list – no other telecom company made the Top 50.Marketing Technology News: Will Salesforce Customer 360 Arrival Push CRMs and DMPs Out of Equation in 2020?Transforming Public Safety CommunicationsFirstNet is Public Safety’s dedicated, nationwide communications platform. It is for all first responders – career and volunteer, urban or rural. It’s bringing public safety communications into the 21st century with new, innovative capabilities, helping first responders connect to the critical information they need – every day and in every emergency.Building upon our current and planned investments in Kentucky, we continue to extend the reach and increase the capacity of the FirstNet communications platform:Deployed Band 14 spectrum in more than 600 markets nationwide, including Lexington, Louisville, Meade County and Owensboro. Band 14 is high-quality spectrum provided by the First Responder Network Authority. Its signal covers larger geographic areas with less infrastructure to better support rural communities, and it can better reach in-building in more urban areas as compared to higher-MHz spectrum.Kentucky first responders enjoy the fastest overall experience on FirstNet, compared to any commercial network in the nation, thanks to the specialized capabilities enabled by the physically separate and dedicated FirstNet network core, like always-on priority and preemption. 3Public safety agencies subscribed to FirstNet have 24/7 access to a nationwide fleet of 75 deployable network assets. These assets can either be deployed for planned events or called upon in emergencies to help first responders stay connected and operate faster, safer and more effectively when lives are on the line.FirstNet is built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority – an independent agency within the federal government. This helps ensure that the FirstNet communications platform and service offerings meet the short- and long-term needs of the public safety community.Our commitment to rural AmericaThrough our participation in the FCC’s Connect America Fund universal service program, AT&T has been helping to meet the connectivity needs of customers in largely rural areas and to expand the opportunities enabled by internet access. By the end of 2020, AT&T will have used funds from this FCC program to help deploy, maintain and offer internet access and voice services to more than 1.1 million mostly rural homes and small business locations in FCC-identified areas. By the end of 2018, we offered high-speed internet access to over 50,500 locations across Kentucky in mostly rural areas through technologies like Fixed Wireless Internet.Marketing Technology News: Only 6% of Small Businesses Focused on Retaining Customers, Despite Main Digital Marketing Goal of Increasing SalesOur internet offeringsWe now market a 1 gigabit connection on our 100% fiber network to more than 12 million locations across 85 major metro areas nationwide. In the Kentucky area, we market our internet service powered by AT&T Fiber to nearly 200,000 customer locations.We plan to reach about 14 million locations across at least 85 metro areas by mid-2019 for consumers.We are the largest U.S.-based provider of fiber for business services. There are over 500,000 U.S. business buildings lit with AT&T fiber, and we’re adding thousands more each month.Within those buildings, AT&T now enables high-speed fiber connections to over 2.2 million U.S. business customer locations. And if you count businesses near our fiber network, that number quadruples. Nationwide, more than 8 million business customer locations are on or within 1,000 feet of our fiber.5To learn more about our wireless coverage in Kentucky, or anywhere in the U.S., visit the AT&T Coverage Viewer. For updates on the AT&T wireless network, please visit the AT&T network news page.1 AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.2 Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data average download speeds for Q1 2019. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.3 Based on AT&T analysis of Ookla® Speedtest Intelligence® nationwide data average download speeds for Q1 2019. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.4 Actual customer speeds may vary. Download speeds are typically up to 940Mbps due to overhead capacity reserved to deliver the data.5 The over 2.2 million U.S. business customer locations, which AT&T provides high-speed fiber connections, is included within the 8M U.S. business customer locations on or within 1,000 feet of our fiber.Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-Looking StatementsInformation set forth in this news release contains financial estimates and other forward- looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially. A discussion of factors that may affect future results is contained in AT&T’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. AT&T disclaims any obligation to update or revise statements contained in this news release based on new information or otherwise.Marketing Technology News: WebEngage Partners with Kenscio’s Email Management Solution AT&T Invests Nearly $800 Million Over 3-Year Period to Boost Local Networks in Kentucky PRNewswireJune 25, 2019, 3:01 pmJune 25, 2019 AT&TFirstNet communications platformfundingKentucky wirelessMarketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleLiveRamp to Acquire Data Plus Math to Enable Next-Generation TV CurrencyNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Sarah Kennedy, CMO at Marketolast_img read more

Salman Khurshid Refers to Himself as Adityanaths Baap Dares Him to Debate

first_imgFarrukhabad: Congress leader Salman Khurshid has borrowed a popular movie dialogue to call himself UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s “baap” and challenged him to a debate on the 2008 Batla House encounter, preferably at a cowshed.Khurshid, the Congress candidate from Farrukhabad, said he is ready to debate the 2008 case “whenever and wherever” Adityanath wants. “It will be better if it takes place in a gaushala, to find out if the cow is with him or me,” the lawyer-politician said.”But tell Yogi ji that ‘rishtey mein main unka baap lagta hun’ (I am like his father),” the 66-year-old leader told reporters on Sunday.He was reacting to the chief minister’s comments during an election meeting in Mohammadabad area of Farrukhabad district.Adityanath, campaigning for the BJP candidate from the constituency, had said cases like the Batla House encounter happened during the Congress rule.”One must question Salman Khurshid what relation he had with the people of Batla House. On what grounds, he went to defend them in court,” he had asked Khurshid.On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, too, had raised the encounter issue, accusing the Congress of indulging in “vote bhakti”.The encounter had taken place on September 19, 2008, against suspected Indian Mujahideen terrorists at Batla House locality in Jamia Nagar, Delhi.Khurshid’s “baap” remark appeared to be a rip-off of the popular dialogue from ‘Shahenshah’ movie starring Amitabh Bachchan.Bachchan’s character, a corrupt police officer who turns a vigilante by night to make his city crime-free, often uses the dialogue. Batla House CaseFarrukhabadfarrukhabad-s24p40Salman Khurshid First Published: April 23, 2019, 5:06 PM ISTlast_img read more

After Bogus Voting Repolling to Take Place in Seven Booths in Kerala

first_imgThiruvananthapuram: In a first, seven booths in Kerala will go to polls for a second time after several instances of bogus voting were reported from them. The re-polling will take place in the final phase on Sunday, when 59 seats across eight states will also exercise their franchise. All seven booths are from Kannur and Kasargod constituencies in north Kerala.Kerala witnessed an intense three-cornered fight, with CCTV visuals bringing to light bogus voting practices in Kalliassery and Trikaripur in Kasargod and Taliparamba and Dharmadom in Kannur. Polling in these centres on April 23 was nullified based on the reports submitted by returning officers, chief electoral officer and general observers. Three more booths were added on Friday apart from the already chosen four. Booth number 52 and 53 at Dharmadaom in Kannur and booth number 48 at Trikaripur in Kasaragod constituency were the latest in addition to booth number 19 at Pilathara AUP School, booth numbers 69 and 70 at Jumaat Higher Secondary School in Kalliassery and booth number 166 at Pamburuthi Mappila AUP School in Taliparamba.Polling will start at 7 am and end at 6 pm.A high incidence of bogus voting surfaced after television channels aired video evidence of impersonators casting their votes multiple times. Payyannur’s Pilathara booth was the first to have come up, followed by the rest where re-polling is scheduled. Three women, including a local body member, were caught red-handed. Later on, Chief Electoral Officer Teeka Ram Meena announced casting of bogus votes in Taliparamba and Dharmadom under Kannur. 2019 lok sabha electionskeralaKerala polling First Published: May 19, 2019, 7:55 AM ISTlast_img read more

New Modi Cabinet Has More Ministers with Declared Criminal Cases than 2014

first_img Amit ShahAssociation for Democratic ReformsBabul Supriyogiriraj singh First Published: May 31, 2019, 7:19 PM IST | Edited by: Sohini Goswami New Delhi: Among the 58 ministers, who were sworn-in as members of the Union Council of Ministers on Thursday, at least 22 (or 39%) have declared criminal cases against them according to their self-sworn affidavits filed at the time of election, says an Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report.In comparison, of the 64 ministers analysed by the ADR, 20 (or 31%) had declared criminal cases against them in the 2014 Union Council of Ministers. While 16 ministers in the newly formed Cabinet have against them serious criminal cases, including charges of attempt to murder, causing communal disharmony and electoral violations, 11 ministers had such charges against them in the previous cabinet.Data for Ram Vilas Paswan and former foreign secretary S Jaishankar is not available as both of them are not part of any of the houses of Parliament, at present. Therefore, only 56 ministers were analysed.According to the report, ministers with cases related to causing communal disharmony include Amit Shah, Giriraj Singh, Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Babul Supriyo, Nityanand Rai and Pralhad Joshi.On the other hand, 51 of the 56 ministers analysed are crorepatis with Minister for Food Processing Industries and Shiromani Akali Dal leader Harsimrat Kaur Badal having the highest assets worth over Rs 217 crore. Badal also has the highest liabilities at Rs 95 crore. In effect, 91% of all the Cabinet ministers in 2019 are crorepatis. The figure has seen a marginal decline from 92% in 2014. Other than Badal, the list of ministers with high assets include, Piyush Goyal at Rs 95 crore, Rao Inderjit Singh at Rs 42 crore, Amit Shah at Rs 40 crore and Krishan Pal Gurjar at Rs 36 crore.In contrast to this, Balasore MP Pratap Chandra Sarangi has the lowest total assets at just over Rs 13 lakh, according to his self-sworn election affidavit. Others with low assets are Kailash Chaudhary at Rs 24 lakh, V Muraleedharan at Rs 27 lakh, Rameshwar Teli at Rs 43 Lakh and Debasree Choudhuri at Rs 61 lakh.The average assets of the ministers have gone up from Rs 14.25 crore in 2014 to Rs 14.72 crore in 2019.Moreover, 15 of the total 56 ministers are post-graduates, four are doctorates, 12 have described themselves as graduate professionals, 16 are graduates, six are 12th pass, two are 10th pass and one has a diploma, the report revealed. Minister for Women and Child Development and Minister of Textiles Smriti Irani, who was targeted by the opposition for alleged discrepancy in her election affidavit, has mentioned her educational qualification as 12th pass. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given post-graduate as his highest qualification, whereas the new Minister for Home Affairs Amit Shah is 12th pass, according to his affidavit.Also, 28 of the 56 ministers are over 60 years of age, while 17 of them are aged between 51-60 years and 11 others are in the age bracket of 41-50 years. Meanwhile, 11 ministers are Rajya Sabha MPs, while the rest are directly elected to the Lok Sabha. last_img read more

FIR Registered against BSP MP Atul Rai for Giving False Affidavit during

first_imgMau(UP): An FIR has been registered against BSP MP Atul Rai for giving a false affidavit during elections.The FIR was registered by Assistant District Election Officer Shabbir Ahmad after it was found that he had mentioned 13 cases against him in his election affidavit but had total 24 cases against him. The FIR was lodged under different sections of IPC including 177 (furnishing false information), 420 (forgery) besides others.District Magistrate Gyan Prakash Tripathi said the action has been taken after report of DIG, Election cell that mentions that he had 24 cases against him.BJP candidate Harinarain Rajbhar had made the complaint in this regard with the administration.Rai, who has been accused of rape, had surrendered before a court in Varanasi on Saturday and the judicial magistrate remanded him in 14-day judicial custody.An FIR was registered against Rai on May 1 on a complaint by a college student who had alleged that he took her home on the pretext of meeting his wife but sexuallyassaulted her.Rai, who has denied the rape allegations, had been on the run since the lodging of the FIR.The parliamentarian from the Ghosi Constituency in Uttar Pradesh was declared an absconder by the local court. BJPBSP MP Atul RaiDistrict MagistrateGhosi Constituency First Published: June 23, 2019, 4:56 PM ISTlast_img read more

IBPS RRB 2019 Admit Card for Scale 1 Posts Released at ibpsin

first_imgIBPS Scale 1 Admit Card | The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) released the admit card for the Regional Rural Banks (RRB) group A officers scale 1 examination at its official website The IBPS will conduct recruitment exams on August 3, 4 and 11 for 3,381 vacancies for the Officer Scale I post.The exam, which will be conducted in Hindi and English, will have 80 questions to solve within 45 minutes. After clearing the exam, the candidates will be eligible for the Mains and an interview round. IBPS group A officer admit card: How to downloadThe candidates should follow the below given steps to be able to download the admit card for the IBPS RRB Scale 1 Officer recruitment exam.Step 1: Visit the official website, ibps.inStep 2: Click on the scrolling link on the homepageStep 3: You will be redirected to a new pageStep 4: Log-in using credentialsStep 5: The option to download the admit card will appearStep 6: Download your Admit Card and take a printout for further referenceThe official notification further informed that the IBPS RRB Mains will be conducted on September 22. Followin this, an interview round will be held for the selected candidates. The in-hand salary for the new recruits under officer scale-I will range between Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 and they will also avail additional allowances. Banking examsIBPSibps admit First Published: July 20, 2019, 1:08 PM ISTlast_img read more

National Medical Commission Bill to Be Introduced in Lok Sabha on Monday

first_imgHyderabad: The National Medical Commission Bill, which seeks to replace the Medical Council of India and usher in major changes in the country’s medical education sector, will be introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 22, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Saturday.The minister said the Bill was supposed to be introduced in Parliament on Friday but could not be done so due to some technical reasons. “I can only say right now day after tomorrow (July 22), I will be introducing the National Medical Commission Bill which will replace the Medical Council of India.”Right now, as you know the Medical Council of India has already been superseded and replaced by a board of governors,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a programme at the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology here.”The National Medical Commission Bill has been approved by the cabinet… I was thinking of getting it introduced yesterday, but there were technical formalities, so on Monday morning I’ll be introducing the Bill in parliament,” Vardhan said, expressing hope that it will be passed and becomes a law.On the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the minister said as of now, only Telangana, Odisha, Delhi and West Bengal had opted out of the BJP-led NDA government’s flagship programme.He said he had written to the chief ministers concerned requesting them to participate in the scheme in the national interest.He hoped that Odisha would join the bandwagon soon.”West Bengal had joined (in Ayushman Bharat) earlier and in view of elections they came out. We will continue to pursue because it is in the larger interest of the people. About 10.7 crore people are getting benefited under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. I would request the Telangana chief minister also to become part of the scheme,” he said.Earlier, he inaugurated the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) facility at the CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) here.The Union minister also laid the foundation for a new skilling, training and lecture hall complex at the CCMB and ‘scale up facility for agrochemicals’ to be constructed at the pilot plant complex of CSIR-IICT. 17th Lok Sabha SessionAyushman Bharatharsh vardhanNational Medical Commission Bill First Published: July 20, 2019, 8:31 PM ISTlast_img read more

The best new Google Assistant feature is the simplest thing APK Download

first_imgAs of today, Google Assistant has gotten an upgrade which will change the game for a whole lot of Android users. The change is small – not even a change at all for some – but giant for those that don’t like to speak aloud in public places. Or in their homes – or anywhere else, for that matter. The latest update to Google Assistant allows the feature to be used with a keyboard instead of with the user’s own voice. This update is available starting this week for most users that already have access to the Google Assistant on their smartphone. To access this update, download the latest version of Google Play services. One place to check for an update is Google Play – that’ll be the most reliable place to find the update, but it might not end up being the first. There’s also APK Mirror, which will likely have the version of Google Play services all users need to make this most recent version of the Google Assistant active. Story TimelineiDevices adds Google Assistant support for its smart home productsGoogle Assistant tipped to land on iOS soonGoogle Assistant released for iPhone [Download now]Google Assistant now lets users buy and pay for stuffFinding and using Google Assistant apps is about to get a lot easiercenter_img Google’s latest update signals a move to a more inclusive place – a place that’s understanding of the real world. A real world where it’s not always appropriate to make requests of one’s own phone out loud, by speaking. Google now includes the rest of the world – the world that’s not always interested in sharing with the rest of the coffee shop what they want Google to tell them about the latest sports scores.As shown in the video below, Google isn’t quite ready to make this update a big part of their promos for Google Assistant. It’s a much more magical experience when Google Assistant is activated with one’s voice. Watch out for this video asking your Google Assistant-enabled devices to do a whole lot of different things, by the way – it’s gonna happen.last_img read more

Garmin VIRB 360 camera review rugged simple powerful

first_imgIf you noticed some interesting markings in that video, that’s another unique thing the VIRB app adds: telemetry data. Garmin calls it “G-Metrix” and is practically an augmented overlay that shows things like your speed, direction, and more. It’s one way of sprucing up an already exhilarating 360-degree video while, at the same time, providing proof that you were really going that fast.Here’s another video of that in action. Shot inside a Tofino Air floatplane, the video showcases not only the G-Metrix AR overlay but also the rather impressive stabilization processing that Garmin VIRB produces: Garmin VIRB 360 Gallery Of course, 360 degree videos are meant to be shared and VIRB 360 handles that too. Well, the app and your mobile device at least. There are two ways you can share 360-degrees video and photos, either after the fact or live. Sadly, live streaming functionality only works with iOS devices, hopefully just for now. Android and desktop users will have to content themselves with manually uploading the photos and videos. There is currently a problem with uploading 360-degree photos to Facebook, which fails to properly tag them as such. Garmin is already working to fix it.Wrap-upRugged exterior, waterproof up to 10 meters, hi-res 5.7K/30 fps recording, in-camera stitching, live streaming, post-process stabilization, G-Metrix telemetry overlays, and, most importantly, ease and speed of use. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what the VIRB 360, Garmin’s ambitious first foray into the world of 360-degree cameras, is capable of. There are a lot more, and we’ll update the gallery linked to below with new shots and samples. But even with just those, the Garmin VIRB 360 is already a new contender that more seasoned players in the market can’t afford to underestimate. In the very words of our own Vincent Nguyen:“The Virb 360 is an ideal 360 camera for adventure seeking individuals whether it’s in a fast car, under water or just simply capturing your kid’s birthday party.”The Garmin VIRB 360 is expected to launch some time in June. Suggested retail price is set at $799.99. Garmin is a name mostly associated with navigation devices, but it has been branching out to other consumer electronics markets, from fitness trackers to dash cams. A 360-degree camera, however, is probably the last thing you thought it would get into, and yet here it is with the VIRB 360. In a market already crammed with GoPros and action cam knockoffs, does the Garmin VIRB 360 have what it takes to stand out? We took it for a spin and was quite floored by what this newcomer was able to pull off. The VIRB 360 is pretty much a 360-degree action camera, mostly competing with GoPros rather than Gear 360s. As such, its features and design are prescribed by that nature. For example, its rugged exterior is meant to let you take it on any sort of adventure. It is also water proof up to 10 meters, without having to enclose it any sort of case.The VIRB 360 is also designed to be simple and easy to use. When you’re kayaking, cycling, skydiving, or whatever thrill you prefer, the last thing you want to worry about is operating the camera. The VIRB 360 has a simple one-touch switch that immediately starts recording the moment you flick it. But here’s the magic part: it starts recording the moment you turn it on. No more fiddling with record or stop controls, wasting time and taking you away from the moment. Turn on and record, turn off and stop. It doesn’t get simpler than that. And for the more tech-inclined, the VIRB 360 also has voice commands so you can control it when your hands are too busy. Attaching and detaching from mounts is also a one-click affair, making it dead easy to set up or clean up in no time flat. Despite that, the connection between the VIRB 360 and mounts is sturdy, stable, and worry-free.That’s not to say that the VIRB 360 doesn’t have non-simple features. In fact, it might be criticized for having too much. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the things that you don’t need. Don’t consider yourself a pro? Use the auto mode and let VIRB worry about the settings for you. Want all the bells and whistles? There’s a Pro mode for exactly that. There is even an Independent mode that lets you separately control the front and the back cameras, for instances when the scene’s lighting isn’t even on all sides. This could be useful when recording from inside a vehicle where the interior is normally darker than outside.The Garmin VIRB 360 is capable of recording videos in high resolution 5.7K at 30 fps. There is, however, a slight catch to that. The camera itself doesn’t stitch input from the two cameras when recording at that setting. In-camera stitching only kicks in when recording at 4K/30 fps or lower. For that 5.7K video, you will have to process it on VIRB mobile or desktop apps, which isn’t exactly difficult to use. In fact, part of the magic of the VIRB 360 comes from those software.The VIRB app, available on mobile and desktop, takes care of the things that the camera itself cannot do for efficiency and speed reasons, like the aforementioned 5.7K stitching. It also does post-processing stabilization as well as an option to minimize vibrations from a moving car. Yes, the VIRB 360 itself doesn’t have stabilization, but its 4K Spherical Stabilization, done by the VIRB app, makes up for that. If you noticed the “4K” there, you just caught another “gotcha”. Stabilization only works with videos that have been stitched by the camera itself, which practically means 4K/30 fps videos or lower. So you’ll really want to aim for 4K as your highest, unless you’re using a tripod or stabilizer, in which case 5.7K will do fine.Here’s an sample of that car stabilization in action, driving inside the 2018 Audi SQ5:last_img read more

Acer Swift 7 worlds thinnest notebook finds room for 4G LTE

first_imgAcer has used aluminum for the Swift 7’s chassis, and the 2018 update includes a 14-inch Full HD IPS display. Despite the dimensions, that’s a full touchscreen, too, with Gorilla Glass NBT. The keyboard is fully backlit, and is alongside a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello. Inside, along with the Core i7 processor Acer has added 8 GB of LPDDR3 memory. There’s a 256 GB PCIe SSD drive for storage, and a battery which the company claims will be good for up to 10 hours of use. Of course, what really sets the new Swift 7 apart is connectivity. You get WiFi 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO and Bluetooth as you’d expect, naturally. However, Acer has also used the Intel XMM 4G LTE modem, which supports both a nano SIM card and an eSIM for easier provisioning on your network of choice. The Swift 7 gets a Transatel profile with 1 GB of free data valid in 48 countries out of the box; you’ll be able to upgrade that, and extend it, through the preloaded Mobile Plans app. If you like the idea of the Swift 7, but need a full 360-degree convertible however, Acer has another new notebook for CES. The refreshed Acer Spin 3 (SP314-51) has now been revamped with 8th generation Intel Core processors, while the display has shrunk from the 15.6-inches of the old model to 14-inches on 2018’s version. It still runs at Full HD resolution, and can twist around on the convertible’s dual-torque hinges between laptop, tablet, and tent modes. Battery life is up to 12 hours, Acer claims. There are twin front-facing speakers, using the company’s TrueHarmony tuning. Ports include two USB 3.1, a single USB, and HDMI, along with an SD card slot; sadly there’s no USB Type-C, however.Acer says the new Spin 3 will go on sale in the US come February; it’ll be priced from $599. As for the 2018 version of the Acer Swift 7, that’ll follow on in March. It’ll be priced from $1,699. The fight to keep the “World’s Thinnest Laptop” crown never stops, but Acer’s new Swift 7 isn’t just counting on its super-skinny design to set itself apart, throwing in dedicated cellular connectivity to sweeten the deal. Announced at CES 2018 today, the new notebook is a mere 8.98 mm thick, despite running an Intel Core i7 7th-generation processor and full Windows 10. last_img read more

ARCHOS Core S phones jump on the 189 screen train

first_imgIt seems its almost too easy nowadays to slap on what was once a premium feature on any phone, regardless of tier. Not that anyone’s going to complain. 18:9 screens have made even the most affordable entry-level phone a tad prettier, not to mention providing more screen real estate. Some, however, might be expecting more for less.The ARCHOS Core S line is pretty modest when it comes to the rest of the specs. At the lowest rung of the ladder, you have the Core 55S, so named for its 5.5-inch qHD 960×480 screen squeezed inside a 5-inch body. This one runs on a lesser known Spreadtrum SC9850 quad-core processor, with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Storage.In fact, all three run on Spreadtrum chips. The Core 57S, which has, you guessed it, a 5.7-inch screen, this time in a 5.2-inch body, uses a Spreadtrum SC9832A quad-core CPU. It has the same 1 GB RAM and 16 GB storage as the Core 55S but bumps up the resolution to Full HD+ wit 1440×720 pixels.And finally, the king of the bunch is the 6.0-inch Core 60S in the body of a 5.5-inch phone. With a Spreadtrum 9850, the Core 60S gets more RAM at 2 GB but, strangely, retains the same 16 GB expandable storage. The screen resolution is also still FHD+ only.The ARCHOS Core S phones are pretty much your stereotypical budget phones offering more screen for almost the same price. Those prices range from 89.99 EUR ($110) for the Core 55S, 99.99 EUR ($123) for the Core 57S, and 129.99 EUR ($160) for the Core 60S. The trio will be shown off at MWC 2018 before they head to European markets in Spring. It’s been a while since we last heard from the French manufacturer, but this month ARCHOS is making a big comeback. And by big, we’re talking screen size but not phone size. Oui, ARCHOS has joined the 18:9 screen aspect ratio bandwagon and it’s flaunting its new Core 55S, Core 57S, and Core 60S at the upcoming MWC conference. But while these phones are advertised to meet increased demand for bigger screens, they might fall a bit short in meeting expectations for other features.last_img read more

Google Drive on Android adds passwordprotected Office file support

first_imgThough many desktop software options include support for these password-protected files, viewing them on mobile outside of the actual Office app can be problematic. Until now, Google Drive users had to download the file, then open it in the Office app or a different file reader that supported the encryption.Thanks to this update, Android users can now open and read those encrypted Office documents directly within Google’s mobile app. This cuts down on the amount of time needed to access the documents, and also eliminates the need to manually delete the downloaded copy. This new support and bug fixes aside, Google says the Drive on Android update also brings some stability improvements.SOURCE: Google Play Though Office files are password-free by default, anyone can apply a password to a document as a way to keep unwelcome individuals from accessing it. Anyone with the password can view the file…assuming they’re opening it in an application that supports the feature. Google Drive, the Internet giant’s cloud storage service, recently received an app update for Android. The update was a minor one in terms of changes, bringing only some bug fixes and a single new feature: support for password-protected Microsoft Office files. The new support expands the service’s usefulness for businesses and schools, making it possible to view an encrypted Office file directly within the app.last_img read more