recently the author on site of the construction of the external links, because the love of Shanghai encyclopedia link quality is relatively high, but also super links, so I turned to do the promotion of Wikipedia, today I saw an article in Admin5 allows you to create high quality links with Interactive Encyclopedia skillfully, the author illustrates how the weight of Interactive Encyclopedia high, analyzes the Interactive Encyclopedia PR and weight, the author made a recent interactive encyclopedia entries, so this article is very interested, just click into it, according to a survey, the results of Interactive Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia and links is not the so-called high quality link is almost do not transfer the weights of the links.


Interactive Encyclopedia is really good, and the weight is very high, high flow. From the overall point of view, is a good platform for the construction of a chain. Then the link in the Interactive Encyclopedia easy to create. I try, if the sources well, the rate is almost 100%, and a short period of time through the audit, the author created a entry, and take their links, and hyperlinks, very happy to start the chain construction of Interactive Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia is good a platform for the release of the chain. But happy not long after I found a detail that is outside the chain and not everyone thought that

you notice the href attribute links, href=javascript code, learning friends should know that such a link is not transmit weight, it is invalid link, since it is invalid link also is not high quality links, this is clear and we can see the link is nested in the JS code, this we can judge the hyperlink and not what effect to our Shanghai dragon, at best only increased exposure to the keywords we. The invalid links knowledge, we recommend reading examples of five kinds of common chain without Shanghai Longfeng effect, the authors speak in great detail.

is the interactive encyclopedia entries, is a hyperlink, careful I see the web page source code, the results have an amazing discovery.



first, even though there is a hyperlink, but included very slowly, you should know the fast included links is a good link, since the author entry has not been included in the search engine love Shanghai – (but Google included, then what kind of reason, we understand)

From the above we can see that the weight of the

first we look at the Interactive Encyclopedia of the whole site, we first look at the PR value, the weight value and included quantity. As shown below:


second: link transfer weight


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